Meaning and Interpretation of the Star of David Symbol - Use as amulet or talisman

Tattoo on the shoulder for men

Men's tattoos on the shoulder Have long gained popularity. It is this location of the natal pattern that is the most popular. It is easy to explain. Tattoo on the shoulder is easy both to demonstrate and to hide with clothes. A man's shoulder in most cases is a rather voluminous part of the body and a large drawing or even a whole composition can be made here.

Tattoo on shoulders for men

Tattoo on the shoulder for men

Other than that, applying a shoulder tattoo is a virtually painless process.

Star of David Description.

Star of David
Six-pointed Star of David.
The symbol looks like a six-rayed star - hexagram. The triangles in it are turned one down and the other up by the top. As a result, they form a figure with 6 equal angles attached to the sides of the hexagon.


There are the following interpretations of the meaning of the symbol:

  1. Two beginnings. It is assumed that the hexagram can inextricably unite the masculine and feminine. The triangle, which is directed downward, resembles a figure with broad shoulders and narrow pelvis. It is considered a sign of masculinity. The second triangle, on the contrary, is associated with a female figure with narrow shoulders and wide hips. Another variant of interpretation is the union of the earthly and heavenly beginnings, which aspire to each other.
  2. Four. In ancient times, it was believed that the star symbolized the 4 primal elements. According to one version, the triangle that faces upwards represents air and fire, and the figure turned downwards represents earth and water. An alternative interpretation is that the upper corners represent air, water, and fire, and the lower corners represent peace, mercy, and grace. Another interpretation has to do with God and his ability to regulate everything that happens in the world.
  3. The six. Rabbi Eliyah Essas suggested that the star symbolizes the 6 days of creation and denotes the pattern of creation. The two triangles reflect 2 orientations. The figure that faces upwards points to the Creator and his unity. The side corners stand for Good and Evil. The bottom corner of the second triangle symbolizes man. The sides are associated with the purpose of human existence, the unification of the ideas of the "left" and "right" sides of the world.
  4. Seven. According to the Kabbalah, the shield reflects the 7 lower sefirot. Not only the corners are counted, but also the central part.
  5. Twelve .. The figure has 12 ribs, which is associated with the 12 tribes of Israel. It is believed that during the wanderings the tents of the tribes of Israel were placed so that they formed a six-pointed star around the Tabernacle. For this reason the sign is regarded as a symbol of the unity of the Jewish people.

As an additional interpretation, the version of the philosopher Franz Rosenzweig stands out. He suggested that the symbol be seen as a sign of the relationship between God, the universe and man. In his writings, Franz called the figure the star of salvation.

Men's tattoos on the shoulder - features

Men rarely enough give importance to the color of the tattoo. Therefore, tattoos for guys on the shoulder are equally common in color and in black and white.

The choice of location of the figure is not always dictated only by aesthetic considerations and the possibility of demonstrating the tattoo to others. More often than not, tattoos are ordered on scars. A beautiful design is an excellent camouflage for scars of any complexity and length. Men's shoulder tattoos can conceal wounds or injuries. Slightly less demanded is the option of tattoos on stretch marks. It is mainly chosen by athletes and bodybuilders who due to intensive training with heavy weights and rapid growth of muscle mass have visible stretch marks in the shoulder and axilla area.

Tattoo on the shoulder for men

Tattoo on the shoulder for men

The ideal solution - a tattoo in the style of tribal or oriental, which covers the entire shoulder and passes to the chest.

Making a male tattoo on the shoulder is better to trust a professional. Then the picture will seamlessly fit into your image and become an integral part of it. An experienced master will help you choose a sketch or develop an individual, taking into account not only your wishes, but also the peculiarities of your anatomy.

Men's tattoos on the shoulder are often made quite large. In this case, the small flaws and imperfections are easy enough to fix the tattoo. What can not be said about the body painting, made by a non-professional. Usually in such a case, the masters advise to do overlapping of the tattoo or remove the consequences of an unsuccessful experiment. Therefore, it is better to do everything qualitatively the first time, choosing a male tattoo on the shoulder.

