Tattoo Vampire - meanings and designs for girls and men

Recently, tattoos depicting a vampire have become quite popular. This non-trivial idea is embodied on the skin in the form of beautiful people with fangs and a rather intimidating appearance. In addition to its frightening beauty such tattoos have a certain semantic meaning. And although for each meaning of his tattoo - a matter of individual, all the same, there are common interpretations.

First of all, the vampire tattoo can be deciphered as a symbol of the nightlife. Everyone knows that vampires do not tolerate daylight and lead a nocturnal lifestyle. So people who prefer the night, perhaps - entertainment and vivid emotions at night, make themselves similar tattoos.

All we know about vampires, besides their nocturnal life; is that they are very fast and agile, feed exclusively on blood, are afraid of holy water and garlic, and are able to become bats. All these characteristics give the image of a vampire a special romance and mystique, which make a tattoo with a vampire very unusual and attractive.

The vampire tattoo is often done because of the love for vampire characters of famous movies. The most famous vampires from such movies are From Dusk till Dawn, Blade, The Vampire Diaries, Interview with a Vampire, Twilight, etc. Of course, the most popular vampire of all time is Count Dracula. The image for such a tattoo is selected at its discretion, or taken from numerous films about this person.

Of course, a tattoo with a vampire is very beautiful and spectacular. As a rule, such drawings are made in the portrait technique and look as realistic as possible. How exactly your vampire will look is up to you to decide. In recent times it has become fashionable to put a portrait of a vampire in the form of a beautiful girl with fangs, a wild expression and blood on his lips.

Such a tattoo on the skin will be a sure decoration for both a man and a girl. The most important thing is that the master, to whom you come, was a true professional. After all, bright and spectacularly such a tattoo will look only if it is executed perfectly. In addition, it is very important to pick up a good sketch. In order for the tattoo to be as beautiful as possible, look for ideas in our catalog of tattoos with different demons, among which there are many interesting tattoos with a vampire.

The abundance of ideas for tattoos has no limits. What not only put on the skin. The meaning of the vampire bite tattoo is a little scary. To stand out, they sometimes depict truly frightening drawings. Nowadays, a particular fascination with vampires has grown among young people. This is due to the particular popularity of the corresponding series. Many people just like vampires, many want something to resemble them. That is why tattoos in the form of a vampire bite are made.

Everyone knows that vampires feed on blood, biting their victims in the neck with two sharp fangs. It is on the neck and depict a tattoo-bite. They look like two holes with scarlet blood dripping down. Such a tattoo looks very bold and can shock others. Therefore, only a strong, self-confident and unusual person can dare to it. After all, agree, this tattoo can be perceived differently, but it certainly can not be called trivial.

The history of the symbol

Vampires originated in ancient times, and their mention exists in different cultures of the world. In ancient Babylon, these bloodsuckers were called "Lily" spirits. In ancient Mesopotamia - blood-sucking "ashkars" that preyed on children and pregnant women. In India, these creatures were called "vetalakh" and were similar to the undead, which, like the bat, hung head down on trees in places of mass graves. In Chinese culture, the vampire was called the "Limp Corpse"; in contrast to the accepted pattern that the vampire feeds on blood, these creatures sucked the life energy from which the person died. However, the main source of the origin of vampires was Eastern Europe.

There were two kinds of vampires: Romanian and Slavic. They were similar to each other, the differences were minimal. For example, in Slavic myths they were called ghouls. A vampire is a dead man who sleeps during the day, but wakes up in the evening from his grave and begins to hunt in order to tame his thirst.

Blood, for vampires, is a kind of life sustenance elixir that gives them powerful strength, agility, flair, reincarnation, and immortality. These are unimaginable abilities, but they also have weaknesses: an intolerance to sunlight, the smell of garlic, and their main deadly weapon: the aspen stake. In addition to the stake, it can be used to cut off the head and then burn the corpse.

