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Numerology is a really interesting and fascinating science, having understood it a person can discover the world in a new way. Being a very ancient esoteric science, numerology has established itself as a source of hidden information stored in the date of birth, time and other numerical values. Despite the fact that esotericism raises doubts and mistrust in many people, there is a suggestible number of people who fully trust its power. Next, you can either join the ranks of science fans by learning what the number 69 means, or join the ranks of amateurs.

The meaning of number 69 in numerology

The number 69 in numerology


- Tattoo - a classic replacement of something that a person lacks - says family psychologist Natalia Panfilova. - Very often men too soft and unsure of themselves get aggressive tattoos: knife, warrior, tiger. Girls who feel that they do not have enough attractiveness for the opposite sex, decorate themselves with flowers, kittens, petals.

Often the effect is the opposite.

- I had a client who was pretty, but not confident. She made herself a tattoo of a bouquet on her arm, a lot of roses - said Natalia Panfilova. - But the tattoo did not suit her at all. She and her husband began scandals, because in his picture of the world it was something incredible.

The fears of the mentally ill are also expressed in their tattoos.

Scientists from the Jerusalem Center for Evidence-based Medicine in their scientific work (Journal of Psychiatry and Psychology of Chuvashia, 2010) studied 1,576 tattoos, which tattooed themselves 412 patients with mental disorders.

According to the study, some patients asked tattoo artists to tattoo mystical tattoos on them - they acted as a talisman amulet against the "evil eye.

"Thus, the image of a 'joker mask' on the outer surface of the elbow bend was interpreted by the patient as an application of a protective sign," the scientists write.

The mystery of the "69" tattoo: an interview with the former investigator of the Kaliningrad Prosecutor's Office REGNUM

Kaliningrad region, 12 January 2007, 09:00 a.m. - REGNUM Today, on January 12, the Russian prosecutor`s office celebrates its 285th jubilee. The Kaliningrad Region Prosecutor's Office is celebrating no less important date these days - 60 years of service in the western frontier of the country. The first people's investigator of the Kaliningrad region Veniamin Alexandrovich Krivosheev

told the correspondent
about the most high-profile cases that he investigated in the very beginning of his activity - immediately after the end of the Great Patriotic War:

- "The first case I investigated turned out to be a 'spy' case. It was 1947, I had just started to work as an investigator of the Prosecutor's Office in the city of Sovetsk, formerly Tilsit. An elderly German woman, who bought her rations in a special store for Germans, came to me in tears. She came in tears, telling me that she had received a loaf of bread for one day, but the head of the store, taking the week's card, cut off the stubs with scissors, as for the whole week. And then she kicked the German woman out. I contacted the OBKhSS and ordered an audit of the store. In nine days I found out that 12 thousand rubles had been embezzled in the store. It turned out that later these loaves were sold at the market for 200 rubles apiece.

In the end, I arrested the store manager named Tatiana. She was a very beautiful woman with red hair. And this Tatyana started to psychologically pressure me, saying that you were defending the Germans, but they had taken my husband prisoner, and killed the young children in Smolensk and burned down the house. The investigation of the criminal case went on, but one day, when I was questioning the sales clerk Masha, I faced a mystery. Masha said that she went with Tatiana once to the baths and saw a band-aid on her left thigh. When asked - what is it, she said, they say, a boil. But another time, a month later, she again saw a band-aid on the same spot in the bathhouse. It interested me, although it was not related to the investigation of the embezzlement case. I made an order to examine the woman. I invited the head of the passport office to examine her. A few minutes later she came out and told me that under the patch was a tattoo with the numbers "69.


: Maybe a tattoo of a concentration camp prisoner?

If she were a concentration camp prisoner, tattoos such as these are usually on the elbow bend. The arrestee herself explained that this tattoo was nothing more than a pampering from her youth. And I had a good relationship with the head of the special department of the division. And so I say to him: "Pal Vasilich, here is the situation, she says that the house was burned down, the children were tortured in Smolensk. Let's check her out. And literally a week later the answer came: she left her children, and she herself "worked" in a Wehrmacht officer's brothel. The tavro was put there for her. There, according to a report from the Special Section, she was recruited into the Abwehr special school, from which she graduated at the end of the war. She was sent to East Prussia "to settle down".


: Were you interested in her fate?

I didn't have time for that. But I got two months' salary for exposing the saboteur (laughs). At the same time I had a chance to investigate a similar case. Previously, according to the order of the Prosecutor General of the USSR, each investigator had to solve at least 2-3 cases of illegal abortions per month. And so a woman from Gvardeysk came to me for questioning. After the interrogation I started to return her passport, and her photo fell out of the document. She didn't notice it and left. Looking at the photo, I noticed an unusual thing - a small puncture on the side, as if from a button. I thought that usually such holes are made at the top to hang the picture. And here the "hole" is on the side. And the girl had her head bowed sideways. The impression is that there was someone nearby. I got a good look at the spot with a magnifying glass and saw a little square. A little square... on a shoulder strap. Our officers have stars, and German officers have squares. And when she cut the photo she took a part of the epaulettes.

