Tattoo of the pentagram: Meaning, designs, 70 best photos

Since ancient times, the pentagram was considered a mystical symbol representing demonic forces. Currently, the meaning of this sign has improved and it no longer refers to the symbols of dark energies. The exact origin of the pentagram is still in doubt. It is only known that this image was found in ancient writings and chronicles, dating back to 7 millennium BC.

The meaning of the tattoo with this symbol varies according to different cultures, religions and countries. The drawing is in the form of a five-pointed star, which can be drawn with a single line without taking your hand off. The result is three isosceles triangles that are enclosed in a circle.

Tattoo of the pentagram: general meaning

In Egyptian civilization, this symbol was used to depict the stars. Archaeologists still meet such a picture on monuments in ancient Egypt and in burial places. It was believed that this mystical element helped people to make an easy transition to the afterlife without getting tangled in otherworldly labyrinths.

Later, the pentagram became a symbol of the fusion of male and female energy, inner harmony, health and higher reason. The multifaceted meaning of this symbol is the supremacy of the spiritual component of man over the material. Pentagram is a strong talisman, protecting against negative energies. The symbol helps travelers find the right path and stay on the right path.

In the culture of the ancient Celts pentagram was considered the embodiment of death and war. From archaeological excavations, it became known that this people's symbol was called "pentalpha" and indicated the merging of the letters alpha. For the Jews, the sign had a special meaning because it represented the five scriptures that Moses received as a divine gift.

Since ancient times, the pentagram has been endowed with multiple meanings. The symbol was used by merchants in Babylon. It was believed that this sign was able to protect traders from theft and protect goods from spoilage. This symbol was depicted above the entrance to the store. According to other concepts, the pentagram symbolized belonging to the category of rulers. Emperors put this sign on their thrones and rings. According to the version of scientists, this symbol represented influence on all sides of the world.

Pythagoras and the pentagram

The ancient scholar Pythagoras regarded the pentagram as a geometric sign. Recognizing the uniqueness and perfection of this figure, he made the drawing symbolic for members of his school. With the help of the pentagram the followers of Pythagoras could easily recognize each other. They associated the ideality of the symbol with the ease of its representation and the accuracy of its forms.

The Pythagoreans believed that the pentagram was a reflection of the whole world. Each end of the star represented a particular symbol of the globe:

  • The angle on the bottom left symbolized the earth, constancy, moral and physical strength;
  • The lower right ray of the star represented the element of Fire, determination and courage;
  • The right angle stood for Water, symbolizing intuition and the emotional side of man;
  • The left corner was associated with the element of Air, creativity and art;
  • The topmost corner was considered the embodiment of spirituality and higher reason.

In the religion of European Christians pentagram was also important. In addition to moral and physical strength, it also denoted the five senses of man. According to another interpretation, the number of angles of the star represented the number of wounds received by Jesus Christ. The number 5 also signified the number of beautiful feelings Mary had for her son.

Themed Anti-Possession Tattoos

Some tattoos are colored on some specific themes that have their own different meanings. People get themes according to their favorite colors or meaning.

The themes can be different colors like pink, red, blue, green and many other colors and gives meaning to the anti ownership symbol. You may decide to do a twin face theme or names.

People have different reasons for tattoos on their bodies. Some have them just for pleasure and beauty and others are seriously looking for protection from demonic possession.

Some people have been found with anti owning symbol tattoos, but they claim they have no protection from demons. But I have them just for beauty, because they love the way they look.

However, it is believed that whether you know the Meaning of the tattoo or not, it plays a role in protecting you from demons or angels.

With anti-evil tattoo symbols can make people think of you as an agent of the devil or associate it with occult practices and so you should be prepared for such comments or assumptions.

Getting a tattoo symbol on your skin can be quite painful, but if you have the inspiration for your tattoo, it gives you the courage and strength to carry the pain through the process.

Some young lady said she felt so much pain that she almost gave up on the tattoo until she remembered her inspiration that Sam and Dean and she felt no pain.

Recreating the process that Sam and Dean went through in acquiring the anti owning the tattoo made her forget all the pain.

If you have ever wanted to have supernatural tattoos, now you have to make your choice from a variety of designs. What comes next is how you have to care for it to keep it beautiful and representing the meaning you have for it.

As said before, it is a symbol associated with protection and you have to take care of it. But before that, why should you take care of your tattoo, especially during the first days after you get it?

Make sure the ink sinks deeper into your skin. The new symbol has not settled into the skin, and it will take time. Good care will give it time to penetrate deeper into the skin and you will have it for as long as you want it.

  • Allow it time to develop as you want it to. A new tattoo is not in the exact shape that you wanted. It takes time to get the final shape and good care ensures that everything is getting there.
  • To avoid infections. A tattoo becomes a part of you; it's as simple as any other part of your body. It requires attention to keep it free from infection. You won't need to dispose of it if you give it good care.

New Panda Tattoo.

Occult Symbol.

A sign that has a negative meaning is depicted as an inverted star. In the middle of such a drawing, the head of a goat is depicted, and the element itself has the name Goat Mendesa. Such a symbol represents a person's affiliation with satanic and occult organizations.

In the early 80s of the 20th century, the pentagram became the symbol of the officially registered Church of Satan. The ideology of the organization is the recognition of the universe as the lowest part of being, and the members of this movement are representatives of the diabolical essence. Pentagram represents hell as a place of accumulation of low energies and a haven for missing souls.

The pentagram reflects the spiritual essence of man in a positive way. The ends of the star represent inner harmony, truth, higher reason, justice, and goodness. The symbol unites the spiritual, emotional and physical components of a person. Tattoo with a pentagram is applied by people who see the inner nature of things, have deep notions of morality and philosophical type of thinking.

Meaning of tattoos for men and girls

Worn image of the pentagram is universal and carries the same meaning for men and women. If the beam of the star is directed upwards, it indicates a person's deep religiosity, respect for higher forces and humility. Such a pentagram is positive, a talisman and amulet for its owner.

A star with two rays directed downwards represents a demonic essence. The owner of such a tattoo opposes society and is a follower of the dark forces. People with this kind of body art revere the devil, and use the low energies of their souls to interact with the world.

What additional elements to use

It all depends on how you generally assess such an image as a pentagram tattoo. If you are a fan of the forces of nature, you can (even conditionally) be attributed to the supporters of Wiccanism, feel free to supplement the image with five elements, each of which will be applied near one of the tips. You can also use elements such as:

People who worship the dark forces bring the head of a goat into the center of the sketch. The drawing itself is supplemented with red bloody elements, skulls, other symbols of Satanism. Which makes the tattoo terrifying. Christians often do not complement the drawing with other elements, stuffing it onto the body separately from other details. Although it is quite possible compositions with Jesus, the cross, etc.


For women

For men