History of the origin of the symbol

There are several legends about the origin of the Star of David.

Legends about King David

First of all, the symbol is associated with King David. It is assumed that he ruled in the X-XI centuries BC. In his youth, David was a shepherd. He proved himself to be a brave and reliable man: more than once he came into battle with large predators to protect the herd.

When the first king Saul was rejected by God for disobedience, David was anointed by the prophet Samuel as the future king. It is believed that the Spirit of God descended upon David at this point.

David served in King Saul's court for a long time. He soothed him in moments of anger by playing the cinnabar. When David came to the army to visit his brothers, he accepted the challenge of the giant Goliath and killed him with a sling.

David quickly gained fame among the Philistines; he befriended the king's son. This aroused anger on the part of Saul. As a result the king tried to kill David.

The latter subsequently had to flee and hide in hiding. Despite the long wanderings and the need to evade persecution, David did not kill Saul, although he was given the opportunity to do so twice.

When David was proclaimed king of the Jews, the Jews separated from Israel. This was followed by a war that lasted two years. It ended in David's victory.

It is believed that his armies used shields in the shape of a six-pointed star, so they were under God's protection.

Russian version

Some researchers adhere to the version of the Russian origin of the six-pointed star. Vyacheslav Meshcheryakov was the most interested in this theory.

He was engaged in archeology and once discovered a symbol that resembled the shield of David. It was made of silver and applied to a stone. In new books on paganism such a sign is called the Star of Veles.

On the temple
The image of the star on the Basilica of Santa Croce and the Church of St. Mark.


In ancient Babylon, the hexagonal star was a symbol of the goddess Astarte or Ishtar. In the Bronze Age, locals used such a seal during rituals. The signs were used by sorcerers and magicians. Stars of David are found at the excavation sites of ancient temples.

Medieval sources

The symbol of the six-pointed star is mentioned in medieval chronicles. This symbol was given a negative meaning. It was used by sorcerers and witches during occult rituals.

In the uninitiated, contact with the seal caused a state of slight shock. Stars with six ends were left on witches' bottles. By the 18th century. The sign began to decorate the graves of wealthy people.

Christians, on the contrary, believed that the symbol was endowed with positive energy. The star was used to decorate temples. The form was used to make amulets and amulets.

Method of application

In the past, prisons made tattoos with a needle and a substance containing soot. The pigment was obtained from burned boot soles. In dealing with what the stars on the shoulders of convicts mean, it should be noted that the application technology, as well as the meaning of the drawing itself, has changed over time.

Star tattoo on shoulders

Later they started to use the ink from the ballpoint pen as a paint. Also we used a special stamp for the image itself. Needles were stuck into a thick piece of rubber to make it 1-2mm thick. They were dipped into the paint and with one stroke imprinted on the skin, leaving a certain pattern.

Subsequently, special machines from electric razors began to be used. Instead of a needle, they took guitar strings.

Meaning in different religions

The meaning of the symbol may vary depending on the religion. However, scientists still have not come to a consensus. For example, the scholar Oleg Molenko argues that the Shield of David is primarily a Christian symbol, but at the same time calls it a sign of the devil.

In Judaism.

In Judaism, the sign is primarily identified with the 6 days of creation. In the center is sabbath, i.e., the last seventh day. The symbol means that people must work for 6 days, after which they must rest for a day.

At synagogue
Image on the frieze of the synagogue at Kfra Nahum (2nd - 3rd century)

In Hinduism.

According to Hinduism, the sign is associated with struggle and contradiction. It symbolizes the attempts of opposites to destroy, absorb each other.

Often one triangle is associated with a person, and the second - with his dark side, the sins that he commits throughout life. According to another version, the star is associated with the four fundamental elements and the Higher Forces directing them.

