Tattoos for Capricorn Men: the meaning of the zodiac sign

The constellation Capricorn is the hardest to see on the horizon, as it rarely and very low rises in the sky. Despite the fact that a huge number of stars are clustered in it, the constellation itself and the symbols are popular as a tattoo for Capricorn men. The character in this case is a mythical creature with a goat's head and body, as well as a fish tail.

Practice shows that it is Capricorn men who beat the zodiac symbol on their body the least often. It is associated with a lack of flight of fancy, creativity and desire to somehow decorate their bodies. But if still choose the right sketch and place, style and color for the tattoo, it is possible to abruptly change the quality of life for the better.

Capricorn zodiac sign tattoo

It is impossible to imagine a Capricorn tattoo in one presented format, it can be different pictures and symbols. To fully understand the meaning of such sketches, we offer you some of the most popular ways to convey the zodiac sign:

Goat - Symbol of hard work, earthiness, rationality, assertiveness and purpose. Also, the animal shows that the owner of the tattoo stands firmly on his feet.

Head, horns of a goat - The embodiment of the firm position of the man, his steadfastness in front of the imposed stereotypes and opinions, the willingness to move forward, the absence of fear of anything.

The constellation - An amulet that will enhance the positive qualities of Capricorn, keep him from doing the wrong things and evil thoughts.

Symbol Capricorn - The profound sacred meaning of such a tattoo will help change the worldview and worldview, and set things right in all spheres of life.

The inscription - is an indicator of commitment to this zodiacal constellation, self-confidence, acceptance of their characteristics. Tattoo will help develop intuition to get out of difficult situations.

Opinion of the expert

Viola Madison

Master of Tattoo, 8 years experience

Tattoo with the sign of the zodiac - it's not just a manifestation of the uniqueness of character and disposition, it's a great opportunity to streamline disparate affairs, increase physical and intellectual potential.


Capricorns are able to afford many stones. The choice depends on the goals, character and innate qualities. Astrologers advise the use of bright and shiny minerals that carry a positive and festive mood. For example, aventurine. It is a holiday stone. It brings positive and joyful changes and helps to adapt to them.

Among the bright stones, one should be wary of dark red ones. Especially garnet. You can wear it, but you must be careful. To the nervous and aggressive people, it adds nervousness and strengthens their negative qualities. Black minerals are also contraindicated. Such amulet will make its owner withdrawn and depressed.

Capricorns are suitable for blue, green and blue minerals, as they will serve as a source of tranquility and peace.

Capricorn's talismans are considered to be such minerals:

  • Malachite is a talisman that will improve health and protect against evil;
  • Amethyst protects from bad thoughts, moderates cravings for alcohol. It is said to be an excellent amulet for men;
  • Star sapphire is an amulet for optimism;
  • Onyx is an amulet for perseverance. But the stone should be used in small doses, or there is a danger of becoming unbearable in communication with others;
  • Moonstone will reveal feelings, make the sign more emotional and easy to communicate with the opposite sex. It is also a talisman against dark forces. Especially bright it shows its qualities during the full moon. Men better talismans with this stone should not wear;
  • Turquoise is a talisman of happy life. It will cure nervousness and add optimism to life;
  • Opal is the best talisman for Capricorn. It will get rid of all shortcomings. Opal will make the Capricorn more sociable, cheerful, optimistic, help relax and rest. It will also allow a straightforward Capricorn to see several options and ways to achieve a goal at once. It is ideal for sullen and unsociable people who reach their goals with difficulty and do not see alternative ways of solving problems. The exception is the black opal. It is contraindicated for Capricorns;
  • chrysoprase endow sign of the zodiac energy, will not let lose heart, support in difficult situations;
  • Ruby is the talisman of ambitious people, so it is ideal for Capricorn. Its purpose is to share energy;
  • Zircon is a stone of tranquility. When the work is so difficult that you are close to hysteria from overload, you need to wear zircon jewelry. The amulet will relax and relieve tension.

