Popular Tattoos 2021: Women's Tattoos with Birds and Their Meaning

Every girl has thought about applying a tattoo to her body. Not everyone is capable of such a bold step, because before applying a tattoo you need to think about the style, the hidden meaning and the image itself, which will be with you for many years. In the world of tattoos there are many secrets, which we have to solve. It is believed that the tattoo can act as a talisman, or vice versa - the main trouble in your life. The most common tattoos are images of animals and birds. In some cultures, tattoos can be used as amulets or as a sign of unpleasantness. Tattoo masters recommend girls to experiment with styles, so the image of a bird can be made unique and attractive. In 2021, popular styles such as:

  • Biomechanics,
  • Bioorganic,
  • Linework,
  • Thrash Polka,
  • Neo-tradition and so on.

More often than not, girls get a tattoo that emphasizes her love for something, or emphasizes the most precious thing in her life, or even hides body flaws. One of the top trends among tattoos in 2021 is birds.

The best hummingbird tattoos with meaning

Bright and small bird is noticeably popular among girls. The image of the hummingbird can be found not only in the form of a tattoo, but also on clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. The black and white hummingbird tattoo carries: love, courage, freedom, energy and softness of character. The colored version is more indicative of a bright and luxurious life.

Swallow: the best cute bird tattoos

Previously, the swallow symbolized amulet, protection away from home, and was especially popular with sailors. Modernity erased these boundaries and expanded the meaning of this tattoo. Swallow means happiness in the home, freedom, reliability, youth, good prosperity. It is recommended to develop your own sketch to stand out your "swallow" on the general background of the same type tattoos. Then, only then will you know that your picture will mean exactly what you wanted to see in it.

Best flamingo bird tattoo options

Not so long ago, the flamingo has become in demand among the female half of humanity. And it is not surprising, because the flamingo is a bright and attractive bird. Nowadays the image of flamingo is used in prints on clothing, creating various accessories and other decorations, reminiscent of this amazing bird. Flamingo is, first of all, the protection of nature. People who work in this field will undoubtedly suit the tattoo with a pink bird. Also this bird is actively stuffed with dreamers, positive people and romantics.

Tattoo stork: beautiful options in the photo

Even our grandparents believed that the stork brings comfort and fertility. However, in the natal painting to interpret the meaning of this tattoo can be differently. Some sources claim that the image of the stork brings tranquility and enlightenment. Others say he brings good luck and offspring to the family.

Peacock bird tattoo and its meaning

Noble, beautiful birds are always in the spotlight, cause amazement. Experts of body painting strongly recommend making tattoos with a peacock of a large size and using bright colors, so they will always look voluminous and luxurious. What does the peacock mean? The peacock means immortality, longevity, wealth. Such an image will suit self-confident girls who are not afraid of difficulties in life and are willing to pursue their goal no matter what.

How to draw a sparrow

Want to know how to draw a bird in pencil? Another simple option is a sparrow.

First, draw the outline of the body in the shape of an oval, head (circle) and tail (triangle).

A line to the triangle should be drawn for the tail, followed by the contours of the legs. For the front - circle (head), then the torso and tail.

Separating line needed for the wing.

Now come to paws. When they will be drawn, go back to the head. Start with the eye, then draw the beak, and for coloring - start with the marking lines.

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The next step is pluming the sparrow and making the drawing look realistic (there are many pictures and videos on the Internet showing how to easily draw the bird).

An owl - a body drawing with deep meaning

A couple of hundred years ago, the owl was a dark image, a sinister force that was associated with magic and the netherworld. Today, however, opinion on the subject has changed. People believe that the image of the owl means loneliness, developed intelligence and tranquility. We conclude that this tattoo perfectly suits peaceful and wise people who are not in a hurry to make rash decisions. Drawing with an owl can be placed on any part of the body, there are no canons in this regard. But it is often applied to the hands or feet.


