Tattoo of the zodiac sign Aquarius (65 photos) for women and men, tattoo meanings, sketches


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Unfavorable stones for Aquarius

The representatives of the air element should be wary of certain magical objects. They can give the Aquarius excessive self-confidence, insularity, and the ability to withdraw completely into the world of fantasies.

In addition, such amulets make their owner an intemperate and conflicted person. Such talismans include:

  • minerals - diamond, spinel, ruby, coral, alexandrite, onyx, hematite, opal;
  • Beads - Teeth of the Tiger, Dragon, Ji 17 or 9 eyes;
  • runes - Otal, Uruz, Teivaz, Hagall;
  • All talismans of the Earth element.

Symbolic meaning.

Aquarius is associated with the ancient Greek myth of Deucalion and Pyrrhus, his very image is endowed with humanistic, humanistic symbols. It is generally believed that it signifies the desire:

  • to freedom...
  • ...for improvement...
  • for change and advancement
  • intellectual growth

The image of vessels filled with water or wine underlines that the bearer of the tattoo gives preference to personal connections and contacts over everything else. For men, it's best to go with abstract Aquarius and zodiac symbols. However, there are no strict restrictions on this, neither from the position of formal stylistics, nor astrologically - the main thing is that it looks harmonious and corresponds to your feeling. Small or large image is more a matter of taste.

Famous tattoo wearers are Megan Fox.

The colors of the Aquarius sign

Neon blue - Psychologically perceived as the color of the cold glow of the mind, directs a person's attention to its limitless perspectives. The color of spiritedness and impetuous movement of air, thought.

Silver - color of the dreamers, adjusts to the unreal, its possibilities. Beckons and attracts other people with its shimmer, with whom you can share ideas.

Forforcing purple, violet, blue, blue - The colors of the deep starry sky and space objects. Frame a space of ideas, prepare a person's brain for the unexpected, and add a sense of electricity.

Stones for Aquarius men

The most favorable minerals for men are considered to be:

  1. Zircon - develops mental abilities, makes its owner awake, balanced and confident in his own abilities. Attracts good luck and financial prosperity.
  2. Azurite - helps to overcome outbursts of anger, excessive conservatism and fear. Rewards creative thinking.
  3. Garnet - makes a man courageous, hardy and strong-willed. Imparts determination and a sense of self-worth. Helps to be faithful and loyal to loved ones.
  4. Chrysoprase dissuades danger and troubles, protects from slander. Helps its owner to become cheerful and open to others. Endows with eloquence.

Ornament of a stone Lazurite

Men's Aquarius tattoo

Men who choose the horizontal waves of the Aquarius tattoo usually want to emphasize their zodiacal character qualities:

  • openness and communication skills,
  • friendliness and politeness,
  • mischievousness and deep thoughtfulness,
  • unpredictability and irregularity.

Any additional elements bring new meanings, emphasize the unique properties of the tattoo and its owner. The traditional framework of the Aquarius tattoo for men can be expanded with water images of a tsunami, waterfall or calmly murmuring brook, sea animals. Each element will add to the Aquarius tattoo artistry, express personal attitudes and life position.

A male version of the Aquarius tattoo is a drawing of a water-carrier, a deity feeding the earth, pouring water from a jug or urn. The meaning of such a tattoo is getting rid of negativity, possessing youth and health, waiting for the coming changes.

Symbols of the Zodiac Sign of Aquarius

The sky and clouds, the wind. these images and their semantic load emphasizes the inner freedom of Aquarius, the spontaneity of the air environment to which they belong. It is good to use this symbolism and its images in paintings, especially in the workspace.

Wings, angels, birds, any flying objects - support the ability to drift away from the sinful world, its worries, into abstractions, fantasies, dreams.

Such a talisman for Aquarius will help increase the speed and courage of thought, provide a person with a vision of the future.

Lightning - symbolizes the way of thinking of representatives of this sign - insights, ideas. Also Aquarians develop - in flashes, suddenly turning over, changing.

The symbol of lightning helps a person to form and develop his talent to transmit his own thoughts and ideas, to charge other people in whose cooperation they are interested.

The rainbow, the rainbow bridge, the rainbow pictures - set a person on the interaction of different spaces, worlds, ideas. Such symbolism takes a person beyond the boundaries of his small life, supports the absence of boundaries for the mind.

But however, it also returns to the Earth - a seven-sphere planet, organized by 7 colors, 7 notes, reminds you of the realization of your ideas and grounding them.

Key, door, archway - this set of symbols contribute to new discoveries, support inspiration, tune in to the search for what is out there somewhere... To search for new spaces, new times, new worlds - in order to make our lives better, brighter, more suitable for life and creativity.

Stars, starry sky - These talismans are reminders about man's unearthly nature, about the presence of memories of the ancestral homeland, about the presence of cosmic memory in man.

They direct attention to eternity and infinity, which are somewhere out there, in the future and in the past, but at the same time, they are always here with us.

Jug - a direct symbol of the Sign of Aquarius, this is the cup from which he pours information, his unusual ideas on other people.

