Tattoo with birds and their meanings: Phoenix, Firebird, for girls, men, on the hand, wrist, feather. Sketches + 150 PHOTO.

Everyone knows that birds are always associated with the boundless sky, freedom, sincere dreams and a sense of happiness. That is why they are often used in body painting. Birds are especially popular with girls, because with their help it is possible to emphasize elegance and femininity. But it is still worth considering that each of them has its own individual meaning.


A small bird of bright color has become one of the favorites of the fair sex. It is depicted on clothing and accessories, as well as increasingly chosen as a pattern for tattoos.

As for its meaning, there is no single option. But most often hummingbirds are considered a symbol of love, courage, softness of character, as well as freedom and energy. In turn, colored tattoos of this bird indicate the desire of the owner to have a bright, luxurious life.

Other birds in tattoos: hummingbird, swallow, tit

A favorite place for tattoos in girls are the wrists, hands, neck. Thus, they seek to draw attention to the graceful curves, to emphasize the gracefulness of their bodies. For these places will be suitable tattoo with small birds.

The best possible option for any zone on the body will be a hummingbird tattoo, because of its small size. It will indicate cheerfulness, courage in self-expression. Hummingbirds will approach optimists who prefer to see everything in bright colors.

Tattoo hummingbird

Tattoo of a hummingbird

Hummingbird tattoo Hummingbird tattoo

Hummingbird tattoo

Hummingbird tattoo

The bird symbolizes the ability to enjoy life, to enjoy every little thing, to appreciate the good attitude of others.

  • On the wrist, scapula - a hummingbird will give the owner of the tattoo additional mobility, mobility.
  • On the neck will help to attract good luck in all endeavors.
  • A bird, depicted on the shoulder, hand, tells about the freedom and independence of the bearer of the tattoo.

Tits - another feminine symbol associated with loyalty and justice. This tattoo is chosen by creative girls, with a rich inner world and a sincere heart.

Tattoo options with a tit:

  • To attract wealth and abundance, the tit is depicted with open wings, holding fruits, cereals in its beak.
  • On the friendly disposition and good-natured hostess tattoo, tells tit, marked on the wrist, ankle, collarbone.
  • In the decollete area the bird will talk about decency and loyalty.

The swallow is a symbol of love, tenderness and good luck charm. Such a drawing will indicate a sensitive nature, able to empathize, have compassion for others. Tattoo artists note that most often the swallow is inscribed on the neck, wrists and shoulder blades.

Located on the collarbone, the swallow will be a Symbol of commitment to family traditions, home comfort, loyalty in love.


In ancient times the swallow was considered as a real symbol and talisman for sailors and people who work far from home. In the modern world, its meaning is somewhat broader. Reliability, youth, happiness in the home, freedom, love and prosperity - all this refers to the swallow.

In addition, this bird is a symbol of spring and love, so very often its image is combined with other symbols. Often it is a heart and a variety of flowers.

If you liked this bird, it is recommended to make an individual sketch. Only in this way you will be sure that the image will have the necessary meaning.

Bird tattoos - where best to apply: the best locations

When you have chosen a certain sketch, it is necessary to think about where to apply the tattoo on the body. After all, the size of the tattoo can be different, the large image is better to stuff on the back, chest, those that are smaller - on the hip, leg. Also it is necessary to consider the sex of the future owner of a tattoo. After all, not always beautiful on a man will look a little birdie on his hip or lower back. Such tattoos are more suitable for girls. In addition, men have more space on the shoulder, there you can put a beautiful tattoo of medium size, which the girls will look harmoniously on the hip.

See below examples of original sketches and tattoos on the body, which you may wish to score yourself:

Raven on the shoulder
A raven on the shoulder

Tattoo on the shoulder - griffon
Tattoo on the shoulder - Griffon

Tattoo - owl
Tattoo - owl

Tattoo - raven
Tattoo - raven

Owl tattoo: realistic style
Tattoo of an owl: a realistic style


In 2021, the flamingo has gained particular popularity among girls. And it is not surprising, because the bright, beautiful bird looks really stunning. Now its image is used as a print on clothing and accessories, many make various jewelry in the form of flamingos. Of course, the world of body painting has not bypassed this trend either.

