What do Tina Kandelaki's tattoos mean?

Tina Kandelaki is a popular and famous TV presenter. A beautiful woman with a strong character and a good heart has long won the love of fans. She owes her bright appearance to her parents - in Tina's veins she mixed Georgian, Armenian, Turkish and Greek blood. She can safely be considered a style icon, her outfits are always tastefully chosen. Tina Kandelaki's two tattoos complement the image of a fashionable, refined and confident woman. But they are not just a decoration, but carry a secret meaning.

What does Tina Kandelaki's tattoo on her arm mean?

In 2006, Suleiman Kerimov, a famous person, a businessman who is a member of the Federation Council of Dagestan, was in a car accident. The car speeded off the highway and crashed into a tree. It was in Nice, the man was there on personal business. It is still unclear how Tina Kandelaki was in his car at that moment. For a long time, the TV host hid the consequences of the accident, wore dark gloves and denied the very fact of what had happened.

Subsequently, the woman did admit that it was true. The gloves disappeared, and a tattoo appeared on the outer side of the left hand. Tina Kandelaki has long concealed the meaning of the tattoo, which resembles an inverted treble clef. The press claimed that in this way the TV presenter disguised the burns - the consequences of the accident. There were rumors that the celebrity had a love affair with Kerimov.

Tina Kandelaki

It is said that the tattoo on Tina Kandelaki's arm is a sign of cho-ku-rai. From Japanese it translates as "power here" and means the first symbol of reiki, a type of Eastern medicine. In this unconventional form of healing, healing is achieved by touching the hands. The sign on the presenter's hand brings strength and self-healing, opens psycho-emotional currents, heals wounds, and strengthens energy protection.

Tina herself eventually admitted that she got the tattoo in Tibet.

Unusual figure. Appearance and meaning

On the back of Tina's palm is an intricate image. It is a spiraling line of black color. From afar, it could be mistaken for a treble clef, but there are not many similarities between the two.

This is an ancient symbol of Reiku. It is intended to transmit the wearer vital energy and strength. The Reiku sigil is associated with the sun, and so it has a strong connection with the sun. It is chosen by people who have to spend a lot of time in public. It is a powerful talisman. It is not surprising that the celebrity opted for it. It suits public figures like no other.

In general, the symbolism that refers to Reiki is very ancient. It is believed that those who are related to this ancient teaching can heal by touch. There is some debate as to whether Tina Kandelaki is a follower of Reiki or just a beautiful image.

Among the main meanings of the symbol can be attributed:

  • Giving life energy. It is believed that this tattoo helps to concentrate on something really important;
  • Protection from evil incantations. This symbol is designed to protect the wearer from the evil eye;
  • Attunement to the good. The symbol of the sun helps to keep a person in a good mood, keeps him from despondency.

The tattoo is clear and concise. Made clearly to emphasize its importance, without accentuating anything superfluous. Probably Kandelaki is a person closed to others.

Tina Kandelaki posing for the press with a tattoo on her arm
Tina Kandelaki with a tattoo on her arm

Tina Kandelaki's second tattoo

The anchorwoman successfully combines social life, work, and raising children. She has repeatedly said that she is ready to sacrifice a lot for their sake. Not surprisingly, the second tattoo of Tina Kandelaki means "mother". Made in the form of a Japanese character, it is located on the outer side of the left thigh.

Tina Kandelaki gets a tattoo on her hip

Given that both tattoos are on the left side of her body, we can assume that the tattoo on her thigh is also hiding the effects of that fateful accident, hiding a scar or burn.

Vinnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow is a Canadian top model with vitiligo who does not hide her spots. The girl became ill at an early age, with children constantly teasing her about her cow. Endless bullying led to the fact that as a teenager, Winnie even considered suicide. The situation was remedied when Tyra Banks came to her attention, which resulted in Winnie being cast on the TV show "Top Model America", where she took 6th place.

After that, the girl was noticed and offered a job. She began to appear on the covers of magazines and became rich. Now Winnie Harlow is a highly sought-after model. She openly admits that life with vitiligo was extremely difficult for her. But in the end, she is grateful to herself and those who gave her a chance. Winnie has also become an example of how spots don't get in the way of beauty consideration.

Examples of celebrities with vitiligo show that this disease can be a serious challenge in a person's life. However, even with vitiligo it is realistic to achieve success and recognition. The main thing is not to give up! Celebrities with vitiligo often become an example of perseverance for us and confirm that there is little that can stop real talent.

Sources used: samdoctor.com

At the time of the accident, Tina was married

With her husband, artist Andrei Kondrakhin, Kandelaki lived for 11 years and they divorced in 2010. From the marriage Tina was left with two children - a daughter and a son. The anchorwoman herself initiated the divorce, arguing that over the years they have turned into different people and they have nothing in common. The divorce went quietly and painlessly, the couple parted peacefully. The property was not divided, the children remained with their mother. She does not prevent them from communicating with their father, maintaining a neutral relationship with her ex-husband.

Andrei Kondrakhin never commented on the accident or Tina Kandelaki's tattoos.

