How to draw an eagle with a pencil: step-by-step master class to create a beautiful drawing. How to draw an eagle with your own hands

To create a picture with a beautiful and proud bird eagle at first sight is quite difficult. If you adhere to the basic rules and schemes of how to draw an eagle, it will turn out to be an uncomplicated matter.

Such a drawing can easily be done by an adult, surprising their friends with their skills. For middle-aged children it will be an interesting activity and educational master class.

Drawing an eagle step by step

Many people think that drawing an eagle step by step is difficult. Think, as if such a task can handle only a professional artist.

Beginner should not even take up drawing the king of the sky. However, any aspiring beginner artist will be able to draw the proud bird in pencil step by step. Below is a master class for beginners.

Ritualizing the shape of the eagle's torso

How to Draw an Eagle, Step 3

In order to draw the shape of the eagle more accurately, you need to do the following. Along the upper left wing line draw another line, but a little longer. Also do the same with the right wing. Additionally draw a bump in the middle of the new line. On the left side of the circumference of the head draw a beak eagle. Separate the line of the neck from the body. Draw the bottom outline of the tail.

Plain Level

You can paint a picture with a pencil on a plain scrapbook page.

Here are step-by-step instructions for children:

  1. Position the scrapbook horizontally. Now take hold of a pencil: in the middle from the top near the left side of the sheet, draw the shape of a feather.
  2. You will need to draw three similar images.
  3. When you finish drawing the third wing, the line goes down. It comes to the middle and up again. It remains to finish drawing the other wing of the bird.
  4. The torso of the eagle is depicted with an arc-shaped line. The eagle's arm is drawn with a hook. The line is directed downward to form paws with claws.
  5. To raise the line up, the line goes in waves. Then we draw the tail. From its top, a wavy line depicts the wing.
  6. For more realism, three feathers are added. Similarly detailed torso.
  7. We proceed to the eyes and eyebrows, paws and claws. Draw the contours with black marker.
  8. Liven up the image with additional colors, using markers or paints.

So, you have a simple beautiful drawing. Nothing complicated, but you should follow the step-by-step instructions, although it is a simple drawing technique.

Materials and tools

You can also create an eagle with a simple pencil. To draw like a real artist, you will need professional tools:

  • Drawing paper. Sold in hobby stores. This material has a more velvety texture on which a pencil will lay down better.
  • Drawing pencils of different hardness.
  • Colored pencils or paints.
  • Eraser.
  • The eraser is a special tool, which, like the eraser, is made of rubber. It is softer and suitable for shading.

Middle level

How to draw the king of birds beautifully? If you coped with the previous task, you can solve the current one. Now you will need to draw the eagle using a more complicated method.

To create the outlines, use a regular pencil. Then the figure should be painted.

Before drawing, prepare the artist's tools:

  • Watercolor paints;
  • A pencil;
  • Brush;
  • Eraser;
  • A container of water;

So, with all the necessary tools at hand, let's move on to the process itself:

  1. The album is still placed horizontally.
  2. Draw a large oval in the center. Above it, we draw another smaller oval, placing it horizontally over the main one.
  3. Arc-shaped lines complement the main figure. Zigzag lines create the contours of the head. Dividing the beak is a wishbone from the head.
  4. A tail of eight small feathers is finished drawing from the bottom of the torso.
  5. A second row of larger feathers follows.
  6. The paws are depicted as circles in the middle of the torso (at the edges on both sides).
  7. From the edge of the two large arcs work through the feathers of the wings.
  8. Then add the second row of plumage. So, the figure can be processed paints.
  9. Unpack the paint, prepare a container of water, pick up a thin brush.
  10. Brown is good for outlines. Choose a light brown tone and paint the body.
  11. A darker shade of brown is suitable for painting the head and plumage on the body.
  12. Yellow paint is used for the beak and paws.

What is needed for the work

Eagle is present in the flags of many countries. Not ignored it, and our country, putting it on our coat of arms. True, the two-headed version of this bird is a mythical creature.

Eagle drawing for children for sketching step by step

This bird has always been and remains a symbol:

  • height of spirit;
  • of true courage;
  • readiness to overcome any difficulties;
  • Fearlessness and indomitable power.

The eagle (the drawing for children can be done independently) is characterized by a wide wingspan. They require careful elaboration in the image, as well as the beak and eyes. After all, you need to accurately convey the predatory look of this bird.

Before starting to draw the eagle, it is necessary to prepare materials and tools for the creative work:

Materials and toolsDescription
A simple pencil.This is the main tool, with the help of which the artist will create an outline.
EraserIt is needed to remove unnecessary lines. Many of these lines will need to be drawn intentionally. They will play the role of auxiliary elements and simplify the work. At the end of the work, they will need to be removed.
Materials for coloringTo color the contours created with a pencil, you can use:
  • colored pencils;
  • felt-tip pens;
  • watercolor paints;
  • gouache.