Choosing a stone-talisman should remember that the magical properties have only natural minerals. Synthetic minerals or imitations are empty, not filled with energy. Such a piece of jewelry, at best, will be useless, at worst, will do harm. Also, do not wear other people's amulets and averters, because they absorb negative energy.

In general, any memorable thing can become a talisman. The main thing is to listen to your intuition.

Why do men choose a Capricorn tattoo?

The history of the emergence of such a mythical creature as Capricorn goes back to ancient eras and civilizations. It has long been believed that Capricorn is proof of man's connection to the planet Sun. To understand the meaning of such a tattoo, let's dig a little into history:

  • American Indians - It is believed that Capricorn included a dragon and a fish or a bird and a crocodile, it is a kind of divine assistant in the creation of all life on the planet, as well as a source of knowledge;
  • mythology - Capricorn symbol of human connection with Zeus, he helped Pan rise to Olympus, and now helps all Capricorn people to achieve their goals;
  • Australia - people think of Capricorn as a strange creature that combines parts of a kangaroo's body, which means the constellation speaks of constant forward motion;
  • Christians - these people have a negative view of the goat image, associating it with dark forces and evil.

Today, men born under this sign are recognized as the most able-bodied, energetic, sober-minded natures. They are able to clearly define their goals, so they quickly achieve them. That said, Capricorns love privacy, which, when abused, can drive them to a dead end.

Ancient Myths.

This is the tenth astrological sign of the zodiac, which belongs to the earth element and is ruled by the planet Saturn. Ancient people called this constellation "goatfish." The analogue of Capricorn was the ancient Greek deity of the fields Pan, who was a faithful companion of Dionysus. He was born with goat horns, legs, and a beard. One day, running from Typhon, Pan fell into the Nile River, and the lower part of his powerful body turned into a fish tail.

The sign of Capricorn was also identified with the goat Amalthea. She nursed the milk of the child Zeus the Thunderer, for which he turned the animal into a constellation. In Christianity, the image of the goat was seen as extremely negative. It was associated with Satan, who often took the form of this creature and symbolized hypocrisy, cunning and meanness.

tattoo in the form of stars

In Greek mythology, the forest demon Satyr was also depicted as a goat. He represented fertility, but became famous for his riotous lifestyle, drunkenness, and excessive sexual activity. The Buddhists' goat symbolized the fire of life, while the Jews' symbolized impurity of thought.

What are the appropriate places on a man's body for a goat tattoo?

The place on the body for a tattoo with the zodiac sign is not just a man's choice, it is a chance to improve life or risk facing a negative impact on destiny. Therefore, pay attention to the competent selection of a place on the body for a Capricorn tattoo.


Since the sign Capricorn belongs to the element of the earth, to change the quality of life, it is printed as low on the body as possible. In the area of the shoulders it will be more of an aesthetic picture, rather than a sacred symbolism with deep meaning.


The hands are the working part of a man, which means the Capricorn pattern on the forearms will be a source of strength, energy and motivation for work and self-development. Be sure to supplement the sketch with symbols and other details to enhance the meaning.

Tattoo on the wrist

On the wrist of the Capricorn tattoo will act as a talisman and amulet against danger, dark forces, evil thoughts, weakness. The main thing is to competently select the sketch for the area, namely, style, scale, overall composition.

Tattoo sleeve

Tattoo that is applied to the hands in the form of a sleeve, suggests more of a demonstrative nature. Man thus denotes his character, position, views on life, warns of his peculiarities.


On the neck Capricorn will ideally look and properly "work" in the form of a symbol or inscription. In this case, the tattoo will correctly influence the thinking, perception and thoughts of the man, contribute to success in different spheres of life.


Capricorn on the chest is the choice of an unwearied, strong and purposeful man. The main thing is to competently make a sketch, so that its meaning concerned the positive qualities in the character, rather than exacerbating the natural earthiness, clumsiness and stubbornness of Capricorns.


By depicting a Capricorn on the side right below the heart, the tattoo can enhance the emotionality in a man, the passion, love and devotion. If placed on the other side of the sketch, it will increase luck in career and social life.