Choice of Places to Apply

Tattoo of a demon They are placed on different parts of the body. In this case, fans of permanent drawings try to ensure that the picture was in a prominent place. Most often, the guard of hell can be found on the biceps in the representatives of the stronger sex.

The demon is also painted on:

  • arm;
  • leg;
  • back;
  • shoulder:
  • forearm;
  • chest.

Demon They tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

Buddhists believe that each part of the body has its own sacred meaning, so they approach the selection of the picture and the skin area carefully.


The most common place of application of the tattoo is the hand. Here the pictures are worn on the biceps, the wrist, on the outside or inside of the limb, or turn the limb completely into a canvas, padding the sleeve.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

According to Eastern philosophy, this part of the body is responsible for one's present presence. Hands are the strength, power and endurance, so the permanent drawing of a demon on them can enhance the positive qualities of man and protect him from the troubles of life. Drawing Oni here is able to scare away enemies and weaken negative influences.

The positive qualities of the demon tattoo on the hand include:

  • convenience of application;
  • stylish appearance;
  • the durability of the canvas;
  • the ability to hide under clothing;
  • ease of care;
  • a short period of healing.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

Despite the positive qualities, there are disadvantages to the tattoo on the hand.

These include:

  • painfulness of the procedure;
  • the duration of the session;
  • the cost of the work.

Painful sensations depend on what part of the hand the master is working on. For example, on the wrist or back of the hand, tattooing is painful because the skin is thin and close to the bone.

The time it takes to draw a picture can stretch over several sessions in case a person decides to have a sleeve done. It will also cost a decent amount of money for a permanent picture.


If a person decides to depict Oni on the leg, he usually does it on the upper part or on the calf. Buddhists associate the lower extremity with forward movement, so the demon on the foot will be a patron and helper in implementing the plans of its owner.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

Among the advantages of this place for the picture is the ability to hide the image when necessary and the ease of care for the picture during the rehabilitation. The disadvantages of the tattoo on the leg consider unpleasant feelings during the procedure in some places and the rapid fading of the canvas.


On the back, men interested in the culture of Japan like to wear large-scale color sketches depicting demons. It is convenient for the masters to work here, and unpleasant feelings are minimized for the client, because the picture is painful to put only on the scapula and the lower back.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

The fans of Oriental teachings say that the back is connected with the past, that is why one can most often see tattoos symbolizing past experiences. They also draw on this part of the body to protect themselves from enemies lurking behind.

The advantages of tattoos on the back include:

  • The large area of the drawing;
  • the ability to hide under clothing;
  • A minimum of burning at work.

Among the disadvantages are the inconvenience of care after the procedure, the long healing process and the need to visit the salon several times before the full manifestation of the image on the selected area of the body. Despite this, the back remains the most popular area for tattoos.


Only on the shoulder of the demon They do not depict. In most cases, the picture begins or ends in this area and continues on the scapula, biceps, or chest.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

Buddhists consider the shoulders the embodiment of a person's endurance and strength. Depicting an evil spirit here can enhance these qualities in a person.

This is a painful place to put a permanent mark, but it is possible to endure the pain. In addition, the picture will quickly erase because of the strong and frequent exposure to the negative elements, such as ultraviolet light, water and clothing.


The forearm is one of the favorite places for tattoos among girls and guys. It is connected with the fact that the picture is well visible and easy to hide under clothing if necessary.

The advantages of tattoos on the forearm include:

  • The painlessness of the procedure;
  • ease of application and care;
  • rapid healing;
  • a visual enhancement of this area;
  • the ability to hide scars from vaccinations.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

Specialists have not found any disadvantages of permanent pictures on the forearm.


Often the image of the Oni demon can be found on the chest of the stronger sex. Starting in this area, the drawing extends to the shoulder and arm or descends to the ribs and stomach.

