What does it mean to tattoo a shield?

Among the many variants of existing tattoos, images made in the form of a shield are quite widespread. It should be noted that such a tattoo has an interesting appearance and differs in aesthetics. The tattoo is suitable for both men and women. At the same time, in order to be fully confident that the tattoo will bring you pleasure throughout life, it is recommended to learn its meaning. Note that the information about the meaning of the tattoo shield is presented in this material.

Valknut .

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The Valcnut symbol is one of the few sacred signs of the Nordic tradition that have survived to this day in their original form. Although we do not know the exact meaning of the symbol, numerous archeological artifacts with its images have survived.

The Valknut symbol can be found on the Töngelgård and Osebereg runic stones. Valknut is also depicted on the famous Stura-Hammar runic stone.

Strictly speaking, these images do not have any explanatory inscriptions, but the plots in which the Valcnut symbol is present shed light on the likely interpretation of the sign.

Traditionally, "valknut" is translated as "knot of the fallen", as in all likelihood, the name of the symbol was formed by combining two words - "valr" (which means "fallen" or "perished", the word "Valhalla" has the same root basis) and "knut" (translated from the Old Norse - "knot").

The symbol of Valknut in this sense is invariably associated with the fallen warriors and their patron Odin, the supreme god of the ancient Scandinavians.

At the same time we often find Valknut on runic stones which depict the "bloody raven", a traditional Scandinavian execution, which to a certain extent is a kind of sacrifice to Odin (of course, only in its figurative aspect). As an example we can mention the already mentioned Stura-Hammar stone.

Valknut, whose meaning is lost in the depths of centuries, is clearly associated with the afterlife, it probably serves as a link between the two worlds - the world of the living and the world of the dead. In this sense its connection with Odin, ritual executions and funerary rites is obvious.

At the same time, the Valknut symbol could presumably be applied to weapons and armor, as well as act as a ritual tattoo. But it should be clearly understood that to date we do not have a single archaeological or documentary source, which could confirm this.

This is why the symbol of Valknut is difficult to identify and understand what the ancient Scandinavians put into this sacred image.

Valcnut, the meaning of which is probably based on the peculiarities of its inscription, is sometimes called "The Heart of Hrungnir". Generally speaking, Valknut is a modern term. Well, relatively modern, that is, it appeared at least in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

In the "Younger Edda" Snorri Sturluson cites the myth of Thor's battle with an outstanding warrior, the giant Hrungnir, who had a magical impenetrable shield and a curious weapon, the sharpener. This song says that Hrungnir had a "glorious heart" with three sharp corners, and a rune sign of the same name is carved in the likeness of this heart.

How the symbol looks like

Before you put a tattoo on the body, you need to know authentically how the fighting weapon of the ancient Slavic god looks like. The distinguishing characteristics of the axe from similar types of weapons is the double-sided wide blade. Usually depicts a tattoo with one or two blades. Obligatory engraving of weapons, on one or both sides.

The patterns refer to the divine beginning, the power of the Slavic god and his kin, the Celestial Lada or Svarog the Celestial. The Weapon of the Thunderer is the only talisman that relates directly to Perun. There are no other talismans of the god.

Tattoo armor. Types and meaning of tattoo armor

Bone plates, needles, dense fur are all animal armor. Their internal organs are also protected from damage by their body structure.

Most animals walk on four paws. This way they cover their most vulnerable place - their stomach. It's different with humans. Walking upright has made us vulnerable.

"It's the sweating system that's put more oil on the fire. Because of it, the wool cover has become less frequent.

The lack of hair was compensated by clothing, finally nullifying the natural protection.

It turns out that the first armor of man was the skins of other animals. But, in the modern sense, protection should be metallic.

It is such armor, more often than not, is chosen as a subject for tattoos. Their basic meaning is clear: protection. Now let's understand the hidden meanings of tattoos.

The meaning of the tattoo "Armor"

The meaning of Tattoo can talk about endurance. A medieval set of helmet and chain mail, for example, weighed no less than 10 kilograms.

That's at the turn of the 16th century. If you recreated the earlier models of lats from the 11th-12th centuries, they would weigh 25 kilograms.

Even to walk would be uncomfortable, and to fight would be no more. The lack of oxygen also demanded stamina.

This was a problem in the late Middle Ages, when helmets covering the face became common. It was hard to get air into them.

Tattoos such as the armor and lats are also a sign of practicality., are also a sign of practicality. The armor, for example, was woven from hundreds of metal hoops for a reason.

The armor was damaged in battles. There was no need to order new chainmail. Only broken links were replaced. So much for frugality in the spirit of the Middle Ages.

However, for most people, the armor tattoo - is a symbol of bravery because it is primarily associated in the mind with knights.

The title of nobility, which is already worthy of respect. It turns out that the armor represents nobility, and thus success in life.

Knights were professional warriors. Hence another meaning tattoo armor - fighting.

The tattoo can be worn as professional soldiers, as well as those who perceive the picture allegorically.

Combat, for example, can be the whole life. At times, it is necessary to engage in a battle with the circumstances and their own weaknesses.

There are also very atypical interpretations of the symbol. They depend, for example, on the profession of the client. Thus, the singer may stuff the throat.