Symbol of deep inner knowledge, which must be given to other people, including the emptying. Helps the process of giving and preparing the inner emptiness of the brain to receive the new time.

What a true talisman should be

A talisman is a magical object, which, according to superstitious beliefs, brings its owner good luck and happiness, as well as strengthens health. Talisman can be any thing: a fragment of wood, a piece of stone, jewelry, etc. There are several types of talismans, differing from each other in purpose:

  • attracting victory in various competitions;
  • Assistance in difficult situations.

Important! Some magical objects are conjured by a shaman, sorcerer, etc. (for example - horseshoes for happiness).

Very often, semiprecious and precious stones act as a talisman. To be really effective, they must meet several requirements:

  • natural origin (without refinement);
  • freedom from defects of various kinds
  • A light setting that allows the stone to touch the skin of the wearer.

In spite of the fact that all fakes replicate the properties of a natural stone with absolute precision, they lack the power and energy absorbed by natural stones from the Earth and the Sun.

Stones depending on the year of birth

When choosing a mineral based on the year of birth, Aquarians should pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • amber - for Rabbits and Rats;
  • Chrysolite - for Dragons and Snakes;
  • Lapis lazuli - for Bulls;
  • Garnet and amethyst for Horses;
  • Onyx for Goats;
  • Charoit for Tigers;
  • Tourmaline for Pigs;
  • Jasper and sapphire for Dogs and Monkeys;
  • Aquamarine for Roosters.

You will be interested: What talismans and stones are suitable for the zodiac sign of Aries: matching by date and year of birth

How to Draw the Zodiac

The main thing is not the skill, but the desire. Make sure of it.

Each of us at heart an artist, and it does not matter how well you can draw or think you can not draw at all (for example, a black square). The main thing is not to be ashamed of your abilities, the more so that the Zodiac is on your side. So brave to masterpieces!

Aries often start to doodle for no reason. Just woke up one morning and decided, why not? Of course YES! Aries doodles and doodles most often express the personality of Aries, and do not conform to common standards. Moreover, Aries doodles with Ariesian persistence, fully immersing himself and giving himself over to the process.

No video.

Video (click to play).

People around him are shocked! Aries was just like Aries, and then he started to doodle and doodle, and in a way that is out of the question! Of course, people around know better how to doodle, and begin not only to give advice, but also to criticize (who are they!) and even to teach (completely crazy) Aries itself! Since Aries does not tolerate criticism in such an intimate matter as a pooch, all of their arrogant critics and advisers are quietly put on a black list. And even if they do not immediately tell their critics what they think about them, they will surely ignore them, dear advisors and critics!

Therefore, dear other zodiac signs! It is better to immediately praise the bloopers and Aries, do not lead to sin! Otherwise it may lead to all sorts of repressions, shootings and revolutions! And there on the doorstep of World War!

Dear Aries, doodle to your health! Do not deny yourself this pleasure just because they try to force you into frames, and remember frames are not for Aries!

Famous Aries artists:Van Gogh, Goya, El Greco, Raphael, Kiprensky, Tropinin, Grabar.

The most thoughtful and judicious sign. If a Taurus suddenly wanted to do some doodling, then Taurus will definitely think it over first. Allocate time in their schedule for the cribbing-painting. He will thoroughly prepare for the appointed time: gather all the information about this activity, find out all about the tools for doodling, choose the best. He'll take a bunch of tests to identify his abilities and inclinations, to choose the direction, the current and the style for his future doodles. And as always, as in any endeavor Taurus undertakes, the results will be impressive.

Even if they're not masterpieces, in any case, every line, spot or squiggle in a Taurus doodle will be the right shape, the right color and in the right place!

Famous Taurus artists.: Vasnetsov, Krymov, Gainsborough, Delacroix, Deineka, Dali.

Gemini, being a dreamy nature for a long time doodle only in their dreams, in dreams at least no one will not criticize and ridicule.

If it does come to the real Gemini kalyakaniya-painting, then they are long meandering between different artistic directions and styles, and begin to try everything! Often in all directions quickly grasping the essence, surprised by their work. And everything would be so successful, but for one problem Gemini, well categorically lacking the strength and time to do everything, so torn between different styles, Gemini leaves a trail of unfinished, unfinished and half-kalyakanyh works. If only Gemini could add Capricorn's persistence and Taurus's thoroughness, then Gemini with his irrepressible imagination would decorate the world with masterpieces in all directions and styles.

Tip for Gemini, if you often do not have the strength to finish another masterpiece, do not throw incompleteness in the trash, and put it in a separate folder, and when you want to kakalyak, but will not be the theme, it's time to review their incompleteness. And sometimes what was lying undeveloped for several years, dokalyakin under such a mood for a few minutes.

Aquarius woman in love, compatibility

Aquarius Woman in Love
Aquarius woman knows how to love: Pixabay
One of the most difficult tasks for a man is trying to win the heart of ladies who were born in late January and the first half of February. The Aquarius woman is too complicated. The nature of a relationship with her is like climbing to the top.

Many men are not ready for such feats. Although she will not play the prude or wait for stars from the sky, but will demand new sensations and impressions, not hurrying to "fall" into a serious relationship, jealousy and commitment.

