New School tattoo. Sketches for men, for girls, photo

Tattoos on the body are very popular regardless of age and social status of the person. Almost every tattoo, made in different styles, may have a certain ritual meaning, affecting the entire life of its bearer. Drawings made in New School style have a philosophical orientation and contain elements similar to graffiti.

New School (New School) tattoo. Sketches of male, female, photo

History and distinctive features of the style

Style tattoo New School, sketches of which you can choose in every professional tattoo salon, was formed in the mid 70-ies of the last century in the United States.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

Its creation was strongly influenced by the classic style of tattoo making called Oldschool. Existing for a long time, the popular trend acquired new features, shaped by modern fashion, became more free, democratic and daring. The main difference between the style of Old-school and the new New-School style was a pronounced contrasting images, made in a cartoonish manner.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

Realistic Oldschool images gradually gave way to bright subjects with fantastic creatures from computer games and movies. In its early days, New School style drawings were simple and banal. Subsequently, the sought-after iconic characters from famous works of art acquired a humorous direction and became very popular among the younger generation.

Important factors in the new designs that allow you to unmistakably identify tattoos related to the New School style:

  • bright colors and crisp outlines;
  • Images of cartoon and movie characters;
  • The presence of anime imagery and the proximity to comic books;
  • three-dimensional images that allow you to see the thumbnail from afar;
  • the presence of black humor;

    New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

  • a more complex and peculiar vision of objects than in reality;
  • the absolute lack of realism in the sketches;
  • tattoos that occupy a large area of the body, reminiscent of illustrations for books;
  • In the tattoos there may be unpainted places that carry additional meaning to the image;
  • There are distortions and broken contours;
  • there are often brightly colored sarcastic elements that stand out in quirky and funny images.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

During the development of the New School movement, subspecies began to emerge:

Subspecies nameIts distinctive features.
WildThe use of graffiti and its similarities.
Acidic or Ecstasy.Distinguished by the brightness and poisonous toxicity of the color, mimicking vivid wave-like hallucinations.
TraditionalA bright and funny tattoo featuring graphic and cartoon animals.
CyberpunkThe darkness of the image and the emphasis on the high-tech of the future.

The New School trend has recently been used as a designer brand accessory to decorate clothing. There is a certain caste of craftsmen who develop thematic sketches in this style for designer jewelry and household items.


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Tattooing is no longer a closed structure, where masters keep secrets of their technique. Modern tattooists sought to create their own community, to improve the quality of work and share experiences. Newschool style was at the height of its popularity at the time and to this day is considered a free, innovative and revolutionary trend in the art of tattooing.

Tattoo newskool - Tattoo newskool - Style newskool tattoo

Typical designs and plots

New School tattoo (which sketches were formed thanks to the spirit of electronic music at the end of the last century) are distinguished by the presence of bright outlines in the drawing, color stretching and original stylization of the subject.

New School tattoo. Sketches for men, for girls, photos

New School tattoos, most often, stuffed themselves the representatives of the young generation, wishing to oppose themselves to society. The main characteristic of the tattoo is the ability to express the individual's feelings in a relaxed way. Quite often on the body of young people can see the characters from computer games or characters from popular teen movies.

Tattoos allow society to instantly determine affiliation with a certain subculture of interest.

Objects are often tattooed as body images:

  • heart or skull;
  • cross or flower;
  • fire or whip;
  • a dial or a knife;
  • a dagger or sword;
  • any animal or insect;
  • ancient extinct animals or birds;
  • nautical scenes;
  • weapons or life scenes;
  • a portrait face or symbols.

Newsculpture drawings are most common among confident individuals who are not afraid to show their inner world and distinctive character traits. Newsculpture drawings usually use many characters and a large number of small details, with the presence of humorous and abstract elements.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

During the execution of the body drawing, first of all, the outline of all the details is boldly framed, often made in black. This gives a three-dimensional character to the drawing.


The most common tattoos in the New School style are associated with the image of cartoon characters, often with images of monsters, zombies or peculiar scary animals.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

In terms of semantic connotations, such tattoos do not differ much from realistic ones, but they have a sacred ironic coloring and rebellious overtones.