It is worth noting that this bird is a symbol of environmentalists, so very often tattoos are done by active members of this community. Also, the flamingo means romance, dreaminess and a positive perception of the world.


As we know, the stork is considered a symbol of home, coziness and fertility. However, as for tattoos, the meaning of this bird can be different. According to some sources, the drawing of a stork is a kind of amulet, which clears the mind and gives peace of mind. Others say that this bird brings good luck and contributes to the birth of a child in the family.


Beautiful, majestic birds always attract the eye and cause amazement. That is why tattoos with the image of a peacock are always large, voluminous and look truly luxurious. As for the meaning, this bird is a symbol of longevity, wealth, immortality, and even romance. That is why most often such a picture is chosen by goal-oriented people who do not forget about self-fulfillment and look at the world with a smile.

The Owl

For decades, owl has been considered a symbol of sinister power, as well as darkness and nightlife. At times it was associated with magic, death and even the afterlife.

Nowadays, it is believed that it means wisdom, prudence and fear, and loneliness. That is why most often a picture in the form of an owl choose calm, peaceful and wise people who do everything measured. By the way this tattoo looks great on almost all parts of the body. But most often it is depicted on the arms or legs.

What does the bird tattoo mean: historical, semantic meaning of the image of a bird, photo

In ancient times, it was believed that the bird is a helper of heroes who stand up for the forces of good or evil. As already mentioned, much depends on the variety of fauna. So crows have always served on the side of evil, and pigeons were a symbol of peace and goodness.

A tattoo on a guy's arm - a dove.

Birds could warn people of the danger that awaited them.

Thanks to their ability to fly, they already saw evil forces in advance, and warned their masters about it. Even these lovely animals in the myths of various countries were the image of the souls of the dead, who seek to get in this way to heaven.

Bird Shoulder Tattoo
Tattoo on the shoulder - a bird

Even in ancient Egypt there were whole works of art with images of people with bird heads. This symbolized immortality after the transition from this world to the next. It embodies the spiritual qualities of the human essence. On the walls of the tombs themselves talented masters depicted birds, which are supposedly the guardians of the deceased.

In European countries and America, ravens and vultures were associated with harbingers of terrible diseases. In South and North America birds symbolized the masters of various elements, they are believed by people to be actively involved in the creation of the universe.

Tattoo of a raven on his side
Tattoo - a raven on his side

IMPORTANT .: In Rome, old-timers watched birds singing and predicting the future. Because it was believed that these animals have more knowledge than people. Many in ancient times worshipped these creatures as deities. Christians venerated doves. After all, it was this bird that brought the good news that the Savior would soon be born.


A symbol of transfiguration, love, loyalty and purity is, of course, the swan. Tattoos with his image are very popular not only among women, but also among men. Moreover, some lovers do paired tattoos as a sign of their loyalty to each other and strong feelings.

People who choose such an image for themselves, very much value their family and relationships in general. Tattoo of a swan can be performed both in black and in color. Very often this bird is complemented by interesting details in the form of greenery, beautiful flowers and hearts. Such compositions look really beautiful and harmonious.

The dove .

This bird has always stood out for its tenderness, elegance and beauty. Since ancient times, it was considered a symbol of goodness and closely intertwined with the concept of femininity and love.

As for the meaning of the tattoo with this image, the pigeon with an olive branch in its beak is a symbol of forgiveness. In any case, this bird has always had an exclusively positive meaning, so many choose it as a talisman.

It is necessary to note that the pigeon has a special meaning for those who are in love. They consider it a symbol of loyalty to a loved one. Therefore, it is often possible to see this bird on paired tattoos.

