Tattoo cat meaning: the whole truth about the tattoo of a cat 75 photos and sketches

Cat - an animal that lives side by side with humans since time immemorial and has a very volatile, controversial and mysterious character, habits that man has not managed to understand until now. Probably because tattoos with the image of this charming its flexibility, alluring its playfulness and affection, tattoo cat value:

  • grace and beauty;
  • commitment to magic;
  • wisdom;
  • evil and cunning;
  • freedom;
  • savagery and wilfulness;
  • peace and tranquility.

What does a cat tattoo mean: good or evil?

In ancient Egypt, cats were sacred animals and objects of universal worship. The death of a cat or a cat was punishable because they were the embodiment of the powerful and wise god Ra, the sun god, who had unprecedented power to defeat the vile serpent (symbolizing evil, night, and the dark forces) and thereby save all the people living on earth. Inhabitants of ancient Rome and ancient Greece also respected these free-loving creatures. Cats represented the lunar goddess and were symbols of freedom. In ancient Scandinavia, cats were especially revered because they always accompanied the goddess of love Freya and symbolized loyalty and the ability to protect. The ancient Japanese revered their pets for their peace, relaxation and peace, and attributed to them a unique ability to transform.

But in ancient China, for example, cats were treated very differently. The Chinese associated them with the feminine Yin and therefore symbolized impermanence, changeability, connections with dark entities, and the ability to be reborn. The Celts had negative associations with cats because they associated them with the burial process and considered them symbols of the dark earth, night, moon and wild power. The North American Indians perceived cats as a personification of evil power and thievery. In medieval Europe, at a time when the Inquisition reigned supreme, cats and their characters were seen as the devil, spawn of demonic forces, as lustful and lazy representatives of darkness and black magic, who always accompanied witches and sorcerers and were burnt along with them more than once. To this day, a black cat, crossing our path, is considered bad luck, bringing trouble and adversity, while among the criminals, it is perceived as a symbol of good luck and is considered the most popular type of tattoo.

Black Cat Tattoo on Hand

Tattoo of a black cat

black cat tattoo

Masters note that the black cat is one of the most popular requests for tattooing. Despite the negative omens that have enveloped the dark-colored animal, black cats do not carry bad energy. A black cat on a tattoo speaks to the rebellious nature of its owner. It can be an attack against the system. Those who have chosen such a drawing, are not afraid of the difficulties of life. These people are ready to help their loved ones at any time.

Tattoo cat meaning: a bit of history

Cats left the greatest trace in the culture and history of ancient Egypt. Here since ancient times it was accepted to consider these animals sacred. Which, however, is not surprising, because even one of their goddesses had a cat's head. Cats in ancient Egypt were highly respected - up to the fact that their graves were held almost the same rites as for humans. Cats were also valued in Scandinavia. They were not considered sacred, but they were companions of the goddess Freya - cats were pictured harnessed to her carriage. Tattoo cat can symbolize wealth, power, because in ancient times in Asia and the Arab world these animals were associated with power and wealth. Animals were valued and respected. But gradually underwent a transformation of attitudes toward cats. With the advent of the dark ages in Europe, cats have been considered almost dangerous, otherworldly animals. For example, people were convinced that cats are the helpers of witches and sorcerers. Therefore they were even exterminated. But after another plague epidemic, spread by rats, medieval Europeans have understood - they cannot do without cats. After all, they were fighting the invasion of rodents, thereby preventing disease.

Which celebrities have tattoos depicting cats?

Many stars are not indifferent to animals, and they have tattoos with their image. The scandalously famous singer Miley Cyrus chooses the most unexpected places for tattoos - she put a tiny sad cat on the inside of her lip. The actress. Bei Ling has an image of a giant leopard-like cat on her lower back.

Tattoos are rapidly gaining popularity. A celebrity tattoo is not just a piece of jewelry or a way of self-expression, but also part of the star's image. The meaning of some of them is hidden from the fans, the deep meaning of such tattoos is known only to their owners. This only fuels public interest in the star.

