Heart tattoo: on hand, wrist, finger, with wings, small, broken heart, on chest, black, cardiogram, pulse, with rose, ink. Meaning and sketches + 115 PHOTOs

Today, tattoos have become not just a decoration of the body, they carry deep meaning, if you unravel their meanings, you can learn about the bearer of his innermost secret. The heart imprint is deeply symbolic and universal - you can score a tattoo in any place. Sketches in the form of a small heart are chosen not only by girls, but also guys, placing the symbol on the finger, which is always associated with personal affection. To decipher the tattooed message in more detail, it is necessary to understand the nuances of hidden meanings.

The heart: the history of the symbol, the general meaning in tattoos

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In many world religions, the heart is seen not just as an organ that pumps blood, but also as the receptacle of the eternal soul. In the past, barbarian warrior tribes ate the heart of a defeated enemy so that he could not return to earth and take revenge.

The symbol was most common during the Middle Ages, it represented:

  • The love and self-sacrifice of Jesus Christ;
  • chivalry and heroism;
  • the ability to feel heartache, to empathize with others.

Today, the heart is traditionally associated with compassion, responsiveness, the prevalence of feelings over the voice of reason. In tattoos, the interpretation largely depends on the color of the heart, its location, additional decorative elements.

The color of the heart tattoo and its interpretation

ColorWhat can tell about
RedThe most popular choice, a symbol of passionate affection, love, sincere feelings.
BlueColdness, insensitivity, unwillingness to open your soul and thoughts to a loved one.
PinkFascination, tenderness, vulnerability of the bearer of the tattoo.
BlackIndicates sadness, tragic life events, mental trauma associated with the loss of feelings or a loved one.
WhiteCompassion, the ability to empathize with others, peacefulness. This tattoo is worn as a sign of friendship and reconciliation.
GoldSpiritual purity, commitment to religious morality and ethics, devotion to God.

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Meaning of a heart tattoo

The meaning of the tattoo heart. The heart is a symbol of eternal love. This tattoo was very popular among soldiers during World War II. There are several variants of the heart tattoo. 1. A heart pierced by an arrow. 2. A heart pierced with a dagger. 3. A broken heart. 4. Flag in the shape of a heart. 5. Hands holding a heart. 6. A golden heart. 7. Black heart. 8. White heart. 9. Sacred Heart.

Will a tattoo on my finger leak?

Tattoos on the fingers are a risk. The hand has many nerve endings, vessels, and joints. The skin on the fingers is thin and delicate, always subject to movement. For a tattoo, all of these factors are negative. The paint starts to flow, turning from a clear line and a blurry dotted line.

But, do not despair, the tattoo can be corrected. In addition, everything very much depends on the individual human characteristics. Some people have a tattoo that remains unchanged for several years, while some have to be registered for correction in the first year.

Master will warn you of all the pitfalls of tattoo on your finger, but will not give you an accurate prediction, how the tattoo will behave on your skin.

A tattoo on the surface of the fingers is considered a more reliable option than a tattoo on the side of the finger.

Tattoo on finger - Tattoo on finger - Tattoo on fingers

Women's heart tattoos

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Among girls, small, neat tattoos are very popular. A beautiful option for the wrist is a heart with the symbol of infinity. It will indicate the belief of the owner of the tattoo in eternal love, its ability to sincere lasting feelings.

The original looks tattoo with the contours of the heart, which consist of:

  • floral patterns;
  • links of a chain;
  • an openwork lace;
  • letters of the lover's name, inscriptions;
  • jewels;
  • a scattering of stars;
  • woven ropes;
  • ivy leaves.

Feminine look heart tattoos with flowers. Large flowers such as peonies, lilies, roses are good for large areas of the body. Elegant small bouquetsFilling the heart, suitable for gentle and sophisticated girls.

In combination with a butterfly, the tattoo tells of the rebirth of the soulwhich was made possible through love. Often the tattoo is done in rainbow colorsTo express the joy and bright feelings overwhelming its owner. An alternative - an image of a dragonfly.