The chest is associated with the future and the ability to defend oneself. In order to scare opponents in battle, ancient warriors painted pictures of infernal creatures with protruding tongues on this part of the body in order to seem even more invincible.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

The most unpleasant feelings can be in the area of nipples and ribs. The picture is easy to hide under a shirt. In addition, it is easy to look after. To the disadvantages of images here, experts refer to the rapid wiping of paint, which leads to the need to visit the tattoo-salon once a year.

The meaning of tattoos

In today's world, the vampire tattoo is an original idea, which includes meanings such as:

  1. Nightlife (Like a vampire, humans are more comfortable living at night).
  2. Living at the expense of others (He feeds himself on other people's blood and thus survives. So, too, people live at the expense of others and nourish themselves with their energy.)
  3. Closure and abstraction of oneself from everyone. A closed lifestyle.
  4. The domination of his personality over others (strength, power, power).
  5. Creative nature (Vampires are long-livers, and therefore, have an abundant inner world).

But, not all people get a vampire tattoo because of the juxtaposition of themselves with this bloodsucker. For many, it is a beautiful, mysterious image that has been colorfully portrayed in movies, art or theater in the modern world. The most famous bloodsucker is Count Dracula. With this character created a large number of movies and for many he is the original vampire.

There is also a vampire bite tattoo. This tattoo is common in gothic circles. It means almost nothing and goes as a decorative element. Typically, a vampire bite tattoo is applied to the neck with small drops of blood.

Features and benefits

Demon Oni (a tattoo often seen by fans of mysticism and Japanese folklore) is one of hundreds of evil creatures guarding the entrance to hell or Jigoku. The servant of Emma (the devil) has red, blue or black skin. He has horns on his head among his long black hair and long fangs protruding from his mouth.

He is dressed in a loincloth of tiger or leopard skin. In his hands he holds an iron club-cannabo with large spikes. The demon can reach several meters in height.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

A guard, Jigoku stalks errant sinners and drags them underground. He also feeds on human flesh and is difficult to kill. It is believed that the evil creature has a good mind and cunning, so the Japanese believed they were gaining his qualities by having an image of this demon painted on their bodies.

In addition to hunting people, Emma's servant tortures sinners in hell by skinning them or tearing off their limbs. The Japanese have long believed that evil and cruel people turn into Oni after death and continue to harm people.

It is believed that the guards of hell used to be transparent spirits, but then their bodies became dense and they were able to show themselves to people. Officially, the Oni exorcism ritual is held in cities on February 3, but in villages, peasants prefer to exorcise the devil with the arrival of spring.

It is believed that the servant of Emma is afraid of soy and truth. The evil spirit lives in the North, so this part of the world in the land of sakura is considered unhappy.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

The Japanese prefer to wear a large image of the inhabitant of hell on the body. Tattoos are made to not only become smarter and luckier, but also to discourage Oni in real life. Europeans depict a red or blue demon on their skin as a popular comic book and computer game character.

Quotes from

"Dear Nadia, I'm sorry I had to kill your boyfriend, but it was a gesture of a mother, but suicide is not what you'd call such a gesture... I've been running from my enemies for 500 years, but once I stopped hiding."

"I'm not petty, I just gloat."

"Love makes you do crazy things."

"We're back to the three of us, just like old times. The brother who loved me too much and the brother who didn't love me enough."

"Paralyzed from the waist down. And dead. Moonstone, Stefan. Tick-tock."

Classic novel illustration

The tattoo above perfectly mirrors every book cover illustration. The apple itself is the first part of Twilight. The flower under the chessboard represents "New Moon," the red ribbon pays homage to "Eclipse." And the chessboard is the symbol of the last book, "Dawn".

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Options, styles, compositions

The lip tattoo has a rich history. The kiss symbol has inspired many artists to create images that were then taken as a sketch. So in the kiss of Leda and the Swan hides the power of sexuality, and the symbol itself denotes the birth of life.

