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Almost everyone at least once in their life thinks about tattooing, but in recent years it is a particularly popular hobby among people of all ages. Tattoos, even on the face no longer embarrass anyone and do not cause condemnation, and the younger generation, inspired by idols, is actively generating on his body "distinguishing" signs. The rating of the best tattoo masters of St. Petersburg (salons and studios) will help beginners in tattoo-sphere not to make mistakes and to choose the worthy specialist.

Tattoos have always been an integral part of life for representatives of subcultures. As one famous song sings, "If you're a hipster, tattoos are a fashionable look.

Someone is inspired by other people's beautiful tattoos and wants to see it on his body, someone wants to capture on the body of his idol or the name or symbol associated with a loved one. Someone is infected with the "blue disease" and can't stop. Someone wants to correct the mistakes of his youth and remove the "portacabin". All these desires are understandable, because now the technology and experience of the masters allow for very aesthetic images on the body, which will not be ashamed even in old age.

Whatever led you to the idea of making a tattoo, for a beginner the question of "how to choose a master or a salon", is very relevant.

In this matter it is not necessary to undertake rash decisions, because made not so tattoo forever will remain on a skin and will upset you. Operation on the introduction of a tattoo or re-blocking it - is very expensive and not easy to implement, so not every specialist will undertake the correction.

Why Taurus Salon - the best

  • Many people dream of getting a tattoo in St. Petersburg. The studio employs masters with an art education. Going on a tour? Write down the address of our tattoo salon. You can hardly find a better souvenir.
  • At your disposal a wide range of ready-made sketches, drawings according to your ideas in any style.
  • High medical requirements to the staff, equipment, consumables. Only disposable needles and gloves are used. The studio is equipped with medical sterilizers for equipment.
  • A simple pricing system and transparent price without surcharges. Free consultations by appointment.

Take into account hygienic rules

Certainly, the best tattoo master St. Petersburg follow all hygienic requirements and rules that are accepted in this area. However beforehand, while communicating with a potential master at whom you will inflict a tattoo on your body, it is recommended to clarify the following points:

  • How and what disinfectant materials the master is using in his work;
  • Whether he wears gloves and if they are disposable;
  • Does he use the same consumables when applying tattoos to the bodies of different clients;
  • Does he mix the colors.

Remember, you need not only to get a beautiful and colorful drawing, but also to preserve your health.


Please give advance notice of your visit so you don't have to wait in line. Use advance appointment.

Tattoo Photos

Cool color and monochrome tattoos from a catalog or based on your ideas and sketches. Excellent technical quality workmanship. Sign up today.

Tattoo Correction

Not satisfied with the quality of your old tattoo? Want to change the design? Our tattoo artists are at your service. We will think up a new sketch and make it beautiful.

Laser tattoo removal

Going to live in Japan? Quitting your soccer club? If the tattoo has become a nuisance, modern technology allows you to remove the design from your skin.

Tattoo Care

Quality care ensures a neat appearance without blotchy spots. Fresh tattoos need special attention, fixing the paint.

Choose your tattoo style

The same tattoo, done in different styles can look different. This collection of styles will help you understand yourself and find your tattoo style.

Pick a location for your tattoo

A tattoo on your shoulders, forearms, back, chest, will remain forever if you don't resort to laser tattoo removal. A tattoo on your heel or mucosa will wear off in six months.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo

The pain map of the human body. The sensitivity of different areas of the body varies. The salon offers local anesthesia. Or drink fresh aromatic tea.

How to choose a tattoo master

Look at the work. Look sketches. Come to the salon and look into a person's eyes. If this is your master - you can trust his artistic taste and make cool tattoos.

Want a free tattoo?

Become a tattoo model in our studio and get two wishes at once - free cool tattoo and become a model! Call and find out the schedule of seminars and contests.

