Pharaoh tattoos - meaning for girls and men, popular styles, original sketches and photo works

Tattoos Rapper Pharaoh (18+) Pharaoh tattoos appear on his body with the same speed as the popularity of the artist grows. At concerts, Gleb Golubin, known to the public as Pharaoh, often shows his bare torso in tattoos. Some tattoos are immediately striking to the eye, others are less noticeable and cause special interest among fans. In our review, we will try to figure out what Pharaoh's tattoos mean and what is the meaning behind them. Give us a like and read)

Pharaoh has a dove with a halo on his chest, a symbol of the holy spirit. On the sides of the design is an inscription, which actually means "holy spirit". Perhaps the rapper associates his mission in music with something sublime. Pharaoh repeatedly said in interviews that his main goal is to help people understand themselves. In addition, the dove is consonant with the rapper's last name.

Below is the Egyptian symbol of the Eye of Horus (eye of uajet, eye of Ra), which the ancient Egyptians wore as an amulet to attract success and power. Gleb has a tattoo on his abdomen of an open jaw - "it's wild, for example. This tattoo refers to a whole stylistic stratum of gangster tattoos. The goggle is associated with fighting, savagery, survival instinct and the ability to stand up for oneself. Also, the year the rapper was born in 1996 is inscribed on his stomach. Such tattoos are not uncommon in the hip-hop world.

Also, the artist has a character from the cartoon Woody Woodpecker and the inscription "rill to the grave," which means always be yourself. On his right forearm, Pharaoh has a symbol of anarchy and a heart that spirals into a spiral. The famous performer Marilyn Manson has such a symbol, he made it in honor of his beloved. Pharaoh repeated the tattoo of his idol, as it came to his liking. However, he replaced the black color with red. Also, on his right forearm, the inscription "too rare" and a small ornament.

On the shoulder is the sign of the band Nirvana, a crooked smiley face. Pharaoh is a big Kurt Cobain fan.

On the hand is an obscure mythical image, similar to Bosch or Goya's subjects, in the form of a plant with spikes, as well as an embracing couple.

Gleb has the inscription "forever 463" on his left hand, about which the artist makes no comment. Most likely it is a personal association of the musician, a number that is important to him.

Basically, almost all of Pharaoh's tattoos are devoted to self-discovery, music, creativity and idols. Some of them are quite ironic. On his left forearm is a tattoo in the shape of an ice cream cone. Some people tend to believe that the tattoo with sweets can be interpreted as a love of the beautiful life.

There is a small crown on the neck, a symbol of greatness, fame, high position in society and nobility.

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Biography of the young Pharaoh

Pharaoh (Pharaoh) was born on January 30, 1996. His hometown is Moscow. His real name is Gleb Golubin. He lived in the Izmailovsky district and studied at Gymnasium 1409. Since childhood, Gleb liked to play ball in the yard. The boy was predicted to have a sports career. His father was the director of the Moscow Dynamo soccer team. After he left his post, he continued to be involved in sports marketing. Young Gleb managed to play for Dynamo, CSKA and Lokomotiv.

Almost the entire period of his youth he devoted to training and games. However, Golubin did not develop seriously as a soccer player. No matter how hard the young man tried, but his level remained average, and even his father's connections did not help to push him up the ladder of his sports career. Gennady was not too happy with his son's successes (which, by the way, were not), and Pharaoh himself had already realized that he did not want to play soccer professionally. After that he tried himself as a soccer referee, but then finally decided to give up soccer.

Another thing is that he liked rap and rock music. Among metal bands he preferred the Germans Rammstein, who were gaining popularity at that time. Pharaoh even decided to learn German, and for some time attended courses. Also Dove's idols were Nirvana, Marilyn Manson. Among the rappers he liked Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi. Another collective was Reign Clan, which influenced his choice of style.

