Beautiful tattoos on the neck for girls, men: back, meaning, side, small, barcode, inscriptions with translation, dragon. Sketches + 120 PHOTOS

Neck Tattoo, Geometry
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The area on the neck is suitable for bright and expressive tattoos. The image depicted here has the character of a manifesto. It is not just a decoration, but rather a statement of some quality of character of the bearer.

Beating a tattoo in the neck area is painful, and the craftsman is required to have the skills to work carefully. Otherwise, you risk health complications.

Features of the choice of location: the neck for tattooing

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Girls choose the area for the drawing to look mysterious, to emphasize their attractiveness, to accentuate certain parts of the body. In the area of the neck tattoo looks very seductive, at the right time it can always be hidden from prying eyes by a high neck.

Tattoo on the neck

Tattoo on the neck

Tattoo on the neck

Neck tattoo

Tattoo on the neck

Tattoo on the neck

Tattoo on the side, as a smooth transition from neck to shoulders, behind, in the central part of the neck. Lovers of minimalism prefer Small drawings and inscriptions behind the ear.The most important thing is to make a tattoo on the front of the neck, just under the hair. Make a tattoo on the front of the neck decide only And independent of public opinion and daring people.

The choice of size tattoo as well depends on the threshold of pain of the client. Neck - sensitive areaThe process of drawing in this area will be painful. The larger the image applied - the longer the procedure, so the size directly depends on the thinness of the skin and other individual features.

The fact that tattoos on the neck are gaining popularity among the fair sex is evidenced by A large number of celebritiesThe number of celebrities who opted for this part of the body:

  • Alice Milano depicts an Arabic character.
  • Rihanna Adorned her neck and right scapula with star spangles.
  • Victoria Beckham limited herself to words of love for her spouse.
  • Mina Suvari decided to show her bold character by putting a lion on that area.
  • Nicole Richie chose a modest bow, just under the base of her hair growth.

Anything can be depicted on the neck, the choice will depend on the tastes of the client and the meaning of the symbolism.

How much does it cost?

In the tattoo salon when pre-ordering, the master will definitely tell you the approximate cost of the work. But in essence, this is just an outline, and the actual price can vary considerably. What does it consist of?

  1. The time spent on the work. The more time spent on the work, the higher the cost. On average, the work of the master is quoted from 3000 rubles per hour. It is worth noting that neck tattoos are usually are small in volume
    Therefore the price will be not too expensive.
  2. The experience of the master. The more experienced the specialist, the higher is his price per hour, which is fair.
  3. The load of the employees of the salon. The load, i.e. popularity is higher, the higher and the higher is the price.
  4. The size and complexity of the sketch. If the sketch contains a lot of fine lines
    or too ornate elements, it will affect the cost of the tattoo.
  5. The cost of materials is also included in the final price of the finished tattoo.

But sometimes in salons there are discounts or actions, it is necessary to specify this nuance from the administrator. And it happens that the master really wants to try some sketch on the shoulder, and your desires coincide both in terms of the image and in terms of the place of application. In this case, you can get a drawing on the body almost for free.

Before you score a tattoo, always is stipulated time of work

under ideal conditions, but it is also inaccurate. After all, no one knows how the skin will behave, what the customer's pain threshold is, etc. But for the neck, the usual time range is 2-3 hours.

Popular inscriptions for tattoos on women's necks

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On the neck a little space to depict large plots, so nakolki, applied to this area, always medium and small in size. But if you want something catchy and substantial, the pattern can be extended, moving to the decollete area or to the shoulder blades.

Bright Tattoo on a Woman's Neck

Particularly popular among women are Small inscriptions, hieroglyphs, and symbolic signs. The inscription is placed on the back, most often vertically, on the side, less often around the neck. What is the customary inscription:

  • Name: one's lover or child, one's own, God's holy name.
  • Phrases in foreign languages with a meaning closely related to their owner.
  • Individual syllables in Sanskrit, such as the OM sound.
  • Japanese, Arabic, Indian, Chinese characters.
  • Quotes, excerpts from favorite songs, books, poems.

