Tattoo dragon meaning: the unexpected meaning of the dragon tattoo (86 photos and sketches)

Each person is a bright personality and to emphasize his self-sufficiency, unique style and his relationship to society uses a lot of different ways. One of them is the imposition of pictures, patterns, figures or words on various parts of the body by introducing a dye under the skin. This method is called tattooing, also known as "tattooing" or "tattooing. Tattoo is usually used by young people from informal youth movements, as well as certain social groups or associations of people. Therefore, this article will talk about the dragon tattoo meaning. The tattoo can be small in size, elegant and refined, applied to the most hidden from view areas, or massive and noticeable, applied to the open areas of the body. In any case, the tattoo carries a certain meaning, thus emphasizing the message that its owner is trying to convey to his surrounding reality.

Tattoo dragon meaning

The dragon tattoo: a symbol of power and strength

One of the most popular tattoos is considered a dragon tattoo meaning he carries in himself: majesty, pride and invincibility. His mythological image is present in almost all cultures of the world, especially in the regions of East and Southeast Asia. Tattoo with his image is rightly considered a symbol of remarkable strength and power, represents all the natural, such a bright and opposing elements (fire and water, air and earth), and also represents the connection of the four sides of the world (north and south, west and east). These contradictions within him have contributed to the fact that his image has been perceived by people ambiguously over the centuries. For example, both the evil, bloodthirsty and fire-breathing Snake Gorynych, a fictitious fairy-tale creature known to us all since our childhood, and the greedy dragon, which is defeated by the legendary George the Victorious, and the reliable, faithful companion and protector of the deity Buddha.

The dragon is an incarnation:

  • Of indestructible power;
  • fierce belligerence;
  • unprecedented tenacity;
  • of masculine beauty;
  • innate nobility;
  • mystery;
  • magic;
  • wisdom;
  • leadership;
  • strong and lasting power.

The owner of the dragon tattoo, undoubtedly, positions himself as a man with a strong, noble character, having power and displaying wisdom.

What does this tattoo give a man to assert himself?

The tattoo of a dragon was originally done in Eastern countries, where the animal was considered a sacred creature. For example, in Japan, it was believed that a tattoo with a dragon symbolized strength, greatness, longevity and courage, power, wisdom and mystery in the wearer.

Later such tattoos were used in Western Europe, but there such tattoos represented chaos, aggression, evil, guile and destruction. It is known that in many criminal circles and groups (e.g. Yakuza) tattoos with a dragon were a kind of dress code. In China, only those with power and authority had tattoos covering their entire back.
Important! Today men use tattoos with dragons in order to emphasize similar qualities and characteristics to the creature, as well as to develop them in themselves, to adopt and increase. Some believe that the strong, but fair animal will become a talisman and a kind of amulet against failure and dark forces.

Tattoo dragon meaning: a look into the depths of centuries

If you decide to put on your body dragon tattoo meaning of such an image should be sought in the depths of centuries. After all, these fantastic creatures are chanted in many myths. Indeed, even in fairy tales and fantasy novels of contemporary writers, they occupy a worthy place. Just look at the now legendary series "A Song of Fire and Ice" by J. Martin.

Pay attention! There is an opinion that dragons "settled" in the myths during the development of agriculture. Cultivating the land many centuries ago, farmers found the remains of dinosaurs. Of course, they didn't know who the skeletons really belonged to, but they could assume that they were huge creatures. Human imagination did its work - that's how people began to talk about dragons.

To understand what a dragon tattoo can mean in this or that part of the world, let's tell how these creatures were treated in different countries.

The image of a winged lizard on your leg

Having decided to score a dragon tattoo, it is necessary to choose the place of the image, and here you have to think about your way of life, the place of work or study. For example, many reputable companies do not allow their employees to get tattoos on visible parts of the body. What's more, they initially people with tattoos are not hired if they are visible. The logical way out in this situation is a tattoo on the leg or a small image on the ankle or foot.

No one will see the tattoo under pants

Young people or girls, for whom the dress code does not play any role, can make a tattoo of a winged monster on any part of the body. Many choose the abdomen, chest, lower back, even buttocks and intimate areas (mostly girls).

Tattoo of a dragon meaning in China

In this country, the dragon and is still almost a deity. According to the Chinese, it is not just huge and strong, but also has a number of abilities:

  • he can control the weather;
  • He can control all four elements - water, earth, fire and air;
  • He is the ruler of all four sides of the world.

The Chinese also claim that the dragon is capable of reincarnation. For example, a dragon can take on the form of a person or even the entire universe.

Myths of the West

Dragons were drawn on the flags and coats of arms of kings. According to legend, the infamous King Arthur was a dragon, as such power and strength is inherent only in these scaly creatures.

In Western myths and legends, the dragon carries evil that must be overcome. As St. George the Victorious did in the image of the same name.

What a dragon tattoo means in Japan

The dragon tattoo is popular in Japan. However, one should not be surprised. After all, in this country, the creature personifies itself:

  • good luck;
  • the wisdom of the ages;
  • incredible power.

By the way! One of the most popular Japanese legends says that the Koi carp, a symbol of courage and good luck, was able to turn into a dragon after a series of trials that befell him.

