All tattoo meanings of knife, dagger, sword - who fits tattoos with edged weapons?

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Tattoo with a knife, dagger or sword appeared quite recently. It can become a reliable talisman, protect from the evil eye, bring meaning and direction to life, emphasizing the strengths of its owner's character.

Let's tell you what can impress such a tattoo, and determine how best to portray it.

Gun theme

The meaning of the picture of a gun is universal in male and female versions. The difference appears only in the nuances. Thus, the weaker half of humanity prefers pictures of a small, but refined and sometimes limited to the outline of a small relief. They are complemented by typical female symbols, including:

  • flower;
  • ornament;
  • inscription.

Drawing is possible both in color and in black and white, it is mostly done on the hips and forearms, rarely only on other parts of the body.

Typical graphics

What does the gun on the body mean? Why exactly this plot has become so popular lately? Apparently, the fact is that the modern era is turbulent, and many people want to have something that will help them defend themselves more effectively. Even if this "something" turns out to be only on the skin...

Men's gun photo tattoos are almost always large, with very well-drawn fragments. It should be borne in mind that some kind of verbal or graphic addition is not practiced, that is, the gun is by definition self-sufficient.

[50 Photos] Dagger tattoo - a symbol of Determination and Dexterity

A dagger is a cold edged weapon of close combat. In the fight against the enemy in this way could dare only a brave and fearless man. Therefore, and today the tattoo "Dagger" symbolizes determination, readiness for battle, power, agility. But there are other interpretations, by virtue of which the image of the weapon on the body becomes the choice of girls - it is loneliness, betrayal, suffering, revenge.

1. A dagger in flowers.

White flowers symbolize purity, kindness, sincerity. A dagger lurking in plants can hint at a hard core and strong character.

Tattoo Short Dagger with Flowers on Forearm

2. Dagger with butterfly

The butterfly speaks of the ability to strike stealthily. The second symbolism of the folded wings of a butterfly - the memory of the deceased person.

Colorful Dagger tattoo with Butterfly on Forearm

3. Dagger and peony.

The dagger piercing the bud always speaks of a betrayal experienced, a fall of ideals and hopes.

Little Dagger on His Leg

4 Weapon with Rope

A rope is put on when there are turning points in life. It's also a sign of detachment, fateful love or a strong bond.

Tattoo Rope Wraps Dagger

5. Dagger with snake and rose.

Often the sketch is chosen by guys as a sign of experienced difficult love relationships. On the other hand, it can be a symbol that the owner of the tattoo will go to any lengths for his love.

Dagger Rose tattoo and Snake on His Leg

6. A pierced bird.

Such a brutal drawing testifies to the timelessness, the hope that has gone. Size allows you to place the sketch on your forearm or on your hip.

Brutal Dagger Tattoo

7. Dagger with Bones

A handle decorated with bones that emphasizes a person's willingness to go all out for his goal. Tattoo in a minimalist style is chosen by men. The miniature can be tattooed on a finger.

Dagger of Bones on Forearm

8. Spartan Weapon.

From the Greek it translates as: "Come and get it." It was these words that the Persian ambassador heard from the Spartan King Leonidas I, from whom he demanded the surrender of weapons.

Walnut Dagger with Inscription

9. Butterfly and dagger.

It has a profound interpretation, often perceived as a divider of worlds: the butterfly - as a symbol of high, spiritual, the weapon - something common, brutal. Looks great on caviar.

Dagger and Butterfly between Women's Breasts

10. Sharpie piercing the skull.

First of all, hints at fearlessness before death. Often the bearers of such tattoos have already met with the "lady in black" and came out of this battle victorious. Such male tattoos are better to be beaten on the leg because they are perceived aggressively and hostilely by the society.

Demon Skull Dagger Stabbed Skull Tattoo

11. Dagger in hand

A girl holding a dagger signals a readiness to defend herself. The sketch is common among many ladies with a steely temper and the ability to stand up for themselves.

Dagger Skull Tattoo on Leg

12. Snake wrapped around blade

The tattoo on a woman's body reflects the essence of the wearer. Girls put in such sketches dodginess, cunning, dexterity. Flowers add grace and sexuality.

Dagger and Snake Tattoo on Woman's Arm

13. Minimalism

Such a sketch every man unobtrusively emphasizes his courage, resilience, honor and determination.

Little Dagger on Forearm

14. Intimidating daggers

Pierced eye sockets can contain a protest against the surrounding reality, the rejection of its individual facets or the whole of it.