Among the signs, there are Religious symbols, ancient writings, runes, musical notes. The signs of the zodiac are also very common. Signs of the zodiac. They are not only beautiful, but also reflect the hidden meaning, a certain interpretation.

Tattoo on the neck hieroglyphs.

For example, notes indicate that the girl melomaniac, music occupies a significant place in her life. Less common is a set of numberswhich celebrate an important date, an event in the life of the owner. Most often it is the birthday of a loved one, a significant event that changed destiny for the better.

When choosing runes or other ancient symbols, you need to know exactly what they mean. Sacred symbols contain a powerful energy, it can be both positive and negative to the man.

Men's preferences

Men's tattoos on the neck are usually done on the left or right. Less often, guys choose the option of placement on the back of the neck. It's also unpopular to do tattoos on the neck in front, because this area quickly grows stubble, which makes the whole thing pointless.

Reasonable citizens with career prospects choose the option of tattooing the bottom of the neck, which can be easily and effortlessly hidden by a scarf, shirt collar or sweater neck. Most often in men you can find tattoos in the form of wild animals, abstract drawings, crosses and ethnic patterns.

Male tattoo

No less popular are various inscriptions in different fonts and sizes. The meaning of the tattoo on the neck in such a variant gets more value. However, it is not considered a good investment in the future - views and opinions change, and tattoos, like an old stain, pull back. Sometimes you can see the end of tattoos on the neck of men, located on the back or chest.

The symbolic meaning of birds

Often in the area of the neck girls like to stuff birds. They not only emphasize the tenderness, lightness of the owner, but also have a deep sacred meaning. Swans, doves, swallows are associated with love and other warm feelings.

Bird on the neck

1Swan Is considered a sign of devotion and eternal love. He will reflect the girl's desire for a lifelong love relationship. This bird is associated not only with family values, but also with harmony, virgin purity.

2Pigeons Traditionally, pigeons are associated with peacefulness, faithfulness soft-heartedness. A pair of these birds will express a commitment to loyalty in friendship and love. Swallows are harbingers of spring, prosperity and good news.

3The exotic flamingo - will tell about the outstanding mind, extravagance and vulnerable feelings of a girl. Another tropical bird, the hummingbird, will be a reflection of cheerfulness, exquisite taste, freedom. Especially, small colored hummingbirds like to depict on their bodies of young girls.

Inner maturity will reveal other types of birds. These include:

4Raven - Relates to rebirth of the soul, magic, and the realm of the mysterious and unknowable. Suitable for a searching for the meaning of life, self-sufficient person.

5Owl - Helps to develop wisdom and judgment. Sign of the desire for knowledge, comprehension of reality.

6Eagle will speak of the desire for freedom, the acquisition of power, purposefulness.

Often, only wings are depicted instead of birds. Angelic - associated with light energy, striving for perfection. Demonic .Wings of a bat, for example, attracted to the life of the owner of the tattoo of the dark mystical forces.

Tattoo in the form of wings

Best styles

Today you can choose from a huge variety of styles. As the art of body painting is becoming more popular every day, you should consider each of them in more detail.

Oldschool .

Ideas for choosing a tattoo in this style are quite a lot. They are suitable for connoisseurs of retro. Therefore, oldskul can be seen on the bodies of followers of conservatism. Sketches have long become a classic, and girls always favorably treat bright colors and angels on the neck of their boyfriend.


A fairly new style that is perfect for young and sassy teenagers. More and more often they choose bright colors and aggressive grinning animals, birds with open wings and fantastic characters.

Inscriptions on the neck

The woman you love will truly appreciate such a tattoo, if it means something related to eternal love. However, more and more often men are choosing bold statements of famous historical figures. The size and style of the handwriting can be chosen at your personal discretion. It is always possible to decorate the inscription with a beautiful and intricate ornamentation.


Another option for bold self-expression in the form of body painting. This style involves drawing internal organs. It can be the upper section of the spine, or the vessels that transport blood through the body, or even the skull. More often than not, the internal structure of the larynx is depicted here from the front.

