BeautyIt's for life: Girls about tattoos and the right to your body


The concept of "tattoo art" appeared relatively recently. Still 20-30 years ago body drawings were considered exclusively the attribute of criminals, and later - a symbol of belonging to the underground subcultures.

The quality of tattoos of those times left much to be desired - poor-quality dyes, homemade machines, unprofessional masters. Hence the so-called "partaks".

Partak - a low-quality tattoo. You must have seen something similar: a blurred inscription or a skewed tiger's face, more like a child's drawing. These tattoos looked ridiculous and ridiculous and made their owners want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the phenomenon is becoming a thing of the past. There are more and more new masters for whom a machine is a brush and a body is a canvas. They are trained in tattoo courses, use quality materials and equipment in their work, and draw individual, unlike anything else, sketches.

Tattoo artists help people express themselves. And we will help you understand the pros and cons of applying tattoos, as well as give some recommendations.

What do men think about it?

Most of us do it to please and surprise our man.

Only one in ten will say that he does not care, but still conducts the look of an unusual-looking girl. Most people's eyes light up just at the mention of a woman's tattoo. Men of all age and social groups express the following wish during surveys: "that only I could see the tattoo". Young guys think that a small tattoo just above the butt or on a smoothly shaved pubis is very sexy. More mature men would like to see a drawing at the top of the buttocks or on the thigh. And no one was left indifferent at the thought of a tattoo on a woman's breast. Men consider a neatly decorated ankle with a drawing to be a very attractive idea. But the tattooed shoulders of women meet with no enthusiasm: associations with the criminal subculture are strong.


  • Tattoos are As a means of self-expressionA neat and professionally tattooed image can be a great decoration for a woman's body. It will emphasize the individuality of its owner and help to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays there is a great variety of drawings and designs. Also nakolki can be printed and on their own designed sketches.
  • The tattoo can have A whole story or deeper meaning behind it. It will constantly remind the girl of a significant moment, event or person. For example, a girl can put the date of her wedding or various symbols or images that have a special meaning for her. Girls are often prone to such sentiments.
  • Tattooing can Cover burns, scars and other flaws or imperfections on the skin. Before this, of course, it is necessary to consult with a specialist, because it can be quite a dangerous procedure, which is not suitable for everyone. But it's also a great chance to turn your imperfections into your pride and love your body, which is an important thing for many girls.
  • There are projects that allow the use of images on the body to hide the traces and consequences of girls' experiences of violence. This has a... a huge psychological messageThat helps girls to forget their experiences and start their lives anew.
  • Even though it's the 21st century, a tattoo can also act as a talisman.. A girl can choose an image or symbol based on her zodiac sign and date of birth. These can be Egyptian, Buddhist or Celtic symbols that attract happiness, good luck, love - whatever the owner wishes. Quite popular is the Indian symbol "dream catcher" protecting nightmares and evil spirits. From the same Indians came the custom of tattooing in the form of totem animals.


Where will a tattoo be beautiful until old age?

Only in those places whose skin sags less over time. Tattoos on the sacrum, shoulder blades, and spine are well preserved. One more win-win variant - ankles. For women, it's best not to tattoo their abdomen: pregnancy or a simple weight change can turn a masterpiece into a ghoulish mess. Another dangerous area - the chest. Now it is fashionable to put on girls' breasts with mischievous smiles. But by the age of menopause there will be an indelible grimace of gloom on the deformed breasts by then! The shoulders, hips, and buttocks are subject to severe age-related deformities.

Psychologists say: getting a tattoo is a sign of a personality disorder

The sign of the times: all around us, especially in big cities, there are a lot of young people, including women, tattooed from ear to heel. Are these bodies painted or irreparably disfigured?

In general, the drawings on the body have a very rich history: in ancient times tattoos have been applied with different purposes: from simple adornment to designation of generic belonging. Over time, the tattoo has evolved into a way to brand the workers, after it has again gained meaning of belonging to this or that caste of people. In Russia in the twentieth century, tattoos were often a sign of belonging to the world of thieves.

