Magical properties of the cherry - the use of the tree in rituals and amulets

Cherry tree: general meaning

The fruits of the cherry tree have a bright and characteristic taste. The berries are used in cooking for the preparation of sweets. Also the cherry tree is actively used in the wine business. Its fruits are used to make cocktails, liqueurs, wines and other drinks. Juicy berries look tempting and unusual on the body.

First of all, the cherry represents femininity and fertility. The bright red berries are reminiscent of a woman's lips, and the fruit poured with juice symbolizes femininity and maturity. If a cherry is depicted hanging on a branch, the tattoo suggests infantilism, purity of thought and naivety of its owner. The berries plucked from the branch can represent the loss of innocence and maturity.

A tattoo with a ripe berry demonstrates the heat of passion and indicates great desire. In this case, it does not matter what exactly the owner of the tattoo wants. With the help of such a naked picture, he communicates his maturity and desire to taste life, to experience it in all its manifestations and to feel the pleasure of being on earth.

Often such a tattoo indicates great sexuality and passion. A body image can be stuffed on people to attract the opposite sex in their lives. True, such a tattoo does not imply devotion in a relationship. Rather, its owner seeks to enjoy the relationship in full and wants to feel love on a physical level.

The meaning of the tattoo directly depends on the color of the berry. If the fruit has a pink color and looks immature, such a tattoo symbolizes youth, romanticism and dreaminess. Such an image indicates mental purity and sincerity.

This kind of body art is suitable for people who remain a bit of a child all their lives. Often the owners of this tattoo are infantile people and need the support of those around them. They find it difficult to arrange their lives independently and make decisions without the help of people close to them.

Large scarlet berries symbolize wealth, abundance and prosperity. Tattoo with this design can attract luxury and material success in the life of its owner. Red color leads to the movement of money streams and awakens the energy of wealth. Therefore, this picture can be a talisman for success in career and business.

Ripe berry dark maroon color symbolizes wisdom and the richness of life. This tattoo is filled with self-sufficient people who experienced all the pleasures of life. A tattoo with such an image indicates that the bearer of the tattoo is a spiritually mature person and no longer seeks worldly pleasures. At the same time such people have a big heart, kindness and understanding of the nature of things.

Sometimes the cherry is depicted in a color that is not inherent to this berry. There are blue, purple, and yellow fruits. Such pictures symbolize creativity and creativity. The tattoo is suitable for unconventional personalities, having an unconventional way of thinking. These people want to experience life in different colors and perceive their stay on earth as a game.

The meaning of the tattoo largely depends on the details of the image. If juicy poured fruits symbolize the passionate nature of the owner, the small berries, tied with a ribbon, suggest purity and innocence. A handful of cherry berries without a branch represents a huge inner potential and endless vitality. And a twig tied to a balloon symbolizes lightness and dreaminess.

The cherry tattoo means:

  • Passion;
  • enjoyment;
  • hot temperament;
  • lovemaking;
  • romanticism.

Which style is better to choose?

From all of the above, we can conclude that the cherry theme in tattoos is more suitable for girls, as it embodies mainly indigenous female qualities and characteristics. Therefore, the style should be chosen taking into account these features. Tattoo of cherries, photos of which are quite often found on the Internet, perfectly looks in such a style as newskool. This trend is best known and spread throughout the world in the mid-80-ies, and then became an essential attribute of youth subcultures.. This style allows for complete freedom in the choice of patterns, allows for all sorts of experiments, displays of imagination, humor, using a variety of colors, abstraction, graffiti elements. Often sketches in the new cheekbone are distinguished by very bright colors and clear, bold outlines that make the tattoo more voluminous and noticeable. Anything that looks flashy, bright, unusual and bold can be reflected in this style.

Realism will be able to convey the splendor of colors, shades, shimmers and shapes of ripe cherries on the body. In this style, the most important thing is to make the drawing as similar to the original as possible, and in this manifests true professionalism. Realism is considered one of the most difficult trends in the art of tattooing. Here the master uses the most diverse artistic techniques: light shadows, focal blur, gradation of halftones, unimaginable color transitions and effects. All this to make the image look as realistic as possible.

If you decide to make a tattoo in this style, it is very important to contact an experienced and qualified master, as well as to choose a high-quality photo with a good resolution. It directly depends on how good the final result will be. Also prepare in advance for the fact that the session in the tattoo salon will take quite a long time, and it is likely that they will need several, and such work will cost a lot of money.