In Christianity

In Christianity, the symbol is identified with the star of Bethlehem and is also associated with the 7 days of creation. The Shield of David is considered a sign of Jesus Christ, who unites the divine and human beginning.


The star is a fundamental symbol in Islam. It is associated with faith in God, angels, scriptures, and prophets. The remaining 2 corners are associated with the coming of the day of judgment and the existence of heaven and hell, as well as belief in the predestination of fate. Another interpretation of the star in Islam is the desire for God and the earthly at the same time.

Number of rays

Five-pointed star - the desire for harmony. An inverted pentagram is often used by Satanists.

Seven-pointed star has a magical meaning like the number 7 itself. This magic will be with the person for a long time, as well as the tattoo itself.

The eight-pointed star signifies life in abundance.

The nine-pointed star of the ancient Celts symbolized health and prosperity. The same meaning is carried by such an image today.

However, a special meaning is a criminal tattoo of the "star" on the shoulders. Its meaning is always changing. However, the basic message is still understandable.

The six-pointed star in different cultures

Outside the religious context, the star in Muslims is considered a powerful talisman. It promises prosperity and wealth and protects the wearer from misfortune.

In Eastern cultures, the hexagram is considered to be a balance between masculine and feminine principles. This symbol is an analog of Yin and Yang.

The hexagon became the sign of the Freemasons. It is depicted in black and white. The triangle at the top represents Alpha, at the bottom - Omega.

Star of Freemasons.

The meaning of the symbol in magic

Back in the Middle Ages, magicians endowed the symbol with the ability to protect the wearer. They put them on amulets and talismans. Presumably, the signs were required to soften the energy blow back after the rituals.

The star was supposedly a cluster of secrets of the universe. The sign was put on silver pendants and handed out to initiates.

The talisman was to be worn under clothing and not shown to anyone. It was forbidden to remove the star from the body. Occultists claimed that with prolonged contact, it could remove the veil of mystery between the future, past and present.

Psychics believe the symbol promotes the development of hidden talents. At the very least, the Shield of David endows the wearer with knowledge and wisdom.

Some magicians suggest that long-term wearing the star perfects the gift of clairvoyance.

Hexagrams were used not only by sorcerers but also by warriors. They took amulets with them to war, believing that the amulets would protect them from death or destruction.

Esotericists use the symbol as a kind of personal trainer. It is believed that the amulet helps to stay on the path of self-development and helps maintain discipline.

Shield of David is a talisman for sorcerers.

Lower abdomen ornament

In the end we would like to mention the ornament located at the bottom of Alexander's belly. From the photo you can see that today these bizarre horns, and in fact , cover an older tattoo.

The tattoo has been known to mankind for more than one thousand years. During this time, this type of art has undergone many changes in techniques and styles of drawing on the skin. This is a certain code, which serves as a hidden sign of "friend/foreign" for different groups of people. One such symbol is the "star" tattoo on the shoulders. The meaning of such a drawing is widely known among people who are serving sentences in prison or have been dismissed from there. What is the interpretation of the symbol in question, let us consider in more detail.

Use as an amulet: in what helps and whom to wear

The intertwining of triangles primarily symbolizes peace of mind and harmony. The hexagram, when used as an amulet, will contribute to the pacification of sinful impulses.

It will be easier for a person to control himself and manage his emotions. He will be quicker to find solutions and compromises. Getting rid of the complexes and internal conflicts will cause the desire for self-development.

Amulet able to protect against alien magical influences. It is used as a talisman against spoilage and curses.

If you wear a talisman closer to the body, it will protect against disease and improve health.

Amulet, placed at home, will strengthen the financial situation and mitigate conflict situations between family members. Talisman protects against energy vampires and ill-wishers.

Amulets for protection against magic.

Element tattoo

The tattoo will have the same qualities as an amulet, but enhanced because it is not close to the skin, but under it. The meaning of the image will depend on the surrounding details.

Together with the pentagram, the hexagram can emphasize the coexistence of good and evil, balance and harmony. With the cross, the hexagram star will take on a religious meaning.