Pharaoh Gleb Golubin

Tattoos, designs, inscriptions and their meanings

No other politician in the world wielded more power than the Egyptian pharaohs. During their lifetime they lived bathed in luxury, and after death their slaves buried them with jewelry, not risking to take their jewels. Apparently, guided by this, the rapper Pharaoh chose for himself such a strong energy pseudonym. For many fans of his creative path, Pharaoh's tattoos carry a special mystery, stirring the imagination of those around him.

Pharaoh's emergence as a musician

The turning point in the mind of Gleb Golubin was his visit to a concert of the Chemodan Clan. It happened when he was 15, then the young Cloud-rapper realized that he also wanted to rock the hall and please the audience. Then he recorded his first track in the style of Russian rap.

The song was called "Desert." After that, Pharaoh leaves the country for a while and goes to the USA. There he decided to change his direction towards western rap music. After returning home, he began to create. In addition, he went to MSU. Gleb Golubin studied at the Department of Journalism.

Pharaoh's first band was Grindhouse. With it he released several tracks, including "Cadillac", "Nothing Has Changed", "Phlora". However, the novice musician was not able to achieve special popularity with this group. The very first release in 2014 was the album "Ouajet". In 2015 a mixtape with i61 - "Rage Mode" was released, which found critical acclaim. Then Pharaoh recorded music close in style to thrillwave, rap.

Pharaoh music


By nature, Gleb is very thin and to get pumped up is a real problem for him. That's why the guy doesn't bother and after his soccer career is over he doesn't do sports anymore. He smokes a lot and likes to drink.

Height182 cm
WeightAbout 70 kg
Eye colorBrown
Hair ColorWhite
TattoosTattoo on neck: memento mori; on chest depicts bird with wings spread wide; on stomach - date of birth; on right breast - eye of Ra.
Plastic surgeryAbsent

A wave of popularity.

It was quite another thing when Pharaoh released "Champagne Squirt" and "Black Siemens" music videos, which went wild on the net, and separate phrases and even their sounds (the famous "skr-skr") were recited. After these clips Pharaoh got the long-awaited popularity. Pharaoh releases "Dolor" mixtape with his new band Dead Dynasty.

In 2021 Pharaoh releases the album "PHOSPHOR". There was also a joint EP with Oleg LSP. The rapper has developed a certain direction in which he continues to work. It's a mix of cluder rap, trill, hip-hop. However, Gleb Golubin does not stop there and continues to experiment. For example, after his release "Pink Phloyd" (the beats of which were written by Shadow Playaz, Dexter Dukarus and Dead Dynasty) he recorded a guitar track for a new acoustic album. Also Pharaoh decides to remember his preferences from his youth and record a completely rocker album.

Gleb Golubin

Personal life of the singer

Gleb's enigmatic creative image and unconventional appearance made him a real sex symbol, so the singer never complained about the lack of female attention. During his incomplete twenty-five years of life, he managed to have relationships with several famous girls, and some romantic relationships ended in the most real scandals.

Until 2021, Gleb met with one of the soloists of the group "Silver" - Ekaterina Kishchuk. Soon they broke up, but Gleb was not alone for long: rumors of a new relationship between the singer and the daughter of the famous Russian tennis player - Alesa Kafelnikova were floating around the network.

Gleb and Ekaterina Kishchuk

Gleb and Alesya were together for a short time, but their relationship was remembered by everyone because of the constant scandalous incidents. At this time, the girl already had serious problems: she was suffering from drug addiction. And her famous father believed that it was Gleb who had a bad influence on Alyosya and only because of him she could not get rid of her addictions.

This is interesting: Alesya's father put her in front of a choice: either she leaves Gleb or he breaks off any relationship with her. The unstable and gusty girl moved in with the singer on the same day. Evgeny Kafelnikov blocked his daughter's bank accounts, took away the car with the driver and stopped communicating with his daughter. The girl resumed her relationship with her family only after a tragic incident that happened to her during the breakup with Gleb Golubin.

Gleb and Alesya Kafelnikova
The guys did not hide their relationship and posted a lot of scandalous materials on the network, including those of a piquant nature. The couple lived together for about a year, and their relationship ended in an unpleasant incident. After the quarrel, the girl tried to end her life with suicide and she was barely pumped out in the hospital.

