Tattoo Space - Heavenly Bodies and Spaces of the Universe in Tattoos

UFO tattoos - depicting flying saucers, aliens, rockets - are very popular. The drawings symbolize the unknown, the mysterious. They show interest in the unknown and cosmic mysteries.

The main meaning of the UFO tattoo is the desire to emphasize their peculiarity, originality. Sketches like thrill-seekers who are interested in other worlds, and the ordinariness causes boredom. Images of alien creatures indicate such qualities as innovation, thirst for knowledge, multifaceted development.

Tattoo with a flying UFO saucer is a symbol of fearlessness and aspiration to distant goals. It is believed that the owners of such images do not tend to pay attention to criticism, going their own way, no matter what. These are people who think unconventionally, do not fit into the everyday life of an average person. They are distinguished by a passion for innovation.

Meaning of the Cosmos Tattoo

There are several basic meanings of the Cosmos Tattoo

Mystery, suspense

So far, scientists have not been able to fully explore even the solar system, let alone more distant spaces. People have always been drawn to the unknown, so the space theme attracts the attention of fans of tattoos.

Dreaminess, ambition, thirst for discovery

Many people in their childhood dreamed of becoming an astronaut. This child's bright dream is reincarnated over the years in a thirst for knowledge, science, gaining new knowledge. Personality comes to adult independent life as in the open space, where there are many mysteries and secrets. But with knowledge, courage, and determination, man learns the world.

Man is part of the cosmos.

Everything in the universe is interconnected. Many people believe that the cosmos is the opposite of chaos. That the structure of the world is designed for everything to interact with each other. Tattoo space in this case will become a symbol of the unity of man and the world, space, celestial bodies.

Tattoo Space - Space Tattoo - Planet Space Tattoo

Alien .

Creature from extraterrestrial civilizations, which has been popularized in many iconic books and movies. And from there, aliens have found their niche in tattoo culture as well.

Because aliens are otherworldly beings, we can say about the owner of such a tattoo that he is a personality out of the ordinary. A mere mortal is definitely not about him or her.

Tattoo with an alien also apply devoted fans of the sci-fi genre. Aliens and everything related to them is one of the most popular subjects in the world. Many writers have warned of such a phenomenon as the invasion of alien forces. The outcome of such stories ranges from the benign to the most tragic.

Aliens can be good beings who came to Earth to save humanity from self-destruction. In this case, a tattoo with an alien bears positive meanings: higher knowledge, wisdom, integrity, striving for ideals.

Also aliens can be negative characters who wish to capture and enslave the Earth, making people their slaves. Such a tattoo will carry the meaning of aggression, physical strength, clear awareness of the goal and its achievement by any means.

An alien can be depicted in any form: from humanoid to plant. In the latter case, the tattoo will mean creative thinking and an unconventional approach to business.

In any case, the tattoo of an alien creature is very ambiguous and rare. You can complete the sketch with a flying saucer, which will signify the desire to have abilities that others do not have. You can score a scene from famous movies about aliens, for example, from the movie "E.T." of the same name. One of the iconic scenes is when the alien protagonist flies his bicycle against the backdrop of the round moon.

The tattoo is suitable for both guys and girls. The stronger sex prefers strict and even severe sketches, girls more look for a picture with the kind aliens in a gentle color palette. Often the alien is depicted purely symbolically - just the head of a humanoid.

The appropriate place for a tattoo depends greatly on the sketch: chest, shoulder, shoulder blade, forearm, thigh, shin, etc.

Popular Places and Plots Tattoo Space

Cosmos Sleeve Tattoo

The subject for volumetric sleeve tattoos most often become realistic images of space bodies. Planets, stars, meteor showers and comets in bright color look mesmerizing. The more detailed the master draws the sketch, the more magical and unreal looks the final version of the tattoo.

Tattoo Space - Tattoo Space Sleeve - Tattoo Sleeve Space

Tattoo Space on the Wrist

On the wrist it is customary to depict minimalistic laconic drawings. These can be small sketches of planets or stars.

Tattoo Space - Tattoo Space on Wrist - Wrist Space Tattoo

Tattoo Astronaut

An astronaut can symbolize a brave, courageous pioneer. The first astronauts, such as Yuri Gagarin, were not just professionals, but national heroes. Years later, the conquest of space remains an iconic event for humanity, and astronauts symbolize progress, courage, and thirst for discovery.

Tattoo Space - Tattoo cosmonaut - astronaut tattoo

UFO tattoo

Flying saucer tattoos are chosen by people with a good sense of humor. Unidentified flying objects symbolize imagination, the ability to wonder. Sometimes a UFO can be a talisman for creative people or fans of science fiction.

Tattoo Outer Space - Tattoo UFO - UFO Tattoo

Tattoo Planets

Planets are often depicted on a tattoo in a row, in order of the Solar System. This can be a black and white tattoo or a realism tattoo.

Tattoo cosmos - tattoo of planets - tattoo of a planet

Tattoo Rocket

The rocket is a symbol of the conquest of space. It is an object that flies to its goal at high speed to make new discoveries. Such a tattoo will appeal to people who are active, who love adventure and travel. Discovering the world around you is no less interesting than conquering space.

Tattoo Space - Tattoo Rocket - Tattoo Rocket

Black and White Space Tattoo

Despite the color variety of celestial bodies, black and white tattoos do not lose their popularity in the theme of space. Planets or the moon look beautiful in black and white.