How to choose your master

In order to find a specialist who can meet your expectations, you will have to do a good search. What to consider in the process of searching:

  • How to build contact with the masters. A good specialist will not only quality your desired tattoo, but also will help you to make the right choice, to protect you from the rash decision, which you will regret later, and will be able to offer an interesting alternative. It is not necessary to agree on the first offer and choose because of convenience or politeness (availability in price, suitable addresses, studio location near the subway, the long experience of the master, a well-known firm, and other similar arguments);
  • Whether the master pays attention to the safety and sterility of the equipment used in his work;
  • Negative and positive reviews on the Internet. Today, advertising is very easy to pay for, so it is worth carefully looking for real reviews on third-party resources, not on the company's website. It is desirable to find not only written reports, but also photos of the result obtained;
  • The experience of friends and acquaintances. There is bound to be a person who has a tattoo among them, who can give contacts of his master or, on the contrary, to warn against visiting a salon;

  • Portfolio and qualification of the master. As a rule, today these data are widely represented not only on the official site, but also in groups in social networks (for example, VK and Instagram). There you can find links to profiles of people to whom the master you are interested in did tattoos and if you wish, communicate with them. Such information will help to understand, which master will be suitable for your purposes and will be able to realize your plans;
  • Technique and style. It is difficult to find a "universal" master. Someone is strong in ethnic drawings, someone perfectly makes portrait tattoos or creates black-and-white gothic masterpieces. Decide what you are more interested in and choose the master that suits your style;
  • Length of time the salon or studio is open. Most salons in St. Petersburg opened in 2009, when the public interest in this art form and people began to actively decorate their bodies. If you go to a newly opened salon, remember that there is a great risk of becoming a victim of non-professionals;
  • The staff turnover in the salon. Ideally, it should be minimal. As a rule, the specialists of the studios that have been on the market for a long time, have been working for years with the same composition, only sometimes admitting and teaching talented newcomers.

All of the above criteria are important, but nevertheless the first point should be considered as key and basic. It is important not just to find his master, but "his man" with whom there is an understanding. He will help to make a correct choice, qualitatively will realize your joint idea and will give recommendations how to take care of your tattoo, in a word, will do everything that you will come back again, wishing to continue.

Tattoo Masters

All masters of the studio have a professional education and work in different styles, making your most daring expectations a reality. Each master, like any artist, has his favorite tricks in tattoos. Choose to your liking.

Gregory Palich Gleb Rastorguev


Pauline Velez Alexander Frolov


Evgeny Pasternak Vladimir Komissarov


What will you choose? A tattoo in a delicate watercolor style? A playful anime tattoo? A strict geometric tattoo or a tattoo with a three-dimensional effect? A classic tattoo in either style or a runic tattoo? Honed by years of study the skill of artists from St. Petersburg is completely at your disposal. Trust the professionals and get a clear and accurate realization of your dreams.

Browse portfolios of several masters

Presented on our site the best tattoo artists of St. Petersburg have extensive portfolios. They help them in attracting customers, familiarizing their target audience with their options.

If you have decided what style of tattoo you want, select several masters working in this direction. After that, carefully study the portfolio of each of them, trying to understand

  • To what extent the works are endowed with volume;
  • Whether they are artistic enough;
  • Whether they have the right proportions;
  • How is the choice of colors and their combination;
  • whether the artist uses shadow and how he works with shadows;
  • Is there enough clear contour lines.

Pay attention!
Tattoo master in St. Petersburg can be considered a professional only if in his works you can feel emotions, life flows!

It is clear that good tattoo master St. Petersburg or any other city will demand a considerable sum for his services. But in this case you should not save money - after all, you pad the picture, which will decorate the body all your life, being your calling card.

Tattoo prices

Tattoo (1 session)from 3000 rubles
Tattoo correctionfrom 2000 rub
Overlay tattoofrom 3000 rub
Tattoo restorationfrom 2000 rub
Sketch designfrom 1000 rub
Removal of a tattoo without scarring (laser)from 1000 rub
Inscriptions, symbolsfrom 3000 rub

Many clients come back again and again. Tattoos help a person to better understand themselves, choose their own path and stay on that path. Clothes change and a unique tattoo will stay with you for many years. Even in the shower and even in bed. A tattoo will help you remain yourself in all situations and follow only your own rules.

