Tattoo with the sign of the zodiac Cancer: examples of ready-made works, types of designs and value

Our distant ancestors believed that decorating their bodies with various drawings is a tribute and respect to the gods, who in gratitude bestowed people with happiness, good luck and skills necessary for survival. In today's world, the attitude toward body art has changed slightly. Having reached a certain popularity, this hobby has turned into a separate type of art - body art and is considered primarily as a fashionable decoration, rather than a talisman or a talisman. However, it is known that each tattoo design is endowed with its own special meaning and depending on the meaning put into it, it can well mean something special to its master. Many examples of body art drawings are directly related to esotericism, astrology and religion, so today we will focus on the Cancer tattoo. Below in the article you will learn about the meanings of the tattoo, its types and much more.

Types of Cancer tattoo and sketches

Cancer refers to the signs of the zodiac, which are inextricably linked with the water element, so among all kinds of images of the arthropod itself, in the sketches there are often various additions that combine the main symbol with marine attributes. Algae, sand or rocks are constant companions of this invertebrate. Like any other zodiac sign, Cancer has its heavenly patron and its constant companion is the Moon, which can be originally reflected in the tattoo. Moon track on the background of the water surface, where at the edge of the water is a representative of crustaceans, or the celestial body itself or its outlines look very original on the body. Also very popular are drawings depicting the symbol of the sign, the constellation Cancer or an inscription in Latin.


The Cancer tattoo is primarily associated with the legendary Hercules and his twelve feats. Cancer appears in the second of them.

The mighty son of the thunderer Zeus had to defeat the Lernaean monster, a hydra with nine heads that guarded the entrance to the underworld. The Hydra was raised and trained by the goddess Hera, who hated Heracles and wished him dead.

Noticing that the hydra could not withstand the strength of Hercules, who was also aided even by beasts, Hera sent a giant crawfish to her aid. The crayfish tried to distract the hero by grabbing his leg, but was defeated. And Heracles celebrated his victory in battle.

Nevertheless, in gratitude Hera turned the faithful crawfish into one of the constellations. Thus the sign of the zodiac Cancer appeared.

The meaning of the tattoo

Tattoo Cancer symbolizes not only the constellation under which a person was born. In the first place - it is a rather controversial and unusual animal, so his personal qualities and natural abilities to some extent formed the basis for the interpretation of the sketches with his images. The unique reaction - to move backwards in a moment of danger, served as the reason for attributing to Cancer supernatural abilities, namely the ability to return to the past, as well as being an indicator of caution and a passive attitude of the tattoo owner to difficult situations.

The reason for a different interpretation, meaning epiphany, spiritual development, enlightenment and purification from all negative, was a physiological need that manifests itself as the arthropod grows - a change of shell. Also on the meaning of the tattoo may reflect the peculiarity of Cancer to live only in pure water, which can be interpreted as purity of thought, peacefulness, peacefulness and the ability to distinguish good from bad.

In general, a tattoo of this sign of the zodiac on the one hand may signify humility, inability to withstand circumstances, reticence and overcautiousness. On the other hand, Cancerians are endowed with a belligerent character and constantly strive to express themselves.

Are there any guidelines for tattooing?

Due to the fact that the Cancer tattoo has a feminine energy, it is rarely imposed by men. But if a man is prone to nervousness, aggression, depression, indecision, this sign on the chest will be a real salvation. If a Cancer man is negatively influenced by the Moon, the tattoo is simply necessary.

What tips to consider:

  • Think about what traits in yourself you would like to change, and what you would like to develop and increase, this will facilitate the choice of the tattoo design;
  • Evaluate your life priorities and plans to understand how the tattoo should "work";
  • The scale and complexity of the tattoo should be commensurate with the character and lifestyle of the man, so as not to get a "reverse effect";
  • Do not underestimate the importance of color and style tattoo, the wrong choice can distort its sacred meaning;
  • Be ready for changes in your life after the tattoo;
  • Think over what sphere of life activity you would like to cardinally change.

Expert Opinion

Viola Madison

Master of Tattoo, 8 years experience

Tattooing is an expensive proposition; be prepared for the expense. They can be justified by quality guarantees, the absence of risk, as well as the fact that the resulting body art will need to live with the rest of your time.

Symbol of Cancer

The symbol of this sign of the zodiac is usually understood as a vertical or horizontal arrangement of two, as if lying on top of each other, nines or commas. The sketch is mostly small in size and can be supplemented at will with all sorts of details in the form of curls, stripes, floral motifs or outlines of the moon. Sometimes this version of the figure is originally played with the symbolism of yin and yang, which allows greater demonstration of the desire for harmony and balance of the owner of the tattoo.

