Tattoo "howling at the moon wolf": meaning. Tattoo for men

Do you have a problem? You can not decide whether to nabivat a tattoo? And if so, what kind?

Or maybe you already chose a drawing of a wolf howling at the moon, but still feared of something and did not go to the tattoo parlor ...

If that's the case, read this article to find answers to all your burning questions. Perhaps, putting aside all doubts, you finally pulled together and stamped on his body picture, which depicts howling at the moon wolf.

This tattoo, by the way, very unusual and is not suitable for everyone. In order not to harm yourself and not to overshadow the joy of the tattoo, carefully and in every detail study what the wolf howling at the moon means, to whom this image is suitable and whether it is worth decorating your body with a tattoo at all.

Why do people decorate their bodies with tattoos?

Beautiful, enchanting, sometimes creepy and frightening, but undeniably beautiful drawings on the body in most cases people do in order to:

  • To immortalize some event;
  • To leave a memory of some life lesson;
  • To portray your loved ones so that they are always there for you, even those who have already gone to heaven;
  • to capture the name of one's spouse or child;
  • to "instill" certain qualities in oneself;
  • hide scars;
  • to draw good luck to yourself;
  • stand out from the crowd.

Of course, there are those who paint on their bodies in an effort to draw attention to themselves or simply out of stupidity. Such people will (almost certainly) dislike the tattoo, especially when the euphoria wears off. And they are likely to want to get rid of it.

How animals communicate

By the way, not only wolves successfully use howling as an effective means of communication. I think many of you know firsthand that pets such as dogs like to practice this method of communicating with each other in ordinary apartments as well. Due to the fact that people tend to invent all kinds of omens on this or that occasion (and sometimes without it), the sudden barking of a dog also managed to turn into a whole bouquet of superstitions. For example, since ancient times, the howling of a yard dog was associated with the presence of evil forces or was a harbinger of some unpleasant events.

Do not rush to pack your bags if you suddenly hear a dog barking at night. Perhaps your dog just wanted to communicate with his relatives.

Although the myth that wolves howl at the moon has been completely debunked, there is still some truth in the fact that the satellite of our planet can have some effect on the behavior of nocturnal animals. Due to the fact that the nights during the full moon are much brighter than during a new moon, nocturnal predators during this period become much more convenient to hunt, and they notify their fellows with a loud howl.

A tattoo is a serious step

A tattoo is a very serious and important decision, which should be considered a hundred times before you implement it.

Yes, the tattoo, if it bothers or does not like it, you can remove. But it will have to take a lot of time and money. And a person doesn't have too much of it. In addition, the removal of a tattoo is unpleasant and extremely painful. Yes, and the skin will never become the same, it will almost always keep a slight trace of the pattern.

Also it is not necessary to forget that in the process of tattooing even at the professional and well-established master there can be some difficulties, unforeseen circumstances. And it is not known whether everything is going to be all right for you.

This is why you should think twice before deciding to get a tattoo.


Real observations and studies have shown that wolves howl not only at the moon, but also at the clouds in the sky, during rain and in general under any natural conditions, which somewhat reduces the tinge of gloomy romance, for centuries surrounding these intelligent representatives of the canine family.

Due to the fact that animals live a nocturnal lifestyle, howling can serve them as a peculiar language of communication, through which wolves exchange important information.

The intonation in this way of communication allows to warn congeners of impending danger, to become a call sign when going out for a night hunt or even to become an indication that a pair of wolves has offspring.

Relying on the causes of howls of forest predators - the night light does not act as a primary source of any of them. Of course, the wolf may howl as it hangs in the sky and illuminates everything around it, but the moon does not act as the cause of its "song. The wolf raises its muzzle to her for other reasons.

They are hunters, leading a nocturnal lifestyle, when only the moon as a natural source of light illuminates everything around instead of the sun. Predators can also howl during the day, but it also happens very rarely, they are not so obvious, and in the silence of the night these sounds are heard stronger.

It is more convenient to make any sound when the head is tilted upwards rather than downwards - this is not a proof that it is important for an animal to see the moon, but a feature in the structure of its larynx and skull.

When a wolf is about six months old, the animal first starts howling and does so for the rest of its life. The male wolf usually sings first, and then the female wolf picks it up. The whole pack responds to this sound, which causes the forest to howl terribly.

Wolves see their surroundings in black and white and they can't tell tones from each other. When there is a solar eclipse, wolves become aggressive, because it causes panic.

Another theory held by some scientists. According to this theory, wolves in the process of howling transmit certain information to others. At such moments, the animal may experience physical pain, longing for a deceased partner or feel the need for congeners.

Hunters always tried to hear the howling of the female and the male. The animals, fascinated by "singing," forgot about caution. The hunters could easily detect

Plus it's dark at night, and the moon in the sky is the only source of natural light, so the animal turns its head in its direction, but its thoughts will be about something else.

On what part of the body to make a tattoo

If you have carefully considered the pros and cons, weighed your decision and finally came to the conclusion that you want and are ready to make a tattoo, you should decide where exactly you will impose it.

tattoo for men

Most often, tattoos for men are placed on the following areas of the body:

  • chest;
  • Hands (wrists, forearms);
  • neck;
  • shoulders;
  • back;

Women for tattoos prefer:

  • wrists;
  • neck (the area under the hair);
  • spine;
  • lower back;
  • ankles.

