What does the Moon tattoo mean - 3 parts of the body, where the Slavic symbol should be applied

Charm Moon is not just a beautiful ornament, it is an ancient symbol with sacred meaning. Our foremothers used jewelry not only to look more attractive. With their help, they were attracting certain energies, granting their wishes and protecting themselves from evil neighbors or envious girlfriends.
Those who have decided to join the traditions of our ancestors, you should carefully study the properties of amulets before buying them and use in their needs. How to choose an amulet Moonflower? Who can wear it? Is it allowed to make a tattoo with this symbol? To these and other interesting questions, you will find answers in this article.

A bit of history

The Moon amulet was present in the daily life of many ancient peoples, including the Slavs. Made in several different forms, this amulet in all cultures equally associated with feminine origin. The moon was associated with the secret knowledge that women were usually so eager to learn, to fortune-telling for love, to attract a soulmate, or to protect loved ones from impending danger.

Moon Moon Amulet
Moon amulets have been associated with the feminine in all cultures.

Decoys similar to the Slavic Moon symbol were seen in ancient Egypt and among the Oriental nations. The latter usually had wide horns Lunnitsa, but in Russia, Lunnitsa with narrow arcs was more widely used. Our ancestors believed this amulet was a symbol of the goddess Makosh, who was responsible for the human destiny, harvest and the safety of the family home.

Read more about the goddess Makosh and another popular female amulet here.

In those days, the Laurel wreath, like most other amulets, was mainly worn as an ornament. However, quite often it was also found in the form of patterns on women's clothing.

Where is the best place to do a tattoo?

Practitioners recommend choosing the following areas of the body for the magical image, which will strengthen the effect of the symbol:

A symbol inscribed on the thigh will increase a woman's chances of conception.

  • Right shoulder. The wearer will gain wisdom, cunning and learn how to control members of the opposite sex. An additional benefit is the recharging of energy.
  • Wrist. Thanks to this arrangement, the owner will soon meet a suitable partner or strengthen family relationships. The tattoo will protect against cheating and divorce.
  • Thigh. The symbol, located near the abdomen, will develop sexuality, sensuality and increase the chance of getting pregnant. This tattoo should be chosen by girls with gynecological problems who want to conceive a baby.

How does the Moonbringer look like?

Slavic amulet Lunnitsa is made in the form of a lunar sickle. But, unlike the celestial body, it points its horns not to the left, but downwards. The number of horns of the ancient amulet may vary. In addition, sometimes it was supplemented with another symbol related to a completely different religion - the cross. But at the same time, the version of the image with the wishbones downwards always remained unchanged.

According to the beliefs of our ancestors, a lunar amulet must necessarily contain special signs. Much more attention was paid to them than to the shape of the amulet itself. Metamorphosis with the form led to a change of meaning, and the images on the surface fundamentally changed the meaning contained in the ornament amulet.

Moonraker pendant
The oblique lines on the lunette in the ancient Slavs symbolized rain. They associated this natural phenomenon with fertility.

Often the Lunnitz depicted:

  • oblique lines;
  • dots;
  • sun and moon;
  • three triangles;
  • crosses;

Each of these elements had a different meaning:

  1. The oblique lines meant rain. The ancient Slavs associated this natural phenomenon with fertility.
  2. The dots had several interpretations. The first was the grain, and the second was the days of the lunar month.
  3. Sun and moon symbolized the harmonious interaction between women and men. A talisman with these symbols was considered stronger than the usual Lunar, which was filled with only lunar, female energy.
  4. The triangles showed the main lunar phases. The sides meant the waning phase of the moon and the new moon, and the triangle in the center represented the full moon, as well as the symbol of the Great Weaver - Makoshi.
  5. The cross symbolized Christianity. In terms of logic, such a mixture of religions is not very clear. But at a time when paganism and faith in Christ mingled in the hearts of people, this double amulet was considered a very powerful protector.

Meaning of the Moonflower tattoo for girls

Lunula is the most suitable symbol for girls who want to find their love. It will help create a happy family, give birth to healthy children, strengthen marital bonds, develop intuitive abilities and find spiritual harmony.Such a tattoo will endow the girl with attractiveness and beauty, make manners refined, enhance femininity. It will provide the mystical patronage of the moon, this symbol of divine feminine power.

Moonflower has a soft energy and can not deplete its mistress, it is able to bring in her life only favorable changes.

The meaning of amulet

The meaning of the amulet Lunnitsa is easiest to understand, having understood what, in the opinion of the Slavs, was to represent a woman.

Their vision was very different from that of today, where the relationship between the two sexes had changed. Despite the fact that often men continue to be breadwinners and protectors of families, many women work almost equally with them and even learn purely male occupations. With the ancient Slavs, however, a woman was supposed to prolong the tribe and take care of the family and home.

