Tattoo on the shoulder for men - listing styles, sketches with meaning for tattoos, cool photo ideas

If you dig deep into history, you can come to the conclusion that tattoos on the shoulder men were doing even during the Stone Age. Of course, those sketches and the modern tattoo industry are incomparable with each other, but the conclusion is one - tattoos for men on the shoulder are always relevant. See for yourself if you look at the best sketches for the male shoulder.

A tattoo on the shoulder is not just a way of self-expression, it is a demonstration of strength, reliability, as well as a demonstration of the relief and strength of the male body. There is enough space to perform beautiful and intricate tattoos. Styles and colors, ideas and additional elements, as well as the designation of each sketch will be described in the article below.

Tattoo on the shoulder in men. Popular Varieties

What to choose a tattoo on the shoulder, many modern men think about, prefer to decorate this part of the body with a beautiful body drawing. In fact, many criteria are important to consider at the stage of planning, namely the sketch of the future tattoo, on what shoulder to tattoo a man, what is the purpose and meaning of the tattoo, and much more.

To date, all the best tattoos in the world can be roughly classified into several groups:

Indian tattoos - In rich and intricate sketches you can see amulets, gods, animals and plants.

Scythian tattoos - In this case, images of animals are popular, as well as many different small details, a large number of smooth lines.

Oriental motifs - Within this group, several subspecies are offered:

Japanese tattoos - Geisha, samurai, hieroglyphs, animals, fish, plants;

Indian tattoos - prevails plant motifs, Sanskrit inscriptions, deities;

Chinese tattoos - Hieroglyphics, various dragons;

Oriental - A style dominated by oriental motifs in ornamentation with repeating geometric figures.

Polynesian tattoos - Patterns and ornaments, where waves, rays, spirals, ribbons with decorative overtones are symmetrically divergent.

Tribal - A separate current, suggesting a kind of Polynesian tattoos. Sharp, juicy and rich patterns prevail here, signifying a close connection between the body and spirituality.

Chicano - The tattoo is a high artistic level originating from South America, popular among Latin American gangs. Today it has gone beyond the criminal environment, becoming a sought-after trend.

Opinion of the expert

Viola Madison

Master of tattoo, 8 years experience

Also modern men's shoulder tattoos can be divided into several categories - representatives of flora and fauna, symbols, religious and mythical characters.

Variants of tattoos

In ancient times, men decorated both the body and their hands with different images. This emphasized the masculine qualities, put in the picture deep meaning and information about themselves. Tattoo protected the wearer, was as a talisman. Now for the most part tattoo on the shoulder of a man is a decoration.

  1. Images of animals.

A lion carries a meaning such as strength, power, supremacy. The wolf speaks and bravery and loyalty of the bearer of the tattoo. Animal body painting emphasizes a person's character. A weak-willed and gutless person will not be suitable for the image. Warriors tattooed images of animals grinning, snarling and attacking the target. This was done to intimidate the enemy. Believed that the strength and courage of the animal endow the wearer with the appropriate qualities.

  1. Stars.

The tattoo is of prison origin. Criminals put the image on each shoulder. The tattoo is worn by the caste of thieves in the law. "I will never wear shoulder straps", this is the interpretation of the image. It says about the owner that he will not bend under the representatives of the authorities.

  1. Biomechanics, steampunk.

The image is made as if the skin is torn. Underneath it you can see part of the mechanical skeleton, its metal parts. It's a good idea to make the tattoo three-dimensional, in 3D. Such a drawing looks impressive.

  1. Oriental.

Oriental-style images are chosen by lovers of Japanese themes. A colorful, large-scale tattoo that occupies the sleeve or goes from the shoulder to the back looks masterpiece. The carp and dragon are popular in this style. In Japan, dragons were worshipped and considered the lords of the four elements. A symbol of wisdom. In ancient times, only the imperial family could have a tattoo on their body. In addition, the dragon is considered the embodiment of the beginning of masculine energy. Carp, only one of all the fish that can swim against the current. The tattoo symbolizes tenacity.

A well-known version is the tattoo of Japanese demons. The image is applied as a talisman. Protect the wearer from the dark forces and evil spirits. Widespread tattoo mask of Chania. According to legends it is a girl who turned into a demon because of jealousy.

  1. Religious tattoos.

Printed on the shoulder is an image of Jesus, crosses, prayers, the Star of David, praying hands, and biblical scenes. In such drawings put the sense of protection by higher forces. For the wearer, the tattoo is a talisman. Bearers believe that the tattoo will withdraw and protect from trouble and adversity.

  1. Slavic tattoos.

One of the popular images. Apply runes and Slavic gods. A person interested in his roots and history chooses a tattoo in the Slavic style.

  1. Oberegis.

Inflicted with images such as a dream catcher or the third eye. The tattoo protects and protects the wearer from the evil eye and misfortune. Endows discretion and wisdom.

