Tattoo of the heart: a combination of romance and deep meaning

The image of the heart is one of the most recognizable symbols on the planet. Wherever you go, the heart will always look the same and be considered a sign of love and sincerity.

In the tattoo industry, as well as in fashion in general, the preferences of girls are constantly changing. But the only image that has been relevant for several centuries is the heart. The popularity of this figure is explained not so much by the sensual meaning that the owner puts into it, as by the versatility of such a tattoo. Depending on the technique and the presence of additional ornaments sketch, tattoo with a heart looks great on brutal men, as well as on the fragile and sophisticated girls.

Tattoo with a heart: meaning and popular designs

If we abstract from the generally accepted meaning of the heart, then in a tattoo with this symbol can be put absolutely any meaning. On how the picture will be perceived, in the first place, affects the specific sketch or composition.

Today, it is rare to find daredevils who depict on their bodies, the heart in detail with blood vessels, the aorta, etc. Such a tattoo looks quite strange and unusual. More often masters choose different variations, including the heart in the overall composition with inscriptions or other symbols.

The most popular sketches of tattoos with a heart are considered:

  • heart with wings - symbolizes love and willingness to perform the most unexpected acts in her name
  • Broken heart - talks about lost love
  • A heart with a sword - the hallmark of a burning heart, full of courage and bravery

Everyone puts into the tattoo with a heart its own meaning, but the main feature of this image remains unchanged. The heart is a symbol of eternal love and romance, the embodiment of all that is alive, the inner strength of man. In whatever variations this tattoo may be depicted, it will be the embodiment of courage, friendship, the source of life, compassion.

The underlying principle

The biggest challenge in depicting a heart is maintaining symmetry. As a rule, one side of the image turns out to be larger, and the whole drawing is rather clumsy.

Following the instructions precisely will help even a young child to draw a heart with a pencil almost perfectly and get an aesthetically pleasing drawing.

Historical significance of the heart tattoo

As far back as time went, representatives of many nations came to the conclusion that the heart is not just one of the human organs, it is the main source of life force. People have noticed that the heart is the cradle of emotions and feelings. They love and hate, rejoice and are impressed by it.

In modern art, images of the heart are often complemented with inscriptions and syllables. The words are depicted on a ribbon that wraps around it. A classic version of such a sketch includes the word "MOM", which translates to "mother".

Decorating the body with heart tattoos was a favorite pastime of bikers and sailors in the second half of the 20th century. For them, the tattoo was a way to identify with a certain caste. During World War II, the heart-shaped tattoo had a deeper meaning. It reminded servicemen of their loved ones and the loved ones they were fighting for.

Materials for drawing

It is necessary to prepare such things:

  • Sheet of paper;
  • Rubber band (eraser);
  • Plain and colored pencils;
  • Crayons;
  • Ruler;
  • A round object of some kind;
  • White color corrector.

Beads, beads, rhinestones, lace and ribbons are often used to decorate an already drawn heart. Thus it is possible to create a three-dimensional picture.

Tattoo heart: popular sketches for girls

The classic meaning of the heart - romantic feelings, love and sympathy. The modern tattoo industry offers 3 of the most popular sketches with a deep historical meaning.

Ivy Heart

The image is considered a symbol of passion. Often such a tattoo takes on an obscene meaning. This is because ivy was considered an attribute of the god of winemaking Dionysus, often the plant was the emblem of "houses of tolerance". Today, the disreputable meaning of such a sketch has been forgotten, leaving only a beautiful tattoo that looks spectacular on both men's and women's bodies.

Swans in the shape of a heart

The sketch is made in such a way that swans sailing up to each other at the moment of touching form a heart. These birds are considered an unshakable symbol of fidelity, devoted and pure love. Having made such a tattoo on your body, you will strengthen the relationship with your soulmate, protect your love from any adversity.

"Geometric" way

In this variant the heart is drawn using a triangle and two circles.

Consider how to draw a heart step by step:

  1. Using the lid from any plastic bottle, draw two circles, one of which is partially superimposed on the other.
  2. "Combine" the circles with a triangle.
  3. Give the sides of the triangle wavy shape.
  4. Rubber band erase all unnecessary lines.
  5. The last step - paint a heart in red or pink.

If one side of the heart with white corrector put a few strokes, visually figure will look like a volumetric object.

Tattoo with a broken heart

The meaning of this tattoo can be interpreted differently, it all depends on the technique of drawing and additional inscriptions. A broken or split heart means mental anguish and suffering, sorrow and grief.

The tattoo is considered a symbol:

  • treason or betrayal
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Lost love

Often the tattoo is a reminder of a sad event that led to severe inner turmoil.

In honor of St. Valentine

For several decades, a holiday dedicated to all lovers has become very popular around the world. The heart, drawn with your own hands, is considered one of the most successful symbols, which decorate Valentine's Day cards.

A sign of attention, directed to the object of his adoration, should be made not only in a simple drawing technique, but also decorated accordingly. After decorating the heart with one of the above methods, you should place a beautiful ribbon.

Step by step, this work will look as follows:

  • We mark two horizontal lines under the pattern;
  • Lines are drawn on the sides of the heart;
  • Draw triangles on the sides;
  • From below, two more lines are drawn at a slight angle, which are combined with the already existing ones;
  • On the ribbon we write the phrase, trying to place the letters of the message evenly and beautifully.

It remains to paint the ribbon. If the outlines are made of dark blue, it is best to paint the ribbon itself a celestial color.

A drop of water

Using this technique, it is quite possible to do without the image of geometric figures. Following precisely the instructions below, and drawing individual elements step by step with a pencil, we will end up with a three-dimensional image of a heart.

Start by preparing a square sheet of paper measuring ten centimeters by ten centimeters.


  1. The sheet is folded in half, and a droplet is drawn;
  2. The image is cut out, and becomes an excellent template for the image of a symmetrical pattern;
  3. The template is placed against the paper, and outlined along the edges;
  4. Beginning at the upper right, light strokes are applied with shadows;
  5. As you approach the opposite side, the shading lines should become less pronounced;
  6. At the very edge of the drawing the hatchings should not be visible at all.
  7. In the final phase of the work the heart is outlined with clear contours.

To achieve the necessary effect, the outlines on one side of the drawing should be brighter than on the other.

Properly applied highlights on the heart will help to give even more volume.


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