Tattoos for Girls - The Most Popular and Fashionable Female Tattoos

girl with a tattoo

Tattoos or tattoos on women or men - a drawing on the skin, made with a dye injected with a sharp object into the shallow layers of the dermis. The word "tattoo" itself came into use thanks to the famous discoverer James Cook, who brought it from the islands of Polynesia and Indonesia, where the practice of tattooing was passed down from one generation to another for thousands of years. In the language of the locals it was called "tatau", which means drawing.

From ancient times to the present day, tattoos have not only retained their popularity, but have grown into a separate art form. A huge number of fans of tattooing continue to compete in the brightness and originality of images on their bodies.

Tools of ancient tattoo masters3

There is a version that the history of tattoos began completely by accident. People noticed that the soil or soot that got into a fresh wound later as if ingrown into the skin, forming spots and vague patterns. This is how the primitive technique of tattooing was born: cuts were made on the body and covered with soot, earth or known dyes.


For centuries, the tools were quite primitive and, at times, improvised materials:

  • A split bamboo stick in Thailand;
  • Indian hammers;
  • Sharpened teeth of fish or animals;
  • Bones of fish or animals;
  • Shards of rocks.

Only with the development of metallurgy began to appear iron needles, which made it possible to make the process of tattooing less traumatic. As for the dyes that were injected under the skin, they were quite varied and depended on geographical features:

  • Charcoal and soot in Polynesia;
  • Ash from the Slavs;
  • Colored clay;
  • Plant juice;
  • Mollusc secretions;
  • Cinnabar;
  • Henna.

Japanese tattoos

Let us note the technique of the ancient Slavic craftsmen. They used pintaderas in their work. Peculiar seals, with the pattern applied, allowed to cover the body with a continuous pattern, which was necessary in magical ceremonies. With the advent of Christianity, pagan rituals were eradicated and the secret of ancient craftsmanship was irrevocably lost.

Tattoos for girls: the choice of the brave and confident

Not every representative of the beautiful half of humanity dares to put a tattoo on her body. Even though stereotypes are gradually dying out and such girls are not looked at obliquely.

The main thing when choosing a tattoo - to trust an experienced and qualified master. He will be able to choose an original sketch, corresponding to the inner world of the girl, and qualitatively transfer it to the body.


Speaking about the tools and methods of tattooing, it is impossible not to mention the topic of scarring. In the classic sense, tattoos were common among the fair-skinned inhabitants of the planet, while black people decorated their bodies with scarring. The tradition is ancient, but lives and is practiced today in some tribes of New Guinea, Africa and Australia.

Everything that is characteristic for tattoos is also characteristic for scarring. It can be attributed to a separate type of tattoo. In other words, scars were applied specially in the form of various patterns, they had magical powers, they were endowed with protective properties and so on.

A body artificially unscarred was considered ugly and its owner a coward. In a tribe living in Benin, scars are applied to children from the age of three. Only after acquiring a pattern on his body, the child begins to be considered a member of the tribe.


Scarring differs from tattooing in the way it is applied: the skin is lifted with a hook and then cut off. The process can be repeated many times to achieve a particular result. Such is the painful and bloody art.


Women's tattoos on the back are characterized by soft shapes and a rich palette of colors. Their main task is to make the silhouette subtle and attractive. Girls with opulent forms such tattoos help to visually stretch the figure, due to which it seems much slimmer.

It is best to choose the long vertical sketches on half of the back. These can be peacocks with drooping tails, birds rising into the sky, lianas, etc. Tattoos that go below the waistline, to the side or to the shoulder look spectacular.

A relatively small tattoo can be placed on the shoulder blade or side. But, irrespective of the sketch, it is necessary to avoid dark paints. If you really want to make a monochrome tattoo, it is better to leave it in the form of outlines.

Tattoo today: reasons, opinions and statistics6

More than a hundred years have passed since the invention of the tattoo machine. How has this industry changed and how do men and women from different countries treat tattoos today?

In modern Russia there are many tattoo parlors open and a huge number of people use their services. But to voice real numbers will hardly get due to the fact that in our country the data on the number of tattoos, the social status of their owners, age are simply not conducted. In addition, this trend is considered quite young. In our country, the history of tattoos began to revive only since 1990.

There are data from surveys conducted among students at two Moscow universities. 20% of first-year students have tattoos on their bodies. Boys make up 60% of this sample, while girls make up the remaining 40%. The young men said their first tattoo was made between the ages of 13-18. Of those surveyed 33% made a conscious choice while 67% were influenced by friends.

tattoo on the face

Interestingly enough, the question of why these young people chose to get tattoos was left them stumped. Because of their age, almost all had tattoos done on a "just because" basis. The most popular place for tattoos among guys is the legs and forearm.

