Tattoo cornflower - the meaning for girls and men, the place of application (on the arm, leg, collarbone, wrist), the original sketches and photo ideas

Throughout history, flowers have attracted and fascinated people. They play an important role in our lives, as they are present at almost every significant event: whether it is a wedding, a birthday or a funeral. In tattoos, flowers have been popular among men and women for many years.

While many associate floral patterns with femininity, they have also resonated in men's hearts. Flower tattoos can include a variety of plants, varying in size, number of flowers, variety, style and location, with each sketch having its own appeal and unique meaning.

History of the cornflower

It is a folk wildflower, much loved by many people - it evokes tenderness and nostalgia. Cornflower grows along the roads as a common weed. In Slavic culture, cornflowers were a frequent guest on embroidery, in the decor of houses, they were decorated with them on the festive table, the red corner in the house. In the period of plowing, the farmers used flowers in rituals for the growth of the crop.

For girls the cornflower was an assistant in attracting love. It was believed to save from evil forces, demons and spirits. It was used to remove spoilage during ceremonies, and as a talisman. The name is associated with the male name of Vasily. A young boy fell in love with a mermaid, she called him to go with her into the waters, but Vasily refused. In desperation, the mermaid cursed the young man and turned him into a blue flower.

In ancient Greece, cornflowers were the sign of the centaurs. Chiron, Hercules' teacher, was a centaur, but the student accidentally wounded Chiron with a poisoned arrow while hunting. In heraldry, the cornflower is also a frequent guest. It is a symbol of the homeland and in Estonia it is the national flower and also an element of the coat of arms of the Austrian Freedom Party. You can see the cornflower on the coats of arms of different Russian cities, the Netherlands, Bosnia, Latvia.

Tattoo of the cornflower: meaning, photo tattoos, sketches

Tattoo of a cornflower means tenderness, beauty, innocence, virtue, love, honesty, love, harmony, devotion, purity, faithfulness, freedom, dreaminess, nobility, family happiness, simplicity, romance, reliability, sophistication, endurance, cheerfulness.

Meaning of the cornflower tattoo

Cornflower symbolizes purity, tenderness, honesty. Tattoo with its image is very popular among both women and men.

Peasants gave cornflowers a special place of honor among other flowers. They collected them, decorated the house with them, wreathed them in wreaths, which were put on the head or wrapped around the waist. Often the patterns of blue flowers were embroidered on towels and clothing.

The people of ancient Greece used to tell legends about the beautiful blue flower. Once the centaur Heron was wounded by a poison arrow, but he was able to heal himself thanks to an extract of cornflower juice. After this incident, the cornflower was called the centaurea, the centaur flower.

Another legend tells of a young man whose name was Cyanus. He was madly in love with the cornflowers of the field. The young man would come to the field and gather all the flowers, then make wreaths and garlands of them. He would pick out his clothes in the shade of his favorite flowers.

But after a while, the young man was found lying dead in a field of flowers. The goddess Flora took pity on the poor guy and turned him into a beautiful, delicate blue flower. Since then, the cornflower began to be called by the hero's name - Cyanus, which means blue.

Tattoo with the image of cornflower will suggest that its owner is an honest, open, cheerful, simple man. He is committed to his principles, tries to achieve everything by his own forces, not hoping for someone else's help.

Female members of the fair sex choose the cornflower tattoo, putting into it the meaning of tenderness, softness, femininity. Such girls are distinguished by their kind and quiet temperament, inner strength, beauty, and love of life.

They are open to love, ready to be faithful and loyal to the chosen one. But at the same time, they value their freedom, for them it is important sometimes to get away from the outside world and to be alone.

For men, a chestnut with cornflower means nobility and pure thoughts. The bearer of such a tattoo is a man of honor, the defender of his family and a loyal friend. Often such a tattoo nabivayut men with the name Vasily.

Tattoo with a picture of cornflower with a sword suitable more for the male sex. It suggests that its carrier has the qualities of a warrior. He is strong, active, courageous, ready to defend and fight for their ideals.