Symbolism of the sign of Cancer

The symbolic meaning of the Cancer zodiac tattoo does not depend on the style of application. The sketch can be anything. It is both a drawing of Cancer, and the numbers denoting the symbol. Only in any case, a tattoo of the sign Cancer must indicate the astrological basis of the symbol, that is, the constellation Cancer. The tattoo of the sign as a living creature in tattoo culture also exists.

If we consider the sign as numbers 6 and 9, we can note the orientation of the details of the sign inwards. This speaks of the secrecy of the zodiac sign. If we compare with the sign of infinity, Cancer is constantly in motion, self-development, harmony.

Interesting! A tattoo of the zodiac sign Cancer can bring closer the joy of motherhood. Sometimes for this purpose, the sign of Cancer is stuffed and representatives of other signs.

Cancer in different shades

Red shades in the picture involuntarily push the idea of a belligerent mood of the owner of the body image and his willingness to fight back to others, but such a design may indicate courage and self-confidence. Crustacean shell in tattoos of this color solution is not uncommon to look like armor, which only emphasizes the value of the picture.

The addition of the blue palette in the image of an arthropod, means nothing less than the ability to make rational decisions in any situation, and characterizes its owner as a person who has a "cold" and calculating mind. Often the owner of such a tattoo has a great experience in life, calmly perceives life's troubles and finds a wise solution to them.

The tattoo, made in natural, natural colors, indicates a desire to change for the better. The bearer of such a sketch thus demonstrates his rethinking of the traversed path of life and the rejection of inappropriate actions committed in the past. The image of Cancer, made in dark colors, also emphasizes the characteristic qualities of the animal, which are inherent in the owner of the tattoo.

What places on a man's body are suitable for a Cancer tattoo?

On the one hand Cancer is a sign of secrecy, on the other hand it speaks about the constant movement, development, harmony and self-discovery, the concentration of energy inside a person. To determine the semantic load and sacred power of the Cancer tattoo, pay attention to the location of the sketch on the body.

The shoulder .

In this place it is not recommended to nab the sign of the zodiac Cancer, because it can contribute to the development of female energy and traits in a man. The exception is when a man wishes to have children, in which case the tattoo can help.


On the forearm tattoo Cancer will not only help improve the aura in relationships with loved ones. In addition, it will help to meet a soul mate and find a family, have offspring. Also, its meaning also applies to improve domestic moments in the family.

Tattoo on the wrist

A tattoo on the right wrist will bring positive energy into a man's life. It will help to find a family and harmony in relationships with family and friends. And on the left wrist tattoo can provoke the development of doubts, insecurity, dissatisfaction with the quality of life.

Tattoos on the palm, hand and fingers

As mentioned above, the symbols of the zodiac sign Cancer can be stuffed on the right hand to bring only positive changes in a man's life. On the fingers, palm or hand of the right hand Cancer or symbols will allow self-affirmation, to strengthen the life position of the man.

Tattoo sleeve.

Again, the drawing of Cancer or the constellation is recommended to be printed on the right hand, even if it will be a sleeve and rather an artistic creation than a mystical sign. Attention should be paid to symbols, backgrounds and additional elements of the composition.


Cancer tattoo on the neck is a sure way to improve the situation in professional activities, as the tattoo will help to achieve career growth, will contribute to self-development. A man will get rid of difficulties in communication with colleagues and bosses, and will increase his luck.


Cancer on the chest of a man or symbolism in this style will help to achieve self-confidence, develop strength of mind and willpower, increase the moral and physical readiness of the man to the difficulties of life.


Applying a Cancer tattoo on the side is a rare choice of modern men, because in this place the tattoo has a non-trivial and weak sacred meaning. Large sketches can cause a "reverse effect" or introduce feminine traits to the character.


The thighs are the closest place to the intimate sphere of the man, so if you're going to score here tattoo Cancer or symbols, it is only to strengthen relations with the other half and to promote the conception of a child.


The constellation Cancer is also rarely inscribed on the back, as large-scale sketches will look spectacular here. They can both enhance positive traits in the character of a man, and multiply insecurities, doubts, dissatisfactions, reticence.


On the scapula can depict a small sketch of a tattoo that will enhance the inner harmony in a man, extinguish weaknesses, putting forward the strength of spirit and will, self-confidence, wisdom and mental acuity.


Tattoos with the signs of the zodiac the most positive and strongest meaning assume on the legs of men. But in the case of the sign Cancer, opinions will be contradictory. Many believe that Cancer can confuse a man in moving on the road of destiny, forcing him to move forward to a bright future, and backward into the past.