In general, in Eastern culture, the Dragon is very common. Among other qualities, he is attributed protection. That is why it was often applied to the body of firemen. Modern Japanese women tattooed dragon meaning of this creature for them - the protection of the family. Photos of the tattoo dragon, presented on our site, allow us to understand that this mythological creature can have a completely different look. That is due to different cultures - each of them implies its meaning of such a figure. For example, in European countries (including our state), the dragon is often perceived as a negative character. Who on the strength of defeating it was only a brave and strong knight or hero.

The European dragon has its own characteristics in contrast to the Asian dragon:

  • it has a more massive body;
  • huge wings;
  • a long tail;
  • but no beard, no horns, which are found in Asian dragons.

Graphic Style in Tattoos

Graphic drawings are considered to be gray pencil sketches, but this is far from it, and the graphics may well be depicted in color. Colored dragon tattoo images also exist and are no less popular than the classic black sketches. The color palette has no limitations in the choice of shades, dragon drawings in red or brown are considered standard. The graphic depicts the dragon as a whole drawing or only its grinning mouth or burning eyes. The animal may have spikes or webbed wings. Black and white and colored versions of the intimidating look are preferred by men, while ladies choose softer forms of sketches.

The Dragon tattoo is very common and it can be rightly attributed to the universal symbols that are among the first to come to mind when it comes to the varieties of images on the body. But do not forget about the many meanings and symbols of this, as it turns out, not an easy figure that conquered more than one lover to decorate their bodies with tattoos.

Dragon tattoo photo: elegance and danger

Often in European culture, the dragon is depicted with a sword or cross.

Pay attention! But the British red dragon is considered a good creature. It is established that this creature negative characteristic "appropriated" after the spread of Christianity.

It is impossible to ignore the legends of the Celts. According to them, this fantastic creature is distinguished by deep wisdom. He had the head of a ram, but he is a servant of the earth god. The Celts said that the dragon had the following characteristics:

  • spirituality;
  • power;
  • dominance;
  • power.

The mythical creature had a special significance in the legends of the ancient Aztecs. He was one of the gods. In appearance, it resembled the dragons depicted in Asian countries, only it had one significant difference - its body was covered with feathers. The Indians argued that if you look directly into the eyes of the dragon, you can get under the effect of his hypnotic powers.

Japanese Symbolism

A tattoo of the most eastern - Japanese dragon means prosperity, noble mind, good energy and protection.

It is a symbol of long life and fearlessness. For those who are fond of Japanese culture will be interesting to know that such tattoos are inherent in one of the most famous criminal gangs - the Yakuza.

The dragon tattoo on the arm: a style that is always in fashion

Tattoo dragon meaning: coloring and features of the figure

A dragon tattoo on your arm can mean almost anything. Important features to determine the meaning of such a picture are its coloring and certain features. Consider the dragon tattoo sketches presented on our site. All drawings amaze with their unusual and bright colors. Each shade, color has its own characteristics:

  • black - speaks of respect;
  • blue - indicates the desire for eternal life, compassion for others;
  • yellow - used not so often, symbolizes war, conquest;
  • red - symbolizes strength, health, love, passion;
  • green - indicates that the person on whose body the dragon is drawn, has strong ties with the earth;
  • Gold - symbolizes deep wisdom.

Which option to choose colored or monochrome?

Tattooing used to be monochrome, that is, not in color. With the development of the tattoo industry, multicolored tattoos also appeared. What is the advantage of the color variant?

The monochrome version involves only the outline of the picture, the color version allows you to create a whole picture and great attention to detail. Such a picture looks very bright and flashy.

Those people who like to be in the center of attention, and consider themselves unique and inimitable, will choose this option. Of the disadvantages, we can highlight the fact that such a picture on the forearm will cost more than a monochrome tattoo. In addition, over time, the multicolored colors on the tattoo can burn out in the sun.

Black - white variant in this plan is more durable, it looks austere and neat. What tattoo to choose for you - it is up to you to decide.

Dragon tattoo sketches: the most popular and unusual designs

To understand what a dragon tattoo means, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the drawing:

  • Mouth with a grin, spread wings, huge nails - aggression, desire for leadership, power;
  • If the wings are pressed against the torso or lowered, the mouth is not open - it indicates wisdom;
  • The resting dragon is the inner equilibrium;
  • upwards, including in flight - aspiration for heights, openness to the world;
  • rushes down, including in flight - indicates a hidden aggression, warns of a possible attack.

Pay attention! Quite often the dragon tattoo on the back is depicted in a composition with the tiger. If they are located at the same level, have approximately the same size, it indicates the inner balance of man, the harmony of his inner world. If in the drawing the lizard fights the tiger and defeats it, it indicates the victory of good over evil. If the tiger wins, the tattoo symbolizes aggressiveness.

Celtic Tales

Celtic peoples gave dragons the meaning of the cyclical "circle of life," the cycle of human life.

The Celtic dragon symbolizes the circle of life, shows the closure of the entire universe. The beginning of life and its end, the meaning of eternal life, moving in a circle.