Building a career, women of the fair sex today often lose sight of the care of the family home. Moon amulet, dedicated to the ancient Slavic goddess Makosh, helps to make up for what is lacking in a woman who forgot about femininity, tenderness and family comfort.

Lunitza amulet in the form of a pendant
Moonflower will help the fair sex to become more feminine, soft, calm and wise.

This amulet helps to:

  • get pregnant and give birth to a strong healthy baby;
  • Feel more vigorous during pregnancy;
  • to discover feminine qualities in yourself - to become softer, calmer and wiser;
  • to take care of the family well-being, to maintain the atmosphere of warmth and mutual understanding;
  • discover new talents in yourself - creative (needlework) or even magical (the gift of foresight);
  • protect yourself from the negative effects of envious people and energy vampires.

The properties of the amulet Moonflower will manifest themselves best if worn in childhood. Due to its unformed nature, a girl's character will be better amenable to correction.

To whom is the magical symbol recommended?

Tattoo in the form of the Moonflower is suitable for girls and women regardless of age who wish to acquire or strengthen an existing family. If the main goal is to create strong relationships, to give love and comfort, then the magical image will help the owner. The sign is recommended also to the girls who are deprived of male attention, too sharp and rough. The image is also useful for those who are about to become mothers and want to protect the baby and their health. During pregnancy, it is better not to stuff the image, because the changed hormonal background can negatively affect the image.

To whom the moon amulet is suitable

The ancient Slavs as the first amulet gave little girls exactly the Lunula. Such a gift not only served as protection from the evil eye and spoilage or attacks of evil forces, but also helped to instill femininity in a girl.

Femininity is a quality that will not be superfluous at any age. That is why the Moonbright amulet can be used by both young girls and mature women.

Lunenitsa is not suitable for men. They should wear amulets that reflect male needs - strengthening willpower, spirit and physical strength, development of endurance and gaining wisdom. All this can give solar symbols, as well as signs-attributes of some Slavic gods - for example, Perun.

To this day it remains a female amulet. But it is important to remember that the idea of a woman's role in society before and now is strikingly different.

If your understanding is that a woman must build a career and stand on a par with the modern man, the amulet Lunnitsa can hurt and prevent to achieve their goals in life. To those who feel the critical lack of feminine qualities in the character, Moonstone will help find grace and gentleness.

Moon charm with beads
Moonflower is considered a female amulet and is not suitable for men.

Wearing such amulet will also have a positive impact on relationships with men, will help to become more attractive and finally attract the one and only. The relationship with him will develop calmly and harmoniously, giving only positive emotions. Thanks to the Moon, the family will be strong and happy, and no divorces will not be able to destroy this idyll.


Today there is a huge variety of drawings with the Moon for tattoos. The growing moon can be with lace intricate patterns, framed by leaves, flowers. Worn amulet is often performed in the form of a bracelet on the arm or leg with a pattern edging the hand or ankle in the form of a single or double chain with decorating elements - beads or stones.

Moonraker tattoo designs

The meaning of the Moon Moon tattoo remains unchanged and for the modern representatives of the weaker sex. The magical properties of the ancient personal amulet today can be experienced by any girl who decides to tattoo. The main thing to remember is that the Lunula is not just a beautiful drawing, but a symbolism that has a special effect on the owner and appeals to the patronage of the divine forces.

Kinds of amulet

Women's amulet Lunnitsa, always depicted in the form of a crescent moon with horns down, but it could be made in several variants.

The main are considered three types of the image of the Moon:

  • narrow-horned;
  • broad-horned;
  • The three-horned Moonbeam;

Moonberries with narrow horns were often decorated with lines and zigzags, and the broad-horned amulet mostly contained an ornament in the form of plants.

A hairclip with a three-horned Lunnitsa made of wood.

Among the listed versions of the amulet, the latter had the greatest number of interpretations. It is worth mentioning not only the trinity of the world in the Old Slavic representation, but also the connection of the three times and generations of the Rod - past, present and future, as well as ancestors and heirs. Another symbolic option is the lunar phases: waning moon, rising moon and full moon.

A later version of the amulet, which appeared as a result of a mixture of the two faiths, was the closed Lunnitsa. This type of amulet has three arms. The two outer ones seem to be closed in a circle, and the central one is a cross.

Such a mixture of religions is inconsistent with the opinion of experts on the incompatibility of pagan and Christian ancient symbols. However, there is nothing strange in this, because this modification came into being at a time when Christianity began to gain the upper hand over paganism, but the latter has not yet departed from the past.

Varieties and rules of wearing the amulet

In most cases, archaeologists have encountered 3 varieties of the symbol. The most common type is considered a crescent, the horns of which are lowered down. Also during archaeological excavations, narrow and wide two-horned talismans were found, as well as three-horned amulets. The ancient Slavs often wore Lunica with a cross.