Tattoo depicting a cornflower wreath symbolizes a strong harmonious spiritual union. Both between friends and between lovers. Such a relationship is built on spiritual connection, sincerity and purity of thought.

For girls, the cornflower wreath tattoo, in which spikelets are intertwined, will represent large and strong family.

Tattoo with two cornflowers suggests that its owner is faithful to his lost love.

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The character of the owner

Cornflower tattoo is primarily a sign of love. Choose them pure, open-minded, resilient people, even patriotically-minded. They respect the traditions and their culture, national rituals. The owner of the cornflower tattoo counts only on their own strength.

Much of the semantic context depends on the composition. If we see a single flower on the skin, it is good to emphasize the fragility and elegance of the figure, the beauty of the girl. If there are two cornflowers, it is often unrequited love. Devotion is a beautiful quality, but it prevents you from finding mutual happiness in the world, if all the time you dream of an ideal. Therefore, carriers of the cornflower tattoo are often idealists.

A wreath of cornflowers is always a positive value. It is the embodiment of friendship and unity, happiness in marriage. If the cornflower tattoo in the form of a wreath intertwined spike of wheat, it is a dream of a large family, children and a family estate.

In general, the cornflower tattoo is lucky if the person has pure thoughts and mental ease. If there is a tendency to intrigue and gossip, then this drawing will not suit you. An interesting sketch is a variant of the cornflower tattoo with a sword. Such a person defends his ideals to the last, he is active and active.The most successful to do cornflower tattoo for women - they are capable of love, sincere in their feelings and faithful to the chosen one. This gentle lady with a good disposition, internally harmonious nature.

The girl can reciprocate a true knight, but she wants respect. She will endure a lot in return, she has an inner light and strength of spirit. For her, family ties are important, her goal is a strong marriage. With her spouse they will live soul to soul, with mutual respect, will be allies in life.

Cornflower, tattoo meaning

Tattoo of a cornflower on the forearm

On-body painting depicting flowers has become a rapidly growing trend among tattoo enthusiasts. The drawing of a cornflower at the same time is popular mainly among girls. However, only a few people understand the true meaning of the image on the body of this beautiful plant.

The meaning of the cornflower tattoo

In the language of flowers, the cornflower symbolizes:

  • love without hindsight
  • fidelity
  • purity of thought
  • inner nobility
  • constancy.

The tattoo expresses the position of a person of high moral standards, integrity, truthfulness and love for the Fatherland.

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The meaning of the cornflower tattoo for such a person is the Fatherland with a capital letter, which he can not leave simply. A person who chose the image of cornflower among the tattoos of flowers, thereby shows that he is completely independent in life, hopes only on themselves and does not require help from others.

Tattoo of the cornflower for men and women

In the image of the cornflower on the body, a special meaning is invested in the structure of the composition. For example, girls often put a tattoo of a flower on the back. Thus they mark their elegance and feminine softness.

Also for many women, unlike other flowers, cornflower serves as a symbol that the bearer of the tattoo has a calm and tolerant character. At the same time she has an inner fire, beauty, a strong mental core.

Such a representative of the fair sex shows others that she is ready to accept and respond to sincere love, to be a loving and faithful ally. However, she demands the same attitude to herself.

Also a cornflower in a girl can mean that she is extremely sensitive about her personal space, from time to time she has a need to withdraw into herself and cut herself off from the people around her.

Cornflower tattoo on the back

It is traditionally considered that the cornflower is a female tattoo and is applied only to women.

Two cornflowers are usually a constant reminder of unrequited love. The image of such a symbol means that the man remains faithful to his sympathy to his last breath.

Cornflower in a wreath means the focus on a strong marriage with mutual respect, a happy and sincere union of two hearts. Also, such a tattoo is often used to denote long-term companionship or strong mutual love, tested by years of relationships and realized in marriage.