Well, a few last tips for those who will be beating a tattoo for the first time. The first thing to consider is how high your threshold of sensitivity to pain is. If you are afraid, or there are doubts about whether you can endure a long session, it is better to choose a small sketch to begin with. You should also start with areas where your skin is less susceptible, such as your forearm or shoulder. Do not forget to make sure that the tools used by the master are sterile and the quality of consumables. By the way, if you have decided to make a tattoo, you should not try to copy anyone else's work, stay by yourself. Perhaps it is better to enlist the help of an artist and create a unique drawing for yourself, which will be a reflection of your inner world.

The meaning of tattoos for men

Such a tattoo can be found on the body of a young man quite rarely. Tattoo with a cherry can nabivat men of young age in order to express their playful attitude towards life. For a young person, such a body drawing is very bright and extravagant. Also, the tattoo will not go unnoticed by others and cause a lot of questions. Therefore, to impose such a tattoo men can in order to cause interest in his person and stand out.

A tattoo with mature fruit for men means a great affection for the opposite sex. With the help of a tattoo, they show their passion and ardor for women. Such young men like variety and are not inclined to have a long-term relationship.

The benefits of cherry juice

Cherry juice is made in different ways. The most useful juice is obtained by the cold method of pressing, when the maximum saved taste, smell, valuable nutrients. In the industry, juice made from cherries separator method, in which almost all the vitamins and minerals are lost, the drink becomes lifeless and useless. At home, you can make fresh, tasty juice that is not devoid of its value in a juicer.

Cherry juice contains vitamins A, C, E, a treasure trove of B vitamins, potassium, magnesium and calcium. With a low calorie content of about 50 kcal/100 g, saturated with 10.71 grams of carbohydrates.

The high content of polyphenols allows the use of juice cherries in the fight against hypertension. A glass of juice a day normalizes blood pressure, strengthens blood vessels. In the juice composition were found anti-inflammatory properties, which is successfully used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, juice has proven to be a pain reliever and antispasmodic agent.

Studies have shown that cherry juice has a sedative effect, increases the production of melatonin - the sleep hormone. It is recommended for insomnia, depression, nervous exhaustion. Cherry juice reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cancer. Phytonutrients of juice inhibit the division of cancer cells, are involved in the hematopoietic system and allow its use in cancer.

An interesting discovery was made by American scientists, who conducted an experiment on athletes. By getting 300 g of juice every day, while exercising intensively, athletes reported a decrease in pain in muscles and joints, there were fewer fiber tears and injuries in soft tissues, and inflammation decreased.

Cherry juice - a strong antioxidant, affects the oxidative processes of the body, removes free radicals, thereby delaying the aging of cells, promotes rejuvenation.

The meaning of a tattoo for girls

Tattoo with a cherry on the body of a girl looks very harmonious and attractive. Such a simple drawing is able to emphasize the femininity and softness of the fair sex. Girls should be careful when choosing an image. Bright red berries, depicted on the neck, in some countries are a sign of ease with men.

Women choose a headscarf with pink cherries to express their infantilism and need for protection. Such girls are strongly attached to their significant other and are able to devote themselves to their loved ones without the rest. The rich fruit depicted on the hand or shoulder symbolizes spiritual maturity and wisdom.

Nutritional value

The cherry is a virtually defatted berry, containing less than 0.3 grams of fat. About 1 g of protein and 12 g of carbohydrates will bring the human body 100 g of fresh fruit.


100 g of cherries contains one fifth of the daily allowance of vitamin A and 12% of vitamin C, in addition, the berries are full of vitamins B, E, PP.

Mineral substances

Of the minerals, potassium is represented in the greatest quantity - more than 170 mg in 100 g of berries. Also in the cherry a large content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium is noticed.

Benefits and harms of fresh and dried cherry leaves

Cherry leaves are used by humans no less than berries. They are found in many vitamins: group A, B, ascorbic acid, K, PP. They contain minerals: iodine, copper, cobalt, potassium and others, as well as essential oils, phytoncides, tannins. Dry and fresh leaves are part of many medicinal teas, tinctures, ointments.

Vitamin tea with cherry leaves is useful for colds and flu, increases the body's resistance to viruses and infections, strengthens immunity. Also prescribed for cardiovascular diseases, as it cleanses the blood vessels, removes cholesterol, thinning the blood, helps to fight thrombophlebitis, increases hemoglobin.

Cherry leaves have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antipyretic effect. They are used to make decoctions, lotions for infected wounds, burns, wash mucous membranes, clearing pathogenic bacteria. The leaves are also used as a diuretic, styptic, prescribed to restore the water-salt balance after heart attacks.

Cherry leaves are also used in cosmetology. Tinctures, decoctions wipe oily skin, get rid of acne, rinse hair with excessive sebum secretion.

Leaves are almost incapable of bringing harm, still not recommended for people with gastrointestinal diseases, chronic lung diseases, allergies, hypotension.


For women

For men