Tattoo Hedgehog - description, fun sketches, meaning for girls and men, photo ideas

Tattoo hedgehog with flowers
Charming little animal has earned widespread recognition among connoisseurs of tattoo culture. Popularization of the image contributed to the cartoon cartoon "Hedgehog in the fog" which became an allegory for the philosophy of aloof contemplation of the world.

Cute illustrations from Hollmark postcards and a photo of a Japanese pet Azuki made a considerable contribution. The tattoo is suitable for people with a peaceful nature, who appreciate the bright colors of life and humor. Tattoo is worn by men and women, regardless of age.

Image of a hedgehog

A popular version of the tattoo today is the image of a hedgehog. The meaning of this drawing is multifaceted. At first glance, the Hedgehog is a cute creature. It is defenseless, and only sharp barbs give away the nature of the animal. The thorns help the creature adapt in the wild. They protect the hedgehog from sudden attacks and predators. They are also necessary for the hedgehog to transport edibles.

Thus, the tattoo of a hedgehog on the body symbolizes the developed strategy of self-defense. Kind-hearted, but able to defend themselves in difficult situations.

The place of the hedgehog in mythology

There are different ideas about the image of the hedgehog. For example, the ancient Slavs believed that this was a very wise animal. The gods consulted with him to arrange the world in the best way. Many peoples symbolism with the image of hedgehogs was considered a strong amulet against evil forces.

Did you know?

Thanks to the cartoon "Hedgehog in the Mist," many began to pay attention to these cute animals. Often wild mammals of this species are associated with the main character of Soviet cartoons. But not many people know that this work has received about 30 awards at the international level. Thus, the people of Japan honor this cartoon, considering that it is among the 150 best fairy tales in the world. Therefore, this cartoon is still a favorite of many generations.

A beautiful tattoo of a hedgehog with strawberries and daisies

According to one legend, the origins of hedgehogs are quite sinister. According to these legends, the devil combed out his long hair, throwing off the torn shreds from the comb. The piles thrown around turned into hedgehogs. Therefore, the tattoo depicting a hedgehog can carry a macabre meaning, referring to this legend. Although the same Slavs believed that the thorns of this animal can scare the evil spirit, not letting it into the house.

For me, my favorite cartoon remains "The Hedgehog in the Fog. After that I became interested in the image of this animal in different peoples. I didn't realize it was so controversial! I decided to get a tattoo quite recently. But I had no problems with the choice of the sketch. I made the tattoo trying to attract happiness in the Japanese manner. The tattoo is laconic, but fun. My hedgehog has a knot on the back. It indicates my penchant for travel.

Alina, Kazan.

Tattoo of a hedgehog with flowers

The charming animal deserved wide recognition among connoisseurs of tattoo culture. A cartoon "Hedgehog in the Fog", which became an allegory for the philosophy of aloof contemplation of the world, contributed to the popularization of the image.

Cute illustrations from Hollmark postcards and a photo of a Japanese pet Azuki made a considerable contribution. The tattoo is suitable for people with a peaceful nature, who appreciate the bright colors of life and humor. The tattoo is worn by men and women of all ages.


From antiquity comes the legend that it was this little beast that asked God to hide the earth under the sky in order to shield living beings from the scorching rays of the sun. According to the Macedonian tale, the sun decided to marry and have offspring.

The hedgehog stopped the donkey on which the Sun was marching to the matchmaking. The animal prevented the lord from getting married, and he had no children. There is another legend among the Bulgarian peoples. The hedgehog did not come to the wedding of the lord, and it went in search of him. The hedgehog gnawed on stones, telling the lord that his children would incinerate all life on earth, and only stones would remain. The sun did not marry and give birth to offspring.

In Russia, there are other legends, according to which the hedgehog is attributed various mythical characteristics. It was believed that the female could find a plant with which to destroy any obstacle. Further, this grass could be used for stealing.

The Slavs respected the hedgehog for its ability to help in the fight against rodents. Thrifty owners worshipped the animal. The symbol of the hedgehog in the house helped save money and crops.

The benefits and harms of hedgehogs to humans

Like most animals, hedgehogs can do both good and harm to humans. For example, hedgehogs are carriers of a number of diseases. Encephalitis, the carriers of which are considered to be ticks, can be obtained by humans and from hedgehogs. This is due to the fact that a number of such dangerous insects live on the skin of hedgehogs. Also in some countries hedgehogs are recognized as pests because they destroyed the eggs of rare birds. The benefit of hedgehogs is primarily that they destroy the larvae of field pests, such as May beetles.

Sketch of tattoo: a hedgehog in a cap
Color sketch of a hedgehog tattoo in a hat

Did you know? Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals. They can't see well in daylight, but have an enhanced sense of smell. The speed of these animals is quite high. Many suburban dwellers are frightened when they first hear a loud stomping sound. These cute and small hedgehogs walk in ways that are hard to imagine. Hedgehogs can also swim and build burrows. From October to April, hedgehogs hibernate, after which they have active fights for females. The hedgehog tattoo, the meaning of which is described below, can depict males, in a fighting mood.

Tattoo of a hedgehog with an apple on his forearm
Tattoo of a hedgehog with an apple and leaves on his arm

Meanings of the tattoo

The image of a hedgehog on the skin has many positive meanings. Hedgehogs are characterized by diligence. The tattoo is ideal for thrifty people. For those who painstakingly save money or develop their business, such a tattoo will bring luck.

In some situations, the tattoo speaks of the insidious nature of the person. Like to make her cunning and aggressive nature. The barbs of the hedgehog here symbolize the "armor" of the person, the unwillingness to compromise.