If a girl has applied cornflower with spikelets, it means that she intends to create a large family, have many children and achieve prosperity.

Places of application

Due to the fact that the cornflower symbolizes purity of thought and nobility, it should not be applied to any place on the body. Choose a place to apply the tattoo after reflection and advice from a specialist.

Usually, the cornflower image is applied to the arms, legs, shoulders and back. It can also be applied on the side, on the neck, on the ribs. The thighs and intimate areas will not be an appropriate place.

Cornflower tattoo on the shoulder blade

Places to apply the cornflower tattoo on the back can be in the area of the shoulder blade, lumbar, coccyx. The most popular are shoulders, neck, wrists, and the top of the legs.

Undoubtedly, when choosing where to apply the tattoo, each person proceeds from their own preferences and is guided by their own concepts of taste.

Aesthetic application

Tattoo cornflower is simple, unpretentious, but its stem looks graceful, as if swaying in the wind, looks fragile. And the blue of the crown attracts the eye, cheers and lifts the mood.Picture style can be very different, but mostly it is a color performance. Tattoo cornflower do large or miniature, in a watercolor or photographic version. There are stylized ideas, they often reflect people's specific tastes - for example, there are elements of space or mystical themes.

If the cornflower tattoo is esoteric in nature, it can have concentric circles, sigils and stars, Kabbalistic signs near or around the main element. But more often the natural beauty of this charming plant is emphasized.

The black version of the graphic cornflower looks interesting, as if descended from an old botanical print. And another curious fact: what is considered a tattoo of the cornflower is often a misunderstanding. People confuse cornflowers with chicory flowers, which also stands out with blue petals and grows by the road.Place the flower is often desired on the arm, leg, shoulder, forearm. There are versions on the back of the head, around the neck or back. The cornflower tattoo looks beautiful on the back, along the length of the spine with flourishing petals on the vertebrae. Wreaths are placed on the wrist, they can be in the form of a bracelet, a ribbon or just a flower braiding the hand.

You can see samples of sketches on our website below. Here are the most diverse variants of the finished cornflower tattoo, photos and videos detailing the process of the project in the salon. You can consult with a master, who knows a lot of techniques to improve the idea.

Application technique

Cornflower will look beautiful in the style of watercolor. A bright palette of colors, smooth lines and airiness - these features give the tattoo a special charm and tenderness. It seems that an artist's brush has touched this drawing.

The style of realism is the undoubted leader in the depiction of any plants and animals. Tattoo cornflowers sketches and photos of works can be found in a huge amount on the Internet. They are easily recognized by the naturalness of the image. Such a body drawing looks like an animated picture.

For unconventional personalities who want to stand out, the style of old-school or graphic is suitable. The flower here can act both as a separate picture, and as a decorative element in the composition. The original sketch of a tattoo in this technique will emphasize individuality and give a zest to the image.

The drawing will look beautiful on the arm, shoulder or back. With a place for the tattoo will help to decide on the place for the tattoo, an experienced professional tattooist.

Watch a video on the topic

Photo gallery

Tattoo Wildflowers

Bouquet of wildflowers will appeal to lovers of nature, bright summer meadows, the smell of fields and forests. Wildflowers are modest, but for those who love them, they are the very embodiment of beauty and harmony. Bellflowers

Meaning tenderness,
- Wealth, joy,
- solar energy,
- Lightness and cheerfulness. Any flowers that you like will be an excellent subject for a tattoo, because they will always evoke warm emotions and memories of a summer meadow, sunny days and the most important moments of life.

Tattoo Flowers Meaning - Tattoo Flowers - Tattoo Wildflowers

Classic tattoos with flowers

Tattoos depicting all kinds of flowers are recognized as the most feminine themes in the art of body painting. Multicolored sketches for floral motifs are able to give softness to a woman's image, make it more elegant. At the same time, black and white tattoos with their juicy brightness and beautiful texture, not subject to burn-out and erasure, advantageously emphasize the whiteness of a gentle girl's body.

