The 8 best tattoo artists of our time, from Gakkin to Frederico Rabelo

This is what art on the body should look like.

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A lot of today's tattoo artists are self-taught, because, as you know, universities don't have body art departments. However, some of them have a rich professional background that is related to graphic design, fine art, computer engineering and other related fields. Thus, they form their own standards and technologies of body painting, making them of very high quality.

And now we will tell you about the 8 best masters of tattooing, whose works can be considered real works of art.

Dmitry Bukhrov (Russia)

Dmitry Bukhrov

"I have been drawing all my life. I never had a professional art education, but I consider myself a pupil of David Solomonovich Haykin - a very famous illustrator, whose pictures have raised more than one generation of children: yntireview

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"Fool. Krovinushka."

"...It showed her a month over the hut with one of her puppies..."

"Billie Holiday."

"Spicy Red."

"The Last Steamboat"

Ordinary boys, chauffeurs, masters of the earth. JuryUral Tattoo Convention May 12-13, 2021 - with henry emmanuel.

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*** Ringman, tattoo me everything, A German cross, next to a cat with slippers. Traffic light and three soldiers in a row, ♪ Printer, flash drive, documents and folders ♪

¶ tattoo a kangaroo on your ass ¶ ¶ and a bicycle with big headlights ¶ ¶ on the shoulder of the singer Shura ¶ ♪ And a pair of Octobrists standing next to each other ♪

If there's enough room, tattoo it A house with a chimney, a bowl of soup full, A TV and three roe deer, To be remembered forever.

I'll have cottage cheese and a clarinet, Pinocchio and Chipolin in valenki, ♪ Nibble a vinaigrette on a saucer ♪ ♪ Tsoi's profile, three scarlet flowers ♪

# If you can, you'll beat a hedgehog... # ♪ The Russian anthem in Romanian ♪ ♪ Three huge kitchen knives ♪ ♪ I'll let the little ones pee by the gate ♪

Give me a cheese sandwich, And a scarlet checkered notebook, A pigeon sitting in the dust, And under my arm, a terrier.

"I want a dancing hobo. "and a mouse touching a raccoon. Nail the viper and the snake, Nakeli ... and let them try to erase ...

photo by Vishnyakov Artyom

If you go away for a week, just to reset your head and smell the pine trees, you come back with pockets full of discreet spring Baltic stuff - you could unload them by the handfuls... There are as blue as the sky over the sea, and unhurried, as night walks through the cities, and warm, as the palms of your beloved, and also - as stumbras, modestas, domestos, panakota and crème brulee (well - this is for those who are particularly on the subject). And they all crawl out and whine, whimper thinly - they want out into the world. My birds ... I begin to release one by one. Catch a faint but wonderful northern spring! I'm getting drunk, I'm banging my head against the mast. I've been drinking, or it's just my age...

"The promise of a good thing" (author's version) canvas 50X70, spring, baltic, I feel good, I have a bike, cmshthn, 2021, Palanga - Klaipeda

One of my last icons was painted in 1999. It is especially dear to me. Now this icon will continue to live on the island in the monastery on Starcevo Goritsa with Father Gregory. It's warm. Montenegrin monasteries are very ascetic, and simple, but rich in some very real Spirit. Maybe that's the point (the old dilemma - rich temple or spiritual temple)? That's where God lives. God doesn't ask to flock. He's just there. I couldn't resist.

On February 5, 2021, Zverev Center for Contemporary Art opens an exhibition of bold and ironic decorative paintings by Moscow-based artist and tattoo artist Dmitry Bukhrov. The exhibition includes about 50 paintings in the direction of naive art. Two of them will be sold to benefit the wards of the Sunflower Charity Foundation - children with immune system disorders.

The exhibition is titled "HIGHLIGHTS OF CHILDREN. Personal dramatic events, phenomena of more or less living nature, conditions of the surrounding social environment - all this is the subject and essence of the author's perception, high, painful, childish. Having never studied painting, the artist believes that it was "the special atmosphere of the primordial antiquity of his small homeland, the abundance of unscared churches and the rare provincial purity of relations between people that determined his peculiar perception of phenomena and events. Alexandra Volodina, deputy director of the Museum of Naive Art, Russia, Moscow: "Bukhrov boldly generalizes forms, freely plays with composition and is not afraid of irony and self-irony. This "naive" boldness in creating images and characters evokes a lively reaction from the viewer (these sullen sailors or businesslike animals could easily settle in the world of mass culture - they are lively and recognizable, and they manage to symbolically express an emotion or a subject matter in a succinct manner). Religious images imbued with a pensive mood, comic stories, vivid circus scenes and motifs of current urban and network culture - all this diversity peacefully coexists within a single exhibition, united by the artist's simple and decorative style.