After deciding on the place, you should choose a pattern.

How to decide on the choice of tattoo design

To the design of the tattoo should also approach very carefully.

howling wolf tattoo

In no case it is not necessary to nabiruyut on his body at the first occurrence of an obscure figure. Even if he likes it very much, carefully study it. Try it on, maybe draw it on your body with henna, which will wash away without leaving a trace.

It's also unwise to "immortalize" temporary events in your life. Whether it's the name of the guy/girl that you met a few weeks ago, but have already decided that you will spend the rest of your life with this person. Or fashionable and topical at this stage of your life heroes of movies, cartoons, TV shows, band singers, etc.

Times change, it may well be that you lose interest in these people/entities. They will cease to excite you and the tattoo will become uncomfortable. You may even start to feel embarrassed about it.

If you have decided to score a tattoo of any symbol, inscription, animal, etc., be sure to study their meaning. This is an important and necessary condition for the success of your venture.

Tattoo of a wolf howling at the moon

The image of a howling wolf has gained the greatest popularity among tattoo artists.

howling wolf on the moon tattoo meaning

This is a noble animal that represents strength, power, toughness. And at the same time it is a pack animal, for which the family is of great importance.

In most cases, it is men who stuffed on his body drawing "howling wolf to the moon.

Tattoo it is not without reason earned one of the first places in the ranking of popular male tattoos. The thing is that the wolf is a dual nature. He can be angry and aggressive, and can become calm and loyal, as if it were the world's most trusted friend and comrade. Therefore, the tattoo is equally suitable for two completely opposite people, while emphasizing the special features of two different natures.

What does a wolf's howl at the moon say?

Despite the fantastic legends about wolves turning into werewolves at the full moon, in reality everything can be much more prosaic. Zoological scientists believe that the moon itself has absolutely no effect on the behavior of these animals. Observations have shown that wolves howl not only at the moon, but also at the clouds in the sky, during rain and in general under any state of nature, which somewhat reduces the shade of dark romance, for centuries surrounding these cleverest in the representatives of the canine family.

History of the origin of the moon howling wolf tattoo

The wolf has long been sacred and revered by almost all peoples of the world. He was worshipped, respected, and feared to be wounded, not to mention killed.

For many tribes the wolf was a totem animal, which was worshiped, asked for help, brought gifts and offerings.

The wolf tattoo was placed on the body of people who had (or sought to have) similar character traits and principles. After all, the wolf is a wild, untamed animal, for him it does not matter the importance of generally accepted values and ideals. He goes his own way.

But the wolf is not a destroyer and will never attack first. But touch him, hurt him, and you will regret it very much.

Why wolves howl?

Wolves in the understanding of many peoples are dangerous, insidious and vicious predators. They hunt not only small animals. Often the victims of wolves are careless travelers.

In fact, the wolf is an ordinary mammalian predator that belongs to the family of canine. That is, wolves are the direct ancestors of domestic dogs. While wolves once densely inhabited the natural landscapes of Eurasia and North America, these animals are now on the brink of extinction, particularly because of their mass extermination by humans.

The howl of wolves is especially awe-inspiring and panic-inspiring for humans. How do wolves howl? These predatory animals make a wide variety of sounds. According to the characteristics and range of frequencies, the sounds of wolves are divided into:

  • howling;
  • howling;
  • howling;
  • growling;
  • whimpering
  • yapping;
  • squealing.

Each sound message has many variations. As a rule, the wolf howls at night or at dawn. The leader of the pack starts howling and then other members of the wolf community join him.

I wonder why wolves howl? Scientists believe that the howling of wolves is a form of communication of representatives of the canine species. Also howling reflects the behavior and status of predators within the pack.

Wolf howling
Why wolves howl:

There are several reasons why wolves howl. Here are the most plausible of them:

  • The leader confirms his privileged position, supports pack cohesion, and coordinates the actions of other wolves.
  • Howling is a way of communicating important information to the pack: detection of prey, a signal of danger.
  • Wolves howl in order to drive away from their territory wolves from other packs, as well as other animals.
  • The howl of a wolf, in particular the leader, is a kind of battle cry. It can also be a call to go out hunting.

Another important social function of the howl for the wolf is the notification of the arrival of offspring in his family.

What is the meaning of the tattoo of a wolf howling at the moon

Howling wolf to the moon is a tattoo that carries the following meaning:

  1. The wolf is a brave, courageous, brave beast. He has tremendous strength and determination, but will never touch, will never hurt the weak. The wolf is an extremely courageous animal, which clearly adheres to its own principles. Sometimes he goes against everything, defending his ideals.
  2. The wolf is like a member of the article, a "family man. He honors his pack, his family, his traditions. He will go to any lengths to protect his near and dear creatures. The wolf means love for his family and respect for his elders.

Tattoo wolf howling on the moon on the shoulder

This is what the tattoo "howling at the moon wolf" means. The meaning of the tattoo is so strong that this picture will not suit everyone. He needs to match it, to be worthy of this sign.


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