Panther tattoo meaning: all you should know about the panther tattoo (50 photos and sketches)

The panther has been chanted since ancient times by almost all cultures of the world. Her image among the tales of the peoples of the world had similar definitions. Tattoo panther meaning can have the following:
  • strength of spirit;
  • unsurpassed courage;
  • courageous bravery;
  • leadership;
  • protection of family and offspring;
  • a free life and independence from all events;
  • rebirth.

Panther tattoo as a symbol of aggression

The panther, which quietly sneaks into the modern tattoo occupies a special place. It marks the rapid flow of human life, its sophistication and unpredictability. It signifies that the thin thread of human existence can be suddenly severed by the actions of a fierce creature. Such a tattoo is a constant reminder of the impending end. The bearer of the picture in the form of a panther constantly thinks about the meaning of his existence, about the transience of life. The panther in the jump marks the aggressive tendencies and supernatural capabilities of the animal. But the owners of the panther tattoo perceive it as tenderness, exquisite beauty, fearlessness and unearthly love for the family. After all, the instinct to preserve the family for the panther is dominant.

Panther tattoo old skool on the wrist

Ancient symbolism of the beast

Panthers live mostly in the jungle, mountainous terrain, the tropics and subtropics. Images of this predator have been applied to the body by different peoples since ancient times. The most popular were the American Indians - the panther meant fearlessness in battle, strategism and preparation for battle.
It is interesting that there have always been two types of panthers. There is a black one that everyone knows about, as well as a red and yellow one, similar to the jaguar, their habitat is different, but the species is the same.

The Mayan Indians saw in the predator a messenger of higher powers - the panther was an element of various mystical rites, a totem patron. The priests wore the animal's skins for various key rituals.

In China, panthers were feared, they were considered cunning and cruel, treacherous. And in Europe this animal was, oddly enough, a protector from evil, even from dragons. But these are folk representations, and Christian priests had a negative attitude to panthers, declared them werewolves and attributed to them a connection with the afterlife.

The Egyptians painted the panther in human form as a graceful goddess. In African tribes the animal was revered as the guardian of the home and family. Panthers always valiantly defend their lair and children, ready to die for their offspring.

Tattoo panther meaning in China

The color of the panther also has its own definition. Yellow panther ancestors associated with sunlight, black - with darkness and night mystery. The yellow animal - signifies strength of spirit and infinite subjugation of other creatures. It is a ruthless animal designed to kill. The leopard was admired but also feared. Chinese culture regarded the representative of the feline family with a certain caution. It was praised as a mean and evil creature. On the other hand, other Asians and Europeans considered the panther a faithful protector and guardian of the human race. The animal occupied a special place with the Maya. Tribal leaders wore a jaguar skin as a symbol of unearthly power. Shamans also gave it a huge role in their rituals. For the Maya, the jaguar was something special; it was considered a bridge from action consciousness to unconsciousness. The powerful animal symbolized wisdom and strength, but by no means cruelty. In ancient times, the leopard was treated as a deity in the countries of the African continent. That is why the exquisite creatures were kept in the palaces of the nobility as pets. Pygmies depicted the god Thor in the guise of a panther, while the Greeks always believed that the animal's place was next to the god of wine. Very rarely was the panther drawn in the form of a werewolf. Almost no tales of its connection to the otherworld are found. Most cultures considered the panther an independent, sophisticated and refined animal. Christians, on the other hand, believe that the panther is a symbol of guile and treachery. But in every other culture this animal is mystery and mystery, unearthly love and hate, refinement and nobility.

Panther tattoo on thigh

The final step: building the sketch!

The embodiment of the idea of a tattoo in a sketch is a responsible step. For a professional, many years perfected in the art of "painting on the skin", it is not difficult to draw the future tattoo yourself. To help beginner tattooists, we have prepared a gallery of designs. Choose the right Panther tattoo sketch, draw it on paper and then transfer it to your skin step by step. Now you can get to work!

Panther tattoo: what is the difference between a black and a yellow animal

Usually, when it comes to the panther tattoo, people imagine a black animal - Bagheera, from the famous tale of Mowgli. But there is also a yellow panther - although it is actually a jaguar.

By the way! The panther in reality is a large spotted predatory animal from the cat family, the leopard.

But still in the art of tattooing this animal, depicted exactly in yellow colors, is also perceived as a panther. What is the symbolism of these two animals?

  • The black panther. It is said to patronize the forces of the night. It is a good hunter. But not just a hunter, but even a killer. In many Asian countries the legend says that the panther is the only animal that can resist the dragon and even defeat it. Except for the Chinese - there they are sure that even a panther is not capable of fighting a dragon.
  • Yellow panther. This animal is directly associated with the sun, its bright and warm light. Interestingly, not so long ago, wealthy Africans (the nobility) kept jaguars as pets.

black panther old skool tattoo on shin

Step Four: On what part of the body is it best to depict a panther?

panther tattoos

Each area has its own advantages. For example, paired tattoos are placed on the wrist or leg. In this way, these pictures will be convenient to show together.

For elongated drawings (such as a jumping or crawling animal) choose forearms or shins. On the arm, the tattoo can be placed separately or as part of a sleeve. The latter option allows you to combine a central picture with many small images.

The placement areas where the muscle relief will emphasize the dynamics of the image will look advantageous. These are the sides, pecs, biceps, clavicles. When you move, there will be the illusion that the image is about to move.

We have described not everything that can be thought up. Do not be afraid to experiment!