3D Tattoo

This is a style in which literally any design can be depicted. Most often depicted on the neck are animals, geometric figures of varying complexity and even mechanical details embedded in the human body.

The only rule for 3D tattoos is maximum realism and a good quality sketch.

The elements of nature in tattoos

To enhance a certain energy in themselves, the fair sex depicts different natural elements in the neck and in the area of the collarbones.

Fire Fire - ignites the inner flame of the human soul, passion and sexuality. Small tongues of flame suggest that powerful power and passionate emotions are under control. Hidden at the back of the head is a small flame, a sign of sensuality, hidden behind the mask of a woman's modesty and shyness.

Air Air - depicted in the form of clouds. Reflects restlessness, love of adventure, wanderlust. In the area of the neck, clouds bring freedom from material attachments, a desire for constant change.

Thundering clouds are best discarded, as they warn of impending danger, accidents, and natural disasters.

Earth The earth element is reflected in tattoos in the form of vegetation: trees, flowers, twisted weaves of lianas. These can be small leaves in the neck area, near the ear. Lotus petals mean purity, spiritual perfection, femininity.

Maple Leaf Apply to express love and affection for those with whom they have had to part. It symbolizes fidelity, kept at a distance, for many years. This sign is also depicted as a symbol of memory of the departed loved ones.

The desire for harmony with the world around us, the universe, reflect tattoos with the image space, planets.

The most popular are Sun and Moon. Sun is associated with activity, joie de vivre, purposefulness. The moon enhances intuition and calms unrestrained feelings and emotions.

Stars on the neck

Meaning of tattoo symbols on the neck - which neck tattoo do you choose?

Getting a tattoo is a very responsible step. The tattoo, located on the most exposed part of the body - the neck - will remain with you for life.

Therefore, the choice of image should be taken carefully, carefully studying the meaning of the symbols that you so dream.

Let's list the most common tattoos on the neck and explain their meaning.


  • Butterfly Represents beauty, lightness, freedom, tenderness, femininity.
  • Ladybug symbolizes harmony, love, joy and good luck.
  • Dragonfly bring courage, strength, determination and lightness in the life of anyone who will make a tattoo.
  • Spider will emphasize wisdom, experience, and also brings wealth and peace.
  • Fly - A symbol of perseverance, business acumen, getting rid of trouble.
  • Scorpion The symbol of the tattoo is associated with death, but it can also heal the bearer of such a tattoo. In addition, it is a sign of passion, eternal love, wisdom, nobility and protection.

Flowers and plants:

  • The lotus flower Meaning life, immortality, divinity, purity, peace, tranquility, happiness, spiritual growth, development, and perfection.
  • The rose Symbolizes love, youth, sadness, devotion, passion, glory. Its meanings depend on the shade of the flower.
  • Dandelion Brings positivity and lightness to life, and also emphasizes beauty, feminine chastity.
  • Clover Brings the owner of the tattoo good luck and happiness.
  • Lily emphasizes a sweet image, tenderness and feminine qualities.
  • Sakura (cherry blossoms) symbolizes justice, life, youth, beauty.


  • The cat is a sign of beauty, tenderness, femininity, love, nobility, and at the same time - deception and cunning.
  • Snake The snake is the symbol of power, wisdom and knowledge. It is a symbol of femininity and masculinity. It can bring a person both positive and negative.
  • Lion means power, royalty, nobility of lineage, self-confidence, strength, courage, bravery, justice.
  • Panther is associated with maternal care, femininity, courage, bravery, strength, tenacity, and fierceness.
  • Lizard - A symbol of agility, cunning, wisdom and experience.
  • The giraffe embodies happiness, good luck, wealth, prosperity. Many people see the giraffe tattoo as their talisman.
  • Elephant emphasizes the wisdom and experience of the person who wears such a tattoo, and also means peace, friendliness, goodness and positivity.
  • The whale - symbol of peace of mind, trust, aspiration, strength, rebirth, eternity.
  • Dolphin - Symbol of love, freedom, energy, positivity, nobility. A dolphin is believed to bring good luck.