At the same time, there is little understanding of what it is - Lunitsa. For a symbol to give the necessary effect, it is important to wear it correctly.

The symbol in the form of an inverted month has a whole spectrum of powerful magical effects. It affects literally all spheres of human life.

In this case, it is recommended to take into account the following features:

  • Such a talisman is most useful for girls. It gives confidence and increases attractiveness in the eyes of men. You can wear the talisman constantly or put it on when you need support the most.
  • Talisman can be worn by women of all faiths. It is useful to use it during pregnancy. This will help protect against evil forces, facilitate childbirth and improve the health of the baby. To get such effects, it is better to place the sign in the area in the belly or on the belt. However, you can fix it only with threads. Use in this case, the pin can not.
  • When choosing an amulet, it is important to pay attention to the material of which it is made. It is important that it is suitable for the woman. It is not necessary to use gold amulets. Some women of the fair sex do not like them. In this case, a pewter symbol will be more appropriate.
  • An important factor of good protection is the belief in the power of a talisman. If a person treats a talisman as an ordinary ornament, it will be of little use. In order to achieve magical properties, the talisman and its possessor should have an energetic connection.

To use amulet was effective, it is necessary to understand to whom it is suitable.

Moonflower is a talisman that has strong magical properties.

Moonflower means a female symbol. It helps the fair sex to find marital happiness and live in the same marriage for many years.

It is also worth using it for such categories of people:

  • Women for whom the fundamental concepts are fidelity, respect in the family, harmony between adults and children.
  • Girls who cannot get pregnant for a long time. This symbol helps you to improve your general well-being and find harmony. It is enough to conceive a healthy child.
  • For women of any age and nationality. Many parents give their daughters the Moonflower immediately after birth. She can wear it all her life. In some situations, the mother may pass the amulet to the girl by inheritance.
  • Girls during their first menstruation. At this time, they are most vulnerable from a physical and spiritual point of view. The amulet provides reliable protection from pain and external negativity. In addition, it helps to establish a cycle depending on the lunar phases.
  • Girls who are preparing for a wedding. Amulet will strengthen your relationship with the person you love. It will help to prevent separation by accident or malice.

It is forbidden to wear the talisman and at the same time do bad things. In this case, the mistress could be severely punished.

For a talisman to be beneficial, it is important to choose it correctly. The moonstone will give the desired effect only if a person gives it with good intentions. Usually, the amulet is bought in a jewelry store. However, a man can make an amulet with his own hands for his beloved. It may be fashioned from pewter. Many girls weave Moonbeams and wear it around their necks or hang it over their desks.

How to Wear the Moonbringer

As a rule, the amulet of the Moon was worn in the form of body jewelry. Sometimes it was an independent element - for example, a pendant on a string or earrings. In some cases, the pendant was a complement to the main adornment. It was attached to beads or to a belt. There is an opinion that the kokoshnik, which serves as a headdress for girls and women, is also a variation of the Moonstone talisman.

Portrait of a Woman in a Headdress
Portrait of a woman wearing a kokoshnik, by Orlov Pimen Nikitich.

But the latter variant does not suit modern women at all, because in our century such headdresses find their application only on the stage of the theater. It is much more practical to wear the Moonbringer in the form of a pendant on a lace or earrings.

In the olden days, this amulet was made of the most varied materials:

  • wood;
  • iron;
  • bronze;
  • brass;
  • tin;
  • silver;
  • gold;

As you can see, metals clearly prevailed among them. It was not personal tastes, but class affiliation that influenced what material the amulet was bought or made of. Poorer people chose Moonbeams made of wood, tin, and iron. The rich, on the other hand, preferred the more refined materials.

Do not skimp when buying a talisman. But you also shouldn't dust your eyes - the pagan gods do not like evil and boastful people. Remember that gold will not make the amulet stronger, though it will give it a status in appearance.

Lunula is closely connected with the lunar energy, so the most suitable base for it will be silver. This metal from ancient times is associated with the night star, attributing to it not only the properties of a conductor of lunar energy, but also the ability to ward off evil in all its manifestations.

Acquire an amulet, clean it with salt or spring water, and then leave it to be charged for a few nights under the moonlight. You should perform the ritual of activation only on the rising, close to the full moon moon. This way, the amulet will awaken and be able to bring positive changes in your life.

Style and color scheme

Modern tattoo masters for the application of the ancient tattoo use different stylistics, but most often the images are made in the style of realism or watercolor. But the minimalistic solution for the maiden amulet is not suitable. Despite the sacred meaning of the body amulet, girls prefer beautiful tattoos.

