The most beautiful tattoos on the shoulder for men: with meaning, Celtic patterns, dragon, wolf, tiger, bear, angel, lion, tribal, armor. Sketches + 160 PHOTOS

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Since ancient times, body art on the shoulder served as protection and decoration. Of course, the tattoo is great for conveying the necessary information to others. In addition, the identification signs on the shoulder are clearly visible. And the most beautiful male tattoos on the shoulder, the photo of which is here, will decorate any figure.

Tattoos with meaning

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These days, tattoos have lost their sacred meaning. Often men apply them to demonstrate their own bravery, strength, courage, brutality, and sometimes vulnerability, romance. Carefully selected and professionally made images on the body are attractive to the fair sex.

Tattoo on the shoulder

Tattoo on the shoulder

Tattoo on the shoulder

Tattoo on the shoulder

Tattoo on the shoulder

Tattoo on the shoulder

Men's tattoos with meaning - a separate group of subjectsThey have a big meaning for their master and are understood by the people around him. Tattoos symbolize the experienced difficulties, motivate to action and fight against obstacles. Any member of the stronger sex, who dreams of drawing on the body, trying to find the perfect option for themselves.

Tattooing will become one of the ways to communicate. A man does not just pick up a suitable sketch, but also reveals his soul to others. Consider the most popular subjects that reflect certain feelings and emotions, as well as character traits.


Suitable for strong natures with well-established principles and inner core. Free wolf attracts people who are independent, but loyal to their own beliefs and interests. This tattoo will be a talisman that helps to find solutions in difficult situations, giving confidence in themselves and their strength.

Tattoo with a wolf

A man with such a decoration on his body looks reliable and persistent. He is the head of his pack, able to courageously protect it from enemies.


Nowadays, this device has acquired an allegorical meaning. Today there is no need to follow the direction of traffic, but the search for one's own way of life does not lose relevance at all times. Men face various difficulties and temptations at every step, but it is important to go your own way, adhering to existing principles and values.

Tattoo with a compass

Tattoo with a compass symbolizes strength of character: a man is moving towards the goal, just as the compass needle points to the north.


This symbol speaks of loyalty and devotion to the established ideals. Anchor represents a stable life position, which will not be changed over time.

Anchor tattoo

Similar tattoos from ancient times adorned the body of sailors to never forget the devotion to their homeland and family. The anchor drawing has not lost its relevance among the male audience for many decades.


The image has a sacred meaning, represents the transience of earthly life.

Tattoo with a skull

In religion, the skull has several meanings:

  • talisman;
  • the embodiment of wisdom;
  • a sign of eternal life after death and forgiveness;
  • energetic reunion with deceased ancestors who provide the tattoo owner with support and protection from danger.

Since ancient times, this symbol was used to intimidate others piratesIn ancient times, pirates used this symbol to intimidate others, and portrayed the skull on their flags, hats, and bodies. This tattoo on the shoulder of a prisoner indicates his or her a tendency to steal. If the skull is pierced with a knife.the prisoner intends to take revenge on those who have wronged him.

Modern men associate the image of the skull with biker culture, in which ...where faith in destiny, freedom, confidence..., are the main traditions. Tattoo reminds us of the transience of life, that the allotted time to be spent with benefit.


Many men are close to the spirit of the image of the lion, a bold and strong animal, able to withstand hardship. Like a lion guarding his territory and family, the man protects his own home and loved ones. Tattoo is suitable for people with a bright personality, used to cope with problems alone.

Tattoo with a lion

Elephant .

The inhabitants of India and China worshiped this animal as the personification of calm, strength and wisdom. Powerful large elephants have long been aides to man. Animals were used in the sphere of agriculture, in the period of military operations they gave a huge advantage over enemy troops.

Elephant tattoo

The tattoo will appeal to the Strong, humane, calm men. The elephant is. A symbol of wisdom, intellectual solving of difficulties, resilience and reliability. In the presence of these qualities tattoo will be an ideal talisman and an eloquent message to others.


This mythological creature is especially attractive to modern members of the stronger sex.

Tattoo with a dragon

Dragons are associated with:

  • brute strength;
  • wisdom;
  • fire;
  • fortitude;
  • Fury and anger.

