Tattoo Panda Meaning: The Intriguing Truth About the Panda Tattoo (50 Photos and Sketches)

Tattoo panda meaning: an amazing animal that looks like a toy, soft and fluffy, funny and playful, leaving no one indifferent and causing a genuine sincere smile in children and adults. These funny and kind animals are rare and are of great value and, unfortunately, their biological species is in danger of extinction. Most of us have seen this bear "in a T-shirt" only in photos, videos or on TV.

Panda tattoo: meaning in the Celestial

As a tattoo object, the image of the panda is not common. It is actively used mainly by the inhabitants of Southeast Asia, as well as a few representatives of Europe and the former Soviet Union. Unlike many animals whose images are used as tattoos and which have dual meanings, both positive and negative, the panda is an animal symbolizing exclusively positive qualities, feelings or emotions, such as

  • kindness;
  • tranquility;
  • serenity;
  • confidence;
  • good spirits;
  • joy;
  • peacefulness;
  • independence;
  • friendliness.

Tattoo of a panda on his thigh

Undoubtedly, the panda is one of the brightest and most common national symbols of the Celestial Empire, where they are also called "bamboo bears. As a rule, the residents of China and other South-East Asian countries have a tattoo with the image of the panda very often combined with elements of such popular symbols of this region as bamboo leaves and trunk, sakura flowers, lotus, etc. The panda is also known as a symbol of incorruptible friendship, sincere trust and true reconciliation. This meaning originates from the custom of the Celestial government to give the panda to the peoples, relations with whom were especially warm and close cooperation.

Tattoo of a panda on chest

"Bamboo bear" - the symbol of China

The panda bear lives in the vast expanses of China, where it is extremely rare, carefully protected and listed in the Red Book. Few lucky people can boast of seeing a live panda.

This is interesting! Many people who want to stuff an unusual bear on their bodies are often fans of Chinese culture, and do not stop at the panda alone. Together with a cute animal printed Chinese symbols such as blooming sakura, hieroglyphs, etc.

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Tattoo panda meaning in European world

As for the representatives of European civilization, they emphasize their attitude to the current problems of preserving the primordial nature of our environment by painting the image of this wonderful animal on their bodies. In particular, they express their deep regret for the extinction of many species of the world's flora and fauna, and thus express their support to public organizations and associations in the struggle to preserve and increase the number of endangered birds and animals. In addition, the image of the panda is often used to emphasize his belonging to vegetarianism. Sometimes the panda tattoo symbolizes a slight sadness and nostalgia for a carefree childhood that is irrevocably gone. As the panda is the emblem of the World Wide Fund for Animal Welfare, in this context its image carries the meaning of selfless assistance. Tattoo with the image of a panda is associated, mostly, as carrying in itself a female beginning, emphasizing the balance, individuality, subtle inner organization, gentle nature of its owner, carrying to people and the world its kindness and peace.

On what part of the body is best to depict the panda?

panda tattoo

For the drawing of the panda suits a variety of areas:

  • Tattoo with a panda on the arm can be part of the sleeve or placed on the forearm, wrist.
  • On the back (shoulder area) place large complex tattoos.
  • Paired images are placed on the chest.
  • Behind an ear or on a neck place small pictures.

A true artist will find a suitable option for any area.

What body part would you like to get a tattoo on?

Tattoo panda on your arm: beauty and elegance

Tattoo panda for girls that will make you unique

Tattoo panda designs in different styles

Tattoo of a panda: the compositional features of images

Do not think that the panda tattoo necessarily involves a monochrome image. Also look great pictures, execution in watercolor or graphic style. This type of tattoo allows you to give the bear liveliness, even a certain realism, but also fill it with positivity.

By the way! The black panda tattoo is a symbol of the fight for the environmental purity of the planet. If you are worried about the state of nature, fighting for its preservation, such a tattoo will be the best choice for you.

A small pair of black and white bears indicates that a person values the bonds of friendship, partnership. Probably, such a panda tattoo value acquired through a long-standing custom of the Chinese - in ancient times it was customary to give their allies a panda as a symbol of loyalty. Paired tattoos have always been popular among lovers. If you like the excessive sweetness and mish-mash of animals, then why not stuff these beautiful Asian bears on your bodies with your chosen one? And another common variant of the composition is the panda with hieroglyphs. Usually it does not have a special meaning, but is just a pretty picture. But here it all depends on what exactly the characters are imprinted. Therefore, if you want to wear exactly this picture, first of all, be sure to determine as precisely as possible what they hide. This will allow you to avoid confusion.

panda dotwork tattoo on forearm

The variants of sketches

The panda is depicted on the body in a variety of aspects and variations. It can be both sketchy and naturalistic images:

  • In its natural state;
  • in clothing, shoes, hats;
  • in a cylinder, a bowler hat, glasses, jackets;
  • with natural details - a branch of sakura or eucalyptus, in the forest;
  • with decorations - lines, strokes, patterns, ornaments, flowers, hearts.

The general type of drawing is done in different techniques: watercolor, thrash-polka, geometric, old-school, graphics.

Places for padding can be anything, but more often it is an arm - shoulder or wrist. It is possible to look in galleries and in albums of salons such variants as back and lower abdomen, calves, neck, even behind an ear - it is already absolutely a mini version.

In the female version, the picture is cuter and gentler; it emphasizes the character of the wearer. It is often a cheerful, stretching panda, decorated with bows or flowers. If there is any emotion on the face, it is quite evident. Often girls choose mini silhouettes, black and white with colored decorations.

A man wears a panda with a minimal amount of decor, for him it is more important the image, the overall look. It can be a panda with glasses and a shirt, a boxer, a rocker, a musician - in general, a stylish animal. Kung Fu Panda, a well-known cartoon character, is popular with guys - athletes and goal-oriented people love it.

An interesting point: some people like the panda "climbing" up their leg or arm. And if you add a grin or sly smile, it adds charm and character to the beast. These people want peace and goodness, so it is worth understanding this desire and not to provoke negative situations.

Tattoo of a panda: just a beautiful and cute drawing

If you look closely at the tattoo panda sketches, you can understand that such an image is filled with goodness, warmth and even light. Regardless of the style in which it is stuffed. And considering that the meaning at the tattoo only positive, the image will be an excellent choice for everyone who wants to wear tattoos, but is not able to finally decide on the sketch. And in general - is it worth paying extra attention to the meanings of the image if tattoo has long ago become a modern art form! So take it this way - as art, not as a secret meaning or a hidden message to others, to society.

Styles of execution

panda tattoo

The stylistics in which the popular "Panda" tattoo sketches are made can vary significantly. Women prefer more gentle options: watercolor drawing, realism. Men prefer more aggressive styles:

  • Black and white trash polka dots with the occasional addition of red.
  • Geometry. In this case, the outline is built with broken lines.

Other options are also possible.


For women

For men