It is an ancient armor that protected the neck. The object is capable of becoming, as well, a symbol of protection of the voice.

By the way, the word "gorgetka", that is, a fur scarf for the neck, came from the name of the ancient armor.

Types of tattoos "Armor".

Other male Slavic symbols

The axe of Perun is not the only iconic ancient Slavic amulet associated with masculinity. The following amulets are also used to give strength and courage:

  1. Hammer of Svarog. This talisman was presented to men who reached a militant age. This amulet is often given for adulthood. It is believed that people who wear this symbol gain wisdom and peace of mind. Perun will help learn a new profession and facilitate learning.

  2. Rasich - a Slavic symbol depicted on the clothes of sorcerers and Slavic priests. The sign hides a powerful magical potential. Amulets with the sign were used only on special occasions. Rasich is not recommended to wear daily, only in important situations. Slavic amulet reveals inner potential, gives spiritual fortitude.

  3. Svarga is a heavenly symbol of the ancient Slavs. The sign means spiritual elevation and enlightenment. It should be worn on special occasions when one seeks to know the unknown. It is recommended to wear the talisman to those who wish to change their lives radically for the better. Women wear Swarga in rare cases.

Tattoo amulets - the power of amulets in the form of a tattoo

Tattoos were originally used not as decoration - their main function was to denote affiliation of the bearer to a particular class or group of people, enhancing any physical features of the body and in endowing the wearer with additional opportunities (protection of higher forces, luck, courage).

By putting certain symbols on the body, people tried to protect themselves from spoilage, evil spirits, illnesses, wounds, only the cultural peculiarities of the nation influenced the drawing.

For example, the ancient Egyptians depicted the "eye of Horus" on the body - so they were protected from the evil eye, and the image itself symbolized the desire for the highest divine light, unity with nature. Nowadays, tattoos amulets can make everyone. The main thing is to choose the appropriate image, which by value is suitable for the desired situation.

Variety of protective tattoos

Tattoo of the sun

There are tattoo amulets, which act comprehensively and protect against several problems at once. Others are narrowly focused and can help only against one misfortune.

The most popular tattoos at the moment, which are applied for the purpose of protection, are: spiders, a dream catcher, the above-mentioned "eye of Horus," characters (Chinese, Japanese), Arabic words and phrases (quotes from sacred books). For greater effect, it is recommended to combine separate images.

For example, if you complement the Dreamcatcher tattoo with a Spider, you will get the most powerful protection against disease. Celtic patterns are often applied. These ornate intertwined lines carry great meaning and protect the wearer from misfortune. It is customary to inflict the black sun to ward off the evil eye.

A kind of shield is considered a tattoo in the form of a mask. It is able to shield its owner from many misfortunes.

The wearer of tattooed amulets with elements of the mask constantly cheats fate and plays with her, as she sends all his attacks on the artificial face of the tattoo.

Such drawings came to us from the Indians and Africans, and at those and others was popular to put a picture on the face in the form of someone else's face.

Tattoos on the forearm - the pain of the session

The forearm is a place of demonstration of the physical form of men. Psychologists confirm the fact that girls really like this part of the body. Strong male arms with perfectly matched tattoos, emphasizing all areas, create confidence and calmness of the beautiful half of mankind.

Often, their first tattoo men do on the forearm. There are not as many nerve endings - the pain will be bearable. Anesthesia in most cases is not necessary. Allergic people are concerned about the consequences of drugs after the procedure, but not from the very process of padding.


The name speaks for itself. The plot conceived for your painting is perfectly conveyed through watercolor. Any fairy tale idea drawn in real watercolor will fascinate absolutely everyone. Women will be delighted. There are a lot of pictures with similar drawings on the Internet.


Professionals in the field of tattooing consider blackwork the ideal solution for the forearm. In this style, it is better to score the whole arm completely, then it will look much better. It is possible to depict a picture from a single drawing or from several. This style, done in b&w, will reveal the story's plot in its entirety.


Geometry - precise lines. One wrong stroke will break the integrity of the whole picture. From existing geometric figures tattoo master can create a fantastic story. This can be either an animal or an ornament. Color-black. The saturation affects the volume. Other colors are welcome.


Nowadays this style is quite popular, but earlier masters took it very seldom. It appeared 30 years ago. It was influenced by the punk culture and postmodernism. The character is a stroke, with clear elements. The color is black.


Fans of computer games love this style. It combines two directions: fantasy, military. Mechanical parts, microcircuits or bar codes are depicted. For people distant from technology will be completely incomprehensible what the beauty is here. The character is austere - clear lines. Colors are varied.

Places to apply.

Tattoo armor is printed on different parts of the body, but traditionally corresponds to the classic armor. It can be:

  • arm up to the elbow, as a sleeve;
  • forearm;
  • shoulder;
  • thorax;
  • clavicle.

On legs, calves and shins, such tattoos are extremely rare. You can choose the best option in the gallery of photos of finished works on the sites of the masters. Consultation with a specialist in the studio will help to realize an interesting idea - a reference to the Middle Ages, to fantastic heroes. A unique work with an original embodiment will always be a masterpiece if an unusual drawing appears under the pen of an artist.



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