On what part of the body to apply a tattoo cat

Choose the correct sketch of a tattoo cat - half of the matter. It is also important to determine the place of application of such an image. There are some parts of a body on which practically any sketch of a tattoo cat will look favourably:

  • The lower abdominal area - here it is better to apply a small image;
  • The back - here the image can be applied practically of any size, even on all surface;
  • The shoulder blades are a good option if you don't stab the whole cat, but just his face;
  • Legs - on this part of the body a cat can be represented in any form or shape, either as a whole or just his head.

Therefore, choosing the sketch of a cat tattoo, first determine what part of the body you are going to prick the picture. Only after that, select an image that will look harmonious.

Cats as sacred animals in the culture of the ancient East

Of course, cats were worshipped as sacred animals in the East. For example, in Thailand, Siamese cats were mystical and sacred animals, endowed with magical powers.

Did you know? Cat tattoo, the sketch of which you can make in the Eastern style will bring its owner good luck and longevity.

In China and Japan, cats were considered the embodiment of goodness and love and were the real favorites among pets. And in ancient India, cats and cats guarded Buddhist temples.

Tattoo of a cat with headphones
Cat in headphones, tattoo

Cat tattoo sketch: beautiful and cute cat sketches

Tattoo cat meaning for men and for women

Tattoo cat can have a different meaning, which depends on various factors:

  • The part of the body on which the image is pecked;
  • features of the image;
  • Sex - even the same patterns on the male and female body can carry different meanings.

Old Skool Cat Tattoo with Roses on Forearm

Therefore, to say unequivocally what meaning cat tattoo hides in itself - will not work. But in any case, the picture does not carry bad symbols. For example, we should not forget that these animals are currently associated with coziness, domestic warmth, comfort.

Pay attention! The cat is suitable for both men and women. He chooses the person to whose character and soul endowed with mystery, but also egocentrism.

But it is also necessary to take into account the compositional features of the tattoo applied to the body. For example, a simple black sketch of a cat sitting or slightly arching its back would be ideal for girls. Such a drawing is usually made thin, elongated, which allows it to convey its sexual energy to its owner.

By the way! Such drawings were originally quite mysterious, but because of their excessive prevalence in recent years they seem too banal.

A good option for a truly feminine tattoo would be the image of a kitten. It looks a little ridiculous, but also cute - childishly beautiful and gentle. Such tattoos are preferred by naive little girls, perhaps not yet mature. In recent years, more and more popular is a trend such as realism - animals depicted on the human body, traced as accurately as possible, down to every hair. In this case, there is no need to search for what a cat tattoo means - it's just art and nothing more.

If the animal is depicted in a jump, it indicates such human qualities as:

  • Resilience in the face of life's difficulties;
  • The ability to adapt to almost any situation;
  • The ability to remain on one's feet, even when fate is too unkind.

Realism Cat Tattoo on Forearm

Another variant of the widespread body drawing of the cat is the famous fairy-tale character from Wonderland, whom the girl Alice met. We are talking, if anyone did not understand, about the Cheshire cat. But he carries a hidden meaning only if a person chooses it consciously. What does the tattoo of a cat mean in such a situation? Here are several options for interpreting the drawing:

  • aspiration to philosophy;
  • mystery;
  • and even a certain degree of insanity.

Therefore, such a tattoo should be pricked only consciously, and not to follow fashion. In addition, there is no need to simply copy the picture, and come up with your own unique drawing, a sketch of a Cheshire cat, which will not look like anything else, and will reflect the inner world of man.

Tattoo for girls - a cat: its meaning, examples, photos

Girls before applying a tattoo to the body, first of all consider how it looks. Only after that they can figure out what this drawing means. Let's take a look at what cat tattoos are, what they mean and where it's best to apply them.

To figure out which tattoo to choose, first decide on the style of drawing on the body. The main types of cat tattoo styles:

  • Cat tattoos Realistic style. For such pictures are inherently realistic vision. Masters of tattoos apply an animal that looks like the real thing in life. Below you will see examples of such pictures on the body. The meaning of the tattoo in general remains the same (independence, sharp mind), most importantly, what else puts into the soul of the image itself the owner of the tattoo.