Today, in the post-modern era, when everything is mixed up, many young (and not so young anymore) citizens believe that drawing pictures on the skin is a certain way of self-expression. Or even a search for oneself.

Everyone who has at least one tattoo has heard: "What does it mean?", "Do you know that it's for life?", "How will you get it removed?". PRIMPRESS asked these same questions to several tattooed people.

And they answered.

Anton, a designer:

"In Vladivostok I was constantly bombarded with questions: 'What is this?', 'Why did you do this?', so when I moved to Moscow, I thought it would be different, but even here people often look at me like an alien, especially in the subway. I wasn't thinking of others when I did all this, I'm too asocial to want to be looked at. I do it for myself, and only for myself. But for some reason the people around me care to know what, why, and why. They want to find the hidden meaning in every picture.

What difference does it make what a person looks like as long as he is literate, sociable, and pleasant? If you think that attitude in the team depends on your appearance, then you, in my opinion, have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Even without feet you can easily fit in, and if you as a person are nothing, whether you have tattoos or clean skin, what difference does it make?

Really, there are some people who are like "no one likes me, no one likes me, I'm going to stuff my face". And the worst part is that it works to get attention. You have to be a person. A person. If you're remembered as a dude with tattoos, you're a failure.

There isn't a single person who doesn't regret accidentally getting a tattoo. Modern "wheelbarrows" are relatively recent, so are the masters, styles and quality of tattooing. That is why there are so many in the salons who come for "covers" or laser removal. Masters advise not to make hasty decisions, not to succumb to the excitement of youth. The tattoo should be carefully thought out.

Alexanda Raven, one of the popular tattoo artists:

"A couple of years ago Dmitry came to our studio quite by chance, about us he learned from an acquaintance who works in the neighborhood. Just that day I was in the studio.

Asked: "Is it possible to fix THIS?" - and showed me on my right shoulder blade a "wondrous beast" that resembled a werewolf or wolf with a horribly anatomically incorrect mouth. As it turned out, this creation was made on Sakhalin by quite a well-known master there, and it was a "coverup. Under it, by the way, was no less "wonderful" army tattoo. We corrected the beast and made him a wolf, but then we had the idea of making the back full - "something went wrong". And later they showed me a picture of what was hiding under the miracle wolf.

One of our interlocutors cited himself as an example of when an ill-considered tattoo causes problems.

"I had to face the realization of my mistake. I have nothing against tattoos, but my hasty decision led to bad consequences. In honor of my first wife, I "tattooed" her name on my arm, boldly and in black. My current wife was mad about it. I was offered a sketch - a snow leopard. But the insidious "Anya" was done in bold black lettering, needed help from the laser. A couple of lightening treatments were done, and just as I was recovering, my spouse and I were planning a trip to Thailand for a vacation. By some coincidence, my ex-wife was staying with us at the hotel. Of course, when I arrived home in the middle of the night, I wrote to the master of removal: "Urgent, very urgent, whatever you want, black panther, whatever, but HAVE to get rid of this nightmare urgently. The master managed to cover what was left of the laser with a snow leopard's face. Family life was saved.

Psychologists argue that people can be divided into categories of tattoo wear. The decorative and psychological types of drawings one chooses can tell more about a person than they know themselves. Most often it is the work of the subconscious, which dictates a certain choice, including the choice of location.

Sopha, a cafe employee:

"I got my first tattoo before I was of age. I had a lot of problems with it, up to the fact that I could not get medical service. In recent years the negativity has diminished, but only because tattoos have become mainstream, because they've become a business. And that doesn't mesh with my position. What every other young person does is body adornment. It's very stupid and formulaic. The most important thing in a tattoo is the expression of a person, his ideas and worldview. Each picture has to be unique.

Victoria, an employee of a construction company:

"Large companies have a negative attitude toward tattoos, most often the employer is picky about an employee's appearance. In our company, for example, there is a regulation about appearance, and tattoos, which are visible, this regulation forbids. Nevertheless, many people do not hide them. In any case, for the most part, it all depends on the manager, on the company's direction, on internal documents. An employee is the face of the organization, he should always look aesthetically pleasing and tidy, to create the right impression of the company".

