Tattoo horse: sketches of horses and their meaning for girls and men

Tattoo horses, like zebras do not belong to the popular, and in vain. Symbolically, the horse radiates vitality, beauty, power and grace. A free, fearless, calm and intelligent animal. It is worth doing a tattoo of a horse in a semi-profile head or with a saddled person, but then the meaning of freedom is lost. In some countries horses are sacred.

There is also such a variety of non-pair hoofed animals as the zebra: girls will love it especially. Its unique black and white coloration, lush mane and chunky torso structure is an alternative for a female tattoo. For free-spirited men, the horse tattoo sketch will suit perfectly.

Tattoo horse: meaning

Many people think about what kind of animal is worth stuffing on your body, and no wonder that for a drawing on the body often consider it is a horse.

horse tattoo sketch

Since childhood, we associate the horse with the faithful companion of man, with kindness and loyalty

This animal is stuffed much less often than cats, dogs, butterflies, and therefore look tattoo will be fresh and original. Particular attention should be paid to this plot to people born in the year of the horse according to the Eastern horoscope.

horse tattoo for girls
In tales of different peoples this animal is often endowed with the gift of a seer and fortune teller, who takes care of his master.

In most cultures, the horse is a positive symbol. It represents inner strength, wisdom, intelligence, and energy. For example, in the Chinese horoscope horse means elegance, zeal, logical thinking, practicality.

horse tattoo meaning

However, there are also darker interpretations. The expression "Trojan horse" is synonymous with guile, cunning. And in Celtic mythology, the horse is both a solar symbol and is associated with a journey into the otherworldly worlds.

tattoo of horses on hand

In Slavic culture the animal also represents a connection with the afterlife. In the Middle East, the horse is associated with masculinity, but later the horse became a female lunar symbol.

horse tattoo for men

Pay attention to color. The white horse is a symbol of light magic, black is a symbol of dark magic, and red reflects fervor and passion. But in fact, most importantly, what meaning do you attach to the tattoo yourself. The meaning you put into the tattoo is its most accurate interpretation.

A horse on the rack

Before you start drawing, try to think of a common picture.

Light auxiliary lines indicate the boundaries and the horizon line, think about what will be the background of the future picture:

  1. In this way of drawing, it is best to put the sheet in a vertical position, as this position will maximize the horse's position in height.
  2. To draw the torso, draw a large oval in the central part of the sheet.
  3. On the side and a little higher draw a smaller oval. Which will be the head.
  4. Connecting the two ovals drawn smooth curved lines, we get the neck. Our picture will be quite powerful and muscular neck.
  5. In this pose in which the horse is, special attention should be paid to the thighs on the front legs. For more realism will be in different poses.
  6. The lower parts of the front legs will be straight and extended. The hooves that are located at the bottom of the legs will also be slightly extended.
  7. The hips and muscles of the hind legs will be more pronounced since they carry all the weight load of the body.
  8. With thicker lines trace the head as described above.
  9. Let's add more details on the body, let's draw the folds.

For coloring, you can use paint. On the background, draw the horizon line. At the bottom you can draw a meadow. At the top, a blue sky.

So we looked at ways of drawing horses and now you can show your pictures to all your friends and acquaintances. You can also show how to draw a horse for a child.

Tattoo a horse: meaning for girls

Tattoo of a horse on the body of a girl will be a sign of purity, loyalty, grace and nobility of its owner. The mare is a symbol of maternal strength. It brings harmony to the world, but at the same time strict and fair, able to protect themselves and their children.

tattoo year of the horse
The owner of the drawing appreciates home comfort, is an excellent mother, a keeper of the home and a support for her man.

The position of the animal is of no small importance. So the rebellious horse symbolizes rebellious character and rebelliousness, the composition of the foal - maternal love and care, the running horse - the desire for freedom and to achieve their goals, the unwillingness to tolerate frames and restrictions. The picture combined with flowers speaks of the tenderness of the hostess, and the image of a little pony - of a cheerful character.

The phenomenon of the bogatyr

Old Russian bogatyrs - heroes of folklore, semi-mythical, semi-real characters who fought the enemies of the Slavs, defended their native lands, defeated monsters.
The bogatyr embodied the ancient power of the ancestors, pagan forces, although often the life story of such characters took place in the Christian era. The image of the bogatyr combined the desire to protect the homeland from numerous invaders. For the people it was a symbol of protection from evil, a source of inspiration in the fight for freedom and independence.

There are few people who do not remember Vasnetsov's painting The Three Bogatyrs, which depicts the most popular heroes of Russian legends riding their horses. They are Ilya Muromets, Dobrynia Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich, who are looking out over the lands that spread out before their eyes on horseback. The attentive, guarded and serious look of each of the soldiers, their full battle garb and readiness to gallop impetuously toward the dangers impress the viewer.

Many people also know the drawings of the famous artist Vasily Bilibin, who illustrated Russian byliny in bright colors and created very distinctive characters.

Today there are many modern versions of fairy tales and bylinae, which tell the story of the bogatyrs and their surroundings - cartoons, movies, even comic books. Tattoo bogatyr are also found on the bodies of men - fans of Slavic culture or pagans, military, history and fantasy fans. Tattoo bogatyr in the form of a cartoon character - also not uncommon, but it is a sign of a sense of humor.