Tattoo flowers. Sketches of black and white, colored on the arm, collarbone, leg, thigh

Mystery of the flowers depicted on the body beckons unraveling, because the symbolism reflects the facets of nature along with the coloring of the inner world of the owner of the tattoo, the range of her preferences and desires. Therefore, choosing a botanical sketch, it is worth to clarify the meaning of the classical elements of the composition.

FlowerInterpretation of the floral symbol
RoseThe most popular image, the brightness of which symbolizes eternal love and beauty, which can not be touched. A flower with a straight stem is a sign of fortitude, thorns are associated with longing and sadness. Two kinds of coloring on the body are popular - red blazes with passion and desire, black flower signals the pain of loss, sadness, sadness. An unusual option would be a blue rose, showing a rebellious character.
Lotus .Like the rose, the lotus has many interpretations. The main meaning is harmony, the highest perfection in spiritual development, purity and beauty. The lotus tattoo emphasizes the wearer's charm, her intelligence and greatness, her desire for motherhood and prosperity.
OrchidThe illustration reveals a girl with a very strong intuition, a proud soul and a high inner potential. In different cultures, the meaning of the magnificent orchid varies, in the Japanese it is a sign of courage, in the Chinese - fertility and prosperity.
SunflowerBright flower strikes the reality of the image, has a larger size than all other floral tattoos. Such an illustration indicates a fortunate wearer with strong feelings, always achieving goals.
LilyThe noble flower is associated with enlightenment and purity of soul, tenderness and tranquility. In many cultures, the flower has long been an attribute of the goddesses. However, when choosing a sketch, it is recommended to take into account the value of the coloring, which characterizes the hidden qualities of the girl.
ChrysanthemumSketches with chrysanthemums are preferred by resolute and confident individuals. In the East, the flower is considered an imperial emblem, embodies authority, perfection of a noble nature. At the same time, the chrysanthemum indicates an enlightened person.
PeonyThe main meaning of the tattooed peony is associated with love, good luck, as well as wealth. Although the peony is considered a male flower, the juicy imprint of the lush bouquet on a girl's body is associated with the brightness of youth, longevity, good luck.

Tattoo flowers (sketches black and white), applied to the girl's body with the help of black pigment, look strict, but no less elegant than in the color drawings. However, tattoos in a rich color palette striking natural beauty, aesthetic appeal, hiding the mystery of deep meaning. And, in addition to the classic options of flowers, there are many sketches with other, no less significant representatives of the garden and forest flora.

Tattoo Flowers. Sketches of black and white, colored on the arm, collarbone, leg, thigh

What do the most popular flowers tattooed on a woman's body mean?

  • aster deciphered as a sign of humility, modest beauty;
  • Tulip - the delicacy of the flower is recognized as an emblem of happiness and success;
  • the poppy is considered a sign of loneliness, but also of fidelity and creativity;
  • The daisy is a traditional symbol of purity and cheerfulness;
  • dandelion is interpreted as unfading beauty, determination, positivity;
  • The iris is a gentle symbol of femininity and wisdom of a sensitive nature;
  • Magnolia is for daring people, stylish and thinking outside the box;
  • cornflowers represent fragility, sincerity and purity of a faithful idealist;
  • Violet is a delicate emblem of a modest and shy person, who is not too flashy;
  • lavender is associated with important experiences that left a mark in the memory.

Tattoo Flowers. Sketches of black and white, colored on the arm, collarbone, leg, thigh

Unusually look floral subjects with branches of flowering plants in the right choice of colors. For example, a naturalistically made twig with delicate lilac flowers will advantageously emphasize the magic of female attractiveness and youthfulness. The modesty of the pink flowers of the sakura tree is identified with the rapid passage of time, the variability of life events, as in nature the sakura blossoms very quickly.

Tattoo of a branch with flowers of jasmine tells about the meek temper of its owner, her modesty, sensuality, purity of thoughts.