Little Space Tattoos

Small space-themed tattoos are schematic representations of celestial luminaries, or geometric shapes filled with the starry sky. Most often, small tattoos are placed on the wrist or forearm.

Tattoo Space - Small Space Tattoos - Small Space Tattoos

Let's talk about the general meaning

In narrow circles, UFOs always become a topic of heated discussion. To give an exact answer to the question whether an extraterrestrial civilization exists even scientists can't. With the development of technology, the topic is becoming less fantastic, as found objects are quite suitable for the existence of life. A person who wears a drawing of the "green man" has the following qualities:

  1. A tendency toward agnosticism, will not even deny the existence of divine power, but will not be part of a religious current. He will not engage in active arguments about the existence of power, because he cannot give himself a clear answer.
  2. A good imagination - if you need to come up with an idea, then feel free to turn to him. Creativity, versatile views on ordinary things, the desire to create something new - this is about the owner.

Speaking of general characteristics stand out - closeness, when "when a man is in himself. He is too immersed in his own life and fantasies, so it will be boring to communicate with ordinary society.

Owners of the UFO tattoo have a talent for drawing, composing, creating new objects. They are rarely found in the ranks of mediocre professions: office workers, cab drivers. As for well-being, it is difficult to draw a clear line. A person tends to compare themselves to UFOs about any tangible material values is difficult to talk about. Money, success, the desire to work their way up the career ladder, to follow generally accepted patterns - not about them.

Tattoo of aliens

Aliens, like wizards, dragons and other "otherworldly" beings, are something from the category of the supernatural. The owner of such tattoos of aliens or aliens can be just an avid sci-fi fan (whether in books, computer games and/or movies) or someone out of the ordinary. As noted above, the tattoo transmits its power to the wearer, which means that if you have Godzilla painted on you, for example, no one should get in your way. The aliens can be both good and evil - and this tells you whose side is closer to the owner of the tattoo. However, we do not exclude the idea that "evil" aliens are often drawn on themselves simply because of their considerable "coolness" against the background of ordinary people.


Women's Cosmos Tattoos - Sketches of Cosmos Tattoos for Girls

Secret meanings of prison tattoos (7 photos)

The other day the British news service BBC published a great article about Russian prison tattoos. The prudish British, of course, have little knowledge of the subject, but they refer to the authority of a Russian expert, a criminalist from the Interior Ministry with 30 years of experience. I suggest all those, who consider themselves experts in this issue, to speak out: did the British journalists manage to understand the topic? Or did they miss something important in the translation?

Arkady Bronnikov is an expert criminal with 30 years of experience. Over the years, he has collected material on Russian prison tattoos, and decided to share his archive with the public by releasing the book, The Encyclopedia of Russian Criminal Tattoos. Here, for example, is this tattoo, which he says most likely belongs to a "safecracker" (safecracker). The number of domes on the cathedral corresponds to the number of trips to the zone and the length of sentences. The eyes tattooed on his chest mean "I see everything" or "I'm watching you. Symmetrical eight-pointed stars on the chest, below the collarbones, are the sign of a professional thief. When stars are tattooed on a prisoner's lap, it is a sign of an anarchist view of the world. "I don't submit to anyone. No one will make me kneel."

"By the unwritten laws of prison," Bronnikov says, "an inmate without tattoos is looked down upon. Tattoos are both a passport and a biography, they speak to an inmate's interests and views of the world. There are "honorary" tattoos, the right to wear which must be earned - visible signs of authority and prestige. Each cross or ring on the finger signifies a trip to the zone. Here on the index finger is a ring in memory of parents who died while the son was in prison. On the middle finger - "I'll serve from call to call" - means a prisoner without parole. On the ring finger is an inverted spade sign, signifying a conviction for hooliganism."

"Once a prisoner enters the zone," Bronnikov writes, "he sees that thieves run everything here. He begins to copy their tattoos and demeanor. Tattoos of saints and angels on his chest and back are a sign of commitment to thieves' traditions. "They mean that the prisoner's body is not plastered with treachery, and he is clean in front of other convicts. The cross on the chest is a small one; it means that the man, though he has embraced thieves' traditions, is not a thief in law."

"Cat heads on both sides of the chest mean a tendency to deceive and cheat, the ability to enter easily into the trust of the victim. There is another meaning as well, for the abbreviation "COT" means "Native Inhabitant of the Prison." A ship under sails with flags on its dreams can mean that the prisoner had a past escape from prison, or be the sign of a thief "gastroller". The Madonna and Child is a popular subject of thieves' tattoos, and the design can have many meanings - devotion to the thief clan, a call to the Mother of God to protect from evil, and can also indicate that its owner has lived in the zone since his earliest years.

"The criminals tattooed Lenin on their chests as the main 'communist plunderer,'" Bronnkov says, "and sometimes even out of patriotism. But more often it was a different calculation: with tattoos of Lenin and Stalin, criminals saved themselves from the prospect of being shot, because the criminal world naively believed the rumor that firing squads were forbidden to shoot portraits of the leaders.

The abbreviation SLON became popular among prisoners back in the early 1930s, at the time of the Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp, according to the expert, and has since been actively used in prison tattoos with various transcriptions from "Solovetsky camp is very boring" to "Since the early years, only misfortunes.

"The criminals made the tattoos on their eyelids by using a metal spoon that was driven under the eyelid so that the tattooist's needle would not pierce the eyeball."


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