Cinematography .

Quite often the body is stuffed with portraits of beloved movie characters. Such tattoos are a personification of the character and life principles of the hero, signifying the belonging of its bearer to the given type.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

The meaning of such tattoos can have a deeper imbedded sacred meaning, in the case of developing an individual sketch.


The image of space and space characters is the most popular theme of the New School tattoo. Images with cosmic meaning represent freedom and eternity. Also, the exploration of space can be considered a major leap in technological development.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

New School style tattoos colorfully depict cartoon galaxies and space objects.


The image of animals is most often stuffed by animal lovers. The most common are images of favorite pets that have a special meaning for a person.

Tattoo New Bite in the form of an animal can belong to the sign of the horoscope or a common animal from the wild.

New School tattoo. Sketches male, for the girl, photo

Funny pictures

Funny pictures on the human body can be found not often. They involve funny and amusing faces, images of laughing clowns or memes. Sometimes they stuff up portraits of celebrities or cartoon smiling animals.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

The most famous tattoo-masters working in the style of New School, can create outstanding masterpieces of this style: E. Lee, H. Robinson and A. Varchoba.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

Newskool Tattoo for Women - Women's Newskool Tattoos

Tattoos with animals, flowers, characters from favorite anime and comic books came to love a lot of girls around the world. Tattoo newskul bribe girls with its immediacy, brightness, a fun lighthearted theme.

Popular places to apply the New School

Tattoo in the style of New School can be applied to absolutely any part of the body. Due to the fact that the direction of the style is considered rebellious and making a protest against the established system, the picture is most often stuffed on the most prominent places.

New School tattoo. Sketches male, for girls, photo

The most popular places for drawing are considered to be:

  • arms (from the forearm to the hands);
  • legs (from shin to thigh);
  • the gap from the neck to the chest;
  • drawing at the level of the shoulder blades on the back;
  • on the lower back.

Tattoos on the arms can be made in the form of single or paired arms. In the case of the image on the back, the tattoo will be a single thematic canvas, usually decorated with symbolic signs. Regardless of the size of the image, tattoos of this style will look bright and catchy.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

New Skool tattoos are made in a medium or small size. Less common is a large image consisting of several smaller designs.

Because of the brightness of the hues used, the New School style tattoo is very often used to correct unsuccessful or boring tattoo work. It can be applied over a previous image and completely overlap it.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

Due to the density of the application, it can be used for severe body deformities as a masking. It can be applied to conceal scars, stretch marks, post-operative scars or after a burn. Tattoo covering the scar, thanks to the dense pigment and brightness of the application, can add boldness and challenge to the image.

Examples of newcut tattoos

New School tattoos, whose designs are reminiscent of the bright and colorful outfits at nightclubs of the time, are a transition between Old School and Neo Traditional styles. The New School tattoo is energetic, full of enthusiasm for experimentation and activity. They differ from the old school with a lack of nostalgia, realism and mostly gloomy colors in the sketch.

New School is distinguished by the presence of elements of ecstasy, trance, drum & bass and hardcore.

  • Quite often inscriptions are used in the drawings of New School. Typical for the used script graffiti bubble (bubbles) are round and inflated letters. The shape of their writing in tattoos is associated with good-naturedness and openness.
  • The messiahstule font, which is sometimes used in New School style tattoos, looks like a jumble of different elements written on different sheets and superimposed chaotically on top of each other. Such text is visible from afar, but generally looks like a picture because of the unreadability of the written text.
  • The font and pattern of the computerrocstule category are numerous elements tilted at different angles, in different directions.
  • The New School style sometimes uses a dynamic font, which used to be written on railroad cars, so that when the train moves you can read where it goes. Also in this font used to write on the uniforms of athletes.
  • In New School tattoos, which do not use different fonts, but there is a story, the main emphasis is on the shape of the image and its border.
  • Objects placed on the tattoo at a slant almost always symbolize movement.
  • The roundedness of the objects in the drawing speaks to the cyclical nature of what is going on.
  • All images of objects in the New School style are taken from the modern environment and are interpreted in a straightforward manner:
  • The image of an airplane or helicopter is a symbol of the sky or free flight.
  • A car can be interpreted as a fast moving object that meets everyone's personal preferences.
  • The same interpretation of the tattoo can depict completely different cars: a race car, a retro car or a classic business car.
  • The image of the cityscape in the style of New School can mean the conditional closed structure, to be an indicator of orderliness or to represent the consequences of the urban apocalypse.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

New School tattoo (the sketches are beyond realism) has a name that translates into Russian means "new school.