Representatives of the female half of respondents got their first tattoos at age 17-18 without influence from friends. Girls were driven by the desire to become more beautiful and to stand out from the crowd. On the whole, their tattoos are of romantic nature.

The survey conducted among senior students did not reveal any particular disagreement. The reasons, age, and favorite places turned out to be similar. As you can see, the sample for conclusions based on statistical data is extremely small. But in the U.S. it is a whole industry, which sociologists do not bypass their attention.

The history of tattoos on the American continent dates back to Native American tribes. This movement gained particular popularity with the development of rock culture in the 60s and to this day retains its relevance and relevance: many Americans are eager to get a tattoo.

According to the results of studies conducted by scientists from Ohio State University, 15% of the country's population have at least one tattoo on their bodies. If we talk about the age parameter of bearers of tattoos, the picture looks as follows:

  • 10% of Americans with tattoos are in the age group of 40 to 56 years old;
  • 33% of Americans have tattoos before the age of 34.

tattoo on hip

According to surveys, the art of tattooing is especially popular among young people. It turns out that every third American under the age of 34 has a tattoo. This is a huge popularity and preconditions to the fact that the number of those wishing to begin to decrease simply does not exist. Today the tattoo industry in America is at its peak.

The reasons that prompted both adult and young Americans to get tattoos are as follows:

  • 66% got tattoos to improve their appearance and appear more attractive;
  • 66% thought it would give them a new social status;
  • 33% use tattoos as a means of self-expression;
  • 33% tattooed to feel like a different person.

Well, the reasons of the modern person who wanted to make himself a tattoo, strikingly different from the reasons of antiquity.

Tattoos for girls photo: rules of choice

So, let's repeat, what are the most popular themes of drawings among the beautiful half of mankind:

  • flowers;
  • inscriptions and hieroglyphs;
  • floral ornaments;
  • Animals, birds, insects;
  • Japanese drawings.

Optimal place of application are the ankles, wrists - it is in these places, the skin is less stretched and the picture will retain its attractive appearance for a long time.

Please note!
In this article we do not focus on such an area as intimate female tattoo. It is a topic of a separate conversation.

Black and white drawings are constantly receding into the background. More and more girls are opting for colored tattoos.

Take into account the fact that your sketch should be unique. It is not necessary to repeat the tattoos found in the Internet - only original, specially prepared sketch will allow you to stand out truly, to emphasize the uniqueness.

Now we will briefly consider the basic directions realized at creation of female tattoos.

Floral and vegetal ornaments, butterflies

Such images are subtle, delicate and feminine. If they will be applied by an experienced and qualified master, it will be possible to create a special game of light and shadow, which gives the tattoo realism.

Inscriptions and phrases

Girls often choose these kinds of tattoos. They will help to reveal the subtlety of the mental organization, indicate the preferences and tastes of a beautiful lady.

Among the most common directions:

  • commemorative dates;
  • quotations of great thinkers and philosophers;
  • important words and their own sayings;
  • names of cities that have made special changes in life, etc.

For phrases, dates, and quotations, it is important to choose the right font. And also add a small picture to complete the meaning of the words.

Pay attention!
Girls very much like to put an image of hearts on their skin. And also - cute fairies. The latter represent a kind of talisman!

Various subjects

Including everyday objects. Even an ordinary key or lantern, worked on by skilled craftsman, will look unique, unique and very beautiful. In addition, such a drawing will be filled with special meaning!

Attitude towards tattoos7

The attitude towards tattoos has always been controversial. More loyal to the tattoo refers to young people, and, we are talking about both guys and girls. It is connected with the fact that in this period tattoo is perceived as a means of self-expression and demonstration. And with age everything becomes not so unequivocal.

Surveys show that a person who got a tattoo when they were too young later on begins to regret it. In addition, 2/3 of respondents confirmed the negative attitude of their relatives and acquaintances toward their body markings.

tattoo on the skull

Girls whose tattoos are located in hidden and not demonstrative places did not feel any particular negativity. But here's the interesting part! According to surveys, men's opinions on women's tattoos are absolutely disapproving. Apparently, they did not dare to express it directly to the woman.

So what do men think about tattoos on girls? The associations turned out to be quite unpleasant:

  • An association with an ancient profession;
  • A prison past;
  • Feminism and lesbianism.