  1. The proud master of the sky is extraordinarily attractive.
  2. Having sketched the body of the bird, draw an open beak and a circle-eye on the head.
  3. Detail the picture.
  4. Open wings frame the zigzag feathers.
  5. The tail section is dropped down.

The formidable predator sits on a rock or tree stump, clawing at it with powerful claws. On his paws are characteristic down pants. It's not the most affordable suggestion, but it's worth a try.

Swan bird tattoo and its interpretation

Purity, love and loyalty are symbolized by the swan. Drawings with this bird are in high demand among women and couples in love. By making a couples tattoo with the image of a swan, lovers show their loyalty and love for each other. People who opt for a swan strongly value their family and the bond as a whole. This tattoo can be presented in color and black and white. It is quite fashionable to decorate a swan tattoo with flowers, hearts and greenery.

Cute tattoos in the form of doves with meaning

The dove is recognized as an international symbol of peace, goodness, love, loyalty and freedom. Drawing a tattoo in the form of this peace-loving bird has become not uncommon for many beautiful ladies, as it symbolizes motherhood, femininity, tenderness and peace. The option of two pigeons is chosen by people in love, who can't imagine life without each other. Pigeon carrying a branch of olive branch in his beak - a symbol of bright hope, if the same in the beak of the palm branch, serves as a guardian over the "angel of death.

Often use the tattoo pigeon as a remembrance of a loved one who left this world, depicting him as a flying bird with wings spread as a symbol of the soul, seeking heaven.

Small breeds

Sparrows are the most common family, their oval body is equipped with a round head and a triangle-beak. Doodle a wing, an eye and skinny legs. Interesting tit with a rounded yellow belly.

The smallest bird - hummingbird, which has a long nose, thickened at the base, which she drinks nectar from flower buds, it also earned fame for the ability to fly backwards. The picture will turn out plausible, if carefully worked out the feathers of birds.

Fairy tattoos of the Firebird

The fairy-tale Firebird serves as a talisman against bad and negative things. As a tattoo, it is chosen to endure the trials of life when a person feels that events are unfair to them, to transcend insurmountable "barriers of karma", and to strengthen a person's spirit. Often, this bird is preferred by both sexes. It is identified with the mythical phoenix bird, as it has the meaning of being reborn from the ashes and renewed. As a rule, such a tattoo is chosen by wise people who clearly understand that in this life everything is cyclic, there is a cycle of "life" and "death".


  1. The circle and the oval are united by rulers, the back of which will pass into the wing.
  2. Draw the head elements and a triangular tail.
  3. Allocate feathers and put the bird on a branch.

Relief outline and paint the winter singer, making the abdomen red, which is its distinctive feature.

Black raven: the meaning of unusual tattoos with a bird

The image of the raven is relevant for a long time enough, because it is a very ambiguous bird, it contains good and evil. On the one hand, the raven is a symbol of death and the afterlife, on the other hand it symbolizes renunciation from the human world and wisdom. What should be the message of the tattoo - you decide whether it's the dark or light side symbolizing your raven.

A tattoo of a bird is a really good and conscious choice for a woman. With this type of painting you can not only decorate your skin, but also protect yourself from all misfortunes.

How to draw a rooster

The cockerel is the character of many Russian folk tales. In addition, he has since ancient times been considered the keeper of the hearth and symbolized the morning dawn. Surely you want to learn how to draw a rooster? You'll need a piece of graph paper and a set of pencils.

Start with the head and the torso. Draw a circle without bringing the lines to the end. Take out the torso bottom through the arcs and connect them to the corner for the future tail.

Go to the beak, which can be depicted by two triangles, then to the scallop and the eye.

Next, the wing is displayed on the body, rounded figures are drawn below, from them are derived feet.

Of course, the cockerel needs a beautiful, large and colorful tail. For one feather has two arcs. You will need 4 such feathers.

All that remains is to draw around the cockerel with a pen and paint it. For the tail and legs need bright colors, scallop paint red and beak - yellow. That's it.


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