The philosophy and basics of the new school is expressed by modern subjects or technological inventions. What remains unchanged relative to the old school is the portrayal of feelings and love, which are usually expressed by a bouquet of roses. In the New School interpretation, the rose flower is depicted in acidic and poisonous colors.

Tattoos in the New School style are usually made to order. There is an opportunity to apply to a professional salon, where the master will create a sketch on an individual request, taking into account the requirements of the client.


For the originality of the image, it is not necessary at all to stuff a large drawing. You can create a unique acid sketch of a small size that will meet all the requirements of the New School style and can turn out funny.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo
New School small tattoo sketches

When choosing a tattoo parlor, you should settle on experienced master professionals working specifically in the New School style. When making a tattoo, there are certain nuances that should be observed. Bright colored tattoos require a certain care, which should tell a professional master.


The oversized images in the New School style will draw attention to the person. The drawing will stand out due to the use of acid paint and cartoonish funny images.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

Unlike black paint, colored images fade quite quickly in the sun. In order for large drawings printed on the exposed parts of the body to retain their color for a long time, you should regularly use sunscreen.

Men's designs

New Skool tattoo designs for men can look aggressive and menacing.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

  • A grotesque skull design or an image of a predatory sea animal is usually preferred.
  • Characters from spooky books, popular comic books, or well-known pop cultures may be used.
  • Rather often used in drawings are symbols of the United States, objects on the theme of astronautics.
  • Images may express a naïve plot, inspired by children's drawings that do not make sense. They are usually executed as flat paintings, in bright and acid colors.
  • Less often than others, an aggressive and scary genre is used, in which sketches evoke disgust or aggression. Such drawings may use grotesque elements, conveying harsh associations with rudeness and horror. Patterns of skeletons, skulls, mummies or dead men in blood can be a sample of such images.

Women's sketches

Tattoo in the stylistics of the New School quite often strike the representatives of the weaker sex.

New School tattoo. Sketches of male, for girls, photo

They have slight differences from the male and necessarily contain feminine elements.

  • The most popular are the drawings of Disney princesses, stuffed in a distorted unreal image.
  • Sketches of singing beauties have turned into a certain tattoo trend, which is quite often used on various parts of the body.
  • The most popular among girls is the designed group of drawings created by a New York artist named Mela Stewart.
  • No less in demand is the image of fairy tale creatures. They are bright and colorful drawings with elements of joy and happiness.
  • The mischief in the image, as a rule, brings a smile to others and seems childishly naive. A striking example of such an image is the drawing of the baby Alien from the famous movie, who walks around with balloons and a glass of Coke. Also, you can note the tattoo of a crying princess with a scalpel in her hands.

New School tattoo. Sketches for men, for girls, photo

Many girls prefer to decorate their bodies with beautiful graphics of plant or animal directions. In this case, the works are performed in rich acid shades and have a completely flat image.

New School tattoo. Sketches male, for the girl, photo

You can choose a ready-made drawing for a tattoo in any tattoo salon. You can order an individual sketch, which will be distinguished by specificity and personal wishes. New School style is diverse and allows for many variations, but it must conform to distinctive features and characteristics that are unique to it.

Author: Olga Zhanskaya

Newscool Tattoo for Men - Men's Newscool Tattoos

Newscle is one of the freest styles, where gender identity is almost absent. Men often stuff cute cartoon characters, but within the irony and grotesqueness of the style, such drawings become even more colorful. Almost since its inception, Newscool is considered the style of bold and flamboyant people with a good sense of humor.


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