How to draw a turtle in pencil step by step for children

Nemo: "How old are sea turtles? The Sydney plankton next door said sea turtles live about a hundred years! " Marlin: "Well, guess what? If I ever meet a sea turtle, I'll ask him. " - Finding Disney's Nemo (2003).

Sea turtles are long-lived, scaly reptiles that live in the ocean. In Disney's "Finding Nemo," a turtle named Dove called himself "a hundred and fifty, man, and still young!" The oldest recorded sea turtle lived to be 250 years old, and scientists believe that some turtles can live much longer.

Two types of sea turtles, Olive Ridley and Kemp's Ridley's Skull, exhibit a unique behavior called arribada. Arribada is the Spanish word for "arrival. During Arribada, mother turtles come to the beach to nest and lay their eggs. Later, all the little turtles hatch at once, covering the beach. During the 1950s, up to forty thousand turtles nested along the Mexican coast, but by the 1980s, the turtles had nearly disappeared. Thanks to conservation efforts, especially those that protect mother turtles and their nests, their numbers now exceed twelve thousand.

Did you know. Most people refer to any reptile with a shell as a "turtle." However, sea turtles, which are fully aquatic, have flippers for legs, and only go on land to lay their eggs, are the only "real" turtles. Turtles that spend all their time on land are called turtles. Turtles tend to have uneven, elephant-like legs. Those with clawed flippers and living partly on land and partly in water, such as near a river or pond, are known as terrapins.

Want to draw your own sea turtle? This simple step-by-step drawing tutorial will show you how. All you need is a pencil, a piece of paper, and an eraser. You can also use colored pencils, markers, colored pencils, or paints to shade the finished image. Cowabunga, man! It's time to draw.

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Example Drawing for Kids.

Drawing animals is a lot of fun. We suggest starting with the simplest example. It is designed for small children, who are unlikely to refuse to draw this interesting animal. What we will use in drawing:

  • a simple pencil;
  • eraser;
  • felt-tip pens or colored pencils.

How to draw a turtle step by step:

  1. First, at the top of the sheet, draw an eye.

    It will be round. Inside we will put two smaller circles for the pupil and a very small one for the glare. Above the eye draw an arc.

  2. From the arc draw the top of the head. Make this part protruding forward to form a nose. Rounded this detail at the bottom and you get a mouth. In the background, in the form of an arch, draw a second eye. Draw the back of the neck and finish drawing the front. Using a small drop to represent the nose.

  3. Now you need to draw the shell. To do this, using wavy lines depict the edges. With a large arc deduce the top of the shell, make this part is perfectly flat is not necessary. Decorate the shell pattern in the form of irregular semicircles.
  4. Draw the turtle paws. Draw two lines for each foot, the distance should not be narrow. Be sure to add triangular claws on the tips of the paws. Three on each paw is enough.
  5. Based on these paws, let's draw the lower part of the shell. It should have a slightly rounded shape and divided by stripes. If this part is ready, draw the remaining paws on the background. It remains to add the turtle's tail.

  6. You can move on to coloring. In our drawing, we used green, lettuce and swamp coloring. Lettuce color the body of the animal and the central circles on the shell. Bottom part we paint the swamp, and everything else - bright green.

Done, how to draw a turtle with small children are solved.

Those who like big animals, you can also draw an elephant.

How to Draw a Turtle's Head

And their mouth is a beak!

Maybe the edges are a little jagged, but the fact that they bite with their beak. The eyes are small, the head and neck all in the scales and folds of skin, which makes the youngest turtle seems wrinkled old lady.

By the way, it's the same with elephants: even young elephants have very wrinkled skin, and not at all as smooth-rubbery as we think from the drawings.

And so, the article turned out to be huge, with lots of pictures.

How to draw turtles told you Marina Novikova.

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Sea Turtles

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Drawing a turtle in pencil

Another simple turtle that little artists will love. We will only do the drawing with a simple pencil. You can immediately start drawing:

  1. Let's draw a big arc. This is the base for the shell.

    At the bottom of the edges we will connect another one, but this one is not so curved. Let's add the edges to the shell. On the sides make two circularities and connect them with a line. The edge piece should not be wide.

  2. Draw the head. At the shell we draw a rounded figure. In front of it we need to make it curved and thin. So, we will have a nose. Draw thick feet and claws. Note that here the claws have a different shape. We draw them with a semi-oval. Let's add the lower part of the shell and the tail.

  3. Now let's make our turtle more interesting. At the bottom of the head with half-oval depict the mouth. It will be half-open, and our turtle will be smiling.
  4. On top let's add oval eyes. Draw the pupil. Above the eye, draw an arc and add an outline of a second eye in the background. Let's decorate the shell. Use shapes for this.

  5. How to draw a turtle in a pencil step by step sorted out. To make the drawing brighter, you can circle it with a black felt-tip pen. We did not paint the picture, but you can decorate the animal with any bright colors.