In general, men's views on female tattoos are negative. However, not everything is so sad. There is a widespread belief that a tattoo is possible, but it must be to a woman's face: appropriate to her style, behavior and social status, and most importantly, her age.

A man as a consumer and proprietor by nature thinks on two planes:

  • A sexy tattoo on the body of a strange woman can turn you on and excite you;
  • But the thought of a tattoo on the body of his beloved woman men try to chase away.

An important condition is the size and location of the tattoo. The representatives of the stronger sex prefer to see small and unobtrusive patterns on women. The top possible places for a tattoo on a girl looks as follows:

  • Back of the head;
  • Lower back;
  • Clavicle;
  • Ankle;
  • Scapula;
  • Gluteus.

women's tattoos

Not all men disapprove of women's tattoos. There are members of the stronger sex for whom it is important that the man was good, and whether a girl has a tattoo or not is a secondary issue.

In general, the male view cannot be unequivocal. Each case is individual, as well as each separately taken tattoo. Some men accept it, others do not. For the first, the purity of the feminine is important, for the latter, the quality and sexuality of the tattoo.

The opinion of psychologists is also interesting; they consider tattoos to be primarily art. If a person does not have wild cravings and an obsessive desire to do tattoos, then such behavior remains within the norm, and is a means of self-expression and attracting the attention of others.

The main limitation is responsibility and awareness. First, before deciding to tattoo should decide on a good master. Only a specialist will fill the quality of the picture with a sterile apparatus. Secondly, it is not necessary to succumb to the latest fashions: today the popular hieroglyphs, tomorrow - the patterns and flowers.

The most popular tattoos8

Since we are talking about fashion trends and design of tattoos, let us highlight 17 of the most popular options.

  • Tribal tattoos. Came to us from ancient times, when they were invested with a special meaning. The modern man today is more attracted to the design of these drawings and the variety of sketches rather than the semantic load;
  • The image of stars. They symbolize good luck and allow you to create unpretentious and colorful patterns;
  • Cross. Such a symbol is not only an indicator of faith, but also a sign of preference. Yes, some people like crosses, and they gladly decorate their bodies with them;

tattoo cross

  • Angel. It is simply impossible to imagine a more religious symbol. Used in both brutal male and romantic female tattoos;
  • Wings. One of the attributes of angels, as well as mythical creatures. Wings are associated with freedom, purity, and the sky;
  • Maori patterns. Maori tattoos are insanely popular even today. Their ornamentation and intertwining patterns are truly beautiful. Some people dare to cover their entire face or body with such an image;
  • The dragon. Creature mythical and mysterious. A sign of power in the East. Dragon tattoos are considered the most mesmerizing and therefore popular;
  • Phoenix. Another mythical bird, only reborn from the ashes;
  • Butterfly. A typical female tattoo about freedom, lightness, rebirth;
  • Fairy. Sweet fairy image. Suitable for gentle and dreamy girls;
  • Lion. At a subconscious level, gives strength and courage to her owner;
  • Tiger. Like the previous tattoo represents strength, but thanks to the coloring it is considered more effective and expressive;
  • Rose. The most popular and seductive flower. Has several meanings: love, beauty, passion and deception;
  • Heart. Means love and devotion, occurs quite often;
  • Sign of the zodiac. Beautiful images, in addition, if you like astrology, this option will undoubtedly suit you;
  • Skull. It has a lot of different meanings, but it looks macabre and frightening;
  • Flowers. Of course, the rose is depicted more often than any other flowers. But tattoos with other species from the world of flora are no less popular. At times, whole bouquets and even flower meadows are depicted on the body.

The universal tattoo

Women's tattoo inscriptions are performed in different fonts: gothic, handwritten, volumetric. This can be hieroglyphs, Arabic script or text in one of the European languages. By frequency of use inscriptions are the most popular, and on the places where they are applied - universal.

Short slogans are beaten on the wrist, neck, chest, and ankle. Small texts or quatrains are placed on the side, back or buttocks.

The inscriptions carry no special semantic meaning, except that invested in the phrase. Depending on the style of application they look refined, delicate, elegant or assertive and rough with bold lines, chopped edges. You can match the lettering to any character. It's perfect for those who have trouble choosing their first drawing. Later it can be inserted into a larger composition, surrounded by thematic images.

The most tattooed people on the planet10.