Eyes Pierced with Daggers

15. Colorful dagger tattoo

A bright old-school tattoo done in warm colors will immediately attract attention. Alas, the meaning is not rosy: the red rose on this sketch is a symbol of devoted feelings.

Bright Dagger Tattoo with Rose

16. Dagger and Rose

A similar no less striking subject. Suitable for both sexes.

Beautiful Dagger with Rose

17. Snake Wraps Dagger

Snake tattoos are rarely taken positively. Be careful: such tattoos in criminal gangs were worn only by the heads of the thieves in the law.

Snake Wrapping Blade

18. Dagger piercing the rose

Want to immortalize a former failure in love? Then this tattoo is for you. Sketches equally stuffed himself as guys and girls.

Dagger and Flora

19. Breathtaking realism.

A knife that pierces the heart is interpreted ambiguously. While for some it's a sign of cynicism and abuse, for others it's a huge wound, pain, or even a cry for help.

Blood Tattoo of Heart and Dagger

20. Old-school in color.

One of the most common subjects. A drawing with crisp lines and no frills will fit perfectly on a man's leg or arm.

Old School Style Tattoo

21. Colorful minimalism

A small tattoo is becoming the choice of many women who don't like large-scale illustrations.

Short Dagger

22. Dagger with lettering

The geometry of asymmetrical parts and incompatible shapes eventually creates a unique drawing. The caption reads, "Fortune favors the bold.

Green Dagger with Label

23. A dagger sticking out of the mouth of a predator

A bold decision to get a tattoo on your arm and show everyone your temperament, character and belligerence. Cool on the back in a horizontal projection.

Tattoo Dagger and Wolf

24. Gothic Blade.

A somber photo of a ritual blade would suit those who are into magic. A hint of a connection to the otherworldly forces is more than obvious.

Dagger with Skulls and Runes

25. Yellow rose

Despite the fact that yellow flowers are associated with separation, in tattoo culture it's a symbol of friendship, joy, and new beginnings. A pierced bud clearly does not signal a happy ending.

Dagger Butterfly and Yellow Rose
@jayjoree and @sethholmesart

26. Guy Fawkes Mask.

For several years now, the most popular symbol of protest and fight against corruption, the current system. Convenient orientation allows you to place the tattoo not only on your leg, but also on any part of your body.

Dagger and Guy Fawkes Mask

27. Feminine Blade.

Women rarely get past this sketch. The simplicity, harmoniously complemented by delicate details in the form of flowers, captures the attention instantly.

The Dagger on the Woman's Hand.

28. Weapons and Flora.

The abundance of dark tones in this sketch does not overshadow the tattoo, but reveals the depth of the drawing, emphasizing the client's love for beauty.

Dagger tattoo for girls

29. Fairy tale plot

A spider web, a castle, and flowers create mystery. Tattoo is large, so will require spacious areas of the hips, back.

Fabulous Tattoo with Dagger and Flowers

30. Blade with a woman's face.

There's a chicano reference. But the idea is conveyed more succinctly - everything is for real connoisseurs. Looks perfect on the hand.

Dagger and Girlface

31. Wild Lion

Tattoo with watercolor elements favorably emphasizes creativity and charisma of the wearer. Often printed on the forearm.

Dagger and Lion Head

32. Defeat

Fragmentary depiction of a heart pierced through with a spike. The conveyance of tragedy and pain is 100% successful for the artist. The roses around adapt the image to a woman's hand.

The Blade Piercing the Heart.

33. Dagger with a black flower

The sad association with black flowers is known to all. Another version of a photo to remind of loss or a difficult life.

Dagger in the Cobweb

34. Realistic Blade.

A simple and so humble tattoo that the association with edged weapons recedes into the background when looking at the drawing. In the first place - a clear drawing of lines and original filing. Organically placed on the back of the calf.

The Little Blade

35. Knife in Violets.

Delicate flowers symbolize fidelity, modesty and purity. The small and neat tattoo will adorn more mature ladies.

Short Dagger with Purple Flowers

36. Dagger in the branches of an olive tree.

The negative message is completely absent. Olive branches are a symbol of peace, goodness, victory, peace and tranquility. Tattoos in the form of arms with a "peace tree" are preferred by those who want to capture their victory.

Steep Dagger with Plants

37. Minimalism B/W.

A simple and unremarkable tattoo sometimes means a lot to the client. Therefore, nothing prevents you from putting your own meaning or simply decorating the body. A compact version of the tattoo will lay interestingly on the finger.

