Tattoo of the skull on the hand: the meaning for men and women

For most people, the skull is something intimidating and gloomy, but a suitable tattoo in the form of the skull can be chosen for each individual. Black or gray skull symbolizes mainly death and strength. Colorful skull, which in place of the eye sockets are hearts, has a more gentle and attractive look.

Choosing the right option - the task of a professional tattoo artist. The skull is a conspicuous, eye-catching tattoo option, for this reason it is difficult to be overlooked when applying it to an open spot.

The meaning of the tattoo

It is no secret that the skull tattoo in most cases carries a negative connotation, as it is the personification of the transience of earthly life. The well-known Latin expression "memento mori," which literally translates as "remember death," is the most accurate verbal interpretation of this symbol. The philosophy of this sign is that everyone should remember that he or she is only human. Unfortunately, most tattoo lovers stuff skulls following fashion trends or simply for personal aesthetic reasons, completely forgetting the meaning that the human skull depicted on the body carries.
But the reminder of death is not the only interpretation of this symbol. Some cultures view the skull as a personal talisman. In addition, the image of the skull emphasizes masculinity and fearlessness of its owner. Such tattoos are often intimidating militant in nature. It would not be superfluous to mention the fact that the skull is also a symbol of destruction and death. Not without reason pirates and criminals actively used and continue to use this symbol. The skull, printed on the body, as if to say "do not stand in my way.

It is important to know that in the criminal environment skull symbolizes the high rank of the thief, so it is worth carefully select the sketch of the tattoo. Otherwise, there is a chance to find yourself in a difficult situation where you will have to confirm your authority is not a naked picture, but the real action and strong-willed qualities.


Skull tattoo sketch is not suitable for everyone, despite some positive aspects of the object, the picture causes unconcealed disapproval in modern society. Some people associate the image with dark cults or otherworldly forces that can harm a person. You can't explain to everyone, so it's easier to ignore the subject.

Nevertheless, girls and men do not refuse the opportunity to join the cultural traditions of Mexico and apply the painted patterns and colors skull on his body. Also skull tattoo sketch popular with various cells of society, such as goths and bikers, as one of the main attributes of the direction of their inner philosophy of style.

Tattoo sketches with skulls are endless, they are divided into species and individuals, one of which includes a person. We should not forget that the skull can belong to an animal, a bird or a fictional monster with horns. Such sketches are also in demand, as they were many years ago, in the dawn of heavy rock.

The main purpose of the sketch is to center and scale the size of the skull at the intended location for the future tattoo. The size is adjusted so that it blends in seamlessly with the whole and from afar does not present the difficulty of identifying the image as a skull.

It is also important to find a color or gradient, in which the skull would not look like a black spot from a distance, and even at a close distance it would not have to be guessed. And such cases occur, even though the tattoo was done in a salon by a master.

Each sketch of the skull found on the Internet should be personalized for your personal style (if you already have tattoos) or to make the drawing unique. You should not just copy the image on your body from the first sketch you like. In this case, there is a risk of meeting someone with the same tattoo as you.

For personalization, the skull on the sketch is supplemented with other objects or subjects. Decorate with patterns or ornaments. Working through the sketch of the skull tattoo in more detail, focusing attention on any important part at the discretion of the client.

Before upgrading tattoo sketch with objects or subjects, it won't be superfluous to know their possible meaning. It is quite possible that they both individually and in the composition with the skull may have certain meanings that are not quite suitable for you by the warehouse of your character or a particular point of view on the structure of our world.

Study everything in advance and make the right decision whether or not to do a tattoo with a sketch with a skull. Is it possible that over the years you may dislike the lifestyle that surrounds you today. In any case, it is up to you to decide.

Tattoo options

Perhaps there is no such variety of sketches for any symbol as the skull tattoo. We will look at a few of the most interesting ideas in our opinion:

  • A brightly colored, old-school style skull. Such tattoos are not so common in the medium of body art. So you can consider this option as an opportunity to stand out from the monochrome monochrome tattoos.
  • Skull with crown. A very ambiguous sign, symbolizing the idea that he who yesterday sat on the throne and ruled the living, tomorrow may be in the realm of the dead.
  • A skull with a sacred inscription. The choice of inscription depends on the concept of the tattoo and the personal beliefs of the author.

What does it look like and is it worth doing?

Skull and flowers

Choosing a tattoo as a body decoration, it is necessary to think a thousand and one times, and whether you need it. If you don't care what people will think when they meet you, then read about the meanings of the skull tattoo on the hand for women and men. However, before you go to the master, it is worth thinking. After all, this kind of drawings look very unconventional.