Cat - 3 realism cat tattoo
Cat - a tattoo,3 made in the style of Realism

  • Tattoo in Dotwork style - Close-up image, in black and white. Even the smallest details should be visible in the picture.

Tattoo of an aggressive cat in Dotwork style
Tattoo of an aggressive cat in the Dotwork style

  • Tattoos in watercolor style - Suitable more for romantic natures. After all, they are obtained without clear boundaries and in bright colors.

Watercolor Cat tattoo
Tattoo Cat in the style - watercolor

  • Tattoos with the image of cats in the old-school resemble bright cartoon drawings. Often pet owners perpetuate the memory of a beloved pet on the body in this way.

Tattoo old school cat
Tattoo cat in the style of oldskul.

  • Fans of the classics, apply exactly black and white tattoos with the image of cats. This indicates that the bearers of tattoos are pedantic in life in their preferences.

Sketch of a black and white cat
Sketch of a black and white cat

  • Tattoo cat and wine In recent years has gained particular popularity. The cat in some ways resembles the image of modern people, who are mostly independent, lonely and proud.

Cat and wine tattoo
Tattoo - cat and wine

  • Cat lovers enjoy getting tattoos with their pets because they consider them family members. In this case, the cat tattoo acts as a talisman. Brings good luck to the owner, material prosperity.

Red cat tattoo
Red cat - tattoo

  • Tattoos with cats in the style of abstract More suitable for those who put a magical component in the tattoo, uses them as a talisman

Tattoo - cat. abstraction
Tattoo of a cat. Abstraction

  • Tattoo a cat in the geometric style suits people who appreciate minimalism and those who value their time, do not like excesses.

Tattoo - cat. geometry
Tattoo - cat. Geometry

Tattoo cat meaning in the underworld

And finally, let's talk about the significance of the cat tattoo in a criminal environment. After all, as it turned out, among the people who have chosen the unjust path, quite a lot of fans of this animal. Especially since it carries a certain symbolism. So, here are a few tattoo options:

  • KOT on the shoulder is, in fact, an acronym that stands for Native Inhabitant of the Prison.
  • The cat likes to stab on their body the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, who are members of a criminal group;
  • Outlaws indicate their occupation by having a cat pinned on their leg;
  • If such an animal is depicted in the abdominal area, it indicates the high criminal skill of the person;
  • But a funny and even cute cat holding keys in its paws is the choice of burglars;
  • If the cat wears a hat and has a weapon in its paws, it is a symbol of full-fledged robbers, ready to do anything for profit.

There are other prison and criminal interpretations of the cat tattoo, but we have talked about the main types. Choose a sketch with the above information in mind, and this will allow you to avoid unpleasant interpretations not only of your tattoo, but also of your lifestyle.

Tattoo of a black and white cat with a girl on his forearm

The meaning of a tattoo for women

Choosing a sketch of a charming flexible cat, a woman wants to show and her uniqueness, plasticity and sophistication. In this case, the tattoo will convey the sexuality, beauty, elegance of its owner. It is no coincidence that the Chinese compare the cat to Yin - the source of femininity, energy of the night, the mystery.

Colorful cartoon-style kittens, with big eyes and long fur, prefer girls easy on the rise, cheerful, cheerful. These tattoos broadcast their spontaneity, youth, not burdened by the experience of years lived.

Representatives of the cat in the spirit of realism - the choice of housewives, creators of comfort in the home. They strive to show that the fluffy animal symbolizes their relationship to loved ones, to the warmth of the family home. Such women keep traditions and follow their destiny - to be a wife and mother, they are able to show affection and tenderness, just like a cat.

In some cases, the cat on a woman's body reflects only her affection for this animal. Often salons are asked to recreate the image of a pet from a photo.

A cat and a woman have a lot in common. Mischief, slyness, plasticity and grace are present in both. These female tattoos differ from the male, revealing the subtlety and versatility of female nature.


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