Tattoo master Samara: where to get a tattoo

More and more Samarans use the search query tattoo master Samara. Long have remained in the past the days when a body drawing, tattoo were only a distinctive mark of sailors and the brand of robbers. Today, tattooing is a modern trend of youth art. So it is not surprising that it becomes more fashionable.

Tattoo Master Samara

Our portal will allow you to get detailed information about the best masters of the city. On a site is presented a kind of rating. There are real specialists in their field. Having opened the page of each master you will get the information you need about him:

  • name and surname;
  • profile in social networks;
  • contact information;
  • The style/styles in which he works;
  • portfolio/examples of work.

After reading this information, you will understand with whom you want to work, whom you will dare to entrust your body.

Tattoo Master Samara: Summarizing

Our website is a complete directory of the best masters of the city of Samara. Here you will definitely find someone who is able to make a beautiful and unusual tattoo.

Just remember not to make certain mistakes. Among them - do not trust your body to non-professional masters, working at home or in other unsuitable premises.

Before the session - if you have any allergies or skin diseases - be sure to consult a qualified doctor. And carefully take care of the place of the drawing until the wound is completely healed.

What to do after getting a tattoo?

It is important to provide proper care for your tattoo. Do not immediately show it to everyone, bragging about the drawing. Let it heal. Some time the image will be hidden under the bandage.

So, after the session is over, the master is required to apply a compress. It must be worn for three to four hours. Be sure to remove the compress only with clean, washed hands - so as not to bring dirt into it.

Be sure to follow all the recommendations of the master. In particular, you need to avoid the appearance of crusts. Therefore, you should wash off the protruding lymph, as well as treat the place of the drawing with a special ointment. What kind? This will tell you the master.

For the complete healing of the tattoo you need up to 15 days. All this time you should always monitor the figure, do not forget to lubricate the picture with ointment and cream.

What do you need to know about tattooing

Using the search query "tattoo master Samara", you can probably find several salons, but not everywhere there is detailed information, what and how to do, so that the session was as comfortable as possible. After all, tattooing is a painful procedure.

The most painful places for tattooing are:

  • The face;
  • groin;
  • armpits;
  • abdomen;
  • Brushes and feet.

But the least pain is felt when a tattoo is applied to those parts of the body where there is a large layer of muscle mass between the skin and the bones.

There are three main rules that you should always keep in mind. Their observance will allow you to avoid difficulties and problems.

  1. Apply tattoos only in salons or specialized, trained rooms. Make sure that needles and consumables are kept clean, in accordance with sanitary and hygienic requirements. The master is obliged to use only disposable needles.
  2. You should not drink alcohol before the session. Some people believe that it will help to avoid difficulties and problems, reduce painful sensations. In fact, this is a misconception. In addition, alcohol provokes a strong thinning of the blood, and therefore the session will end with you bleeding profusely. And it will be difficult for the master to continue his work.
  3. The session lasts about two hours. Therefore, prepare morally that you will have to sit practically motionless. In order not to feel discomfort, get some sleep before the session, have a good meal and be charged with a positive attitude.

Are there any contraindications to tattooing?

Any tattoo master in Samara will tell you that, unfortunately, there are a number of contraindications to tattooing. Among these are:

  • problems with blood clotting;
  • Diabetes mellitus of the first degree;
  • skin diseases of various types;
  • pregnancy;
  • Allergic reactions of a certain type.

Therefore, before getting a tattoo, it is recommended to consult a doctor. If you are in the risk group - that is, belong to the category of people who may have the diseases listed above.

Tattoo parlor Samara region: reviews

In the section "tattoo salon" found 17 organizations with reviews and contacts, rating the top 20:

1. Free Style - Samara, Novo-Vokzalnaya St., 114 6 reviews Did girls tattoo, all liked it. I liked the care of the client, after several hours after the visit, called back to ask how ...