This is interesting: Alesya and Gleb were rumored to have started dating again in 2021, but the news turned out to be another fake.

After the breakup with Kafelnikova, Gleb was often seen at parties and events with the model Victoria Perusheva. But the singer himself does not comment on his relationship with the girls after the tragic story that happened with Alexa Kafelnikova.

Victoria Perusheva is a possible new girlfriend of Gleb

PHARAOH & Boulevard Depo - 5 Minutes Back

PHARAOH & Boulevard Depo - 5 Minutes Back is the most revealing music video, which concentrates everything that the fans of Pharaoh love. It's got drugs, cool cars, chicks, cops, and dope, dope, dope. Pharaoh and Budvar Depo made a deliberate clip in the style of Russian claude rappers. In pharaoh 5 minutes ago several states are mixed up - there is both deliberate awesomeness and teenage maximalism. The desire for self-destruction through drugs and alcohol, but a subconscious fear for their future.

The heroes of the track are chased by the patrol, but in 5 minutes they are already impossible to be found in the yards. The plot thread of all music online is that pharaoh 5 minutes ago did something that is inaccessible to "mere mortals". For example, bought himself a new expensive ring. However, the most offensive to his opponent is that the performer fucked his bitch, of course, pharaoh 5 minutes ago.

PHARAOH 5 Minutes Back
True, it's not quite clear why he did it if he saw her - and that's an abomination. However, it was again a deliberate action just to show his awesomeness in front of his opponent. The motif of the lyrics is that this company keeps going and going, doing different things on the way - spinning joints, groping chicks and all that kind of stuff. Fans of listening to themes that literally parody the lifestyle of American road rappers were satisfied with pharaoh's music video five minutes ago. Relaxed delivery, rocking beats. The minus track contains nothing extra - just the beat, the bass, the hi-hat, and a couple of electronic vocal effects. Such minimalism helps to focus on the lyrics and catch the "stoned" floo. Pharaoh's main phrase five minutes ago was his mother's admonition about bitches who lie all the time. A harsh, yet true, phrase. Pharaoh quite often has such scathing but informative phrases - he tells it straight, as it really is.

The video sequence of the pharaoh music video 5 minutes ago is interesting to watch. The characters move along the road in a Mercedes, something happens all the time, the angles often change. This gives the clip dynamism and a sense of movement. Pharaoh does all these pathos rapping moves. Then the company ends up somewhere by the sea, then they move to some apartment. Accordingly, the bitches are with them. The events take place in the daytime, then the setting changes to a dark time of day. The characters pharaoh 5 minutes ago hang out around the clock.

Pharaoh - Wild for example

Pharaoh - Wildly For instance is a prime example of thoughtful cludder rap. This music was originally meant to be a flight on the clouds. Something soft, pensive, airy. And indeed the clip takes away into the distance, all done in order to maximize the involvement of fans of listening to music online. Also you can't help but notice an unusual visual aspect of Pharaoh - Diko, for example.

Clip Pharaoh - Wild, for example, starts with the shooting of the forest from a quadcopter. In general, the view of the park area with the track laid between the trees evokes different associations. Matte light filters and color correction as if creating the atmosphere of some young horror movie, where the main characters begin their journey in the woods, far away from people. In addition, the minus track with its characteristic melodic pitch (reminiscent of something like an electric viola) sets a cold autumnal mood.

Pharaoh Wildly e.g.
The retro car contrasts with the broken part of the road at the side of the road. The viewer can watch as the car ride scene changes with the main characters being in a certain house, which is done in a vintage style. Pharaoh - Dicko, for example, depicts members of secular society in a mix of modern clothing and festive hairstyles at 18th- and 19th-century balls. They go hunting with dogs and guns. And it looks pretty creepy.