Anatoly, an architect in a construction firm:

"I do not understand why I beat them on myself. I already have eight tattoos on my head, arms, legs, and a couple more to see why".

There are many studies on how a tattoo affects a person's consciousness, how it relates to personality disorders and upbringing. Psychologists unanimously assert that they can understand about a person by his tattoo from the first minutes. There are classifications according to tattoos and ways to determine the disease in a patient.

Angelina Petrenko, psychologist:

"The whole point is that getting a tattoo is a radical way to change something that does not change, and unconsciously only those who have had many psychological traumas that need to be compensated for somehow agree to it. A person does nothing for nothing, so any tattoo has a psychological aspect to it. If a child puts tattoos all over his body, it's a cry from the soul. Parents, most often the mother, need to reflect and change their attitude in the family. People with tattoos often have personality disorders, which run in a quiet phase, such as bright, flashy,

Large tattoos can be found in personalities of the hysteroid type. The main feature of this type is egocentrism, a thirst for constant attention to his person. Crosses, bones, skulls, demons - all these are signs of the desire to harm oneself, but without giving up on life".

Artem Gilev, psychiatrist:

"Psychopaths of the epileptoid type are, for example, people who tend to get a tattoo with minute details. Schizophrenics also have very elaborate tattoos. All contoured images are also signs of a disorder, they can tell about a person and his disease".

Pavel Kulichev, a leading expert in psychology:

"People who seek to fill all their space on the body, face, head, all the intimate places, in 100% of cases have a mental illness. And this can, of course, be justified by a lack of maternal love or some severe trauma, but, you must agree, what normal person would want to hurt himself at will - only those who stumble off bridges. Many people, like me, don't like to see tattoos on their faces or even on their arms - it's hard to know what to expect from such a person. Could he be a latent psychopath or a maniac? I can easily refuse a patient if he has more than three tattoos, whether they are visible or not.

What do I do if I want a tattoo removed?

A tattoo is a drawing that highlights your personality and will be with you forever.

Tattoo removal is a long, painful and expensive process. After that very unsightly scars are sure to remain. The traditional method uses a dermatome, a device that cuts off layers of skin containing artificial pigment. In the case of a deep tattoo, it is usually not possible to remove all the painted layers at once, and you will have to undergo the ordeal repeatedly. Laser removal of a tattoo also passes in several stages, the process of "erasing" of a picture can last up to two years.

As practice shows, more often it is necessary to remove tattoos on the exposed parts of the body, less often - on the hips and buttocks.

Fact one: the pain

Hardly anyone will think to tell about it in a tattoo salon, however the fact remains: Tattooing girls tattoo is given through pain, provided, of course, that it is permanent. After all, during the manipulation the skin is pierced from 50 to 3000 times per minute. And in each hole on the skin, ink is also injected. It even sounds painful, not to mention what it actually feels like. However, some girls have reported that this kind of pain relaxes them and even makes them feel good.

What are the most fashionable drawings?

A tattoo can't and shouldn't be fashionable. It is a drawing that emphasizes your personality, which will be with you always. You can invent a drawing yourself, you can choose in the catalog of the salon tattoo, in the style that is closer in spirit to you. Pay attention, the tattoo should be positive! According to years of research by psychologists, tattoos can affect the fate. So leave the idea of depicting a devil or a monster on your body. And in a completely negative way can affect your unconscious symbolism of death. If your body is tattooed in Chinese characters, it is not worth it: both you and the masters are unlikely to know exactly what they mean. Any names are the most simple and obvious, and therefore vulgar variant. A tattoo "as a girlfriend" will tell others about your unoriginalism.

The fourth fact: all tattoos are different.

The absence of painful sensations can be guaranteed by the master of tattoo, only if the drawing is carried out under anesthesia. So regardless of the experience and qualifications of the specialist, the tattoo will be painful. But this is not the main thing. What is important, however, first of all, is the skill of the tattooist. And it varies. Some specialists are able to apply true works of art on the bodies of their clients, and some only disfigure the skin. If the tattoo is of the same style or you want to "finish" the picture, it is better to apply to the same master.


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