Tattoo paints - what are they? Composition and properties

Types of tattoo paints

The standard set of paints for tattoos includes a palette of 8 most common shades. Extended sets can contain up to 16 colors, including halftones and expressive shades. However, to create a unique tattoo, even this may not be enough. Those looking for extraordinary solutions can take a closer look at the following types:

  • Phosphorescent paint. This variety is ideal for people leading a nocturnal lifestyle, as tattoo with this pigment in all its glory is revealed only after dusk;
  • white paint. It is not included in the basic set of pigments, but lately it enjoys great popularity. White tattoos look perfect on tanned or swarthy skin;
  • Temporary paint. Such tattoos are also called bio-tattoos or henna drawings.

By and large, the latter variety has nothing to do with tattoos, although it is called such. The henna design is performed without needles and the coloring pigment does not penetrate deeper than the surface layer of the epithelium. Such tattoos will last no longer than a couple of weeks and are suitable for those who have not yet decided on a real tattoo.

What is the peculiarity of the white tattoo

Completely white work bears little resemblance to tattoos in the classic sense. They are subtle, very graceful and really unusual.

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