Especially since the lyrics of Pharaoh - Diko, for example, mention "a rare species," poaching," a revolver in their throat (an obvious allusion), "puddles of blood everywhere," and an argument about no one leaving this square. It looks like an expensive entertainment for the rich, a manhunt. Although the meaning of Pharaoh - Wildly, for example, is also about wealth, self-importance, and chicks. However, all this is veiled in such an unusual for traditional claude verse form, that it is interesting to listen to this minus, and you can even try to look for hidden meanings.

There is a kind of medieval-style party going on in the building. Characters are hanging out, eating at the table and drinking wine from bottles. Pharaoh - Dicko, for example, smokes with his company, hangs out with his company in the woods and in the house. He also reminds us that even in this club everyone will die. Whether the reference is to an elite hunting club or an ordinary entertainment establishment, the phrase has a double meaning.

Pharaoh - Pink Phloyd album

Pharaoh - Pink Phloyd is a summer release from the popular claude rapper. The disc consists of fifteen tracks (14 original tracks plus one remix). The record is made in the usual for Pharaoh manner - the songs about his wealth and fame are replaced by a peculiar lyricism, typical for performers of this kind. On the whole the album Pharaoh - Pink Phloyd is a bit calmer than the previous releases. There are no abrupt jumps from lyrical song to driving screaming song on it.

Of course, you can't ignore the reference to the great band in the title. The cult psychedelic band is spelled Pink Floyd, so the reference is only indirect. On the cover there're a picture of starry sky - a hint to the space rock genre, and some psychedelic moments in the sound (for example on the track "Louis Vuitton Kiss" recorded together with Boulevard Depo).

More about the songs

The first track has the same name as "Pink Phloyd". Honestly, the opener is nothing - not catchy, the lyrics are traditionally chewed up. The theme is standard - I'm in Gucci, I fuck bitches. Only Pharaoh's squeak in the chorus saves the day, which somehow makes this work stand out among the clouds of similar ones.

From the second track, it gets more interesting. "Trouble" paints Pharaoh as a very tough gangster. He threatens not only to shoot his rival and skin him, but even to burn down his neighborhood. The meaning of the song is rather contradictory - money carries "Trouble."

Pretty controversial statement, given that Pharaoh constantly talks about his wealth and success. But the fact that bitches carry "Trouble" is a positive statement. Interestingly, the song was recorded with underground rappers The Chemodan, who are known for their existential lyrics and general depressiveness in their lyrics.

The single "Wild, for example," has been extremely popular for a long time. Although the theme is standard and hackneyed, it was presented with unusual lyrics. The meaning of the track "Wild, for example," many have tried to decode, but the exact meaning of all the lines is known only to the author himself.

The next song "School" will please the target audience of Pharaoh - the schoolchildren themselves. Every middle school student who is into the rapper's work will feel incredibly cool and close to their idol, walking around with a briefcase and proudly carrying a speaker with a recording of their favorite singer.

"Your Place" takes the listener back to the typical Pink Phloyd album theme. It's recorded with Acid Drop King and begins with his reading, suspiciously parodying the maestro's own reading. The main point of the whole song can be listened online in one line - "Even if you stuff your ass with money, you can't buy charisma". No matter how much the common man tries to resemble his idol, it can't be done.

"Requiem For Ego" is an announced lyrical track, in which Pharaoh even tries to go into spatial semi-romantic musings. The lyrics about the "third eye", Cerberus and other references to mythology create a mysterious aura for the track.

However, the next "Lallipap" returns the listener to the usual lyrics about humiliating the opponent and fucking his bitch.

The aforementioned "Louis Vuitton Kiss" is something about love (although the lyrics are barely intelligible). The theme continues with "One Whole," which you can also listen to online. The lyrics about "I'll pick you up at night outside my house" and "all your girlfriends are discussing my album" make this kind of music online very romantic (for schoolgirls, that's for sure). "Melissa. My Bitch" is from the same series.

"Lots to Do" and "Ask My Friends" are the same thing - if "Lots to Do" is about the coolness of the singer, "Ask My Friends" is about being tired of fame.

"Without Me" is the most melancholy and slowest track from the entire Pink Phloyd album. "Lone Star" also adds a touch of romance to the album's ending, as does "Porn Star."


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