Tattoo constellation and the Moon

The constellation Cancer tattoo in most cases represents the stars connected by thin lines, which for brightness of the image can be placed against the background of the night sky. The constellation is characterized by its small size, which allows drawing on any part of the body. It is also possible to depict the night star separately by drawing a color or outline picture on the body, but in most variations, the moon is used as an additional detail of the main image.

Talismans for good luck

Amulets are special objects, stones, symbols and numbers that bring a person luck, love and health, which protect the owner from the hardships of life and turmoil.

Magical patrons endow the wearer with a special energy, which is in the power to resist negative intrusions and attract positive moments. Talisman for the zodiac sign Cancer will help uncertain and ever doubtful representative of the constellation to gain confidence, to remain more resistant in unpleasant situations, adjust the pros and cons of the character and achieve their goals. Choose a charm should be guided by the moral characteristics of those born under this constellation. Protective attributes for Cancer must have these properties:

Symbols, which will be used by such a person, should attract to his home enough finances.

  • Protection. A rather insecure astrological representative needs protection, an aggravation of courageous character traits, a strengthening of morale.
  • Luck. This is caused by some sluggishness and weakness of the zodiac sign, so it is very important that the acquired amulet encourages the owner to take action.
  • Love. Because of the pronounced emotional imbalance, representatives of the horoscope are quite difficult to communicate with the opposite sex. A talisman for romantic feelings will help to neutralize the excessive shyness and insecurity that will lead to a happy family life in the future.
  • Financial well-being. Cancers are characterized by a slightly lazy and passive character. Because of this, they often experience financial discomfort. Money amulets for wealth and prosperity will help unlock creative and professional potential.

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Animal amulets .

The element of Cancer is water. Therefore, a decorative imitation of the meaning of the constellation would be an effective amulet. No less effective patrons of the animal kingdom will be crabs, lobsters and other inhabitants of rivers. This does not mean that Cancer should carry a live mammal or fill an aquarium with sea representatives. In the role of a talisman can be a decorative trinket imitating the patron animals. For example, a figurine inlaid with precious or semi-precious stones, a mural or a keychain. If the representative of the constellation still wants to get a pet, then energetically enrich the house motley sea fish or turtles.

A tree and a flower

Amulets and talismans for Cancer also exist in the plant world. A special energetic connection will be restored with plants that love abundant watering and moisture. Examples:

  • Orchid. Discovers a sense of beauty, teaches to appreciate oneself and others, brings harmony.
  • Lily. Mostly a flower for Cancer women. Will help insecure and modest representatives of the constellation to feel the power of their attractiveness and charm.
  • Aloe. An irreplaceable plant for the zodiac sign. It strengthens a rather weak immune system, protects from diseases. In addition, the thorn has powerful protective properties, which will protect the owner from spoilage, evil eye and a negative message.
  • Willow. The tree will teach the flexibility of life without the need to bend under the opinions of others. It will help Mistrustful Cancerians make their own decisions in spite of the opinions of others.

For girls and guys

If a young lady puts a tattoo on her body with an image of Cancer as her zodiac sign, it means that she is a very sensitive, romantic and dreamy person. The essence of this lies in its subtle perception of the world as a whole, the dependence on the emotional state and a very frequent change of mood. Such a person is characterized by a rich imagination and always acts softly, but confidently to achieve her goals. Cancer on a man's body emphasizes the philosophical mind and a bit comical perception of his master's life in general. Such personalities reflect aggression only when attacked, and prefer to solve all problems peacefully. They have a developed intellect, are characterized by friendliness, and, despite the "companionable" nature, they know how to appreciate both leisure and work.

Sketches tattoo crab (cancer): a collection of drawings, photos, meaning, facts

Here we have collected interesting Sketches of tattoo crab (crab), which are located in the gallery - bottom of the page, and are regularly updated, as new drawings for tattooing become available. More information you can learn here:

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Tattoo sign of the zodiac Cancer for men: collections of sketches, photos

Sketches tattoo crab (crab) - an original collection of interesting designs for tattooing

All the most important things about the drawing of the tattoo and tattoo sketches crab (cancer)

Tattoo in the form of a crab is not often seen in fans of body art. But these sea creatures can be depicted very originally, in addition, some Sketches tattoo crab have different meanings.

The history of the symbol

Each nation attributes different mystical properties to the crab: for example, the ancient Greeks considered him a messenger of higher forces, and for the Chinese, he symbolized the hidden lie.

In nature, this crustacean periodically resets its shell, changing it into a new one - so in Australia and Egypt, the sign of the Crab is associated with the revival.

The same for Buddhists: they have a crab symbolizes the time of rebirth of the human soul after death.

