How to draw a tiger step by step in pencil - features, tips, master classes and photo ideas

Good afternoon, today we are going to look for the perfect drawing of a tiger, which can decorate a New Year card in Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese calendar.. In this article, I have put together a collection of different tiger drawings (as simple and as possible for beginner artists). There will also be step by step schemes for drawing the tiger from simple lines to small details. Many ideas are also suitable for kindergarten teachers for drawing lessons with small children. The tiger is a very bright and colorful animal. Contrasts of orange, black and white stripes always look expressive and juicy. And it's time to learn how to draw a tiger, because this year your drawing can attract something real that you need and what the Tiger needs. Let us awaken in ourselves the best tiger qualities and tiger abilities. May we learn to be masters of our habitat, put our lives in order, and begin to be wise and lenient about the little things.

So let's paint YOUR tiger.

And we'll start at the beginning, from when we were kids. Let's look at some kid-friendly ways to draw a tiger. They will be good for any beginner adult, and will be useful for teachers who work with preschoolers.

How to draw a tiger


Any drawing (tiger or any other) can be broken down into line-steps. And so step by step to learn how to portray it perfectly and flawlessly. If you initially divide a sheet of paper into 4 sectors (as in the first sample), you can draw a symmetrical tiger's face by drawing on these sector lines. And children can do with such a drawing, and adults can make their own hands drawn card for the New Year of the Tiger.

And if you want to draw a tiger torso to this face, you can also do it childishly - as in the example below. The cartoon tiger is just sitting on his butt, legs out to the side... meditating.

how to draw a tiger cub

And now for the most important part - how to draw a tiger, not a cat. What's the difference?

in the drawing.

It's very important to understand at once what exactly distinguishes a drawing of a tiger from a drawing of a cat (when you want to draw a tiger you might end up with a portrait of a cat with red and black stripes).

To prevent this from happening, it is important to do ONLY ONE RULE - a tiger's nose.

It is peculiar drawing of the nose part, immediately gives the drawn cat a real tiger's full-face.

Example in the photo below - if we remove the vertical stripe nose - will disappear all the tiger picture and we get a cat in stripes.

The broad, powerful nose bridge - is a tiger trait. It will give your drawing a portrait resemblance to the tiger breed.

Even a small (but necessarily wide nose bridge) immediately creates a tiger look.

how to draw a tiger for children

For comparison, here's a drawing of a cat. Even though he too is red and black striped, but his button nose leaves no chance of being a tiger.

And here's a drawing of a simple tiger below - we can see how the addition of a triangular nose bridge immediately creates a tiger face.

step by step how to draw a tiger

Master class of drawing a tiger with paints for children

A good example of drawing a tiger is drawing a picture with paints. Learning this technique is easy, it is in many ways similar to the previous descriptions. An approximate outline of the predator is depicted on a scrapbook page. The head of the tiger is drawn with a semi-oval, the nose is outlined and drawn as a triangle. The cheeks, chin, eyes and ears are drawn as in the previously described techniques. After that, proceed to the drawing of the back. The main background of the sheet is painted by mixing blue and white colors.

To paint the animal itself, three colors yellow, red and white are mixed. The resulting orange tone is applied to the entire body of the tiger. The cheeks and chin are highlighted by adding more white. Yellow highlight the eyes, black outline, pupils, stripes. Nose leave the pink. Stripes are drawn so that the black tone was tinged with gray. Complement the image moustache, white color give shaggy wool. In the photo, the background of such drawings is often supplemented with palm trees or other natural elements.

The study of simple drawing techniques will help to create bright pictures for adults and children. Master classes to depict a tiger - a good idea for schoolchildren and leisure activities.

to draw a tiger's face.

Now let's see if it's that hard to draw a more highly artistic portrait of a tiger, a realistic portrait like in nature.

For example, like this one.

Here, as in the very first children's example (in the same article above) - it is necessary to divide a sheet of paper into 4 sectors by a cross (so that there was a reference vertical and horizontal).

And by following these reference points, you should draw elements SIMMETRICALLY - first the FIGURE (the most important tiger's identifier) and then the cheek and neck areas. The hollows of the eyes are located at the base of the bridge of the nose. Then we add stripes and shadows.

Following all the same rules we can depict the tiger in paint. We start with the nose part. and then we add the outline of the cheeks, the lower jaw and the very circumference of the muzzle

Overhanging eyebrows over the eyes + lowered corners of the mouth can give your tiger a more angry look.

A more open look, without heavy brow arches, will make your tiger look kinder.

We'll tell you more about how to draw today's cartoon tigers, but for now, let's deal with the tiger's body. You have to learn how to draw it, too.

Tiger cub in pencil

The following described technique for depicting a tiger cub is also a pencil drawing. In the case of a failed attempt to trace an element, all unnecessary things can easily be removed with an eraser.

Beginning drawing with tracing a cross at the top of the sheet. It's enough to indent from the center a little higher. It is important to place the lines so that the horizontal line was below the middle of the vertical. The next step is depicting a few ovals and circles. Small size oval is drawn below the horizontal line. Under the oval lead two adjacent circles and under them another half oval. Dorisovyvaesh fangs tiger and tongue at the top of the oval. Bottom draw in a semicircle. On top of the cross draw eyes with round pupils in the center of each, complete the image muzzle eyebrows.