For talented artists, there are courses to learn the art of tattooing. Tattoo parlor-studio Taurus is a club of like-minded people, an island of mental comfort for those who are cramped in the confines of the canvas. Real live art should be available.

Let your dreams come true. Tattoo studio masters will help with the real realization of your desires.

How to communicate with a master

There are simple rules for communication with a master. Adhering to them, you will be able to choose a true professional. However, you should understand that masters hate long discussions. They only want specifics:

  • What kind of drawing you want;
  • What size it should be;
  • On what day you want to come.

Conciseness, brevity, but also politeness. Just like in any other situation, though. The rules of etiquette should be observed everywhere. Even if in front of you a brutal, huge tattoo artist - he also likes polite people!

Don't ask for free work

Tattoo master SPB will not do the job for free. For one simple reason - it is his work, not just entertainment.

For example, you have discussed the terms of cooperation, told what kind of drawing you want. The master is preparing a sketch for you. After that you should not even try to ask the master to send you the finished work. Because this immediately causes suspicion - most likely, the master will consider you a cheater, who wants to get a drawing for free. Even if it's not true and you haven't thought of anything like that.

So in order to get a sketch, pay for it first. And then already do what you want - either come to the same master for the transfer of the drawing on your body, or look for another specialist who can do this work.

We work in the following styles:

  • Old school.. A traditional style that incorporates concepts from the last two centuries. Tattoooldskul appeared in the 19th century in Europe and America, when anchors, skulls, ribbons and angels were commonly depicted on bodies.
  • Biomech. Cyberpunk and biomechanics is a very beautiful, but rather complex style of tattoo performance, representing images of the human body with mechanical elements.
  • Dotwork. This style is also called pointillisme (pointillisme.) The main elements of such a tattoo are points enclosed in strict geometric shapes or fanciful ornaments.
  • Polynesia .. "Tribal" tattoos with characteristic symbols of high quality performance and detail. For example, tattoos with Maori patterns (traditional tattoos of Maori culture) have become quite popular. In this technique are especially original images of animals.
  • Tribal. This style is a pattern of pointed, clearly delineated lines most often in dark color. This style of detail drawings on the body can be traced back to antiquity. In those days, such ornaments were magical in nature.
  • Thrash polka.. Unpredictable and very attractive style, sharply different from other trends. It is characterized by a contrasting combination of red and black colors in the depiction of gloomy images. Allows you to create a very spectacular and at the same time horrifying pictures.
  • Untraditional .. The main feature of this style are clear images and crisp lines. This is quite a new trend, characterized by freshness and brightness of images.
  • Black Grey. This trend of tattoos is very popular today because of its features - beautiful halftones and three-dimensional images. The tattoos are performed in gray and black colors.

Turning to the tattoo salon "Hey Captain!" in St. Petersburg, you can not only make an original and high quality tattoo in the style that interests you, but also buy professional equipment for your own workshop.

A tattoo is a way of self-expression!

To this day, some people refer to tattoos as nothing other than "tattoos. However, do not confuse these two disparate concepts. A tattoo is not just a drawing on your arm, shoulder, leg, neck or other part of your body, it is art. So, for example, an inscription on the wrist, a panther on the back, a tightly packed sleeve in the style of olda, neotrad or treshpolka is a kind of way to complement your style, to express your attitude towards a particular culture, as well as a great opportunity to express yourself.

In our tattoo shop you can always find drawings that are suitable for both men and girls. In the catalogs of the studio there is a wide variety of male and female tattoos for every taste. It is worth noting that the masters of "Hey, Captain!" are ready to implement the most unusual and daring tattoo ideas to emphasize your individuality.


For women

For men