Little Black and White Dagger

38. Skull and Knife

A large, clearly drawn tattoo is often inscribed on the back as a sign of the inevitable reprisal of an abuser.

Skull with a Crown of Thorns and a Dagger

39. Dagger in the Clouds

The clouds around the blade are a reminder to move on and not give up in the face of difficulties. Perhaps such a person has lost a lot in life and now regrets it.

Lightweight Dagger Tattoo in the Clouds

40. Cold weapons and baroque

A neat and very refined dagger tattoo will fit perfectly on the chest. Less extravagant women can place an aristocratic blade on their shoulder.

Dagger with Gem

41. Dagger with ribbon and flowers

A black and white old-school tattoo with the Latin inscription "impeccable purity." Looks beautiful on the shoulder, many people are won over by the translation.

Dagger with Ribbon and Inscription

42. Blade and Fern.

The fern flower is a talisman that protects a person from evil, disease, and rash actions. Men prefer to have the flower on their chests, while girls choose the more feminine and delicate fern leaf.

Dagger with Big Red Flower

43. Dagger and spider.

Such a large and beautiful tattoo has a negative energy, as images of spiders are common among prisoners, pickpockets; people caught "in the web" of addiction.

Spider Sits on the Dagger

44. Ancient Dagger.

Steeped in the spirit of antiquity and magic, the simple and concise at first glance tattoo will adorn the skin of young and original people.

The Ancient Crooked Dagger

45. Dragon Dagger

Gamers will appreciate the coolly drawn color dragon sword tattoo.

The dagger of their pointed crystal

46. Dagger and Jewelry

Baroque fans will appreciate and can't help but add this photo to their gallery of cool sketches.

Color Dagger Tattoo on Leg

47. Shattered Dagger.

A stylish and original presentation more suited to a male audience. Sketches with a broken blade are very popular right now.

Broken Gold Dagger

48. Dagger of the royal era.

Looking at this piece of gun art, you forget that you're dealing with edged weapons. The quality drawing of small details, complemented by competent color reproduction, makes the sketch versatile for both genders.

Beautiful Dagger with Jewelry

49. Valkyrie Blade.

The wonderfully bright colors fully convey the depth and richness of the display. Presenting the weapon in this way appeals not only to girls, but also to young men.

Dagger with Wings

50. Dagger piercing the arm

A common type of tattoo symbolizing a deep heart wound.

Black and White Dagger Tattoo in Arm

The dagger tattoo, like many other images, carries an ambiguous interpretation. The meaning can vary depending on the details that complement the subject. But this type of tattoo is often perceived hostile and aggressive, so when choosing a sketch, take this fact into account.

About people's characters and appearance

Even a woman's image drawn gun gives a halo of courage, passing already in boldness, full liberation and perfect self-confidence. No wonder, because the gun - this is serious. Along with this, we can say the following:

  • girls and guys even with the most beautiful gun sketches as if challenging everyone around them, not just demonstrating their perfect aesthetic taste;
  • often such a drawing serves as a kind of protest;
  • it is worn by people who are independent and do not bow to any authority whatsoever;
  • Only a rather bold and reckless person can get such a tattoo, moreover, one who is able to resist the almost inevitable emotional pressure;
  • At the same time, wearing a virtual drawn gun in many cases is peculiar to intellectually gifted and very talented persons.

Important nuance

A gun, especially a large one in a conspicuous place, is definitely not a tattoo that can be easily ignored. Carefully weigh the pros and cons and make sure that it looks harmonious on you, not only immediately, but also later. Women are better suited weapon against a background of flowers or a bunch of grapes. Hit it mostly on the arm, on the back, on the stomach and chest, on the forearm. Apply a modern or antique gun - you decide.

Famous bearers of the tattoo - Basta, Aiza Dolmatova and Rihanna.

Tattoo of a cold weapon on the body

Such drawings symbolize the stealth of a person. The ability to deliver an unexpected blow. A tattoo of a cold weapon is most often placed on the thigh or on the arm, exactly where the weapon is worn in a special pouch. Men often depict guns in the lower part of the abdomen, which creates the effect of a weapon gagged behind the belt. The size of the image usually replicates the actual size of the weapon as much as possible.

If the applied image does not match the character of the person, removal of the tattoo is recommended. To avoid such a procedure, you need to carefully choose a drawing, analyze the qualities of your own character and identify your strengths and weaknesses.


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