How the panther tattoo image is interpreted today

Above, we have already briefly described how exactly it is customary to interpret such an image as a panther tattoo. Let's go deeper into the subject and consider what it means in the modern world. In many ways, the deciphering of the tattoo depends on how exactly the animal is depicted. But we must remember - the panther tattoo has a variety of meanings. How exactly to evaluate the picture - depends on the preferences of each individual. Someone believes that the panther is an undeniable symbol of loyalty and commitment to family ideals. Some are convinced that she conceals inner beauty and outer sexuality. Although there are those who put dangerous interpretations into the image, believing that the panther is:

  • aggression;
  • danger;
  • power;
  • but also independence.

With such an interpretation of a person, stuffing on his body such an image as a panther tattoo, literally states to those around him that he is dangerous, strong and always ready to respond to insults and offenses.

panther tattoo realism on back

What is the meaning of the panther tattoo today

It is believed that the panther tattoo - in some ways even universal. After all, it is worn by both men and representatives of the weaker half of humanity. Often the panther tattoo on the arm or other part of the body is found in those people who:

  • Are confident in themselves;
  • Are ready to act decisively in any situation;
  • Seek to achieve their goals at any cost.

Care for the tattoo

  1. After the session is over, the master should take out a diaper or a special mica from the newly opened pack and wrap it around the tattooed area. Quality films have a bright print and expensive appearance, which will distinguish them from the usual, cheap ones.
  2. Professional mica is good because under it the girl's skin after work will be able to freely "breathe" and be fed with oxygen, which is very useful for healing.
  3. It is not necessary to expose the newly depicted tattoo to sunlight or other types of temperature changes (solarium, sauna, bath).

Panther tattoo for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

  1. A very important point is the proper care for the tattoo in the first days. It is necessary to remove the protective film 2-3 times a day, wash the place with warm water without pressing hard on the skin and then you need to let the skin dry.
  2. Special ointments for healing are given by the master after the session or told which one you need to buy (depending on the skin type).

Only a specific specialist can give the right care for the girl's drawing, because it depends on many factors: the size of the drawing, the girl's skin type, the color of the tattoo. Also of great importance is the place of application, the general condition of the tattoo area. It should be carefully considered and executed all the recommendations of the master after applying the tattoo with a panther, this directly affects its safety.

Panther tattoo on the arm: severity and individuality

Peculiarities of applying a panther tattoo: different styles and types

If you look closely at the panther tattoo sketches, you can see that most often it is applied in a realistic style. Only this way manages to fully convey its beauty, strength, power. Given that the animal is a black color, it should not be stuffed small. Because the tattoo will look like a big dark spot, in which it is difficult to see the animal. The image of this graceful and beautiful animal can only be stuffed by an experienced artist who knows how to work with transitions and shadows, to make full use of the play of light and shadow. In some cases, some additional image is added to the face of the animal to form a harmonious composition:

  • Celtic patterns;
  • daggers;
  • flames.

Tips for sketches

To the panther looked good the sketch is better to perform in a realistic technique with a photo. For girls, tattoo sketches can replace the photos of the animal in the desired perspective.

For men it is recommended to decide on the style first. If it is the directions of the Oceania group, similarity with the stylized image as in totem drawings is important.

General recommendations:

  1. First determine the location, choose a drawing.
  2. After consulting with the master, tweak the image.
  3. Agree on a color scheme, it should suit your skin.

Following these uncomplicated tips, you can quickly and easily decide on a sketch and begin to fill in the long-awaited image.

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Tattoo panther sketches in different variants

Often the animal is combined with natural elements - for example, trees or waterfalls.

Tip! To give the figure expressiveness, the panther's eyes should be made bright, colorful. Then it will stand out against the general background of the dark figure, bringing a special atmosphere to it.

Given that the panther tattoo should not be small, the optimal parts of the body for its application are:

  • back;
  • chest;
  • shoulders;
  • hips;
  • lower back.

It is possible to meet the image of the animal on the ribs, on the side, as if the panther is slowly sneaking around.

How to choose a tattoo sketch in relation to the place on the body?

The correlation of the place on the body and the scale of the tattoo is extremely important. So adhere to the following tips:

  • If it is a large drawing. with a lot of details and symbolism, a panther with other animals or objects, choose the back, chest, forearms, arms and legs;
  • if it is a moderate drawing with a panther without additions or extras, you can tattoo on the thighs, shoulder blades, shoulders, palms and hands;
  • if they are small drawings In the style of minimalism, that is, without a lot of strokes, details, on a small scale, then fit such areas on the body, as the fingers, wrists, neck, nape.

If the tattoo will not always be appropriate, for example, in a working or formal environment, it is better to do it on the places that can be hidden under clothing.

Tattoo panther for girls and guys

Usually such a picture girls want to emphasize:

  • their fragility;
  • Hidden inner strength.

Meaning for girls

Girls who chose the black cat accentuate the attention of others that they are strong, with character, but at the same time are not rude and limited. The image of a predatory cat emphasizes their sexuality and femininity.

If a grown-up, married woman wants to get a tattoo depicting a panther, it is a good sign, the desire to be a loving and caring mother and follow the family ideals.

Note: Especially beautiful panther looks on those girls whose bodies are aesthetic, slender and trim.

Representatives of the fair sex choose this picture to emphasize their mysteriousness, perhaps mystical abilities.

Panther tattoo with flowers on woman's shoulder

Colored panther head tattoo


For women

For Men