Stasia Dyomina-Kornyshev, curator of the exhibition: "Trying to understand the difference between the naïve artist and the non-naïve artist, we can take the example of a certified doctor and healer, a shaman. At what point in life do we turn to the latter? When we are waiting for a miracle. In Bukhrov's works, there is a moment of miraculous life: in the raised heads of ordinary people, in the palm of the spaceman Yurochka on the porthole, in the iconic faces of people and animals, in all those sailors, birds, and angels of his. It is no coincidence that, in naming the exhibition, the artist puts "high" and "sick" - in the same synonymic line with "childhood." It is in childhood that wonder so easily neighbors with pain, and childishness and mischief with knowledge of the world. Bukhrov remembers it and helps his viewer to remember it." The works on display were made in acrylic and mixed media on canvases and boards between 2014 and 2015. All of the works are being exhibited for the first time, but a number of paintings will be joined in the exhibition already from private collections.

As part of the exhibition will be held jointly with the Sunflower Foundation (founders - Varya Avdyushko and Timur Bekmambetov) charity event to help children with primary immunodeficiency diseases. The artist will sell his work "Extravagant Geek" and "Manly Happiness (An Evening of a Hard Day)" for the benefit of the foundation's beneficiaries. In addition, all proceeds from the sale of magnets and miniature reproductions will also go toward the treatment of children in care of the fund.

Artist Dmitry Bukhrov "Priest Lopatin and the Fish"
Dmitry Bukhrov

was born in 1971 in Novgorod. Changed a lot of professions, traveled. Professional art education is not received, however, drew since childhood. A special stage in Bukhrov's life and work was his acquaintance with the famous artist and illustrator David Haikin, whom he considers his teacher.

Dmitry Bukhrov, artist "My work is about the good, the good and the eternal. About love, about life... They are irrelevant, you can't see them behind the bustle. And let it be so. I do not want to be fashionable. I want to be irrelevant and eternal.

His paintings are in private collections in the United States, Britain, Mexico, France, Japan, Israel, Germany, etc., in the Museum of Naive Art (Moscow), as well as in the collections of the business and political elite of Russia, representatives of show business.


2014 - Museum of Naive Art (Moscow) 2014 - Municipal Library of Chantilly (France) Chantilly (France) 2013 - "Angels and No" in the gallery JJDavies (Moscow) 2013 - Art project "Tattoo. Compot", Center of Press and Graphic Arts gallery (Saint Petersburg) 2013 - "Without Insurance/No Vaskur" - author international art nave project, Center of Press and Graphic Arts gallery (Saint Petersburg) 2012 - "Standing Animals Near the Door", JJDavies gallery (Moscow) 2011 - "Without Insurance/No Vaskur" - author international art nave project, City Exhibition Center (V. Novgorod) 2011 - Jourdan Patricia Galerie d`Art (Chantilly, France) 2010 - Gallery Gilles Febvre (Lyons, France) 2009 - "A wooden Christmas card", gallery "Na Torgu" (Novgorod) 2008 - "Christmas collection" in MDST "House" (Moscow) 2006 - "Angels are flying on the sky" in MDST "House" (Moscow)


2014 - "Attraction of Contemporary Art" art community Secret Art 2013 - International Art naive festival "Light over Jerusalem" (Israel) 2013 - Exhibition of artists of naive art in Gazprombank (Moscow) 2012 - World Art naive festival, 2nd place, Audience Choice Award (Katowice, Poland) 2012 - "Spring Exhibition", gallery "March" (St. Petersburg) 2012 - "Dollart-2012" - jointly with Alina Tatarsky, CA "Mars" (Moscow) 2011 - Exhibition in Agence Internationale Mercure (Paris, France) 2010 - "Diagnosis March", an author's project at the gallery "Na Torgu" (V. Novgorod). 2008 - "Art Spring" at Royal Yacht Club (Moscow)


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The Sunflower Charitable Foundation was established in 2006 by the producer and director Timur Bekmambetov and the artist and producer Varya Avdyushko. "Sunflower provides life-saving, expensive treatment for children under the age of 18 who suffer from primary immunodeficiency and autoimmune diseases.

Today there are more than 600 children from all regions of Russia under the Foundation's care. Supportive therapy allows them to lead a bright full life. However, the high cost of medicines and difficulties in obtaining them from the state leave no choice to the parents: the funds are collected by charity providers. Every day is a struggle for survival for the young patients of children's clinics. Together with the donors and friends of the Sunflower Foundation, they are fighting the daily battle for immunity!

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Artist Dmitry Bukhrov "Skvoznachok".


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