It remains to trace the contour of the animal. Wool on the cheeks make out uneven lines. Farther just complement the drawing of the drawing of the small elements of the ears, front and back paws with fingers, long tail.

The silhouette of the predator is outlined with black ink and proceed to un-painting the drawing. The main part of the allocated orange, yellow paint eyes, tongue do pink. All the stripes are drawn in black. Gray spend a shadow in the picture. We got a beautiful predator.

How to draw a tiger with a body.

The body of the tiger can be drawn simply, childishly. Like they do in kindergarten. Such a version would be good for preschoolers in drawing classes.

Here the tiger is walking. Paces on short and thick paws. (Do not draw the tiger with long legs).

How to draw a fat tiger

For a funny tiger, thin paws will do as well (drawing below). By the way, there we can see how to depict a frightened tiger, big wet eyes giving him a frightened look.

And here is the tiger in a sitting pose. The furry chest, front paws. and hindquarters visible from the sides of the paws.

And here is the tiger sitting in a half-turn. Drawing in gouache.

A sleeping cartoon tiger can be drawn like this.

To draw a fat tiger you have to make his neck thicker than the face oval and turn smoothly into a massive body.

And here is a very simple schematic picture of a tiger.

how to draw a lying tiger

And here is a drawing of a tiger - in different poses. Sitting, lying down, with his back to the viewer. A tiger that is stretching.

And for those who want to realistically draw the body of a tiger, here's a step-by-step drawing lesson.

And here's another drawing of a tiger. Just a beautiful zoo landscape at night.

Pencil drawing technique for beginners

Even a child can draw a picture of a wild predator. The only tools needed are a simple pencil and a sketchbook and felt-tip pens in orange, black and pink.

The technique of drawing step by step is similar to the image of a cat. Start drawing is better with the drawing of squares. They are drawn with an inclination, and then connected by a triangle. Square shapes are needed to draw the eyes of the predator, in the center of each of them draw a circle. The triangle is divided by two semicircles. Eyes tiger draw cilia.

From the center of the nose to draw a curved circle, at the bottom to draw arcs of different sizes. Last stroke complete the muzzle of the predator fangs and ears. The head of the tiger is ready. You can begin the step by step drawing of the body.

The line is from the lower right side of the head to the left edge. In the center leave room for drawing paws. At the top of the head in the middle lead a line to the left. The next step - the image tail.

In the empty spaces finish drawing paws, add a line on the belly. It remains to highlight the fine details of the fingers on the paws, stripes on the body, and whiskers.

A simple and beautiful drawing is ready for coloring. Stripes, whiskers, eyes and part of the tail should turn out black, the nose is depicted in pink, the rest of the space is decorated with orange felt-tip pen. This lesson is the basis for all subsequent techniques.

A funny tiger.

The tiger can be funny - cartoonish. In that case, you can draw it like this.

how to draw a funny tiger

Trying to express the emotion and vivid mood of a tiger in a drawing is an interesting challenge. Let's see how other artists have done it.

The insidiousness of the tiger.

how to draw a ravenous tiger

The complacency of the tiger.

how to draw a contented tiger with a smile

The stern arrogance of the tiger.

how to draw an angry angry tiger

The cowardly caution of the tiger - even such a task can be accomplished by an artist.

How to Draw a Tiger in an Ambush

The tiger's surprise.

The tiger's appeasement.

Tiger tenderness.

We're so different - but we're all TIGERS.

Drawing tiger on the window

On New Year's Eve it's a custom to decorate windows. It would be very symbolic to cut out and glue in a stencil with the image of a tiger. Here are some templates:


Kawaii style and not only.

Tigers with big kawaii eyes - this is also possible. Let's see how artists sculpt sweet tigers.

Even the cartoon character of the game Among Us is an emongas tiger.

cute drawing of a tiger

Just cute cartoon tigers - just right for a greeting card for the year of the tiger in the Chinese calendar.

Symbol of the year 2022.

Drawings depicting a tiger are always eye-catching. The animal has always impressed people. The bright fiery coloring will enliven any picture.

A few interesting facts about tigers:

  1. The tiger is the largest member of the feline family in the world
  2. Tigers can weigh up to 340 kilograms.
  3. Tigers usually hunt at night.
  4. Tigers have a very loud roar. It can be heard up to 8 km away.
  5. Unlike many cats, tigers love water and are good swimmers.

The year of the Tiger comes every 12 years, but the animal of the water element comes to us only once in 60 years. This element gives its representatives kindness and wisdom. Tigers with a water element are more gentle and witty. Those born in 2022 will be very calm and reserved. Such people are difficult to take out of temper. Maintain mental clarity even in the most extreme situations.

The water element makes the aggressive Tiger's character softer. People born in 2022 are very open and appreciative of people, easily identifying lies. The combination of formidability and softness will allow this sign to control itself well and follow its emotions.

Below you will find several instructions for drawing the symbol of 2022 - the Tiger.


For women

For men