For the symbol to work properly, start drawing it with the top triangle, with the very top of the top. After him depict the bottom figure.

Start with the lowest point. To activate the talisman, the carrier should touch the internal central part and mentally ask the program to the star. This can be a desire for protection, a request for the fulfillment of dreams, etc.

Most often black, white and gray pigments are used in tattooing. However, from time to time you can find multicolored images. They are dominated by red, blue and yellow tones.

Black and white Star of David tattoo.

Who it suits

The tattoo is good for the following people:

  1. Those who take risks all the time.. First of all, these are rescuers, police officers and military personnel. In the case of gambling, the amulet will work worse because the star does not support sinful intentions.
  2. Travelers. The symbol will keep them safe from disasters and mishaps on the road. It will help avoid evil people and will only confront travelers with kind, responsive companions. When problems arise, it will be easier for the person to find help.
  3. Sick. Under the influence of the hexagram, a person's recovery is accelerated. This effect is enhanced if the patient prays often. Amulet slows the development of diseases and prevents the emergence of complications.
  4. Beginning magicians .. The tattoo will enhance intuition and allow you to listen to yourself. Psychic will be able to develop their abilities faster.
  5. Businessmen. Star of David attracts good luck and helps to make profitable deals. This talisman protects against financial losses. It provides a stable financial flow.
  6. For those who are prone to depression.. The amulet will help to feel always in a tone. A person will be able to avoid a state of emotional burnout and chronic fatigue.
  7. Those who are associated with the arts .. Representatives of the creative professions tattoo gives inspiration. The risk of stagnation will decrease. New unconventional ideas will arise.
  8. Inventors .. The amulet will make the wearer stronger and help present their designs with more confidence.

On what part of the body to stuff

The choice of body part does not matter, but traditionally amulets are tried to hide under clothing, and talismans are exposed. If the hexagram will have a protective function, it is better to stuff it on the chest or back.

A talisman that attracts good luck and financial well-being, it is desirable to mark it on the hand or the back of the neck. A compromise option is the forearm. Such a tattoo can be both concealed under clothing and displayed.

Tattoo on the body
Star of David tattoo.

Where to "score"?

Beat such a tattoo on the appropriate part of the body for belonging to a certain social category. Here are some interesting facts, where it is accepted to beat such a tattoo on the collarbone, arm and back nabivayut such a tattoo people with a creative non-standard view of life.

On the wrist on the back of the head on the calf beat Magen David people interested in or practicing the occult. Also popular are tattoos on the shoulder blade and chest with the image of the star, they are done mostly only men.

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Modern times.

Nowadays, hexagonal stars are often used on flags and coats of arms.

Examples of modern images

The most striking example of the image of the Shield of David is the flag of Israel. The sign can be found on the state symbols of the United States. The hexagon is present in the coats of arms of some cities.

For example, it acts as a symbol for Hamburg, Herbstedt, Poltava, Energodar, Ternopil, Konotop, Krasnodar, etc.

The sign is present in the coat of arms of Croatia and the flag of Burundi. In the latter, the 3 hexagonal stars are identified with the national motto: unity, work and progress. The symbol is the unofficial flag of Northern Ireland.

Calculating the figure

Beginning to draw the beautiful star, the circle should be divided into 5 equal parts. The angle of each will be 72 degrees. It is difficult to calculate the perfect figures on the circle by hand.

How to draw the right star

Therefore it is necessary to build a regular pentagon. To do this, use the system of "golden numbers" of a right triangle with the cathetuses 1 and 2, and the hypotenuse equal to the square root of 5.

The solution can be based on calculations of the radius of the main circle or the length of the sides of the pentagon. In the last variant the upper points of star rays will be located on the same intervals of the vertices of the pentagon.

How to draw a straight star

Arithmetically the problem is solved inaccurately (there are certain roundings of results), which is explained by the technique of using irrational numbers. Therefore, it is geometrically easier to draw a regular, symmetric star.


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