Sometimes the tattoo can serve as an amulet against trouble and disease. It is made with the purpose of achieving well-being while establishing trusting relationships with business partners.

If one chooses a tattoo of an animal with a knot behind the shoulder and a backpack, then one can safely speak of a person who loves to travel. Such people have developed a love of extreme hobbies.

Placement and style of tattoo

For muzzles and compact compositions will suit small open areas of the body. Such areas include the wrist, leg lift or forearm. Most often the picture is applied on the hands. Under the tattoo allocate the shoulder, shoulder blade or the inner side of the biceps.

If the picture is complemented by the elements and requires more space selected zone the waist. For example, the tattoo hedgehog in the fog will look good on the side or the ribs.

Curled up in a ball hedgehog printed in the area above the chest, on the back at the waist. Men favor the wrist, the instep and the calf.

Cartoon minimalist designs can be beaten on any place. Colorful realistic works are printed on the scapula. They decorate the area above the knee and the side of the thigh. Girls have a special love for the area above the bend of the arm on the inside.

Hedgehog silhouettes are laid out along the line of the radial bone on the reverse side of the forearm. Single or paired drawings can be laid out on the wrist. Graphic works are given special attention by creative individuals. Hedgehogs are supplemented with flowers, decorated with berries or mushrooms.

The hedgehog is an ideal drawing to overlap old tattoos or scars. The needles fit into the lines of the scars. Airy wools and shades of wool will eliminate the effect of old paint.

Tips for sketching

For a sketch that fully satisfies your image, think about the attributes to the drawing. The charming hedgehog will be composed of ]flowers[/anchor], the gifts of nature. They will take the place of the needles creating an original design image.

The image of a hedgehog in the style of realism looks advantageous. Juicy colors and skillfully composed composition will decorate the skin with the picture. As images you can use drawings from Soviet postcards or cartoons. The model for creating a cute image will serve as a photo of a hedgehog Azuki.

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Tattoos for girls

The girl who does the hedgehog tattoo is naturally charged with optimism. This girl uniquely combines abilities such as resourcefulness and wit. She loves thrills, loves to explore new things. Such ladies are always good-natured and friendly. At home they are economical and thrifty. At home they always collect unique things, which in their opinion, improve the energy of the house and decorate it.

If the tattoo depicts a hedgehog in flowers, berries and mushrooms, it is likely that the girl is a real craftswoman in the kitchen. She cooks really unique dishes that everyone in the house loves. A girl with a hedgehog tattoo has everything going on at home. For friends, she becomes a spiritual leader to follow, whose advice can be listened to. The girl loves to give gifts and treat guests to delicious dishes.

The symbolism of the hedgehog in modern tattoo art

So, what does the hedgehog tattoo mean in terms of modern tattoo culture?

  • Thrifty
    . If the animal is depicted with fruits or berries, pecked on needles, the main idea of the work is hoarding and thriftiness. The owner of such a tattoo responsibly refers to his savings, is able to save and economize. He cares about the welfare of his family, everything that has gained by his labor, he uses for the benefit of his loved ones.
  • Protection
    . When a hedgehog is threatened by something, he curls up into a ball and puts out needles for protection. A person who chooses this tattoo can also protect himself from the dangers that this world is full of. He hides, preferring to hide behind , rather than engage in direct confrontation. He believes that the offender, desperate to break through his armor, will simply abandon the attempt.
  • Aggressiveness
    . When the usual defense is not enough, the little beast is ready to use all its capabilities. If you ever see an attacking hedgehog, it is unlikely that he will continue to seem so cute and kind to you. Like any representative of the animal world, the hedgehog will attack anyone who will threaten the safety of his family. Not without reason, the Sumerians considered this cute little animal a symbol of belligerence.

Basically, all the same tattoo with a hedgehog have a purely aesthetic purpose, and its meaning may depend on the plot.

Tattoo for men

Men most often choose tattoos, on which the hedgehog turns me into a ball. In this form, it is not criminal to others. The image also indicates that the man is able to stand up for himself in any difficult situation in life. He takes up the fight against injustice and always defends the weak. They are struck by them. Their charisma is infectious.

The image of the hedgehog will be ideal for sensible guys. He is active in his work and boldly takes responsibility. Such guys are always not ordinary in their actions. Strong in spirit, smart and positive - they will be popular with women.

Tattoos with a hedgehog do on various parts of the body. This arms, legs, torso. Tattoos can be any size: from small to larger. The image of the animal can be combined with other images of animals. Combined, it can turn out a unique image, which is difficult to repeat for another customer.

The cost of the tattoo with a hedgehog depends on the complexity of the work performed, as well as the amount of material used for the work. It is best to go to a specialized atelier and work with craftsmen with a good portfolio.

It is even possible to draw a sketch of the future hedgehog yourself. Such sketches are often much more interesting than the works offered in tattoo parlors. You can be confident in the excellent result of the work and its relative low cost, if you give preference to tattoos, common among those interested.

Hedgehog. What is he hiding?

The common hedgehog is a small mammal. Its length is only 20 - 30 cm. The animal weighs less than one kilogram. The nose of the hedgehog is elongated and wet. And he is never dry. Some varieties of this mammal's ears are large. Needles, an invariable attribute of the hedgehog, do not exceed three cm, on the sides - no more than two.

Hedgehogs are omnivores. Although many people associate the image of this mammal closely with the mushrooms and berries that the hedgehog carries on his back, worms and caterpillars also make up the animal's diet. Males are quite aggressive, zealously defending the territory and females. The hedgehog tattoo, photo of which can be found below, can denote power, ownership, aggression.

Tattoo of a hedgehog on a girl's leg
Tattoo of a cute hedgehog on a girl's leg


For women

For men