Tattoo horse: meaning for men

For men, the interpretation will be slightly different. Tattoo horse for men will represent such masculine qualities as strength, resilience, determination, courage.

what does the horse tattoo mean
Young men in many countries choose such a picture to strengthen their own masculine power

The image of an armed rider speaks of the will to victory, and the horse, which stood on its pawls - about the independent and strong character, destructive power of the owner. A lone horse means independence and self-sufficiency.

Horse tattoo placement

The location of a horse tattoo is another important decision to be made. When choosing a tattoo location, you should be guided by the style and size of the desired design. Will it be a small drawing or a large graphic picture? Will the tattoo be graphic or minimalist? Based on this, you can determine where the image will look best.

tattoo little horse

Don't forget that due to certain circumstances you may need to hide the tattoo. If you think that such a need you will not have, then that's fine and you can choose any place based on your preferences.

horse tattoo pictures

If the situation is the opposite, you should consider where the tattoo can be easily covered with clothing. Also, your decision will depend on whether you want the tattoo to be eye-catching and eye-catching. A tattoo can help hide scars and scars and relieve a person of their complexes and desire to hide the defect.

horse tattoo meaning for girls

On the arm

The hand is one of the most popular places for tattoos. On the wrist perfectly placed a small tattoo of a horse in the style of minimalism or geometry. It can be a schematic image of a horse's head or a whole horse silhouette. On the forearm would look good with a larger design.

horse tattoo on the shoulder
On the shoulder will look cool a large detailed tattoo

On the leg

Medium-sized tattoos will look good on the thigh. Ankles can be decorated with very small drawings.

water horse tattoo

By the way, a tattoo on the ankle can be a catchy highlight in the image: it looks very original in combination with sneakers. But at the same time, the picture is easy to hide with clothes or shoes.

horse tattoo designs for girls

On the back

Due to its size, the back is chic for the most daring and large-scale ideas. Even a horse triplet in realism style will definitely fit here.

horse tattoo on back

Girls love to depict horses with wings or pegasi, representing freedom, on the back. More often than not, the back is chosen for large realistic drawings. But there are exceptions, for example, on the shoulder blade sometimes do small or medium-sized tattoos.

horse head tattoo

What it says about personality and where it beats

Mostly horses are drawn where it is possible to show them in more or less normal proportions - on the chest, back, in the worst case on the shoulders and hips. The characterization of a person with a horse tattoo depends on what kind of animal is shown in a particular case. Thus, light colors show purity of thoughts, intentions, and actions; dark - rather the opposite.

Stamping the sketch horses want to say that they are:

  • are independent by nature;
  • this does not prevent them from being faithful companions and lifelong friends;
  • do not tolerate any coercion and captivity;
  • adore free creativity;
  • love speed and dynamism in everything;
  • know how to work effectively and appreciate the result;
  • Finally, just know how to appreciate beautiful pictures.

Tattoo horse: sketches

After you know what a horse tattoo means, it is worth starting to look for a sketch. You can take a ready-made sketch of a horse and go with it to the master. But if you want a unique and unique tattoo, then the sketches will do as a source of inspiration for a new idea. We have prepared a large selection, you can find a sketch of a horse for every taste.

Men's horse tattoos

A tattoo is an important decision that requires a serious attitude, because the drawing, applied to the body, will accompany you all your life or, otherwise, will require a lot of time to be removed and will bring a lot of problems.

Tattoo horse

Tattoo horse: photo

In the photo you can see clearly what result you should expect, as different styles of tattoo look in life. It will also help you decide on the place on the body. You will be able to see the work of different masters, compare them. We have prepared for you a collection of photos with the most different tattoos with horses on different parts of the body.

Tattoo with Russian bogatyrs

Although traditionally bogatyrs are considered to be characters with purely Slavic roots, the word "bogatyr" comes from the ancient Turkic language and means a brave and good rider. In addition, the first mention of bogatyrs in the chronicles refers to the Horde warlords. But, as often happens with the mixing of different cultures, the word has migrated to the Russian language.

Tattoo of a bogatyr on his shoulder

Tattoo bogatyr on the shoulder

Tattoo of a goddess on a horse

Tattoo bogatyr on a horse

Tattoo of a bogatyr in a helmet

Tattoo of a bogatyr in a helmet

Tattoo of three heroes on back - photo

Tattoo of three bogatyrs on the back - photo

When seeing the tattoo of Russian bogatyrs, most will probably have an association with the three most famous heroes of the epics - Ilya Muromets, Dobrynia Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich. This trio indeed often appears in folk tales describing great feats. The first references to them date back to approximately the 14th century. Some researchers believe that the prototypes of these bogatyrs were real individuals who impressed their contemporaries with some qualities or deeds, while others argue that these three bogatyrs simply replaced more ancient heroes. Both versions have the right to exist.

Tattoo a bogatyr on his arm

Tattoo bogatyr on the hand

Tattoo hero - photo

Tattoo bogatyr - photo

Tattoo of a hero on his back

Tattoo of a bogatyr on his back

Tattoo goddess on his back

Tattoo a bogatyr on his back

Tattoo of a behemoth on a man's shoulder

Tattoo of a bogatyr on a man's shoulder

The first tales of the heroes, which later became known as bogatyrs, relate to the pre-Christian period. One of the oldest folklore characters is considered to be the Bogatyr Volga. According to legend, he was not just an athlete, but a werewolf and sorcerer born of a snake. With the advent of Christianity, bogatyrs were no longer endowed with magical abilities, because witchcraft has been considered a God-fearing affair.


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