The best choice of location for a Capricorn tattoo is the outer side of the thighs. In this case, the tattoo will enhance such qualities as determination, decisiveness, inner strength, willingness to go forward with unrelenting assertiveness.


On the back it is rare to apply such sketches as the symbolism of the zodiac sign Capricorn. If it will be a goat, it can not only enhance the qualities in the character, but also multiply the weaknesses and negative inclinations of the nature. Especially if it is a large scale sketch.


The constellation Capricorn or a small symbol will look harmoniously on the scapula. The sign will help to tame the ego and ambition, bring more energy, enthusiasm, wisdom and inner balance into a man's life.


Capricorn tattoo on the leg is a great choice for those men who strive to achieve goals and dreams. Such an amulet will help turn luck in the direction of the owner, will make positive adjustments in life.

Animals .

As a talisman, you can have a live animal. This will be the best option, but if there is no possibility, then suit the image of an animal, a pendant, a figurine.

The most common animal mascots:

  • black cat. In spite of the widespread belief that it brings misfortune, for the Capricorn, on the contrary, such a cat will bring only good luck. Possessing a weak intuition and energy, Capricorn is subject to the bad influence of other people. The evil eye and spoilage can seriously ruin the life of this sign of the zodiac. The cat will become a talisman against all kinds of witchcraft and spoilage. The cat will become a talisman against any witchcraft and spoilage. The cat will protect its owner, all his house and relatives. By the reaction of the cat on the guest will be able to judge the intentions of the person;
  • the turtle embodies Capricorn himself and his progress towards the goal. It does not rush, does not veer off the path, and does not get distracted. The turtle simply walks. So does the Capricorn. If he sees an attractive goal, he will go for it, closing his eyes to obstacles or public opinion. The turtle statue symbolizes a rich and happy family. It is believed that it will help in strengthening love. It is necessary to write on a piece of paper the name of your beloved and put under the turtle. This will help improve the relationship;
  • An owl is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. It will protect the Capricorn from rash emotional actions, will show the right way and the easiest solution to the problem;
  • goat. The image or a figurine of this animal will become the assistant in all affairs, will attract good luck, strengthen the best qualities and weaken negative ones.

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What kind of men are suitable for?

In order not to provoke dissonance between the man and the tattoo, it is important to match the character and lifestyle with the sacred meaning of the natal drawing. The sign Capricorn can put on himself a man who has the following qualities:

  • Rigidity, calculating, rationalism;
  • firmness of position;
  • a high capacity for work;
  • developed intuition;
  • wisdom of life;
  • boundless inner energy.

The Capricorn tattoo will not suit lazy men with a passive position, weak-willed, throwing, creative personalities. It should be an agile, down-to-earth man who can set goals and achieve them every day.

Would you get a Capricorn tattoo without being one?


amulet stones by date of birth

At the time of a person's birth, the stars are in a special position - it is also important to consider when choosing your amulet.

There are different talismans and amulets for Capricorn. Whether they are suitable or not depends on the phase in which the person was born.

Men and women born from December 22 to January 2 should buy the following stones:

  • tiger's eye - will give the wearer confidence in himself and his actions;
  • serpentine - a talisman will make a woman or man calmer;
  • Rock crystal - will serve to attract good luck;
  • agate - it is responsible for the welfare of man and increases financial opportunities;
  • Malachite - a stone - a strong talisman against health problems, increases immunity.

Capricorns, whose birthday is between January 3 and 13, will suit:

  • opal - a good stimulant, it will not give up his hands or throw the started thing;
  • Onyx - amulet helps to inspire, increase energy and desire to implement all ideas into reality;
  • Chrysoprase - protects the wearer from negative thoughts and helps in business;
  • sardonyx - attracts good luck, fortune will always be on the side of Capricorn.

