Nastassia Samburskaya showed her first tattoo

Nastassia Samburskaya is a Russian actress and aspiring pop singer.

37 facts about Nastassia Samburskaya
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Gained popularity thanks to her participation in the TNT channel series "Univer", but most of all she is known for her numerous scandals. They accompany the girl everywhere, but the more interesting facts about her biography, career and personal life.

Tattoos of Nastassia Samburskaya: meanings, photos

A well-known actress, TV diva and star of TV series once again threw her fans and her haters a fresh topic for discussion. This time it was a new original tattoo of the star. On Instagram Nastya posted a post where she posted a photo of her hand with a crossed out inscription "I love you", which was corrected to "I love myself" below. Naturally, all-knowing followers immediately sympathized with Nastya, suggesting that she was disappointed in amorous affairs, well, at the same time taking the chance to gossip about the star's past romantic relationships.

The meaning of Samburskaya's tattoos

Even more fuel was added to the fire, which later appeared on the same hand inscription, translated from the Latin saying "The eagle does not catch flies - they are too insignificant for him. The actress's fans could not miss the opportunity to leave negative comments under the post, accusing her of excessive narcissism and selfishness. There was also the classic indignation about the actress' negligent attitude to her body and about the state of her tattooed body in her old age.

Nastassia Samburskaya's tattoos on her legs

"Just as I posted this, couch psychologists crawled out..." - The actress was outraged.

Nastassia Samburskaya always distinguished by the ability to excite the audience with her behavior and dramatically changing appearance. Not a single tattoo of the actress was not neglected. One only tattoo on the heels of what stand. On one heel painted the inscription "this heel", and on the other circled the outline of a mole, to which is an arrow and the inscription "birthmark. And, of course, these tattoos were not left without sarcastic comments from the public.


What is Samburskaya's height and weight?

The height of the actress - 177 cm, she weighs 58 kg. Samburskaya's weight after adulthood has hardly changed.

What is her eye and hair color?

Nastya is brown-haired, she has blue eyes.

What is her horoscope?

The artist was born in the year of the Rabbit, her zodiac sign is Pisces.

27. What is the correct pronunciation of her last name?

When asked about the correct accent in her last name, she named the letter "a" of the last syllable - "SamburskAya".

The meaning of Nastassia Samburskaya tattoos

Undoubtedly, many are interested in the meaning of the star's tattoos. In discussions of the photos, a variety of interpretations are put forward, supported by fantastic stories of the origin of these tattoos on the body of the actress. The actress herself, as usual, does not give any specific answers to the question of what this or that tattoo on her body means, feeding the public's fantasies.

Most importantly, having a great sense of humor and the ability to adequately perceive criticism, the star is not only not angry at the statements of the followers, but also wittily parries them.


Shoulder tattoo

The actress pleased her fans with a new tattoo. This time on the shoulder. It is a whole composition. Large and colorful. The illustration includes a skull and a dragon. There is a possibility that the tattoo is temporary, but there is no guarantee that this composition will not take up residence permanently. Given Nastasia's unpredictability, this is likely to be the case.

On the other hand Samburskaya has a tattoo of a flower. Quite large size blue flower can only mean positive things. For example, joy, love.

The second version of the meaning of the flower in the tattoo - loss, sadness. We would like to hope that this is not about the beautiful Nastya.

According to Nastasia, she has nine tattoos. Some she does not like. Or rather, no longer like them. Time will pass and things may change. Samburskaya's tattoos may get boring. Or she may want to get something else or, conversely, to withdraw the existing ones. The procedure, of course, is not pleasant, but available to anyone. And for the fans of the talent of the actress body painting is of secondary importance. Moreover, in professional life, tattoos do not interfere. If necessary, they can be masked or concealed with clothing.