  • Owl Synonymous with intellect, wisdom, joy, spirituality, but at the same time loneliness and death.
  • Swallow brings the owners good luck, symbolizes desire, love, care, kindness, youth, hope.
  • Dove Symbolizes peace, harmony, freedom, loyalty, love.
  • Hummingbird - Symbol of lightness, love, tenderness, passion, openness, optimism.
  • Peacock - Symbol of love, longevity, eternity, immortality.

Symbols and signs:

  • Sun brings joy and positivity to life, saves from bad luck and negativity.
  • The stars are also positive signs, they bring luck, success, lead to victory, help goals and dreams to come true.
  • Signs of the zodiac. Such tattoos signify a person's character, his main traits.
  • The sign of infinity - inverted figure of eight.
  • HeartOf course, it means love, passion, romance, friendship.
  • The bow Symbolizes beauty, femininity, tenderness, sexuality.
  • The crown Symbolizes power, leadership, supremacy, longevity.
  • The wings Means lightness, spirituality, freedom.
  • Cross associated with the soul, immortality, the path or destiny to be taken, as well as wisdom, strength, power.

Other symbols, inscriptions can have different meanings.Depending on the culture of the people who used them, as well as the translation of the language in which the tattoo was written.

The meaning of the complex compositional designs is also different and is determined by the principle of comparing the semantic interpretations of all the signs and symbols of the tattoo.

Image of flowers and plants

The area of the neck is beautifully emphasized by horizontal and vertical branches of plants. They can wind around the neck on both sides, coming from a place under the ear, stretching to the scapula.

Each branch has its own meaning:

1The branches of the olive tree - A symbol of religiosity, spiritual purification and transformation of the soul. They bring prosperity, abundance and peace to the owner. If you put an olive branch with fruit, it also means that it gives birth to healthy and strong children.

2A briar's bushes - A powerful talisman against evil forces and jinxes. A blossoming rosehip appeals to reciprocal feelings of a beloved. In this case, a bush is a symbol of inner beauty and naivety.

3A cherry branch - symbolizes refinement, sensuality and femininity of the owner of the picture. Fragile flowers and petals speak of tenderness and softness of character. Sakura can tell about unrequited feelings, the ability to selfless unconditional love.

Sakura on the neck

Reveal femininity help tattoo with the image of flowers.

Meaning of a flower tattoo

A flower depicted in a tattooIts symbolic meaning
RoseQueen of all colors, indicates the leadership qualities of its owner. Red rose represents passion and fidelity in love. Fading symbolizes separation.
LotusSymbol of spirituality, consciousness and enlightenment. Lotus brings good luck, prosperity in material life and spiritual development.
OrchidA sign of sophistication, purity and innocence. An exotic flower can speak of an unusual, unorthodox character.
DandelionReflects the transience of life - one whiff and its petals scatter all over the field. Suitable for romantic natures, appreciating every moment, every second of the time lived.

On the neck the flowers look especially graceful, their leaves can go down to the shoulder blades and shoulders.

Funny celebrity neck tattoos

Actors and show business stars are trendsetters. They are the ones who carry fashion novelties and trends to the masses. Many of them have tattoos, especially on the neck.

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Patterns and ornaments

For those who have difficulty deciding on a pattern, a variety of patterns will be a versatile option.

Neck patterns

Vertical lines and weaves visually elongate the neck. Patterns are especially popular:

1Japanese - The intricacy of hieroglyphs, individual lines, and sakura petals. Colored elements, unusual geometry will add originality to the tattoo.

2Celtic. History of the people goes back to the distant past. The Celts, depicting each sign, endowed it with a special meaning, power. When choosing such a tattoo will have to carefully study all the Celtic symbolism and its sacred meaning.

3Indian - These can be numerous oriental ornaments, intricate entanglements of lotus flowers, mandalas. Sometimes, followers of Buddhism or Hinduism leave the sounds of mantras on their bodies, to attract those or other divine energies.