I had to ask about this person," I decided and went to the head of the local KGB department. We checked and it turned out that this lady lived with the German commandant in the same Belarusian town. She was smartly dressed. She had a dark blue jacket trimmed with fur. When the Jews in that town were shot, she went before the execution and took away her gold jewelry. After the shooting, the Nazi soldiers used their butts to beat out the gold crowns from the dead and also gave them to her. All this happened in front of the local residents, so she was quickly identified.


. Veniamin Alexandrovich Krivosheev worked in prosecutor's office of the Kaliningrad region for 16 years. He received many commendations for his work in the Prosecutor's Office, including two personalized watches from the RSFSR Prosecutor. Since 1962, V.A. Krivosheev was transferred to teaching work in the Kaliningrad Militia school, where he worked for 24 years, and finished his service as a chief of criminalistics cycle. At the present time V. А. Krivosheev lives in Kaliningrad.

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The urge to hurt yourself

- Sometimes I notice that customers do tattoos on the parts of the body where it is very painful - says Natalia Panfilova. - For example, on the foot. Most likely, they want to hurt themselves on purpose. That is, the tattoo itself does not make any sense, the action - its application - makes sense.

Scientists from Novosibirsk State Medical University came to a similar conclusion (they published their study in the journal "Medicine and Education in Siberia" in 2013). Among the 60 people with tattoos who took part in the study, scientists diagnosed 78% with borderline personality disorder.

According to the paper, 2-3% of people have this disorder. They are characterized by impulsiveness, low self-control, emotional instability, unstable connections with reality, high anxiety and a strong level of desocialization.

"It is an interesting fact that individuals with borderline personality disorder in 90% of cases do not feel satisfaction with the final result - the drawn picture," says the study. - They are attracted to the process itself, associated with the need to endure painful sensations in the process of drawing ("can I stand it?").

The need to suffer pain is a socially acceptable way of "self-harming behavior" (other ways, unacceptable - to provoke an accident or to commit suicide).

At the same time "of all the tattoo studio master's suggestions people with borderline personality disorder prefer inscriptions or drawings related to the subject of death (skulls, dead bodies, grave crosses, etc.).

In 13 people who did not have borderline personality disorder, the tattoos were much more optimistic - mostly they were images of animals or ornaments.

Researchers cite different reasons for self-destructive behavior. For example, in psychoanalysis, of which Sigmund Freud is the founder, it is believed that initially aggression was directed at another person, such as a parent in childhood. But the child's well-being depended on the parent, and he "decided" to redirect the aggression to himself.

Information about the number "9" and "6

Any number hides a special meaning. Sometimes it is enough to know what this or that number means in order to try to change your life with the help of this knowledge. For example, an ordinary number tattoo has much more to it than just an ordinary body adornment. Therefore, before permanently associating yourself with a particular number, it is necessary to thoroughly understand its meaning.

  1. The number 9 symbolizes communication, inner strength, leadership, developed intuition and inner wisdom. Nine - a person with high moral principles, spiritually developed and enlightened. Such people are called altruists and philanthropists. The number 9 has a humanistic and pure meaning, whichever way you explore it.
  2. The number 6 is considered to be the number of the material beginning. It can be the number of human unquenchable passion, as well as the number of victory of material needs over spirituality. Six is often associated with mercantile thoughts, when the spiritual side of life is completely sidetracked. The spiritual world is subordinated to love, forgiveness, and passion. Speaking of the religious component, numerology calls the six the number of the devil inside each of us. It is easy enough to find it in moments of jealousy or in sacrificing love, friendship, honesty to some unworthy gain.

Lust for attention

- Bright, flashy, large tattoos can be in personalities of the hysteroid type," says psychiatrist and head of the Department of Intensive Psychiatric Care Artem Gilyov.

The main feature of this type is egocentrism, a thirst for constant attention to one's person.

- For example, a person has a bright flower all over his back or a tiger on his face," says Artyom Gilyov. - Also such a tattoo may indicate that the person has bipolar disorder. He had it done in a period of aggravation, and then he came out of that state and is shocked of himself.

As reported by Life, bipolar disorder affects 2-4% of the world's population. In the life of a patient, periods of mania (a sense of grandeur, the flow of ideas, rapid speech, decreased need for sleep) alternate with periods of depression.

Tattoo "Figures" for women

Even tattoo numbers on the arm symbolize femininity, as they easily break up into equal parts, and those can break up again and again. That's the way the girlish nature is. There is no unambiguity in it.

It is not for nothing they say that girls are mysteries. Also related to duality is cunning. Thousands of books were written and tales were told about how cunning ladies tricked straightforward men.