  • In Thailand, crayfish and crabs were used in rituals dedicated to calling the rain, and in the Middle East, they gave the favor of the sea element and saved sailors from all sorts of troubles and dangers awaiting them on the way.
  • Also, the image of the Crab is found in the Tarot cards - they are decorated map of the moon, symbolizing the development of intuition, the relationship with family and spiritual quest.
  • Tattoo sign of the zodiac Cancer for men: collections of designs, photos

Cancer sign zodiac tattoo for men: collection of designs, photos

Who is suitable for the tattoo of the Crab?

Today, unusual sketches of a Crab tattoo or Crab Choose both guys and girls - such a tattoo can symbolize the sign of the zodiac, emphasizing the influence of the stars on human destiny, and in our day the crab protects sailors, being their talisman. And just a nice drawn crab can be a reminder of a well spent summer vacation.

  1. Choosing a tattoo crab, it is worth remembering that some drawings can have very different meanings:
  2. - A crab with claws, raised up, indicates a certain militancy and even aggressiveness of its owner - it is definitely not worth hitting such a person;
  3. - Peacefully resting animal - a sign of a strong, self-confident person, firmly accepting any blows of fate, such a tattoo symbolizes calm and friendliness, and its owner certainly a kind and sympathetic.

In some cases, a tattoo in the form of a crab can signal a desire to escape from reality, to hide under a powerful "shell". But most often such a drawing indicates reliability and protection.

Cancer sign zodiac tattoo for men: collection of designs, photos

Very stylish and original will look crab, drawn in today's fashionable steampunk, and cheerful, confident people will surely like the perky brightly colored crabs - such a tattoo causes exclusively positive associations!

Sketches tattoo crab (cancer) - collection of drawings for tattooing from 11.09.2018

Cancer sign zodiac tattoo for men: collection of designs, photos

Animal - curiosity - black and white - crab

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Where to tattoo.

As with any other designs, the location of such a tattoo depends entirely on the size and type of designs. The constellation symbol as well as the constellation itself can be beautifully placed on the neck, collarbone, hand and any part of the body. Vertical designs would look perfect on the shoulders, forearm, hip, sides or shoulder blade. The back is great for voluminous and detailed sketches. Tattoo inscriptions depending on the size of the letters, it is relevant to place on any part of the arm, shoulders, sides and chest.

Color scheme for Cancer tattoos

Cancer is a water sign. So, and the colors for the padding of the figure should be appropriate. Moreover, with the mysterious Cancer, a rash selection of colors can ruin everything. The magical power of a tattoo of the zodiac sign Cancer can diminish or disappear.

Optimal for this sign will be shades of blue. Strengthen the effect of the zodiacal influence of adding lunar colors - white and silver.

Attention! Increasing the magical power of the symbol depends on the number of permissible shades. The more there are, the stronger the influence of the tattoo.

At the same time, the tattoo of the sign of the zodiac Cancer among men is not popular. If they score it, only in a monochrome version - black. Girls, on the contrary, like bright images, complementing the picture with floral patterns. As a background they choose an image of the constellation Cancer. In this case, the tattoo not only looks more beautiful, but its psychological role increases.

The choice of technique

To the current directions in which you can issue a tattoo of the zodiac sign in the first place refers to minimalism, which is ideal for the application of a symbol, inscription or constellation. The technique newskul emphasizes the peculiarity of large-scale drawings with clear contours and bright colors. The ornamental technique allows you to formalize abstract images. The bright colors of watercolor as no one else will convey the subtleties of the animal's habitat. For schematic images, with beautiful transitions of shadow and light, Dotwork will be the ideal solution.

If you decide to decorate your body with your zodiac sign, you should be careful with the choice of additional details that can distort the sacred meaning of the drawing. These kinds of sketches are our second self. We are subconsciously connected with their symbolism and are complementary to each other.

Tips for sketches

Tattoo designs are best developed individually for the client. The drawing is intended for people with stable life beliefs. That is why borrowing will not bring the desired effect in the fate of the customer.

Performing tattoo sign of the zodiac Cancer must immediately determine the color scheme. Figure refers to the water signs. Red or warm colors will violate its energy. On the contrary, shades of yellow, blue and green will harmoniously emphasize the features of the zodiac.

Using a schematic image, work on the perspective. Drawing can be done with a volumetric edge, create a composition with shades of light and shadow. Dotwork is particularly well suited for these purposes.

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In the work on the sketch will help the advice of the master, to whom you will entrust the execution of the tattoo. He will take into account the peculiarities of your body and prompt the best solutions for tattoo cancer.


For women

For Men