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Don't worry, no one is going to intimidate you or talk you out of doing a full back watercolor tattoo. Tattoos are great, but they stay with us forever, so it makes sense to fortify your knowledge on the subject before crossing the threshold of the salon. After all, there's no guarantee that the trendy tattoos that everyone else has now will work for you.

What you need to know about tattoos before going to a tattoo parlor

How to avoid a paint drip?

Getting a tattoo is an intervention that is accompanied by a discharge of lymph, a local rise in temperature and swelling. After the procedure, the skin is smeared with an antiseptic healing ointment and a special compress is applied. During the healing process, it is necessary to provide careful and proper care, so that no crusts form. If they have appeared, they should not be peeled off, otherwise you will not avoid gaps in the pattern.

After 5-8 days, the tattoo begins to peel, similar to a sunburn, and itch. During this period, the skin should not be exfoliated or peeled off. It should come off naturally. The colors may fade somewhat, but after three weeks they will gain in intensity.

During the recovery period, it is necessary to use an ointment that will protect the skin from drying out. Apply the product with a thin layer so as not to interfere with the breathing of the skin. Duration of healing depends on the characteristics of the body, skin type, the place where the tattoo was performed. Usually it takes 1 month to heal completely, not the least of which are climatic conditions. The main requirement for a good result is proper care.

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How to make a temporary tattoo at home?

To get a beautiful and safe image on the body is possible without visiting salons and addressing to the master. There are many ways to make a temporary tattoo yourself. Having good skills in the fine arts, you can put on your skin a unique picture of your own authorship. If these skills are absent, there are special sets of ready-made stencils. They allow you to create complex designs in just a few minutes.

Temporary tattoos stickers

Temporary tattoo stickers

This type of pictures is also called translations. Previously, they dabbled only schoolchildren, but temporary tattoo stickers have improved and recently became a fashion trend. Especially popular are the new shiny translucents made of silver and gold paint. They mostly mimic pendants, bracelets and rings, but abstract designs can also be found. Temporary transferable tattoos can be one-color or in several shades. Some stickers successfully combined with shimmer and rhinestones.

It takes only 5 minutes to attach the translator to the body. First, the protective film is removed from the paper on which the selected image is applied. It is necessary to attach and press the picture "face" to the skin and wet it well. In 30 seconds, the paper is removed and the tattoo remains on the body. The picture will not last longer than 3-5 days, after that it will crack and peel off in flakes. A stiff washcloth can help speed up the removal process.

Temporary henna tattoos

Mehendi is performed with the help of a special vegetable paint, which must be bought in advance. Temporary henna tattoo at home is a simple, convenient and safe method to get beautiful and exciting patterns on the skin. You can draw them by sketch, give free rein to your imagination or use a ready-made stencil. Temporary henna tattoo does not look like a permanent image, but it always looks stylish and impressive. Mehendi is considered the most durable way to decorate the body patterns. Such drawings last up to a month.

Temporary tattoo at home without henna

If the transferable images and henna are not suitable, you can glue rhinestones or glitter yourself. Realistic temporary tattoo at home will get only with the help of an airbrush. You will have to buy:

  • A special apparatus that sprays paint;
  • Pigmenting compositions;
  • Stencils (at an ability to draw you can do without them).

Before you make a temporary tattoo at home through the airbrush, it is important to test the paint. Apply a small amount of pigment to an elbow bend or other inconspicuous area of the body and wait 12 hours. If the shade and the surface of the skin remain the same, the paint is suitable. Additionally, masters advise to buy baby powder. It should be applied on top of the picture and repeat this manipulation before washing, so that the image lasts longer.

Temporary tattoo with a pen

This type of decoration refers to short-lived one-day patterns. This is the easiest way to make a temporary tattoo at home. A gel pen, not a ballpoint pen, is used to create the picture. It is easier to glide over the skin and better pigments it. Performed such a temporary tattoo at home, professional masters do not consider this type of body art worthy of attention. The figure can be depicted according to the finished sketch, with the help of a stencil or by outlining a translator. To fix it will help to sprinkle the pattern with hairspray.

The third stage

Usually on the third day, a crust forms on the tattoo. The skin begins to peel and white or colored flakes appear. The point is that the ink remains in the lower layer, the dermis, and the epidermis, that is, the upper layer, is renewed and restored after the procedure. Such a reaction of the body provokes a strong itching and unpleasant feelings. In no case can not scratch the tattoo and rip off the crust. This you significantly damage the figure and increase the healing time. You can gently pat the palm of your hand on the body and continue to treat the area with the ointment. The antiseptic solution "Sinaflan" will also help reduce itching. During this time, it is advisable not to go to the gym, the solarium, limit the time spent in the open sun and reduce physical activity. Do not be frightened if the tattoo fades and loses its brightness. This will pass after the full healing

Tips for protecting tattoos from fading

After healing, a tattoo that is less than three months old should be carefully protected from exposure to sunlight. This requires:

  • Purchase a quality sunscreen with a high level of protection and apply it to the tattoo every two hours while in the sun. Also the cream, if it is not waterproof, should be used after bathing.
  • If it is impossible to treat the tattoo with the sun protection cream - keep it in the shadow with an umbrella, a scarf, a cap.
  • Do not expose to salt water.
  • Do not sunbathe in a solarium as the rapid ultraviolet light destroys the pigment even faster than the natural sun rays.

After three months, the tattoo can not be protected so carefully from the sun, but too long to be under its rays is still not recommended.

Tattoo biomechanics

To maintain an attractive appearance in the long term, body art should be periodically moisturized with odorless, water-based products.
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