The esoteric and cultural meanings of different feathered birds

Each type of bird, the combination of its image with other elements, as well as the location of the nail have different meanings in the esoteric and culture of different nations.

Bright hummingbird

In nature, the hummingbird is the smallest and most beautiful bird. Therefore, the meaning of the tattoo is to demonstrate to others the lightness of character, even a little frivolity. Hummingbird feathers are soft and smooth, so the owner of the tattoo has a compliant nature, in relations with the opposite sex is gentle and compassionate.

Bright hummingbird

Hummingbird never rests, getting its own food, so the tattoo indicates the diligence of the owner, the indefatigability in achieving the goal. The bright coloring of the bird is applied with special paints to convey the image of the original as much as possible, and symbolizes the inner and outer beauty of the person. The hummingbird image is more suitable for women.

Crows and owls

Peoples perceive the image of the raven in different ways. In some it is a symbol of success and wisdom, in others - the herald of evil and misfortune. It is necessary to distinguish between images of a raven and a crow, which have opposite esoteric meanings. Raven represents intelligence, protection, mystical knowledge. The raven symbolizes stupidity, flattery, deceit and betrayal.

In combination with other elements, the image of the raven acquires various semantic interpretations:

  1. The raven and the skull. The tattoo reminds others of human mortality. But since the raven is a symbol of protection, the tattoo indicates the owner's ability and desire to protect and defend their loved ones, as well as a good patriotic upbringing.
  2. Raven and wolf. A powerful symbol on the body of a man strong in spirit which speaks of wisdom and enterprise in the victory over enemies, the ability to predict the future.
  3. The raven and the key to the castle. As the image of the bird symbolizes mystical knowledge unknown to the world around, and the key is a sign of mystery, the image of the raven holding the key in its beak indicates a closed nature of the owner. He knows how to keep other people's secrets and is not inclined to tell his problems to family and friends.
  4. A raven and a clock. This tattoo is a reminder of the transience of life, that you should not waste time.

Crows and owls

Some women and men prefer to tattoo a white crow.

This image of the bird indicates an unconventional nature, the desire to stand out from the crowd.

The image of an owl is a symbol of wisdom and judgment. In this way, it is possible to find a way out of the most difficult situations, just as an owl in the dark at night, looking for something to eat. People who prefer to lead a nocturnal lifestyle, often choose to tattoo the image of an owl. In ancient Greece, it was believed that the owl was an adviser to the militant goddess Athena. Therefore, the image of the bird is used as a talisman-helper in making important decisions.

Pigeons .

For most peoples of the world, the dove represents peace and tranquility. The ancient Greeks depicted pigeons at the throne of Zeus. It was believed that these feathery birds were harnessed to Aphrodite's chariot, so the bird is a symbol of love and fidelity. By imprinting the image of a dove, people hope that the goddess will help them meet the man who will love them for life.

African aborigines still believe that the dove is the spirit of a dead honest and righteous man. In the Christian religion pigeons are always present next to the image of Jesus Christ, so this bird reminds mankind of the crucifixion of the Son of God for their sins and calls for remorse and repentance.

The tattoo of a bird holding an olive branch in its beak symbolizes hope for a happy future. According to the text of the Bible, after the forty-day flood the dove brought Noah a branch of a tree, which signaled the end of cataclysm and the beginning of a new life on earth.

In nature, pigeons create a mating pair only once, so the image of 2 birds on the body indicates the fidelity of the owner to his beloved. Because birds take care of their chicks until they become independent, the image of the dove with open wings symbolizes maternal tenderness and love.

Proud Eagles

The image of the eagle represents a strong, commanding nature. Like a proud bird soaring high in the sky and watching what is happening on earth, the owner of the tattoo looks at others with emphasized arrogance. But such a person is always on the lookout for the interests of loved ones. He is always ready to protect relatives from harm, to help them in solving the difficult problems of life.