Tattoo Flowers. Sketches of black and white, colored on the arm, collarbone, leg, thigh

Quite a popular option can be called a tattoo with the image of a blooming thistle. The thorny weed imprint is considered a magical Celtic symbol for the Slavs modest plant became a talisman against the evil eye, and the subtle image of the thistle becomes the emblem of a courageous man, who has the qualities of a fighter.

Monochrome Tattoos

Tattoos made in monochrome proclaim the supremacy of the illustration's meaning over its external effect. Despite the fact that the drawing on the body resembles a photograph, the leading feature of black is the ability to convey a large number of shades.

Tattoo Flowers. Sketches of black and white, colored on the arm, collarbone, leg, thigh

The ability to create halftones, the play with shadows allows you to create a mesmerizing picture of special depth and mystery, which demonstrates:

  • the rigor of a conservative subject;
  • the vividness of a drawing framed by an outline;
  • The transfer of details by the method of halftones.

Tattoo flowers sketches black and white at the stage of application are characterized by a complex structure. To obtain a realistic image of flowers, the tattooist pays maximum attention to the drawing of every detail of the plant. The volume of the drawing is achieved by the art of correctly combining shades, arranging shadows.

Monochrome tattoos of flowers on both feet look amazing, an openwork sleeve of black outlines of flowers collected in an intricate ornament attracts the eye. The drawings of fragile flowers on a long stem, placed on the arm or leg, on the side - from the armpit to the waist are of piercing beauty.

Colored tattoos with flowers

For the first time deciding to decorate the body with a tattoo, girls worry about the question of what tattoo to do - colored or black and white. Prints of floral subjects on the body look equally beautiful in color and monochrome. However, colored images surprise with a variety of shades, creating the illusion of reality of a tattooed flower.

Tattoo Flowers. Sketches of black and white, colored on the arm, collarbone, leg, thigh

To deal with the choice of technique of applying a bright colored tattoo will help to know the important features of suitable styles:

NameCharacteristic features
WatercolorIn this style, romantic pictures are created, distinguished by sophistication and elegance. The color solution can be any color (pink, lilac, blue), the main thing - the smoothness of transitions.
AbstractionThe combination of chaotically arranged geometric shapes is complemented by drawing lines and strokes that resemble scattered flowers of distorted outlines. Color and shape are an expression of emotion.
OldschoolOldschool techniques on a par with newscool allow you to create colorful compositions, framed by strict borders of a black outline. In this case, the sketch with a scattering of colors must have a key symbol.
RealismEffectiveness of a floral composition turns it into a full-fledged picture, identical to the original. The effect is achieved through the use of natural tones - red, green, blue.
OrientalThe technique is suitable for large-scale works with deep meaning, depicting sakura branches, lotus flower, repeating elements of patterns with colors of red, yellow, green and even black.

Color combinations

A colored tattoo can be called a reflection of a person's personality, and the emblem of a single flower can be called a personal symbol or talisman. In this regard, the meanings of combinations of colors are interesting. For example, a mixture of red and yellow is interpreted as a sign of cheerfulness and good mood, the combination of green and blue will emphasize the freshness of youth.

Tattoo flowers. Sketches black and white, color on the arm, collarbone, leg, thigh

At the same time, the juxtaposition of orange and purple colors on the tattoo is a cry of despair from hopelessness. Approximately the same semantic message is the placement of white elements on a solid black canvas.

Meaning Tattoo Flowers for Girls

Tattoo Rose

Can have different meanings depending on its color, shape and culture. The rose has long been associated with a large number of different legends that give it special symbolism and secret meaning. At different times, the meaning of the rose tattoo could be associated with belonging to a higher class, a secret order, to express wisdom, youth or nostalgia.

Over time, the meaning of the rose tattoo has undergone changes. The message of sadness disappeared, and the symbolism of love, purity and romance came to the fore. The rose tattoo incorporates sublime positive traits from different cultures.


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