What is a female Aquarius in love?

Characteristics of Aquarius ladies are full of such epithets: inaccessible and proud, cool and aloof. "Air" girls at the beginning of dating idealize men. Without waiting for a match, they reconsider their strategy:

  • enter into a serious relationship for friendship, without love;
  • Allow themselves to be wooed by several partners at once.

Despite the difficulties in their personal lives, Women of the Aquarius sign do not suffer from failures in love. They calmly accept the situation and move on with their lives. When choosing a life partner, the Aquarius lady listens to her intuition for a long time to see if her future spouse will test her will. If he will, then the wedding will not take place.

This woman should be reckoned with and not try to lock her in a golden cage. With a wise spouse, she will be caring, loving and faithful.

What is a female Aquarius in intimate life?

For women of this sign, the outer appearance of the partner, his inner world, the ability to do things is important. That is why they are not inclined to have a one-night stand, although they will willingly get in touch with a partner they like. She doesn't need a Casanova, and she won't act like an experienced courtesan herself. This woman is more important to foreplay:

  • Joint recreation and amusement;
  • a pleasant conversation.

The most sensitive part of the body is the legs: massaging the calves, ankles and feet will loosen up and warm up the partner.

Aquarius woman: compatibility

To determine the compatibility of women of the air sign with representatives of other signs, let's consider them in sequence, taking into account which element they belong to:

Fire element signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo

Fire Signs
Fire Signs and the Aquarius Woman: YouTube / Crystal Consciousness
A couple with a fiery Aries can be perfect because of their ability to find something new in each other and genuinely admire each other. The harmony of the couple can be disrupted by their partner's jealousy.

In a pair with Leo, such a woman will not get a home - a quiet haven. Leo likes her sincerity, and he expects the woman to start "nesting. For her, however, this is not a priority. The Leo man is too fickle for her: he throws a tantrum, then he smiles with warmth.

With a Sagittarius man, there will be a quality relationship. What can prevent it? Infidelity of the Sagittarius, who is accustomed to flirting and intrigue on the side. Another stumbling block could be his successful career, if the partner starts to command not only at work, but also at home.

Earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Earth signs
Earth signs and the Aquarius woman: YouTube / Crystal Consciousness
Quiet Taurus will not get along with an active partner. It will be difficult to reach agreement: he needs comfort and stability, and she breeds disorder and noise.

Virgo Men and Aquarius Women get along well in domestic and intimate matters, but spend too little time together. Virgo prefers the comfort of home, and his woman gets bored with sharing tea parties and watching melodramas.

Things are complicated with Capricorns in Aquarius. Serious partner worries about his reputation: he is afraid of being called a "horny" husband. Such an alliance is possible if a woman gives in to the demands of her partner, because she loves and respects him.

Air signs: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Air signs
Air signs and the Aquarius woman: YouTube / Crystal Consciousness
With a male Gemini, the Aquarius lady will create a beautiful alliance. They have similar outlooks on life, interests and aspirations, but someone has to take on the role of a breadwinner and create financial stability.

A man of the Libra sign will easily establish a harmonious relationship with his windy chosen one based on mutual understanding. Their relationship - the union of soul mates, supported by deep feelings. An excellent forecast for a long marriage.

Two Aquarians, at first sight, can become a perfect couple. But no one is ready to give, both are waiting for steps from their partner. In this relationship, in order to keep love, it is important to love the soul of the person, not to deal with yourself personally. Then the couple will develop and together solve the problems of everyday life.

Women's Aquarius tattoo

Applied on a variety of body parts, the Aquarius tattoo for girls can tell about the zodiacal personal qualities:

  • extravagance and erudition,
  • attentiveness and independence,
  • judgment and cleanliness,
  • gentleness and kindness.

Female tattoos with the Aquarius sign of the zodiac are applied with smooth, gentle water lines, with no sharp angles and edges. Add uniqueness to the tattoo, to emphasize your individual characteristics and desires, you can use a variety of ornaments, water droplets, aquatic plants and flowers - lilies, lotus.

Performed Aquarius tattoo in the form of a constellation is an interesting, unusual, quite complex version of the drawing, which is preferred by girls. The refinement and uniqueness of the pattern can be emphasized by small additional elements - a scattering of stars, a galactic sky.

Character and qualities

The task of the development of Aquarius - to bring in our life and in this world what is not yet in it, that is, energy and information of the future.

To accomplish this task, Aquarians possess many virtues:

  • Sharp mind, intuition, the ability to think of insights, enthusiasm for the latest ideas and fantasies, many of which later will turn into reality;
  • altruism, friendliness and ease of finding peers for development and fruitful cooperation;
  • eccentricity and originality in all spheres of life, reformist inclinations, there is no boredom with them.

But the tasks entrusted to this sign are often prevented by existing weaknesses:

  • Most often Aquarians are disconnected from life and do not know how to implement their fantasies and ideas. They have a lot of originality, but little constructive activity and no desire to work hard;
  • may behave excessively eccentric, cocky and buffoonish, thus causing misunderstanding and discouraging others.


For women

For men