Society tends to perceive such tattoos on the body of other people as threatening symbols. A person with this kind of tattoo can meet with misunderstanding among people. Most often such drawings are applied to the body of people who revolve in certain circles of society. It doesn't have to be jailers or anything like that. It could be bikers, musicians, fighters, or the tattoo artists themselves.

Just imagine a lawyer or a teacher wearing such a design, and in such a prominent place. It seems a little abnormal in this society. However, for many, even the occupation does not become a barrier to doing a skull tattoo on the hand.

The meaning of organic sketches

Scorpio Means loneliness and says about his owner: do not come up, and then sting. Composition of flowers means that its owner (s), very vulnerable at heart, but carefully hides it behind a creative drawing. And so, in principle, with any image. A good tattoo artist will understand and prompt its meaning. Also, you can learn the meaning of tattoos on our site. And whether it suits you in character, you decide for yourself.

Relief drawing of the sketch to the smallest detail will make the tattoo an integral part of the body. But, unlike other styles, organica stands out brightly for its uniqueness.

Organic is often depicted immediately on the skin without drawing a sketch on paper. To do this, the tattooist must have a good command of the anatomy of the body and the transmission of light. This method is called freehand.

Meaning for women

Tattoo skull on the wrist of a girl

Of course, not every woman can dare to do such a tattoo, and even in such a prominent place. However, many girls nothing prevents them from doing a skull tattoo on the hand. They wear them with pride. The only thing that distinguishes women's tattoos of such a plan from the men's is the detail and additional elements.

As an addition to the skull girls like to choose flowers, heart, birds, crown, etc. The owner of the drawing with the skull and flowers demonstrates her fearlessness before death. She believes that everything in life is fleeting, and all will be equal when they die.

Tattoo skull on a girl's arm

The pirate skull ("Adam's head") signifies salvation of the soul. The crown on it signifies high position (or a desire to hold it). Hats and other headdresses mean mystery and secrecy. The skull, decorated with wings, is a symbol of freedom and honesty. Birds sitting on it (most often a raven) speak of belonging to a particular subculture. Such an image has a special character, pointing to the symbolism of dark forces.

Popular places of application

Often such an image is printed on the shoulder. In the case of large sizes of the figure and the presence of several symbols in its composition, the location on the back is more convenient. The skull, which has an elongated shape, covered with flowers and plants, is a typical female sketch. The most expedient places for its application are the feet, hands and shins.

Common body parts for skull tattoos in men are the ribs, chest, forearm, and neck. Women more often apply such drawings on the legs and above the elbows. Have a spectacular view of multicolored compositions on the hips. With the help of a pink shade the sophistication and tenderness of a woman is emphasized. Black and red colors are symbols of sexuality.

The lover of clothes with large necklines is suitable for a tattoo in the form of a skull and wings or skull and flower lianas on the chest. It has an attractive and mysterious look. A drawing that includes bright hues and contains an intricate pattern can adorn the arm or thigh.

Main features

This direction appeared relatively recently, in the 80s of the last century. The author can be conventionally considered a famous genius Giger, "father" of Alien and the whole direction in art - biomechanics. From here went and steam punk, and more "calm" organics. Let's talk about it in more detail.

What is an organic tattoo and how do you define this style in terms of appearance? First of all, as in the style punk, some brutality prevails here, but the lines are more graceful and subtle. And if biomechanics is the predominance of mechanisms, various gears and elements of machines, then the bio-organic tattoo combines a bright plant and animal motifs.

For example, it could be a snake that emerges from torn flesh, surrounded by thorns and vines. Or a torn skin, sewn with stems of grapes... The style of bioorganic tattoo is very fond of the "torn skin" reception, and although it looks harsh and a little aggressive, but at the same time looks such a tattoo for men and women very unconventional and attractive.

Tattoo organics on the arm and shoulder

Those who like this style of tattoo most often chooses as a place for the application of the shoulder or arm, less often - the sleeve.

Let's break down in order the meaning of organics on the shoulder or arm.

Originally, only gray and black colors were used. Over the years, this style has also undergone constant evolution.

Today the technique is very realistic, characterized in some cases by color pigments and 3D effects. It seems that the skin is torn and that you can see through the wound.

That is why there is no definite meaning. The whole point is that the meaning of this style is determined by the nature of the theme itself. It can be, as an enlarged jellyfish, or any animal. Therefore, when choosing an organic style tattoo, consult with an expert in the field.


For women

For men