In Celtic peoples, he was a large lizard with wings and poisonous breath.

The dragon tattoo on the back: beautiful and volumetric tattoos

Among the most common images stands out a dragon soaring in the sky, shrouded by clouds. Such a sketch says that a person has a rather stable position, he is determined, striving to achieve his goals. Such drawings are preferred by those who are confident in themselves and their goals - the tattoo helps them to strengthen their faith in themselves. If you are interested in the dragon male tattoo sketches, it is better still to choose not too bright, multi-colored, and give preference to some specific colors. Using a lot of bright colors is the prerogative of girls. Although - this is not an axiom, but rather a well-established rule, of which there are always exceptions.

Tattoos with a dragon: cool ideas for girls in the photo

By the way, Angelina Jolie is one of the star owners of tattoos with an ancient fire-breathing creature.

More and more often fans of tattoos give preference to monochrome variants. After all, in 2021 black and white tattoos became a leading trend and are not going to give up positions.

And yet the motley and thorough images of dragons on a woman's body look impressive. Many mature men have a need to communicate with women, they do not want to tie themselves to a permanent relationship, so sex without commitment will help you find a woman of suitable age, who also will not get attached and will not be a burdensome mistress, and looking for warmth and a pleasant conversation for a while.

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Dragon male tattoos: 12 best tattoos

On what part of the body is best to tattoo a dragon

Above we have considered in detail what dragon tattoo means in different cultures and in different kinds. Now let's talk about what parts of the body this image will look best on.

So, the lizard is excellent for pricking on:

  • arm;
  • back;
  • thigh;
  • scapula;
  • shoulder.

Pay attention! Do not think that the size of such a tattoo must necessarily be huge. In fact, everything depends on your personal wishes. If you like it, then let it be even a miniature tattoo in the intimate area.

However, most often the mythical creature is tattooed on the back. Especially if it is a sketch in the Japanese style. A large area allows you to trace literally every detail of the dragon, to create a full-fledged story. In addition, the back does not change as much with age, so even many years later, the dragon will look quite presentable. A good option is a tattoo of a dragon on the shoulder. Especially if significantly from the shoulder smoothly "flows" to another part of the body. Not the best option will be the placement of the tattoo on the lower part of the leg. Because the space there is limited, it will be very difficult to draw a beautiful sketch. In addition, the peculiarities of the relief of the leg at the bottom also affect.

Interesting facts about dragons

  • China has a "dragon day," which begins at 7:00 a.m. and ends at 9:00 a.m.
  • The Chinese dragon has five fingers on its paws, while the Vietnamese dragon has only four fingers.
  • The sex of the dragon depends on the tail, if the tail is fan-shaped or fluffy, then you have a picture or tattoo of a female, but if the tail of the dragon is triangular, pointed or peak-shaped, then it is a male.
  • According to legend, the dragon is capable of transforming a person into any animal, so be careful when choosing a tattoo of a dragon.
  • Dragons are long-lived and very wise creatures.

The dragon tattoo on the shoulder: tattoos that will be on trend

Pay attention! If you still decided to nail the lizard on the foot or calf, the best option will be a sketch in the Chinese theme. Such a style implies thin lines, and the contour itself is painted with pigment not too densely. Therefore, the drawing will look like a beautiful sketch.

Another great option for tattooing is the lower back. In this case, it is better to depict a flying serpent. And a small, colorful sketch will be perfectly suitable for:

  • scapula;
  • wrist;
  • or neck.

When choosing a place for the dragon tattoo, be sure to consider your lifestyle and social status. Perhaps you do not always and everywhere to appear with an open tattoo. In that case, for its application choose a place that the picture can always be hidden under clothing.

dragon tattoo on the hip

In women

The image of the mythical lizard on the back, thighs, chest, shoulder blades in girls is a sign of the need for creation, protection of maternal feelings, the family home. Women choose a drawing in the style of fairy. The meaning of such a creature lies in its transformation from an aggressive lizard into a gentle creature. Original elements in the form of bright colors are additionally applied to the drawing.

Some girls on the back can be depicted simultaneously two animals, symbolizing the unity of the beginning of the male and female.

Tattoo dragon meaning: from conciliation to aggression

Dragon tattoo often looks unusually bright, beautiful, juicy. The best variant of its execution is a volumetric drawing. Then the master can draw the dragon as precisely as possible, with a lot of details. But one has to realize that ideally dragon should be big and occupy a solid part of the body. However, this option is not suitable for everyone. Perhaps in your case you should limit yourself to a small pattern on the shoulder. If there are no restrictions, proceed to the selection of options for the sketch and its coloring. Use our service and contact the master - he will prepare a unique, unparalleled sketch for you.

dragon tattoo on back

Applying Techniques

The specific technique of this tattoo comes from ancient Japan. It consists in drawing of figure on a body by means of special bamboo sticks - tebori. The reason for using this method is a total difference compared to the usual drawing tattoo machine. It applies the paint too densely, which does not achieve the gradation of color that the tebori sticks give.

Many experts and to this day use this ancient technique, however, not less tattoo artists use the benefits of civilization, as the machine allows you to work much faster.


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