Who with a fantasy all too well, got into our next list. The most tattooed people on the planet - on their body, there is almost no empty space, and every millimeter is worth its weight in gold. For them, a tattoo is not just a way of life, but its meaning:

  • Maria Jose Cristerna. Back in 1998 she was an ordinary mother and wife, working as an assistant judge. Today, her lifestyle has changed dramatically. Maria owns a popular tattoo parlor, loves starring in TV shows and singing. It was her tattoos that helped her escape from her past life. With each new drawing she transformed both externally and internally. Today Maria is a successful and vibrant woman;

Maria Jose Cristerna

  • Tom Leppard. He is a former British serviceman. After retiring, came the realization - he is far from the world of ordinary people. Tom got over ten thousand dollars worth of tattoos and escaped to the Isle of Skye. His entire body is covered with tattoos imitating the skin of a leopard. He continues to live on a remote island, and uses only a loincloth for clothing;

Tom Leppard

  • Tommy Wills. A rather aged man is considered the most tattooed man in England. For 50 years he has been covering his body with new drawings;

Tommy Wills

  • Etienne Dumont. Formerly an art critic from Switzerland. What drove him to such strong changes - is unknown. Today, his appearance resembles that of a monster: his body is completely covered with tattoos, he has circles in his nose, ears, and lower lip, and a horn-shaped silicone implant on his head;

Etienne Dumont

  • Gregory Paul McLaren. Had his first tattoo when he was 17 years old. It was the impact of his encounter with a prostitute. The image on his body gave the young man unprecedented confidence and helped change his mind. He has been traveling ever since and continues to get tattoos. He spent a total of 48 days under the needle. McLaren broke Tom Leppard's record and entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the most tattooed man;

Gregory Paul McLaren

  • Rick Genest (Zombie Boy). Known for the tattoo covering his body depicting a skeleton. Today, he is a media personality who participated in Lady Gaga's music video. And it all started at the age of 16 with a trivial scar on his arm, which he decided to hide under the tattoo;

Rick Geneste

  • Michelle Bomba McGee. Her body is adorned with vicious tattoos, and she herself is the epitome of vice: a neo-Nazi, a porn artist, a racist;

Bomba McGee

  • Julia Gnas. Tattoos were a forced measure for Julia: she was diagnosed with porphyria, a condition characterized by blisters that later cause terrible scars. Julia decided to hide them under tattoos. Today her body is 95 percent covered by tattoos, which made her enter the Guinness Book of World Records as the most tattooed woman;

Julia Gnas

  • Dennis Avner, or Cat Man. Since childhood, he had dreamed of being like a tiger and realized his dream: his body was covered in tattoos, his teeth were sharpened to look like fangs, and he had a mustache implanted in his face. After a long depression, Cat-Man ended his life by suicide;
  • Eric Sprague, or lizard man. His body is tattooed with reptilian scales, implants above his eyebrows that mimic the growths of a lizard, and his lips are painted dark green. He was the first to modify his teeth to look like fangs, and later he changed the shape of his tongue and stylized his fingernails.

Such are they - the most tattooed people on the planet. For some it was a challenge to themselves and the reality around them, for others it was a defensive reaction that developed into a mania.

Such different countries and such different attitudes to tattoos11

Attitudes toward tattoos are mixed. People are divided in their opinions: some accept this way of self-expression, some sharply condemn it. It is interesting that attitudes toward body art are related to our mentality. This is confirmed by the fact that representatives of different countries, due to social and cultural peculiarities, have different attitudes to this art.

Italy ranks first in the number of residents who have tattoos. 48%, or in other words every second inhabitant of this country has at least one drawing on the body. The Swedes and Americans are also trying to keep up. They are in second and third place in the ranking: 47 and 46 percent respectively. If to complicate the statistics and to conduct calculation not by quantity of tattooed people, but by volume of tattooed body, Sweden and the USA will definitely overtake Italians, preferring to impose themselves one or two tattoos.

The fourth and fifth places are shared by Australia and Argentina - 43% of inhabitants of these countries have tattoos, 42% in Spain, 41% in Denmark and 40% in Great Britain. For the inhabitants of the Foggy Albion, tattoos have ancient traditions and they are empowered even today.

full girl with a tattoo

In ninth place is Brazil and its 37% of the tattooed population. The French are at the bottom of the ten with 36%.

Along with the countries-loving tattoos, there are countries strongly condemning and even banning such art. In Japan, a negative attitude towards body art is enshrined by law. A person with a tattoo will not be able to work in public institutions and visit public places in Japanese hotels.

Going to Sri Lanka is worth knowing that if there are images of Buddha on your body, then because of religious beliefs you will not be allowed into the country. Many states have banned the use of swastikas or other Nazi symbols in tattoos. Countries that live by the laws of the Koran forbid to put any patterns on the body, because it is against religion: the body, created by the creator, is a priori perfect.