2.Tattoo parlor and barbershop the 13 opg - Samara, Moskovskoye Sh., 17 22 reviews Did there a sleeve, a master with a nickname Shpal. You can say what you want, this master - a genius. Even more than Kojima! He knows his business. Not some ...

Tattoo Salon Logovo - Samara, Sportivnaya St., 26 3 reviews Excellent salon! Grlit pleasant masters know the deal. I recommend!

4.Tatudom Manufaktura - Samara, st. Chapaevskaya, 100 reviews Made the first tattoo, the master competently approached to create a sketch, stuffed qualitatively, all just super

5. Yakuza - Samara, ul. Stavropolskaya, 45 1 review Andrey-cosmos! Hands of gold! One of the best craftsmen! Pedantry, creativity and experience do their job. Recommended! The tattoo is done on the whole ...

6. Tattoo Salon FREE STYLE - Samara, Karl Marx Ave, 412A 3 reviews Master on top, made everything quickly and accurately

7. Magnum - Togliatti, Lenina ul. 118 2 reviews The best tattoo studio in the region and one of the best in Russia.

8. Tattoo geome†ry - Togliatti, 26 Karla Marksa St. 2 reviews Excellent attitude to clients, good quality tattoo

9. Youth Tattoo Studio - Samara, ul. Uritskogo, 19 1 review Great studio, clean, cool masters. Recommended!

10. Red head, - Samara, Sovetskoy Armii St., 202 3 reviews Professional craftsmen and sincere people) Not only qualitatively beat a tattoo, but also will help with the choice of sketch.

11. beat we will - Togliatti, Leninsky Ave, 1c 1 review Did here piercing. Everything is fine! Great craftsman, good atmosphere, everything is sterile. I recommend

12. Studio tattoo Prorock - Samara, st. Sovetskaya Armii, 236g, Only by Prior Registration 4 reviews Awesome masters. Did tattoo, so it was just the highest class! You guys are good! Keep it up!)

13. Black Door Tattoo Bar - Samara, st. Malaya Demokratnaya, 1 2 reviews Best masters, democratic price tag, and attitude towards the guest at the top

14. Tattoo Salon Dion - Samara, 16A, Amineva St. 1 Review Great Studio! I had a tattoo done by Denis. I liked everything from communication to result. I did the sleeve. The sketch was complicated. Denis told me right away how we would...

15. Blackink Tattoo Studio - Samara, 127 Kuibysheva St. 3 reviews Clean, neat, tea, coffee, nishtiki, great design! Master Alexander is a professional and just a magician)

16. Flint - Syzran, Konstantin Fedina St., 6 1 review I'll look for another master who will fix it all.

17. Beauty and Art Tattoo Salon Masterpiece - Samara, Sklyarenko Str., 8 5 reviews Very happy with the work of masters, Alexander. I. Ekaterina did a new tattoo there then cut my hair. The equipment. At the top, the masters are courteous and attentive ...

What styles are the best tattoo artists of Samara

It is worth noting the fact that the best tattoo masters of Samara work in many styles. Of course, each of them specializes in certain styles, but in any case you will be able to find a specialist who will make tattoo exactly in the style that you want.

Among the variety of styles it is worth highlighting a few, the most popular and attractive.


The essence of this style is that the image is tattooed by applying a lot of small dots on the body. It is from the intensity of the color of the dots, from the size, contrast and create drawings. This can be both geometric figures and unusual ornaments, as well as full-fledged paintings. By the way, it is Dotwork is the least painful version of the image on the body.

Linework .

This style was born out of Dotwork. Only in this case, straight lines are used, solid and flat.


Apply such tattoos can only the master who is able to draw well and beautifully. That is, to be a full-fledged, real artist. Because realism implies the application on the human body of a true picture.

However, such tattoos are applied to the body for a long time - several sessions are needed, each of which will last for several hours. But, believe me, the time spent is well worth it, because you will get the most realistic image.


A master who works in this style will put a beautiful image on your body, but it will not be realistic. Most likely, even cartoonish. Bright, with thick outlines, unusual colors.


For women

For men