MoonGirl Realism Style Tattoo on Leg

Regarding the color of the Lunnitsa in the ancient descriptions there are no special indications. In a modern interpretation, you can find a monochrome tattoo or using the boldest color scheme. It is better to choose gentle pastel shades, so that the picture creates a mood and association with the true purpose of the composition.

Tattoo in the form of the Moonlite

The ancient moon sign can be used not only as a body decoration, but also as a tattoo. Tattoo Moonberry will only bring harmony to a woman's life, and therefore will not be able to harm her like some male symbols.

Moonraker tattoo on wrist
Tattoo Moonflower on the wrist will contribute to the preservation of hearth and create a cozy atmosphere in the family.

Before you go to the master and impose a tattoo, think about how exactly you want to change your life.

Where the tattoo will be placed depends on its impact on the person:

  • Drawing on the shoulder or forearm will help develop clairvoyance skills;
  • Moonflower on the hip will enhance your sexual energy, which will help to get more attention from the opposite sex;
  • A protective sign on the wrist will contribute to the preservation of hearth and create an atmosphere of comfort in the family;

We also recommend to pay attention to the sex of the tattooist. It is not obligatory, but if to do tattoo it will be a woman, it will help to charge in addition a drawing-protector of female energy, having strengthened its magic value.

When and to whom it is better to put a tattoo

In the old days, the moon tattoo was given to the bridal girl. It was believed that the amulet picture will help find a kind husband and live a happy life. The tattoo was also applied to married women when they had problems with pregnancy. For men, the Moon was an undesirable symbol. It made them soft, indecisive, able to obey a woman unconditionally.

Moonflower Neck Tattoo

For modern representatives of the beautiful half of humanity amulet tattoo has not lost its importance. Today the Slavic Moon tattoo continues to enjoy popularity. Symbolism still helps a woman to become an exemplary wife and a good mother. Therefore, if a girl is not planning to have children, she should not disturb the goddess Makosh in vain by padding the sacred symbolism on her body.

How to make a Slavic amulet by yourself

It is best to make a self-made Moon symbol in the form of an embroidery. A woman who made the symbol with her own hands, will multiply its power and put into it those protective properties that she needs. To create an amulet, follow these steps:

  • Make a drawing of the moon on paper, transfer it to a fabric or leather base, which will be used for lining.
  • In the center, sew a large-sized bead that will symbolize the moon.

  • Moving from the main element, embroider a pattern that will resemble rays. The remaining space can be randomly filled with multicolored beads.

  • Glue the embroidered part of the amulet from the underside to the skin or fabric. The edges should be embroidered with the remaining beads.

  • Make a loop for the chain.

The amulet can be used on your own or as a gift for a loved one.

Carrying out the ritual and activation of the amulet

Carrying out ritual and activation of Moonraker amulet
One should hold the ritual at a new moon showing the amulet to the new moon.
The moon symbolizes the moon, so this symbol must be charged at night. There are several rituals that will help bind the amulet and fill it with power.

The first, and simplest ritual, allows you to make a powerful protective amulet. To do this, go out into the street on a new moon and show the moon to the young moon. Afterwards, it is necessary to recite the incantation:

"Look, Moon, I have your child. Give to it forces to grow, and at the same time protect me. I will wear it and thank you."

Such ritual should be repeated every new moon. So the amulet will be monthly charged on the rising moon and protect your mistress.

For gaining a woman's happiness, it is suggested to carry out a multi-step ritual. One should start it two days before the new moon. A woman should take a bath with relaxing essential oils, cleanse her body and soul, and wear white clothes. In such clothing, you will have to walk until the new moon. On that day, at midnight, one should go outside, show the moon and say the following words:

"The bride is good, but there is no groom. Give me, moon-friend, your advice. Tell me how to be a good wife, to attract a husband and be able to keep him. Whisper, sweet moon, on my amulet, tell me what to do, give me your advice. "

Then it is necessary to bow to the moon and leave home without looking back. The white clothes on the same day should be taken off and thrown away, having previously strongly soiled. This ritual helps a woman to become more attractive in the eyes of men and meet her soulmate. The moon moon, charged in this way, will attract wealth to the house, helping to "keep" her husband.

Meaning of tattoo Moonflower for men

In the mythology of the ancient population of Mesopotamia, the Semites and Sumerians, there is mention of the Moon god in male guise. Images of the Sumerian god Sina have been found - it is an old man with a long beard, and above his head a crescent moon with horns upwards. Subsequently, he became the prototype of the god sage, who controlled time and destiny.Tattoo of the crescent moon with horns upwards, like an inverted Moon, on the hands of men can mean control over his life. One could say that he holds his fate in his hands. Such an image also resembles the horns of a bull, and the bull in Slavic culture represented power and courage.


For women

For Men