  1. Inscriptions.

The inscription can be philosophical and speak to the character and prejudices of the wearer. It can also be a quote. The tattoo is applied as a solitary or in a composition with another image.

  1. Women's portraits.

Tattooing a portrait of a loved one has a place in tattoo art. Some masters of high professional level inflict an image from nature or from a photo at once on the hand, without a sketch. A portrait tattoo looks good on the shoulder. Santa Muerto-style tattoos of girls' faces are popular.

Why do men choose a tattoo on the shoulder?

Looking through the catalog of popular ideas and types of tattoos on the shoulder, the modern man is not so easy to make a choice because of the great variety. One thing is certain, that most often tattoos are beaten exactly on the shoulders. There are several reasons for this:

  • This is the most embossed part of the body, where the tattoo will emphasize male strength and beauty of the figure;
  • The shoulder is quite a large canvas for the tattoo master;
  • Due to the mobility of the shoulder here will look spectacular three-dimensional drawing;
  • A cool tattoo will emphasize the brutality and masculinity of the owner;
  • On the shoulder tattoo is easy to cover with clothing from unnecessary sights and direct sunlight;
  • The shoulder is a relatively painless place for the tattoo.

Important! The shoulders are an indicator of the strength and reliability of men. Therefore, when choosing a sketch and idea for guys should give preference to those options that represent strength, courage, toughness of character and self-confidence of the owner.

Shoulder and quarter sleeve tattoo

The quarter sleeve tattoo does not extend to the entire arm, ending around the biceps. Because there is less space on the arm, it looks great in combination with the shoulder tattoo. Traditional Polynesian tattoos are often done right there. Because the upper arm has curved muscles and bones, it is important to choose a tattoo artist who can adapt your design so that it does not distort and move with your body.




Angel tattoo.

A great choice for a tattoo on your shoulder is an angel. While it may have a religious meaning, an angel can also symbolize a loved one who has died, or a guardian angel who will protect you from harm. On the other hand, many Christians choose angels from the Bible as the basis for their tattoo to show their faith in this way. A popular choice is Michael, the leader of God's army.




Shoulder and back tattoo

Men who want a detailed, intricate tattoo should consider a body part that extends across their shoulders and back. If you already have an arm, take similar elements from the existing ones and ask the artist to continue the tattoo. This will give a more connected look. Otherwise, the back and shoulder are great options for a narrative tattoo - inspired by history, or a symbolic tattoo like a family tradition or religious tattoo.




A lion tattoo on the shoulder

Lions represent strength, power and confidence, which is why these tattoos are so popular with men around the world. You can adapt the lion design in a variety of ways from artistic style to geometric. For your shoulder, try the profile of a snarling head that can extend from your biceps to your chest.




Skull tattoo on the shoulder

Skull tattoos are some of the most versatile designs. From Mexican sugar skulls to gothic or even realistic anatomical skulls that will look great no matter the art style. Because skulls contain round elements and curved lines, they are well suited for placement on the shoulder. Also, you can easily adapt it to create a cool skull sleeve.




Star Tattoo.

For men looking for a simple, bright and symbolic tattoo, stars are a great choice. Because stars are visible at night and have traditionally been used for navigation, they represent guidance in the darkest times of life. For some people, they also represent faith in God. A cool option for a shoulder tattoo is a trail of different stars that extend from your muscles to your chest.




Shoulder clock tattoo

Because the clock symbolizes time, it is considered a symbol of life and death in tattoos. They remind us that our time on Earth is limited allow us to make the most of each day. Because they are so symbolic, many men combine their clock tattoos with other symbols. For example, flowers and clocks can represent the beauty and fleetingness of life, while an owl and a clock can represent gaining wisdom over a lifetime. Like other spiral and round designs, watches look great on your shoulder - especially the curve of the shoulder joint itself.




Colorful Tattoo.

While black tattoos are very popular, colorful designs look amazing as well. If you have an extensive and intricate tattoo on your shoulder, like a sleeve - you can use color to highlight different elements of the design. Japanese style tattoos traditionally include many colors, giving the tattoos a distinctive and dynamic look.




Upper back tattoo

Upper back tattoos are very popular with men around the world because they emphasize the broad shoulders and muscles of the back. Also, because the back is a wide, flat part of the body, it is ideal for large and complex designs. The most popular choices include - tribal, Celtic symbols and animal designs. Since the shirt usually covers your back, you can easily hide your tattoo.




Flower tattoo on the shoulder

For guys who like classic and old school tattoos, roses are a great choice. These flowers were once popular among sailors, and represent the beautiful and intricate parts of life. The rounded shape of the flower matches the placement of your shoulder because it contributes to the curve of your muscles.




Are there guidelines for getting a shoulder tattoo?

Tips regarding getting a tattoo relate to preparation for the procedure and aftercare. How to prepare for a session:

  • Give up bad habits a few days before the session;
  • Do not visit the salon if there are injuries or skin conditions;
  • Get enough sleep and a good rest before the procedure;
  • Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes made of natural fabrics;
  • The place where the tattoo will be applied, should be in minimum contact with clothing.