It is also possible to leave the drawing the way it turned out: black and white. This will make the drawn bird of prey even more formidable.

High level

It is not necessary to be limited to easy methods of drawing an eagle. Let's try to consolidate the knowledge by moving on to the difficult stage.

Let's draw the king of birds soaring in the heavenly expanse against a background of snowy mountains.

Independently difficult to portray a similar image, but adhering to the following recommendations, everything will work. The contours of the paper will pencil, and paint will be gouache.

To depict a silhouette we need:

  1. The highest point of the eagle is marked with a short stroke. In this case it may be the right wing. Then mark the lower part.
  2. Put a pencil to the top mark, measure the distance to the bottom. At the moment of contact, grip the pencil with your fingers. Next, without releasing the tool, determine the number of pencils in width. The distance of the upper mark to the head and wings is also measured.
  3. The position of the animal is marked with dashes.
  4. The angle is measured with a pencil. The slope of the feathers is also measured. Drawing on the predetermined marks upwards animal. Right wing is complemented by six feathers. Then turn of the left wing and the second part of the body. On the head clearly highlight the beak, depict the eyes. The next point is the process of applying paint.
  5. The first paint sketches affect the background of the picture. First, place the necessary tools near you: a container of water, a medium brush and gouache. Combine the white paint with the blue paint and paint the top area of the sheet. Add a little purple here to cover most of the background. The eagle should remain unpainted.
  6. The bottom of the leaf saturate the blue color. After mixing the shades of paint the remaining fragments.
  7. At the bottom of a dark blue gouache are printed dark places. Next, the entire perimeter of the mountains is covered with shadow areas. After that, a little pink is added for selective brightening.
  8. Red and blue are mixed with brown. It is then used to paint the wing and head. The black paint is partially painted on the wings. We rinse the brush to absorb the brown lighter shade. We move on to the wing and chest area. Gray is used for the small part of the head, and gray-brown for the tail. Eyes and beak do not touch yet. A small part of the head area can be lightened.
  9. To paint the beak and paws, use a mixed version - yellow and brown. Add dark brown to darken the legs and some of the feathers. As a glare on the beak, make a splash of white. Eyes are drawn in yellow. On paws do small shading.

The soaring eagle in the sky against a background of snow-white mountains is perfectly depicted.

Is your result different than expected? No problem! Try again, following the step-by-step instructions.

Drawing the general outline of the wings and head

How to draw an eagle, step 2

Now you need to draw the approximate shape of the wings of the tail and head. First draw a circle in the middle of the arc for the wings. Then, from the middle of the oval on the left side draw an arc to the end of the upper line, but leave a small space between them. With the right wing do the same, but the lower arc draw longer than the top. On the right side of the oval draw two rounded lines for the future tail of the eagle.

Pictures of drawings of an eagle


Clarify all the contours of the bird

At this stage, we need to clarify the contours of the wings and head of the eagle. Remove the eraser now unnecessary contour lines from the picture. Mark on the lower part of the body where the eagle's paws will be and, based on the original marking of the wings, draw a few long feathers on both sides. Draw the outline of the beak and draw near it a "hook" - the initial outline of the eagle's eye.

Original tattoos of an eagle with a snake

The eagle - free and proud, ruthlessly tormenting the victim, is undoubtedly the king among the feathered. A picture of an eagle fighting a snake means victory over circumstances and evil. A watercolor painting of an eagle with a snake will look bold and original. The mixture of shades and tones gives the illustration a serene, lightness. Bright ink gives a sense of freedom and ease. The themes of the image of a bird trying to get its own sustenance looks spectacular. Some details of the tattoo of an eagle with a snake indicate certain traits of the owner's character. For example, a drawing of a bird in flight with outspread claws indicates aggressiveness.

Let's finish drawing the wings.

How to draw an eagle, step 5

Now you need to zigzag to highlight the feathers of the wings and tail. Next, divide the plane of each wing into several parts. The largest separation will be the lower part of the wing. Approximately the same need to draw the tail feathers of the eagle. In the outline of the eye, draw a small circle and take away from it a short straight line to the right.

The eagle tattoo: the most common places of execution

The area of the hands and feet is the most common for the application of the image of an eagle. The tattoo can be performed at least in a black version, at least in color. All the same, it looks equally stunning. Girls prefer to do the eagle tattoo on the arm in a mini format, while men show everyone that nothing and no one is afraid. On the leg are applied larger tattoos with an eagle. But to do tattoo in the neck area will not risk everyone.

Color tattoo of an eagle on his chest.

People who set huge goals, strive to achieve it, often choose the image of an eagle on the chest. Owners of an aggressive character choose tattoos with the image of an eagle preparing to attack. It is believed that the eagle tattoo helps the person to achieve great heights, gives a sense of freedom and sovereignty. Last but not least is the bird's pose. The fluttering bird indicates that the person carries out an assessment of the people around him from above, because he has already achieved a lot of goals in life.


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