The face with makeup for the image of the Sweet Goddess denotes the kiss of death. The lips are parted, which emphasizes the sensuality. The lover of death is not afraid of risk and seeks to live a bright life. This is the message invested in a seemingly bleak picture.

Popular drawings in which couples kiss. This denotes passionate coitus, an irresistible attraction. The tattoo expresses the message that the two are entering into an indestructible union. Fiery emotions fill the hearts of both partners. The drawing can be paired, in which case it tells the story of specific people.

Place of the tattoo

Dedicated to the expression of feelings tattoos are worn openly or covertly. The choice of location depends on the purpose of the message. If the owner aims to draw attention to their nature, masters recommend selecting the most exposed areas on their body.

Examples of areas for tattooing are:

  • The area on the neck;
  • wrist;
  • Forearm closer to the hand;
  • ankle;
  • shoulder;
  • Decollete area in women;
  • hands, fingers;
  • the back of the forearm in men.

Erotic connotations are carried by hidden and hard-to-reach places. For example, a kiss on the buttock vividly demonstrates the explosive nature and attitude towards sex. Trace lips in the ribs, armpits, loins suggest a secret message to the sexual partner.

The philosophical meaning is carried by drawings in black and white or restrained colors. For such sketches, the shoulder, shoulder blade, back, or hip area is used. A full-length composition is printed on the shin or calf. This allows you to shift attention to the essence of the drawing rather than its sensual connotations.

Styles and colors

Demon Oni (tattoo, as psychologists believe, only fearless people wear) can be performed in different styles and in unusual or classic color solutions:

Name of techniqueDistinction
"Blackwork."The demon silhouette is formed from white sections of skin not painted in black
"Dotwork"tattoo formed from a large number of black dots, tightly fitted to each other
"Graphics"straight lines and sharp strokes form the black and white image
"Realism"black or color image and seems about to come to life
"Old skool."features bold smooth black outlines of a picture with color filling
"Neo-tradishinal"Most of the tattoo is dark, but there are colored details
"Japanese."A lot of colorful colors and national Japanese motifs

Since the classic demon Oni can be red, blue or black, the masters try to use suitable shades in the tattoo. Selecting tones for the image on the body, you need to remember that each of them carries a certain energy.

The top 5 most used colors for tattoos include:

  1. Black - infinity and power.
  2. Red - passion and aggression.
  3. Blue - tranquility and poise.
  4. Green - harmony and concentration.
  5. Orange - antidepressant.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

The images may differ not only in color, but also in the details with which the author has depicted them.

A muzzle in colors.

On the forearm or on the back, men wear a colored Oni hidden in or surrounded by cherry blossoms. The buds can be blown away by a gust of wind or they bloom quietly on the branches of the tree.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm
Demon Oni Tattoo Sketch

Sometimes, the demon's face sticks out of the blooming flower or the bud is transformed into Oni. The guard of hell can also clutch a plant in his hand and look thoughtfully at those around him.

With a helmet made of a skull.

Oni is often depicted in dark colors. On the head of the demon, the master draws a helmet made of a human skull, with the disheveled hair of the evil spirit sticking out from underneath. Such a picture is usually small in size and causes unpleasant feelings in others, including fear.

Sometimes a worm or a bug comes out of the cranial eye socket. It happens that the empty holes in it are covered with cobwebs or a rose is sticking out there.

In flames.

They're in orange flames - a classic depiction of Emma's servant. In this case, only the demon's horned face is painted on the skin. Sometimes he may gawk frighteningly or grin viciously, exposing white fangs.

For those who like detailed images, the master can finish drawing burning people in the flames. Oni's mouth also looks spectacular with a human hand or foot.

In the wave

There are tattoos with the demon Oni, where his muzzle peeks out of the sea wave. In doing so, the masters place emphasis on contrasts. For example, a red demon and blue water.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

Sometimes experts depict an all-black evil spirit covered in scales, from which water drops drip off. The creature has a long scarlet tongue, sharp horns and brightly colored eyes.


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