4Geometric patterns. Excellent for a stylish girl who likes minimalism. Most often, geometry is drawn in black and white.

The patterns are applied as an independent figure, or as a complement to the main tattoo.

Necklaces on a woman's neck immediately attract the attention of the opposite sex. Small and graceful reflect femininity and softness of nature. Stylish and bright indicate the leadership qualities of personality.

VIDEO: Tattoo on the neck for girls. Women's Tattoos on Neck

Tattoos on the neck for girls. Women's tattoos on the neck

Tattoos on the neck for girls. Women's neck tattoos

Choice of color

To do a colored or black and white tattoo for himself must decide, first of all, the customer himself. the master can only confirm his fears or support the initiative, giving some advice and recommendations. In most cases (about 70%) there are monochrome images on the neck. The choice can be explained by the complexity of the procedure, as on the curves of the neck to do tattoos is quite difficult.

Imposes and time of the procedure, as well as Its painfulness

. In addition, thin skin sometimes does not allow you to accurately display the desired design and the paint simply begins to flow. Over time, the deformation of the tattoo will be more and more noticeable. Therefore, preference is mainly given to black and white tattoos.

Such a choice is the most rational, but do not deny the multi-colored tattoos. Very beautiful look bright flowers on the neck of girls, especially in combination with a phrase in Latin. Men also choose multicolored tattoos, but only if they want to accent their attention.

A blog about tattoos and tattoo culture

Society has become much more accepting of people with tattoos on their necks, fingers, hands, and even faces. You yourself have probably noticed how many people decide to get such tattoos and how beautiful and stylish they can look.

Many stars and other celebrities have numerous tattoos, including on the neck, which they can hide at the right moment or disguise for filming.

tattoo on neck-6
On the left is artist Tom Pouce Tattoo. On the right is tattoo artist YONGHA.

Although tattoo culture is already tightly embedded in our lives, there are a large number of people who associate a person with a tattoo with something criminal, dangerous and illegal.

But, if you are reading this article, you are probably thinking about getting yourself neck tattoo.. Next, we will tell you about all the things you should pay attention to before getting a tattoo in the neck area.

The meaning of a neck tattoo

For many people, a tattoo on the neck can signify that its owner is A very brave personWho is not afraid of judgment and, of course, likes to take risks. Also a tattoo on the neck symbolizes openness to gain new experiences and communication with new people.

In ancient times, tattoos on the neck were not done separately, but could only be part of a tattoo covering the entire human body. In Polynesian culture, for example, tattoos symbolized the coming of maturity of a man or a woman and the transition to adulthood.

On the left is Maurizio Gobbo. On the right is Geronimo Ballesteros.

Tattoos began to be applied in adolescence and supplemented throughout life, marking the skills obtained, merit and reflecting the pedigree of the person.

However, it is worth knowing that not every master, especially an experienced one, will easily give you a tattoo on the neck. This is due to the fact that in the field of tattooing in the past there was an unspoken rule, according to which Hands and neck tattooed only when other places are no longer available. Of course, not all masters follow this principle, but we think it is by no means meaningless.

A tattoo on the neck is a pain!

You may have heard that the neck tattoo procedure is one of the most painful and can bring you a lot of anguish.

A neck tattoo is very painful for several reasons, let's take a closer look at each of them.

The skin on the neck is quite thin

The intensity of pain when getting a tattoo usually depends on the thickness of the skin and the amount of subcutaneous fat in the chosen area. The skin in the neck area is usually quite thin and elastic, and the amount of subcutaneous fat is very small.

This leads us to the second reason why a neck tattoo can be very painful.

On the left is Sasha Tattooing. On the right is the Mayara Brum neck tattoo.

A large number of nerve endings in the neck area

The neck area has a large number of nerve endings and various receptors, including those responsible for the sensation of pain. It would be wrong to say that there is much more pain receptors in this area than in other parts of the body.