If you love travel and can't live without it, you should think carefully before getting a tattoo. Sometimes, an innocent, in our opinion, drawing on the body can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Features of colored tattoos

A colored tattoo is visible from a distance. It is always bright, juicy, as if alive, if of course you get to a professional master tattooist. Color tattoo women can do on any part of the body, just always worth to consult with the master about the selection of color, as well as size.

If on the back of a large, colored pattern will look quite appropriate, but here at the ankle will be too much. And also be sure to approach the selection of color with care and attention. Because the wrong color scheme can turn any drawing into an incomprehensible blot.

You can read more about tattoos on different parts of the body by following this link: collarbone, shoulder and forearm, ankle, back, wrist,

Preparing Before You Apply a Tattoo12

Having decided on a tattoo, it is not necessary to rush headlong into the salon. This is the time to thoroughly study the issue: choose a pattern or design, find its interpretation, decide on the place of application and the master.

Choosing a tattoo salon do not save money and to use the help of friends. It is better to overpay, but to get a quality design without the risk of infection. Your health and safety should be a priority.

girl with a tattoo

After deciding on a specialist, you will be appointed a preliminary meeting. At her you have to discuss the sketch of a future tattoo, to agree with the master of the place and clarify any details that interest you. By the way, it is better to provide drawings of the desired tattoo in a printed form and in several variants. This will help the master to make a general impression and prepare a sketch to satisfy you as much as possible. At a preliminary meeting the master will examine your skin and make recommendations.

The day of the tattoo should become a joyful day in your life. Prepare for it in advance:

  • Be sure to get a good night's sleep;
  • Do not plan the day before important business and meetings, the result of which can spoil your mood;
  • At least one day before departure, avoid alcohol. It dilates blood vessels, which makes the procedure painful and the healing long;
  • Do not drink any painkillers before the procedure. Only under the advice of the cosmetician;
  • Only for girls! It is not recommended to do tattoos during your period.

An important point when getting a tattoo is your mood. It should be as positive as possible, because you make a picture on your skin, which will remind you of this day for life. Try not to let those memories cloud your mind!


This is not the most favorable area, however, some brave ladies with dignity endure painful sessions. The peculiarity of the female figure does not allow making here a full picture, so the tattoo on the chest is limited to small delicate sketches. Good look "necklaces" in floral, Indian or Egyptian themes.

To stuff the tattoo on the front of the female torso can be above and below the breast. Unusually look miniatures, enveloping the chest on the side. But this is quite a painful procedure, and the tattoo itself will be in the blind spot.

The technical side and the preparation of the master13

For the master, your tattoo is a regular job. However, this does not mean that the master does not prepare for it.

The working area is treated every time before the next client comes. Basic training includes:

  • Sterilization of equipment;
  • Wrapping in foil items not subject to sterilization;
  • Laying out inventory - A good craftsman always has all instruments on hand;
  • Immediately prior to the procedure, needles are removed from sterile, sealed bags;
  • Machine and cords are covered with protective covers;
  • Caps are filled with fresh dyes.

tattooed girl

Work on the body begins with the contours of the future tattoo: the printed sketch is transferred to transfer paper and trimmed. The sketch is firmly attached to the pretreated, cleaned from hair and disinfected skin. Thanks to a special compound figure is imprinted on it, leaving its contours, less often the entire picture. The needle of the tattoo machine is dipped into the paint and the process of transferring the drawing from the paper to your skin begins.

The process is painful, but tolerable. Anesthesia is applied in some cases, as it can affect the quality of color. The pigment is injected into the subcutaneous layers, which helps avoid allergic reactions. Deeper the contours are injected - the stage is considered the most painful when applying a tattoo. The machine is slightly delayed in the skin with each stroke of the needle, allowing the paint to spread and fill the skin area evenly. After the end of the next step, the machine changes the needle and the dye.

The technique of tattooing is quite simple and requires only careful handling and observance of safety rules. But the most important thing is the necessary dedication of the master. Only by choosing a good specialist, relating to his work as to art, not just making money you will get a unique and priceless for you tattoo.

Pros of black and white tattoos

  • Black and white tattoos are proven to be much more durable than colored tattoos.
  • The black pigment dye is favorable to the sun, household chemicals, and salt water.
  • Black and white tattoo must be renewed not earlier than 15 years after application. Whereas the color once every 5 years.
  • The black pigment is safer than the color versions.
  • Cheap price compared to the color version.


For women

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