By tattooing, strong natures find even more strong motivation to move forward. But it is important to always remain human, to look at things realistically, and not to succumb to the illusion of unlimited power.


Scarab beetles are popular, because they attract good luck, financial well-being and success. Scorpios are usually drawn by the representatives of this astrological sign. The meaning of the tattoo is justice and wisdom.

Tattoo with insects

Scorpion, depicted with a rose, - symbol of a happy marriage. Tattoos with spiders are designed to To open new horizons, to attract wealth.

Inscriptions .

Often the representatives of the stronger sex prefer inscriptions.

Tattoo with an inscription

They are performed with the help of a variety of languages:

  • Russian;
  • Latin;
  • Arabic;
  • English;
  • Old Russian;
  • Hieroglyphs.

Inscriptions differ from any drawings by the presence of a specific meaning. It can be a creed of life or a reminder of a significant event.

Men's tattoos are large in size to give Brutality and masculinitySometimes have a defiant meaning and express a challenge to public opinion. They may also differ in design styles: color, graphic, volumetric and others.

Before you put an aesthetically attractive inscription or character on the shoulder, it is worth finding out their exact meaning. Otherwise, you can have a negative experience in the future.

Slavic motifs

The patterns are related to the development of the Slavs in the period before Christ. When creating a tattoo, runes with sacred meanings are used. Often these are amulets or symbols that attract certain changes in a person's life.

Tattoo with Slavic symbols

The mystical signs should be used only if there is an understanding of their essence.

Japanese patterns

Japanese traditions are very popular in the field of tattoo art. The motifs of this country are imbued with a special philosophy and originality.

Tattoos in Japanese style

Some of the most common images include:

1Tiger. The embodiment of powerful energy, strength, protection from the evil eye, disease and adversity.

2Koi Carp. A symbol of self-improvement, which leads to success, wealth, victory over difficulties.

3Phoenix. A sacred bird with fiery feathers identified with the cyclical nature of everything in the world, immortality, rebirth to a new life.

4Snake. Sign of wisdom, common sense, protects against danger and disease.

Popular images of Japanese culture are flowers, dragons, geisha, samurai. All of them found their embodiment in men's tattoos. The interpretation of the meaning of each symbol varies depending on the background, additional images and details.


The armor on the forearm is a distinctive sign of a warrior, strong physically and spiritually. Such a tattoo gives courage and bravery, serves as a reliable guardian against trouble and evil.

Tattoo in the form of armor

Biomechanics .

This is a fantastic direction in the art of tattooing. Under the opened skin as if you see a robot arm: bearings, wires, metal inserts, weapons. Tattoo choose people practical, strictly defending their interests and ideals.

Tattoo biomechanics

The listed subjects of tattoos in most cases choose for themselves the representatives of the stronger sex. No less attractive look on the shoulder patterns of Celtic origin. They have not only an external appeal, but also carry a powerful energetic message.

Popular Tattoo Styles on the Shoulder for Men

Men's Tribal Tattoo on the Shoulder

Treble tattoos or ethnic tattoos are classic traditions that blend ancient folk styles, vivid imagery, symbolism and militancy. A tribal tattoo is an interweaving of clear patterns or images of sacred animals.

Men Shoulder Tattoo - Shoulder Tattoo for Men - Tribal Shoulder Tattoo for Men

Men's Shoulder Blackwork Tattoo

Blackwork tattoo is a tattoo trend characterized by large areas covered in black pigment, simple geometric shapes and density of color. Not every tattoo done only in black can be called a blackwork. This style involves large drawings or parts of the body painted completely black.

Men's shoulder blackwork tattoos are the choice of bold, determined and unconventional individuals.

Men's shoulder tattoos - tattoos for men on shoulder - blackwork tattoo on shoulder

Men's Tattoo Patterns on the Shoulder

This group of tattoos can include ethnic patterns and geometric abstraction. If you care about the inner content or function of the talisman, it is better to choose ethnic tattoos. If you like the beauty, clarity and precision of geometric patterns, you can turn to the style of geometry.