But, since we have already found out that the skin of the neck is thinner and has less subcutaneous fat, the pain receptors react more actively to external influences.

Tattoo size and style

If you have not had any tattoos on your neck before and do not know how your body reacts to this procedure, Choose the size and complexity of the design carefully.

On the right is Marcel Birkenhauer.

We suggest starting with a small tattoo in the style of minimalism. Small and thin lines will cause much less pain than a dense image with a clear thick outline.

By choosing a small sketch for your first tattoo, you can test how sensitive you are to the procedure with minimal risk.

Whether you choose a small image or want to start right away with large-scale designs, it's worth knowing that Not all areas of the neck are equally sensitive.

The Front of the Neck (Throat)

The throat is considered one of the most painful places For tattooing. This area has the thinnest skin and a high concentration of nerve endings and muscles, which makes it more sensitive. Also, during the session you will be quite uncomfortable to breathe.

Master Loup Noir.

Some neck tattoos involve the collarbones, this can make the procedure even more painful, due to the close proximity of the bones and thin skin in this area. The same applies to tattoos under the chin.

The sides of the neck

Getting a tattoo on the sides of the neck, is less painful process. Here the skin is already thicker, there are not as many nerve endings, and breathing is not hampered by the pressure of the master. However, as with all tattoo-related cases, your pain threshold is important.

On the left is the Ellepleure Tattoo. On the right is Jarret Livingston.

The back of the neck

In this area, the intensity of the pain depends on the exact position of the tattoo. The skin is much thinner than on the sides, and contact with the spine can increase the discomfort. Many claim that the least painful tattoo is at shoulder blade level.

On the left is the master under the nickname inkbybea. On the right is yubeen.

How to make the session more comfortable

1) Refuse alcohol before you go to the artist.. Although alcohol can dull the pain during a session with the master, it can also negatively affect the quality of work. As we all know, alcohol dilates blood vessels, because of this tattoo will bleed much more during the process of application.

The profuse bleeding displaces the ink from the skin, and can also hasten the appearance of swelling, which makes it very difficult for the master to work. So, the day before, on the day of the session, it is recommended to refrain from alcohol in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Also a couple of days after that you should not drink either.

On the left is Coldgray Tattoo. On the right is Brando Chiesa.

2) Drink more water. Dry and flaky skin can make tattooing difficult and impair the healing process. To prepare your skin for your session, keep your water balance normal. By the way, this is important to do even if you don't intend to get a tattoo.

3) Don't come to your session hungry. Some people may faint during a session. This can happen not only from the pain, but also from low blood sugar levels. That's why it's important to eat well before and after your session.

4) Take a break. If enduring the pain has become unbearable, ask the handyman to take a short break. During this time, you can stretch, drink water, or get a quick refreshment to give your body some rest. But you should not interrupt too often, because during this time the swelling can increase, which will make the work of the master more difficult.

Tattoos on the neck for men

The tattoo on the neck of a man often indicates his courageous character and considerable ambition. Such a drawing serves not only as a decoration for the guy, but also gives an idea to others about his originality. Most often, the tattoo is made on the back of the neck to quickly and easily hide the picture from prying eyes.

On the left is Javier Franko. On the right is Robin Brandstätter.

Tattoos on the sides of the neck are no less popular and look especially spectacular if you place the image (one or more) symmetrically on both sides of the neck. Be extremely careful when choosing a master for such a tattoo, Only a very experienced master can place the image perfectly accurately..

But there are also daredevils, who do the tattoo on the throat or just under the chin. Such tattoos can hide only a man with a long beard. Therefore, before making such a tattoo, carefully think through the sketch to the smallest detail, later to correct the work will be very difficult.

What images for a tattoo on the neck choose guys?

Most often, men choose images that emphasize their masculinity, strength or are a reflection of important events, memories.

Animal motifs. The meaning of very common tattoos with a spider or scorpion on the neck can be different. They represent courage and warlike spirit of the host. And the style that. most popular for such works - neotraditional.