Tattoos of celebrities and their meaning: photos of tattoos of Russian and Hollywood stars

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Tattoos of stars have always caused genuine interest among devoted fans. Some want to know what this or that symbol on the body of the idol means, others - intend to repeat the masterpiece. Clearly, no one is indifferent. In this article we will consider the star tattoos of popular actors and singers of Russian and foreign show business.

Tattoos of Russian celebrities

Among many girls and guys, there are many fans of decorating their body with a body drawing: actors and singers are no exception. All the more, the prejudice that people in tattoos belong to the prison subculture is a thing of the past. Today, many famous women and men pay tribute to the art of tattooing. Let's take a look at the most famous celebrity tattoos.

Celebrity tattoos of girls

Nastassia Samburskaya

The famous Russian actress Nastassia Samburskaya, known for the TV series "Univer", has at least five tattoos.

Olga Buzova

On the body of the "Queen of Instagram", singer and TV presenter of the most popular TV show in Russia Olga Buzova has three tattoos.

Olga got her first tattoo in the form of five stars when she was 24 years old. According to the singer, each of them has its own meaning and carries a special meaning.

The second inscription on the back "Love lives in my heart", meaning "Love in my heart", the TV hostess expressed her feelings to her (former) husband, soccer player Dmitry Tarasov.

The third was the wrist inscription "OD", meaning the first letters of her name and the name of Dmitry Tarasov.

How Olga after the high-profile divorce refers to these inscriptions - is not known. Whether she will keep them as a reminder of her ex-husband or get rid of them, we will know in the future.

Aiza Anokhina (Dolmatova)

The ex-wife of the famous Russian rapper Guf Aiza Anokhina is the owner of many drawings. And many of them overlapped or were combined. To date, on the body of the famous blogger you can see a lot of different tattoos, most of them having a cartoon orientation:

Ksenia Borodina

The presenter of the famous TV show "Dom 2" is in no hurry to put a lot of drawings on her body. At the moment, Ksenia has only 2 tattoos: a feather on her leg signifying the best female qualities and an inscription with the name of her first daughter Marusya.


The most famous singer in tattoos is Nargiz Zakirova. On her body paints a lot of bold and meaningful tattoos:

The former participant of the show "The Voice" considers them a reminder of certain periods of life that left a mark in the memory.

Celebrity tattoos of men


Without a doubt, the most tattooed rapper in Russia is Timati. To date, his body is almost 80% full of dozens of drawings and inscriptions. Among them you can find the inscriptions "Black Star", "Moscow city", "The Boss", as well as, tattoos of stars, angels, clowns, dove and many more drawings.

Many stars with tattoos are associated with hip-hop art. Thus, Moscow rapper Alexei Dolmatov, known under the pseudonym Guf, owns a mass of tattoos. Among them: a grenade on the right shoulder, a revolver, the name of his son, etc. But the most famous tattoo is a sketch of Moscow on his back.

L One

L One has a tattoo of a lion's head on his arm, signifying a predatory disposition and pride. On the other arm is a drawing of planets and a meteor, accompanied by the inscription, "Space is so close, but it's blocked by clouds." There are Biomechanics-style mechanisms on his shoulder.


The most popular Oksimiron tattoo is the numbers 1703 on his neck. Their meaning is elementary - it's the year the city of St. Petersburg was founded. St. Petersburg is the hometown of the rapper.

Pavel Priluchny

The fashion for tattoos did not avoid the famous Russian actor, known for the TV series "Closed School" and "Major" Pavel Priluchny. Pavel is the owner of a popular barcode tattoo on his neck with the inscription "doc". The meaning of this image is known only to Priluchnomu, as the actor encrypted in it secret information.


Birth and single-parent family

Nastya was born on March 1, 1987, she is a native of the city of Priozersk, located near St. Petersburg.

Samburskaya mother worked as a saleswoman, there is little information about her father, but it is known that when Nastya was five years old, he was in a penal colony and did not return to the family.

The actress has an older brother, who now lives with her mother in the Saratov region.