Be prepared for a long stay in one body position. You can stock up on a book or music player to distract yourself from unpleasant feelings. After you are finished, provide your shoulder with proper care:

  • Wear a tape on top of the tattoo for 2-3 days;
  • Wash the skin with a cotton pad and warm water;
  • Use a healing gel or ointment;
  • Do not rub the skin with a cloth, do not use soap.

In advance, indicate how many sessions it will take the master to complete, and most importantly, how much his work will cost. Before you go to the master, prepare and print out a photo of the desired sketch.

Why choose the shoulder

This is almost painless place, because the skin there is dense and elastic. In addition, the picture here retains its shape for a long time, because this area is not subject to strong changes. The tattoo at the right time can easily cover or on the contrary open with clothing.

The shoulder is the most practical place:

  • the master is comfortable to work with the open part of the body;
  • there are no restrictions on the style and size of the figure, over time it can grow into a sleeve;
  • it is much easier to monitor the condition and take care of the healing tattoo by yourself, as it is well visible and there is free access.

The only thing that clouds the choice is that the shoulders burn faster than the rest of the body in the sun, which causes the pattern to fade. To avoid this, you have to regularly use UV protection.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

It is extremely important to get a fancy shoulder tattoo at a reliable tattoo parlor with a license. Signs of a reliable salon include several points:

  • The use of professional paints from well-known manufacturers;
  • Availability of modern equipment;
  • The provision of the master and the institution guarantees the safety and quality;
  • Availability of a website on the Internet and accounts in social networks;
  • catalog with the works of masters;
  • reviews from customers.

Untested places and masters do not give guarantees, which means that the risk of injury and infection increases several times.

Choosing a tattoo

The shoulder is so versatile that it opens up space for the imagination. 3D images will look good, because when the muscles play, the drawing "comes to life". Large illustrations should be made on the shoulder, as they look natural and attractive on a muscular arm. Small tattoos are lost against the general background.

There is a mandatory nuance to remember: certain tattoos have a "criminal" past in the literal sense of the word. Sometimes tattoo masters are aware of prison designations, and they do not offer the client such to choose from. However, you can not rely on the awareness of a stranger, so after the approval of the sketch is worth a couple of days to think and study the information, so then do not regret.

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Men's beautiful shoulder tattoos on the forearms: options, photos, sketches, interpretation

Swallow - such a tattoo on the shoulder in the forearm area from ancient times were applied sailors. This bird was considered their patroness. It was believed that such a picture helps to return home after a long journey.

The swallow was considered a good sign in all cultures. The Greeks saw it ...a messenger of love... from Aphrodite. The Chinese saw the swallow as harbingers of change.. Japanese culture associated swallows with familiality .. Our ancestors, on the other hand... the promise of positive change.

The swallow is a tattoo of a swallow on the forearm and a swallow on the back of the forearm.

Tattoo swallow on forearm
Tattoo swallow on the forearm

This sketch for the swallow tattoo is the most popular
This sketch for a tattoo in the form of a swallow is the most popular
The rose is. A great way to tell everyone about your feelings. And not only positive ones - often next to this flower appear fetters, a dagger. Thus the owner of the tattoo seeks to capture his not entirely positive, but very instructive romantic experience.

However, it may not just be about romance. Christian culture describes the rose as an emblem of of forgiveness, of mercy. It may well be applied as a sign that it has worked out to forgive some person.

Rose looks pretty interesting on the male forearm
A rose on a man's forearm looks interesting enough.

Sketch for a tattoo of a rose and a dagger
Sketch for a tattoo of a rose and a dagger

Wings symbol spirituality. The tattoo is ideal for those whose spiritual interests prevail over material interests. If a person is constantly in search of for inspiration, practices self-development, he should definitely consider this option.

The image will also suit people who have Freed from a heavy burden. Usually such releases are a great life lesson that you want to capture on yourself.

Tattoo wings fits perfectly on the male forearm
Tattoo wings fit perfectly on a man's forearm

Wings tattoo can be small
A tattoo in the form of wings can also be small

Sketches for tattoo wings, which perfectly fit in the area of the forearm
Sketches for tattoo wings that will fit perfectly in the forearm area

Birds. most often they are depicted in a flying form, which looks especially good in the area of the forearm. Such birds suggest that the person Dreams about the joy of the soul. Or about the fact that he has already comprehended it.

The tattoo is perfect for people ...who want to achieve more.... If a man is self-improving and competing with himself yesterday, birds for him just be appropriate.

These tattoo birds will look great on your forearm
These tattooed birds will look great on the forearm.

Birds flying over the trees - a spectacular tattoo
Birds flying over the trees - a spectacular tattoo

This tattoo sketch is very popular
Such a sketch for a tattoo is very popular


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