Tattoo Cosmos - Heavenly Bodies and Spaces of the Universe in Tattoos

Meaning of Space Tattoo

There are several main meanings of Space Tattoo

Mystery, Suspense

Until now, scientists have not been able to fully explore even the solar system, let alone more distant spaces. People have always been drawn to the unknown, so the space theme attracts the attention of tattoo lovers.

Dreaminess, ambition, thirst for discovery

Many people in their childhood dreamed of becoming an astronaut. This child's bright dream is reincarnated over the years in a thirst for knowledge, science, gaining new knowledge. Personality comes into adult independent life as in the open space, where there are many mysteries and secrets. But with knowledge, courage, and determination, man learns the world.

Man is part of the cosmos.

Everything in the universe is interconnected. Many people believe that the cosmos is the opposite of chaos. That the structure of the world is designed for everything to interact with each other. Tattoo space in this case will become a symbol of the unity of man and the world, space, celestial bodies.

Tattoo Space - Space Tattoo - Planets Space Tattoo

Watercolor style

For a more spectacular and large tattoo in the style of "Space" is preferred watercolor style, which is similar to the eponymous technique in the fine arts.

Tattoos in the style of "Watercolor" are characterized by distinctive strokes, smooth color transitions, which is ideal for the image of the cosmos. The drawing of space in this style will look spectacular and eye-catching, and in the hands of a real master ordinary paints are transformed into real works of art.

Unnecessary for the space style tattoo black outline will be absent, thanks to which the colors will be more blurred, and the image itself - light and airy.

Popular Space Tattoo Places and Plots

Cosmos Sleeve Tattoo

The subject for volumetric tattoo sleeves most often become realistic images of space bodies. Planets, stars, meteor showers and comets in bright color look fascinating. The more detailed the master traces the sketch, the more magical and unreal looks the final version of the tattoo.

Tattoo Space - Tattoo Space Sleeve - Tattoo Sleeve Space

Space tattoo on the wrist

On the wrist it is customary to depict minimalistic laconic drawings. These can be small sketches of planets or stars.

Tattoo Space - Tattoo Space on Wrist - Wrist Space Tattoo

Tattoo Astronaut

An astronaut can symbolize a brave, courageous pioneer. The first astronauts, such as Yuri Gagarin, were not just professionals, but national heroes. Many years later, the conquest of space remains an iconic event for humanity, and astronauts symbolize progress, courage and thirst for discovery.

Tattoo Space - Tattoo cosmonaut - astronaut tattoo

UFO tattoo

Flying saucer tattoos are chosen by people with a good sense of humor. Unidentified flying objects symbolize imagination, the ability to wonder. Sometimes UFOs can be a mascot for creative people or fans of science fiction.

Tattoo Outer Space - Tattoo UFO - UFO Tattoo

Tattoo Planets

Planets are often depicted on a tattoo in a row, in order of the Solar System. This can be a black and white tattoo or a realism tattoo.

Tattoo cosmos - tattoo of planets - tattoo of a planet

Tattoo Rocket

The rocket is a symbol of the conquest of space. It is an object that flies to its goal at high speed to make new discoveries. Such a tattoo will appeal to people who are active, who love adventure and travel. Discovering the world around you is no less interesting than conquering space.

Tattoo Space - Tattoo Rocket - Tattoo Rocket

Black and White Tattoo Space

Despite the color variety of celestial bodies, black and white tattoos do not lose their popularity in the theme of space. The planets or the moon look beautiful in black and white.

Small Space Tattoos

Small space-themed tattoos are schematic images of celestial luminaries, or geometric shapes filled with the starry sky. Most often, small tattoos are placed on the wrist or forearm.

Tattoo Space - Small Space Tattoos - Small Space Tattoos

On what part of the body to do a tattoo of a rocket

Tattoo rocket, the photo of which you can see below, most often do a large size, from 7 to 15 cm. This is due to the fact that in itself the picture missile rather monotonous - cylindrical, pointed body, and therefore, if the tattoo will be too small, the picture will be simply difficult to see.

As a rule, the image of rockets is made on the back, shoulders and forearms. Because one of the meanings of the tattoo rocket is labor and physical strength, the hands are well suited for the application of this image. After all, a person performs physical work with his hands, and strong hands talk about endurance and sportsmanship. The back area is suitable for drawing large compositions: rockets in combination with planets, stars, clouds.

It is rare to find a drawing of a rocket on the foot. On the feet such an image is practically not found.

Here we have collected for you photo tattoo rocketWhich drawings will help to get acquainted with existing variants of popular tattoos that will help to create own unique drawing, using experience of those who have already made this tattoo. More information here:

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