Was expelled from the Moscow Art Theatre, but graduated from the GITIS.

After completing nine grades of secondary school she moved to the city of Engels in Saratov region, where she was trained as a hairdresser. Then worked in security, in the cab service and at the local theater, where her duties included the creation of theatrical props.

Later she became a student of the Moscow Art Theatre, but was soon expelled from the university, after which she enrolled at the GITIS.

She has practically no contact with her family

Now Nastya almost does not communicate with her mother and brother, in the opinion of which the actress has become a star.

Relatives Samburskaya and now live in an old house in the Saratov region, her mother continues to work as a salesman, her brother - a loader. According to him, he and his sister were never friendly, often quarreling, but always making up.

However, after Nastya started starring in the TV series "Univer", any communication between her and her brother, as well as her mother, quickly came to naught, and then their communication, even at a distance, abruptly broke off.

Tattooed Hollywood Stars

In Hollywood, stars with tattoos are not uncommon. Some immortalize important events in their lives, while others confess their love. We bring to your attention the most famous tattoos of Hollywood stars.

Tattoos of female celebrities

Angelina Jolie

Among the most famous celebrities with tattoos is the Hollywood actress, the owner of 12 tattoos, Angelina Jolie. Her most celebrated tattoo is the coordinates of the birthplaces of her children, Jolie herself and Brad Pitt. Other images - a tiger, a Buddhist tattoo, an Arabic hierogriff, the number 13, the Latin inscription "Quod me netrit me destruit", which means "What nourishes me, that kills me," and so on.

Tattoo stars often symbolize significant events in life. Thus, Pink's tattoo on the back of her neck includes several important numbers in the singer's life. The barcode contains the date of birth, the day of the "Missundaztood" album release and the lucky number 13. In addition to this image, the singer has a star, an angel, bows on her thighs and a number of inscriptions on her body.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga decided to commemorate her legendary "Born This Way" album with a tattoo of a unicorn wrapped in a ribbon with its name. In doing so, she set the unicorn tattoo trend. Other tattoos of the Hollywood star are mouse, heart, hand, flowers and inscriptions.


Rihanna got a tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis under her breasts in honor of her late grandmother. Also, the tattooed singer has a mehendi arm, stars on her back, a shark on her ankle and writing on her collarbone.

Ariana Grande.

To commemorate the anniversary of the Manchester Arena terrorist attack, Ariana Grande got a tattoo with a bee behind her ear. The bee is a symbol of Manchester and is included in the city's coat of arms.

But the singer was not limited to one image. On her body you can find the inscription "Baby Doll", initials and images of hearts.

Tattoos of male celebrities

Ryan Gosling

Ryan's tattoo is a prime example of why you should trust a professional to do it. "One of my tattoos was supposed to be a monster hand dropping a bloody heart. But I got it done myself with a tattoo kit, so it looks like a cactus," he explained in an interview.

Justin Bieber

The idol of a million girls, Justin Bieber, has dozens of tattoos, including a portrait of Jesus on his leg. Other images of the singer: an eagle on his stomach, a grizzly bear on his chest, an owl on his arm. Also, the inscriptions "Patience" on his neck and "Better at 70" on his hip.

Tom Hardy.

Tom got his first leprechaun tattoo as a 15-year-old teenager. This mythical creature reminded the actor of his Irish ancestral roots. A number of other tattoos include several inscriptions, masks, a dragon, a Celtic pattern, the Virgin Mary, etc.

George Clooney

The Hollywood actor has one tribal flame tongue tattoo from his neck to his wrist. Such patterns speak of the wearer as a person of courage, wisdom and strength.


Theatrical career

On completing her studies at the GITIS in 2010 she was invited to join the Moscow Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya, where she worked until 2021. During this time she appeared in productions of different styles, including Prince Caspian, Our Man in Havana and The Possessed.