The turtle looks like a cartoon turtle. And if we touched on such a subject, it is impossible to ignore the favorite cartoons of children and adults, in which these animals are present.

Let's draw a turtle step by step - lesson 2

Preliminary sketch:

Drawing turtles

Refine the details:

Drawing a turtle shell and legs

The head on the wrinkled neck is extended forward:

Drawing a tortoise

The shell is covered with a distinctive honeycomb pattern:

Turtle drawing 13

But then again - they see how they're more comfortable. Land turtles feed on grass. This is their slogan-"Plant food is so delicious!"(Emile Victor Rew translated by Grigory Kruzhkov).

The turtle from the lion cub cartoon

This cartoon is probably remembered by adults, and if your children have already watched it, it's time to try to start drawing, and will describe the process to you in detail.

Before making this drawing of a turtle for children, prepare:

  • a simple pencil (you can replace it with a black felt-tip pen);
  • An eraser (if using a pencil);
  • felt-tip pens, paints, or colored pencils;
  • a sheet of paper.

Let's move on to drawing:

  1. Draw two small ovals. Add small pupils inside.

    Draw a thick nose. Eyes around the large circles.

  2. From the eye, which is located in the foreground, begin to show a long curved neck. Under the nose we draw the bottom part of the mouth, and from it draw the second part of the neck. Note that this character's neck should be not only long, but also thin.
  3. From the bottom of the neck draw a long arc for the top of the shell. Immediately add its lower part.

  4. Let's decorate the shell by drawing two lines on top of it. Below add a wavy pattern. Between the upper and lower decoration draw another pattern, it resembles curved circles.
  5. Front of the turtle add rounded feet with claws. Draw the paws on the back. Refer to the sample, in this turtle back legs look down.
  6. Now it's time to paint the picture. We need green, yellow, dark and light brown pencil. The shell is painted in brown shades. The turtle itself will be painted in green, and the glasses and the part of the head that is behind them in yellow.

That's how you can draw a child's turtle. But you agree, a modern child is not surprised with the old cartoons, so we suggest depicting a modern turtle.

Turtle Auntie Motya

What kind of turtle can be classified as modern? Of course, it is a delicate and intelligent Auntie Motya from the cartoon about Luntik.

To draw this turtle for a child prepare: a sheet, a black felt-tip pen, colored pencils or crayons.

If you are drawing for the first time, it is better to use a pencil and eraser. The drawing for brightness can be drawn with a black felt-tip pen. Let's begin:

  1. Draw a semi-oval for the head.

    Closer to the top, add a semicircle for Aunt Moti's nose. At the bottom add two smaller arcs. With a thick felt-tip marker, add glasses with a shackle.

  2. We "dress" Aunt Motya in a hat. Draw small pupils, and put freckles on her nose.
  3. Draw the body. From the head in different directions draw two lines. They must extend downward. In the center draw a vertical line, the end of which connects the sides. We have a blouse. It will act as a shell. Using a rectangle under the jacket depict the skirt.

  4. Under the skirt below depict a thin and short legs. Add shoes. And at the ends of the jacket draw hands. Thin strips indicate fingers.
  5. Let's decorate the shell with figures of different shapes. You can make them multi-layered. That is, a larger figure to draw the same, but smaller.
  6. The basis of the drawing is ready, now paint the turtle with colored pencils step by step for kids. Take a green wax crayon, paint the head and legs.

  7. Aunt Moti's hat will do yellow. For the shell we'll use lettuce. We'll shade the skirt with a brown pencil. To get the volume, you can use a darker shade of green on the jacket. Draw the contours of the figures and the shell. Make the patterns on the shell brown, and darken the skirt a little with black.

Drawing your favorite character is ready. Now moving on to more complicated instructions, which will help you learn how to draw a sea turtle. It can be drawn on the shore of an exotic island, for example, with palm trees.


How to draw a turtle in pencil step by step - inventory - photo

Drawing with a pencil has always been much easier, compared even with oil paints, because it does not require a lot of money, and the necessary materials can always be purchased at a stationery store.

Turtle is much easier to draw with a pencil, as it is a pencil perfectly conveys all the wrinkles and peculiar patterns on the shell of the turtle.

In addition to pencils you will need: drawing paper, eraser and pencil knife.

Pencil drawing paper

Choose thick paper - 200-300 g/m2, as this paper is simply created for drawings. Ordinary office paper will not do - it's too thin and a normal drawing will not look good on it.

Drawing pencils

You only need a couple of pieces to make a basic drawing and also to highlight some details.

Choose hard and soft pencils - HB, 4B. The markings can be found at the bottom of the pencil, at the base. Also, instead of letters, you may see numbers - these also indicate softness and hardness.


Do not choose too soft and not too hard so as not to scatter in your hands or scratch the paper. Remember that the eraser is very handy not only for rubbing out unnecessary lines, but also for shading or highlighting.

Stationery knife.

A great way to sharpen a pencil lead of the right thickness and length.


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