Tina Kandelaki Tattoo on Her Arm

Scientists have identified new genes responsible for skin pigmentation

Geneticists have identified 50 chromosomal regions responsible for vitiligo - a chronic pigmentation disorder in humans. Why this disease occurs, how people live with it and why it is not terrible, tells "Gazeta.Ru".

Among the discoveries of geneticist Richard Spritz of the University of Colorado is the discovery of a correlation between eye and skin color and the likelihood of contracting vitiligo, a chronic disease in which skin pigmentation is impaired. According to the scientist, dark-haired and brown-eyed people have the highest risk.

As Spritz found out, vitiligo is the genetic "antonym" of melanoma: genes that cause a predisposition to vitiligo protect against melanoma, and vice versa.

Externally, vitiligo appears as white spots on the skin, and sometimes on the mucosa and retina. Hair growing on pigmentation-deprived areas of the skin is often colorless as well.

The exact cause of vitiligo is unknown. Among the significant factors, researchers allocate dysfunction of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and pituitary gland, disorders of the autonomic nervous system. Kindred cases of the disease indicate that genes causing depigmentation may be inherited.

In addition, vitiligo is considered an autoimmune disease. With it, the immune system acts against the person's own organs and tissues. The body produces cytokines, which in vitiligo interfere with melanocytes (cells that produce melanin pigment) and cause their death. There is another opinion - melanocytes destroy themselves.

Some patients report certain factors, such as sunburn or stress, that have caused them to develop the disease. However, there is no evidence that these events cause vitiligo.

Understanding the mechanisms of vitiligo will also help learn more about other autoimmune diseases, such as autoimmune thyroiditis, pernicious anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, Addison's disease and type 1 diabetes.

"Our study doubled the number of known genes responsible for vitiligo," says lead author of the study in the journal Nature Genetics

Professor Richard Spritz. His team collected data on 4,680 people with vitiligo and 39,586 healthy people and found genes that lead to vitiligo and are associated with other autoimmune diseases as well as melanoma.

Previously, 27 genetic loci (gene locations) were known to be associated with vitiligo. A group led by Spritz discovered 23 more. These genes are responsible for immune cell and melanocyte function, apoptosis, suppression of melanin production and more.

Several dozen scientists from different countries participated in the study, including Igor Korobko, head of the Laboratory of Molecular Oncogenetics at the Institute of Gene Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Scientists are trying to identify mutations in these genes through genome sequencing and studies involving many people with vitiligo from different ethnic groups.

This study focused on people of European descent.

Vitiligo is not a rare disease; 1-2% of the world's population, i.e. 50-100 million people, have it. In most cases, the first symptoms appear before the age of 20. The disease begins with the appearance of white or pinkish spots on the skin, which increase in size over time. The spots have clear boundaries and are usually round or oval in shape. As the spots grow, they merge with each other. On areas of skin which have lost their pigmentation, sweating and fatty discharge are disturbed, the muscle-hair reflex disappears - the skin no longer responds to stimuli, in which "gooseflesh" is formed.

No serious discomfort caused by the disease, as a rule, but is often accompanied by solar dermatitis. Many patients suffer from spots bring psychological discomfort.

Among the celebrities there are many people with vitiligo. One of them was the king of pop music, Michael Jackson. It was the change in his skin color and the use of an umbrella in sunny weather that were related to the disease. In his photographs, you can see spots on his hands. An autopsy performed after his death confirmed the disease.

Canadian photo model Chantelle Brown-Young (working under the pseudonym of Winnie Harlow) even made the disease a part of her image, becoming the world's first model with vitiligo. Because of it, she suffered from peers as a child - they teased her "zebra" and "cow", fought with her. At 19, she took part in a reality show about modeling, which launched her career. "People who think they can't achieve something because they have flaws are actually capable of anything, and I'm here to prove it," Chantelle says in a video sent for the show. Now she not only participates in filming, but also tries to support people with the same disability by giving interviews, giving lectures and motivational speeches, and publishing essays.

Sources used: www.gazeta.ru

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What does the celebrity currently do?

Kandelaki runs a chain of Georgian cuisine restaurants named after herself - "Tinatin". She is the director of the sports TV channel "Match TV", which is not surprising - the presenter herself never spends a day without working out. By the way, she was recommended for this important position by Vladimir Putin himself.

Tina owns the media holding company Apostol and is a producer of the Gazprom-Media sports holding company. Kandelaki often participates in popular TV shows, and her appearance on Vladimir Pozner's program was loudly discussed on the Internet - the anchorwoman cried twice during the interview.

She has written two books, starred in commercials, and leads an active social life. Still, the most important thing for the anchorwoman is her children. As Tina says, without them her life and achievements would have no meaning.

Kandelaki has vitiligo

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Astrological indicators of vitiligo

Senina Irina Vitalievna а
Once during a consultation a client asked me a question: "Can you tell from your horoscope what kind of skin disease I have? She didn't have any visible skin lesions. I looked at her natal chart and said, "You have a predisposition to vitiligo. To say that the woman was surprised, is not to say anything: "HOW could you know that? Actually, it's very simple: I have exactly the same indicators in my natal chart, and I also have vitiligo.

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