The tattoo of a lion, tiger or wolf on the neck of a man symbolizes strength, dignity, honesty and stern temper. Some versions of these tattoos may have been a symbol of gang affiliation.

Master Jarret Livingston, Tasmania, Australia.

Tattoos with a rose or a swallow in the old-school style.The rose and swallow tattoos, complete with lettering, are very popular among men. There are a lot of motifs in this style, so you can choose something for yourself.

- Tattoos that show what might be hiddenunder the skin". Such are tattoos depicting muscles, skeletal elements, "biomechanics". They are made, most often, in the style of realism.

On the right - the master of Ellepleure Tattoo.

Inscriptions Inscriptions of all kinds and forms look great as a tattoo on the neck of men. They can be depicted both independently and in combination with other elements. Determine the font and learn the meaning of some inscriptions can be found in our article.

Many do not stop only at the neck and create extensive compositions, passing on the head or vice versa on the back, shoulders, chest and even hands. These tattoos look very stylish and effective, and surely will allocate you from the crowd, if performed qualitatively.

Tattoos on the neck for girls

You may think that tattoos on the neck do only men, but you are very mistaken! Along with the collarbones, wrist and forearm, a popular place for tattoos in girls is the neck.

And while men give preference to more massive, catchy and even aggressive images, girls choose more delicate, graceful and miniature tattoos.

On the left is Sharna Lee. On the right is master K U B R I C K H O.

What images do women choose for neck tattoos?

Just 10 years ago, only a very brave girl could dare to get a tattoo in the neck area, because she was sure to receive condemnation from society. But now, the tattoo for a girl has not only ceased to be something shameful, but has become an element of self-expression and decoration, emphasizing the image.

Floral compositions and individual flowers. Floral tattoos in girls most often denote lightness, femininity, freedom. For example, the lotus tattoo on the neck of a girl symbolizes wisdom, enlightenment and spiritual growth, and the tattoo with sakura flowers represents tenderness and fragility of beauty.

Birds. The use of bird images for tattoos has not lost its popularity for many years. In many cultures, birds are associated with the element of air and assign them many mystical qualities.

Tattoo with an owl can symbolize wisdom, inquisitive mind, and the tattoo with a swallow will symbolize good luck and bring happiness. Often girls do tattoo with the image of the phoenix bird, which means rebirth, immortality, the beginning of a new life.


Inscriptions on the neck. Girls, more often than men use small tattoos with inscriptions. They look very gentle and romantic and can be absolutely any, depending on your choice.

Various symbols. Tattoos with stars, hearts, wings are also a frequent choice of beautiful girls. They have only the meaning that the girl herself puts or does not put in the image.

Jewelry. Girls' best friends are not only diamonds, but also other jewelry. Tattooed necklaces or chains with a pendant undoubtedly look very spectacular, but you should not rush into it.

Suddenly in a couple of years you will find a pendant much more beautiful, and it is quite difficult to hide such a tattoo. If you are a lover of jewelry and want to capture it on your body, opt for a small tattoo behind the ear.

On the left is Oozy, Seoul, Korea. On the right is tattooist_dante.

There are girls who choose large compositions that are not limited to the neck area. Such tattoos can be done in a Polynesian style and occupy the chest, part of the back and go down to the arms.

To do or not to do?

You might think that tattoo artists are happy to welcome any new tattoo trend because it can bring them big profits. But fortunately this is not the case.

Many experienced craftsmen will try to discourage you from getting a tattoo in the neck area, especially if you are very young or it is one of your first tattoos.

Because tattoo artists have been in the field of body modification for a long time, many of them feel a responsibility to the client to image in areas such as the neck, hands, and face.

On the left is Maurizio Gobbo. On the right is Bastian Blau.

Even if you think a neck tattoo in the form of a necklace or a rose looks very cool and unusual. don't take it lightly.. After all, such an image is quite difficult to hide in everyday life and it can cause serious problems in employment.

Therefore, if you are still very young and your plans for your career are rather blurred, then we advise you to postpone with a tattoo in this area and opt for a more hidden place.

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