Those who were born in the phase from January, 14 to January, 20, fit:

  • Hyacinth - the stone endows men and women with energy, helps to achieve their goals, no matter what;
  • Ruby - increases sexual energy, helps to attract the attention of the opposite sex;
  • tourmaline - thanks to the talisman the owner will not lose faith and hope for the best, the amulet has a favorable effect on Capricorn, gives energy.

There are amulet stones suitable for all Capricorns, regardless of their gender and date of birth. They also help to find love, health, good luck or climb the career ladder, to get what they want.

How to choose a tattoo design for a place on the body?

The place on the body has its own hidden meaning, as was mentioned earlier. Taking into account this knowledge and based on the principle of proportionality, goat tattoos should be done in the following way:

  • if it is a goat or goat with a fish tail, you can apply it in a beautiful composition on the back, chest, legs, sides, arms, so that you can enjoy the details;
  • if it is only horns, goat's head, you can perform a tattoo in different styles on the shoulder blades, thighs, shoulders or forearm;
  • If it is symbolism, numbers, inscriptions, constellations, they are preferably depicted on the neck, wrist, hand, palm or fingers.

You should pay attention to how important it is for a man in a certain environment and circumstances to hide the tattoo under his clothes. If these are rare occasions, then you can not be limited to places other than the hands and neck. If it is a frequent need, it is better to choose secluded places on the body.

Women's versions

In contrast to men, beautiful ladies, when choosing a Capricorn design, in most cases tend to lean towards more colorful and detailed drawings. Despite the restraint of the sign, women's tattoos are characterized by an abundance of additions and more curved smooth lines, although neat drawings without extra strokes and additions are also very common. Very popular in women's portraits of mythical beauties with horns on his head, Capricorns with fish tails, natal drawings with constellations or the outlines of Saturn. Also, all sorts of Latin inscriptions and tiny symbols made up of a combination of numbers look very nice.

Capricorn sign tattoo styles and colors

The zodiac sign Capricorn can look dramatically different on the leg, arm, back, chest of a man, if you apply different styles and color combinations. Most often masters use the following options:

minimalism - The perfect solution for men with a strict, reserved disposition;

graphics - extraordinary style for creative people and young people;

watercolor - for stylish and modern guys;

handpoke - for representatives of subcultures;

old-school - for followers of the old school tattoo.

Important! The color solution is no less important criterion that affects the meaning of the tattoo. For Capricorn, a black and white range is more often used. Color sketches with a predominance of gray, red, pale yellow shades will suit young and energetic natures.

Technique of execution

Women's Capricorn tattoo sketches are desirable to decorate with flowers and perform in a colored version. For this purpose, such styles as realism, newskool or watercolor will be suitable. Men's tattoo sketches are monochrome restrained drawings in the style of minimalism. An original solution will be abstract elements or clear geometric shapes that reinforce the sacred meaning. Tattoo sign of the zodiac Capricorn not necessarily depicted as a symbol. The sketch of an animal standing on a globe is a very original option that will inspire new feats, as well as serve as an incentive to go forward to your dreams.

Capricorn tattoo for a girl can be decorated with thematic inscriptions reflecting life values and aspirations (for example, "Love", "Harmony", "Family"). The astral aspect will be enhanced if the composition is dominated by shades of brown. As for the zodiac Capricorn tattoo should correspond to the elements of the earth, black, dark blue and green colors are allowed. Sometimes you can add a detail of red to the composition. The image of the animal looks original in ethnic style or in the technique of geometry, where the characteristic clear lines and regular shapes prevail. Tattoo Capricorn photo works and interesting sketches can be viewed in our gallery.

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Symbols that can be combined with a Capricorn tattoo

Symbolism is no less important in the perception and understanding of the Capricorn tattoo. Most often it is combined with such elements and symbols as:

  • Gemstones - the tattoo will be an amulet;
  • Janus or Pan - a tribute to history and mythology;
  • mirror - a way to develop intuition;
  • planets, space - a source of inspiration and energy;
  • inscriptions - shows life values and aspirations.

Symbols and additional characters are appropriate for large-scale compositions and drawings, where there is an opportunity to consider the details.


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