Tattoo on the Shoulder - Men's Shoulder Tattoo - Tattoo Patterns on the Shoulder for Men

Men's Abstraction Tattoo on the Shoulder

Tattoo abstraction is good because any your idea, even the most complex in idea and execution can embody an abstract plot. The combination of different styles in one picture helps to convey both the subject and the emotion of the tattoo. On the shoulder, abstract tattoos will attract attention as they will want to unravel the complex plot.

Men Shoulder Tattoo - Men Shoulder Abstract Tattoo - Abstract Tattoo for Men

The origin of Celtic symbols

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Celtic tattoos reflect the symbols of a rich culture, embody deep mystical meaning and powerful energy. The images are filled with design complexity and unique intricacy, and the graceful endless lines are imbued with the majestic meaning of the most ancient people.

Who are the Celts?

The Celts are tribes that were close to Indo-Europeans in language and tradition. Their history begins in the 2nd century B.C. and reaches its peak by the 4th-5th centuries B.C. The people inhabited the territory of modern Western Europe.

A picture of the ancient Celts

The Celts lived in separate tribes, which periodically attacked Mediterranean countries. Representatives of this nation were distinguished by freedom-loving warlike temperament and unwillingness to exist in unity. It was for this reason the former power gradually declined.

During the Great Migration of Peoples, the settlers came to Europe and mingled with the local population, gradually pushing the Celts farther to the west. The tribes managed to take over the lands of Brittany, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. To this day in these regions the Celtic traditions are still followed, and ancient religious rites are performed.

Celtic life was closely linked to nature, so Most of the tattoos symbolize the harmony of man with the world around him and the development of the spiritual world.

Sketches of Men's Shoulder Tattoos

Among the huge number of subjects you can find inspiration and choose something for yourself. You can safely experiment with styles and compositions to find exactly your, unique tattoo.

Celtic patterns and their meaning

If a man prefers exactly the ancient Celtic works of art, it is worth carefully studying the meaning of the favorite pattern. Consider the meaning of the most popular patterns.

A Celtic cross

In appearance, it resembles the usual Christian, but in place of the intersection of the lines has a circle. According to legend, this symbol was presented to the tribes of St. Patrick, who made the pagans Christians. The cross is a harmonious union of religious beliefs with the symbol of the sun.

Tattoo with a Celtic cross

The sacred meaning of the tattoo Hope for a bright future, divine love, fertility, sunshine. The cross is drawn in one endless line, which symbolizes the cycle of life. The tattoo is also made in memory of deceased relatives, so that they would be happy and peaceful in the new world.

Endless knot

The main element of the pattern is a triangle, which is used as an independent figure or as part of a large composition. Lines forming an endless circle are tied in knots, which symbolizes eternal life, harmony of earthly and spiritual existence.

Tattoo Celtic knot

On the shoulder, such a symbol represents the connection of two beginnings, sincere devotion and harmony of loving hearts.


This sign represents the homeland of the Celts - Ireland, so to put a green symbol with three or four leaves on the shoulder will be able to people with Irish roots. No less relevant symbolism for connoisseurs of the traditions and culture of this country.

Tattoo with a clover


The tattoo enjoys increased popularity these days. The graceful creatures represent the souls of ancestors who gained immortality after a funeral. Sometimes people stuff themselves with such an image after a difficult ordeal as a symbol of rebirth to a new life, a willingness to change.

Tattoo with a butterfly

Bracelet .

The pattern is created with the help of the knot of love, symbolizes eternal friendship, a sense of affection, devotion. The bracelet is formed from whimsical ornaments, in the middle of which is a heart with a crown. The tattoo is ideal for a spiritual rapprochement with the beloved.

Bracelet tattoos

Tree of Life

This image is the largest compared to other Celtic symbols.

Tree of life tattoo

The sacred meaning of the tree can be interpreted in two ways:

1The embodiment of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden;

2Worldly Axis, connecting the Earth, the Underworld and the Heavenly Worlds.

The Tree of Life encapsulates hopes, dreams, expectation of well-being. The image is depicted in different ways, not always respecting the ancient traditions. In Celtic ornaments, the branches and roots of the tree touch, indicating the cyclical nature of life.

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