In combination with other natal signs, the meaning of the tattoo changes:

  1. Eagle, tearing the snake. Nakolka demonstrates the victory of good over evil, i.e., a person seeks to perform fearless deeds in the name of justice, overcoming all obstacles.
  2. Eagle in the nest - the protector of the family home. Such an image is painted by men who are always ready to protect their families.
  3. An eagle soaring under the clouds. The tattoo indicates freedom-loving, unwillingness to submit to the influence of others, the desire to always have their own opinion and to live only by those laws, which the owner of the tattoo considers true and fair.

Proud eagles

This tattoo is more suitable for men, but sometimes it is chosen by women. If the image of a proud eagle is put on the body of a girl, it means that she is the owner of male qualities: fearlessness, courage and determination.

In each country, the eagle tattoo has a different interpretation. For example, in Norway, the eagle symbolizes worldly experience and a high intellectual level (as in Russia owl). Patriotic Americans often tattoo an eagle with outstretched wings in conjunction with a flag.

Such a tattoo allows them to express their love and devotion to their country and people, their readiness to defend the state in case of danger. The Indians tattooed only to warriors who distinguished themselves in battle.


In ancient Egypt, the swallow was a symbol of sailors' desire to return to their home port. But such a tattoo had to be earned. Only sailors who had sailed more than 5,000 miles could afford to wear the image of a swallow on their bodies.

The ancient Greeks believed the bird to be a personification of the goddess Aphrodite, the patroness of youth, beauty and tenderness. Tattoo with the image of a swallow pricked young beautiful women, who later became wives of rich and influential men.


In modern culture, the image of the swallow, in combination with other elements has the following esoteric meanings:

  1. A bird in flight - good luck in financial endeavors, freedom of thought and a desire to do good deeds.
  2. A swallow holding a clover stalk in its beak. Nakolka indicates that the owner of the tattoo is happy.
  3. A pair of birds - strong family ties. Tattoo can be dedicated not only to the spouse, but also other close family members.
  4. A swallow with playing cards is a talisman for gamblers. If you roll up your sleeve during the game so that the image was visible to others, the player is sure to win big money.
  5. A flock of small birds on the wrist - a love of travel.

Peacocks .

The image is more often tattooed on girls who have a bright, extraordinary appearance, or those who want to stand out against the background of others, but do not have attractive physical data.


In ancient times, only rich people could afford to keep these luxurious birds. Therefore, since ancient times, the peacock has been a symbol of wealth and success. The image of the peacock, when applied to the body, tattoo specialists rarely combine with other elements, as the picture of the bird with the fluffy tail, and so shines with the entire spectrum of colors and is depicted by many smooth lines.

Young men rarely decide to get a peacock tattoo. But those men who wear this tattoo show those around them complete financial freedom and a constant desire to earn more.

Migrating Birds

Flocks of birds soaring upwards signify freedom, rising above life stereotypes, striving for spiritual development and perfection. The birds, surrounded by stalks of plants, symbolize balance and happiness in one's personal life.

Migrating Birds

Fairy tale and fantasy birds

The most popular among young people is a tattoo depicting the fabulous phoenix bird. The legend of this unusual creature was born in ancient Egypt. The phoenix embodied the sun god Ra. The bird is endowed with the ability to be reborn from the ashes. Therefore, the phoenix worn on the body indicates renewal, rebirth. It is believed that man, who spelled the image of this mythical creature, will live a long and happy life.

fantasy birds

Esotericists believe that a tattoo of a phoenix is a talisman that brings good luck and protects against evil eye and spoilage. Many people who have survived severe trauma (for example, in a car accident) or who have overcome deadly diseases, put the image of a phoenix on their body as evidence that they have died and been reborn again.

Sparrows and other small birds

The image of the sparrow represents frivolity, boldness, spontaneity, unwillingness to think about problems, and to accept life as it is. According to legend, the sparrow refers to gray, unsightly birds that are sometimes capable of thoughtless actions. But God also cares about this inconspicuous creature and sends him food every day. Therefore, people who wear a tattoo with the image of a sparrow on the hand, position the way of life in which one should not spend too much time on financial, love and other problems. God will decide everything for a person.