In spite of the division of numbers into male and female, there is no prohibition to connect with the opposite energy. Sometimes, this connection is conditioned by nature itself. In numerology, there is an analysis of personality according to the date of birth.

In the resulting test, there are 6 numeric and numeric values. It can come out that most of the values of a woman carry masculine energy. So we are dealing with a strong-willed, determined girl.

Such and for the tattoo subconsciously may choose the odd one, three or five. Men with a predominance of female softness, submissiveness and victimhood also happens. This is the diversity and interestingness of the world. Let's see how it reflects on celebrity bodies.

Psychopathic desire for order

According to Artyom Gilyov, psychopaths of the epileptoid type (one of their main traits is a morbid love of order in everything) tend to make tattoos that show the smallest details.

- For example, one patient tattooed a picture of himself out of a window," said the psychiatrist. - He poked out all the trees, all the leaves on each one. A window in the house across the street, a man in the window, a cat.

Schizophrenics also have very elaborate tattoos.

"So, one of the patients we observed, before getting a tattoo in the form of a dragon, reviewed several tens of thousands (!) of images of this fairy tale character on the Internet and in literature, until he found a drawing as close to his representation as possible," says the study of scientists from the Jerusalem Center for Evidence-based Medicine.

Tattoo "Numbers" for men

The first chapter describes the general meanings of numbers. There are also individual, gender-dividing entries. Since the energies of the numbers and their vibrations differ, it means that some should suit women and others men. It is customary to attribute odd numbers to the latter. They are associated with righteousness and goodness.

Odd numbers cannot be broken in half, and hence they are strong values. Strength has long been considered the basis of masculine nature. Women are assigned meekness and submission. Therefore, representatives of the weaker sex are assigned even numbers. We will consider their symbolism in the next chapter.

Subjects suggested by the voices

According to Artyom Gilyov, people with mental illness often make tattoos incomprehensible to others. Sometimes even the wearer cannot explain their meaning.

Sometimes, the patient asks the tattoo artist to tattoo a storyline that the "voices" tell him.

- I had a patient who was told by the voices to tattoo: "I'm afraid of the letter A".

Sometimes the images on the tattoos are quite adequate, and only when the patient explains what they mean does it become clear that he is sick.

One patient, write scientists at the Jerusalem Center for Evidence-based Medicine, had "a giant Egyptian sign, the ankh (a T-shaped cross connected to an oval on the upper rung), on his shin. The patient explained that his tattoo meant: "I will never let myself be operated on again."

He was given painful intravenous infusions and then a clear bandage was applied that secured the needle and resembled the sign of the ankh.

"Upon taking a short leave of absence, the patient immediately went to a tattoo parlor and got said tattoo, claiming that after seeing it, 'the doctors would understand and not torture him anymore,'" the study said. - When asked why he got the tattoo on his leg, the patient stated that "doctors undress him anyway."

"Another patient, diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, decorated his body with chaotically tattooed alphabet to show that he "did well in school," the scientists continue.

Sometimes there is no logic at all in the tattoos of patients.

For example, a schizotypal personality disorder patient tattooed a primitive iconic tattoo of a lawn-mower graphic silhouette on his buttock (intimate area) for decoration purposes," the study says.

The scientists believe that "voluntary tattoos, among other non-verbal signs, can play a significant role in the diagnosis of mental and behavioral disorders, especially in cases where the subject deliberately seeks to mislead the doctor."

Two sides of the coin

The positive traits of the number "69" are that each carrier has the honor to possess such qualities as love, care from loved ones, the strongest support from the family. Also the fact that the person who is associated with 69 is a determined and strong person. This is a person, reaching his own even in the struggle, it is the most real fighter for his ideals and considerations.

Negative traits of the number are called:

  • the habit of seeing the vulgar without noticing the spiritual;
  • Passionate desire for enrichment, which often leads to the deterioration of the former character, stopping in development;
  • endowment of a person with impulsiveness, rudeness, limitedness, selfishness;
  • 69 often means a difficult to communicate and arrogant person.

Man 69 carries in itself the whole set of qualities necessary for spiritual and physical development. It is a synthesis of soul and body, personality and spiritual essence. 69 denotes all the visible and invisible actions of a person. Numerology is not magic and magic, not a dream and not fiction, it is the information obtained by chiromancers many centuries ago. The fact that this science has managed to survive until our days speaks of the truth hidden in it.

Where can a tattoo be placed?

Those who believe in horoscopes usually decorate the wrist of their right hand with a small drawing of the zodiac symbol. It is believed that tattoo 69 as a sign of the zodiac cannot be placed on the left hand, so as not to attract trouble, grief and disappointment in your life. Large images look good on the scapula, shoulder, inner side of the arm, lower leg. Small ones - on the neck, wrist and even on the inside of the cheek.

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    Tattoo on the wrist

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    Tattoo on the butt


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