Together with a colleague, actor Vladimir Yaglych, in May 2021 was invited to the show "Evening Urgant" on the premiere of the play "Salem Witches", where Samburskaya played one of the leading roles.

She began her film career with episodic roles

Initially appeared in episodic film roles, the most successful of which was her participation in an episode from the third season of the TV series "Univer". In the popular series, Nastasia Samburskaya played Michael's girlfriend.

The first appearance in the old "Univer":

First appearance in the old
Photo: TNT, Picaboo

In addition to "Univer" Samburskaya appeared on screen in an episode of the TV series "Esenin", where she starred as a student of GITIS. She also got episodic roles in other TV series, including the tapes "Engagement Ring", "Detectives" and "Amazons".

Role in "Univer" and her controversial exit from the series

Since 2011, she played one of the leading roles in the television series "Univer. New Dorm".

Came to the project after the planned recruitment of new actors associated with the renewal of the series, then participated in the casting for its next season and got the role of one of the central characters, Kristina.

Gradually became one of the most recognizable and popular actresses of the project, but in the fall of 2015 she left it, stating that she decided to leave "Univer" herself, no longer looking like a student.

And today the girl claims that she left the series solely on her own initiative, without negativity or scandals, having been fed up with its monotony, and wanting to grow creatively.

However, the creators of "Univer" not once mentioned the boorish and inadequate behavior of Nastasia on the set, her frequent tardiness and disrespectful attitude toward colleagues. But the character of Samburskaya became popular with the audience, and therefore the producers for a long time closed their eyes to her behavior.

Further film work

In parallel with the shooting in "Univer" in 2014 starred in a multiseries melodrama "Give me back my love", in 2021 played in the comedy "Hold the blow, baby", then got a role in the film "Friday", for which she learned to make her own cocktails.

Then she appeared in the image of the twin sisters in a four-part detective film "Obsession", then - in the comedy film "Women Against Men".

From 2021. starred in the television series "The B Team" as a flight engineer, participated in the work on the paintings "Vacation of the President", "Zomboyaschik" and the second part of the film "Women Against Men".

The beginning of her musical career

In 2012. Samburskaya began her career as a singer, releasing her first single "You're Missing", a year later she had her debut performance in a club in the capital. Since 2021 has been working with producer Viktor Drobysh.

She publishes clips of her own compositions on her YouTube channel. Her first music video, "Bad Boys", appeared on the Web in 2021. A year later Samburskaya shot clips for the songs "Masochists", "Bl*di" (in two versions - with and without censorship) and "Old".

TV career

As a TV presenter, she debuted in the TV show "I am right" in company with actress Darya Sagalova and singer Yulia Kogan. According to the script of the show, the co-hosts discussed various women's problems on the air.

In discussions Nastya acted as a defender of the male point of view on the issue raised, entering into a polemic with Yulia Kogan, who defended the female point of view on a certain problem.

In 2021 she participated in the TV show "Without Insurance", during the filming of which she injured ligaments in her leg and dropped out of the project. In the fall of 2016, she participated in the filming of "Battle of the Psychics" as Mr. X.

In 2021, together with Yulia Minakovskaya, she began hosting the program "General Cleaning" on the TV channel "Friday! The essence of the program lies in the fact that the hosts visit people who neglect cleaning their apartments and restore order in their homes.

Since November 2021, she was the host of "Revizorro" on the same channel. The hosts of this show are responsible for inspecting Russian hotels, restaurants, and clubs, and recording the violations they detect on camera. After the program's release on TV, the data obtained become the basis for inspections of establishments that came to the attention of the presenters by the competent government agencies.

Samburskaya's appearance on "Revizorro" led to new scandals and conflicts. Thus, her colleague, Helena Leuchaya, unflattering commented on the actress, comparing her arrival to the project with the "murder of the program", calling Nastasia carrier of heavy and aggressive energy.

As expected, Samburskaya did not remain silent, harshly responding to Helena and promulgating a number of unflattering facts about her in the media.


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