Beautiful swans

In many nations, the swan symbolizes loyalty and faithfulness in marital relationships. Birds, creating a marital union, forever remain faithful to their partner. It happens that when one of the individuals dies, the other ends up committing suicide by jumping from a great height onto rocks. In addition, the birds are attentive to the other congeners of the flock. Because of weakness or illness of one member of the community, the birds postpone the flight until the sick swan recovers.

The image of a swan on a man's body signifies courage and nobility. Such tattoos indicate that the owner is a good family man and is ready for the most desperate deeds for the sake of their loved ones. Nakolka with the image of a bird with a gold chain around his neck demonstrates faith in God and reverence for biblical laws. If a name or initials are carved next to the image of a bird, it means that the wearer has had an unhappy love affair in his life.


A swan with a crown on its head is tattooed by members of the criminal world. The tattoo means imprisonment.

Girls often choose to be tattooed with the image of a swan. The bird symbolizes grace and grace, loyalty to his partner.

The Firebird .

Rebirth and immortality are the most important meanings of the Firebird tattoo. In some countries, it is also a symbol of cyclicality. In addition, the bird is very often compared to fire and the sun. Therefore, there is an opinion that it is a kind of amulet and protection from bad events and negativity.

Often the Firebird tattoo is made in the form of a large, so it is best suited for this area of the back or shoulder. Smaller images are made on the leg or collarbone, which looks no less attractive. To choose a tattoo with a Firebird is worth of wise people who believe in themselves and in the best.

Tattoo Birds for Men - Sketches of Tattoos with Birds for Men

Men choose swallows, owls, hawks, eagles and crows for tattoos. Swallows became popular thanks to the old tattoos that sailors used to do for themselves. That is why most often you can see a swallow tattoo in an old-school style.


The image of a raven as a tattoo has been used for more than a dozen years. Nevertheless, it does not lose its relevance even now. Its meaning is very ambiguous, as it has not only positive but also negative sides.

Most often, it is considered that the raven is a symbol of death and the afterlife. At the same time, it is a symbol of wisdom and hermitage. Therefore, the meaning of the tattoo must be determined individually, depending on what meaning you will put into it.

The bird tattoo is really a worthy option not only for women, but also for men. With its help, you can decorate your body and even find a personal talisman with a good meaning.

Flocks of birds, bird feathers in tattoos

The flock of birds depicted on the body has several meanings:

1Cleverness, the ability to live and work together, to realize one's dreams in cooperation with others.

2The desire for freedom. Birds flying away in flocks into the clouds speak of the desire to break away from materialism, to comprehend spiritual values.

3Lightness of character, optimism, no attachment to the place of residence, material objects and people around.

4Symbol of inspiration and spirits.

Interpretation of the tattoo of a flock of birds will also depend on the specific type of birds depicted on the body. The best places for the application of such a drawing for girls:

  • The area behind the ear;
  • wrists;
  • neck;
  • arms;
  • collarbones.

Not daring to get a visible tattoo, some women choose to A tattoo of a bird's feathers. The choice of such a pattern is also associated with certain character traits: honesty, courage, freedom. Bird feathers perfectly emphasize the graceful curves of the body, draw attention to the grace and beauty of the bearer of the tattoo.

Tattoo of a feather

Tattoo of a feather

Tattoo feather

Tattoo feather Tattoo feather Tattoo feather

Separately distinguished among bird feathers:

Peacock Speaks of the desire for superiority, self-expression, the desire to stand out from the crowd.

Crow feather Loneliness, freedom and detachment.

Eagle This tattoo is preferred to men, as it symbolizes the strength of will, resilience and indestructibility of character.

Phoenix . Renewal, rebirth to a new life.

A single feather Speaks of the loss of loved ones, sad parting, undivided love. A broken, damaged quill indicates a tragic event. - Indicates a tragic life event, severe emotional pain.


For women

For men