Lovers of clear stylized lines, like tattoo in the style of Treble. The outlines of the heart consist of patterns, which can be complemented by the name of the beloved.

Contour sketches of heart tattoos for young girls

Women who prefer sophistication in tattoos will appreciate the Filigree style. The heart is performed from a variety of curls, twisted threads, decorating them with beads, gemstones. Relevant will look flower buds, one or more, located on the contour.

Brutal heart options for men

Men's tattoos differ from women's tattoos in style and size.

Among the male subjects, images of hearts are in demand:

1Anatomical drawings. The circulatory organ of the human body is depicted realistically, with great detail. Particular attention is paid to the vessels and canals. When looking at the tattoo, it seems that for another second, and the heart will beat.

Such a tattoo, made in the style of realism, indicates the sincerity of feelings, a fiery temperament, a strong passionate nature.

2A heart with a sword. Located near a symbol of love weapon, indicates a brave person, ready to risk life in order to defend justice. If the picture is complemented by a shield, it means that the owner of the tattoo will defend the family and loved ones to his last breath.

3Geometry - The last tattoo trend of the current year. The drawing will look restrained and stylish on the male body.

4Engraving. In the contours of the heart, experienced tattoo artists inscribe entire paintings: a kissing couple, silhouettes of lovers, a portrait of a girl. Sometimes animals are placed inside the symbol: a lion, a wolf. The lion will tell of the desire to protect his family, his beloved.

5A heart topped with a crown - In combination with a maiden name, means that among all women, a man has found the best, his ideal. In other variations, the tattoo indicates the enamored character of its owner, the successes on the love front.

6Rose in combination with a heart. The flower can overlap the symbol of love, be close to it, frame its contours. The red color of the rose represents love, white represents sympathy and friendliness, yellow represents separation.

Nakolka in the style of anatomical realism on the male chest

Usually such tattoos men put on the whole chest, on the shoulder, forearm, shoulder blade, in the area of the ribs.

Sad symbols of love

Hearts are used in tattoos not only to tell about their love, but also to convey the pain of loss for a loved one who has passed away. For such options, hearts will do:

1Cross pierced, with drops of blood. Often a banner is depicted on the cross, on which they leave the date of death and the name of the beloved. Men more often choose a Celtic style cross for such a drawing. Women in the Gothic style.

2With the wings of an angel. The wings can grow out of the heart, frame it on the contour, fly upwards. Usually, this variant is preferred by men, as it takes a lot of space on the body. The figure is placed on the chest, back.

If the deceased person had a spouse to the owner of the tattoo, wedding rings are depicted on the wings. If the deceased loved one's children together, the stars in the sky are featured on the tattoo.

Tattoo of a winged heart on a man's chest.

3With a portrait of a loved one who is no longer alive. But the portrait inside the heart does not always indicate death, only if a date or a sad inscription is written next to it.

4A bleeding heart. Drops of blood symbolize pain, the unhealed wound of the soul from the loss of a loved one. Most often, such a picture is applied in bright red color. If the symbol of love as well depicted by a crack - then the owner of the tattoo will never come to terms with the loss.

Such sad tattoos are more often imposed men, for them it is the best For them, this is the best way to preserve the memory of a loved one who passed away.

Reasons for tattooing

Each person has his own reasons, prompting him to the drawing of the image of the heart on the body:

  1. Love is the most commonly driven feeling by young people or lovers of any age. It can be a paired tattoo from both partners on any part of the body.
  2. State of mind. Religious people believe that a person consists of soul and body, and the soul lives in the heart. According to them, its image will help never lose the sacred soul.
  3. Life. Many people stuff their hearts to demonstrate a craving for life. They explain this by saying that as long as the heart beats, life goes on.
  4. Friendship is a fairly common feeling, driven by lovers of bodily drawings. Friends declare an unselfish and sincere relationship to those around them. A paired tattoo is often done.
  5. Hope. As they say "hope dies last". And she lives in the heart. So, as long as the heart beats, hope will live.
  6. Faith is indispensable in this world. Man sincerely believes in goodness, in morality, in humanity. This feeling never leaves the human heart.

Common elements often depicted with the heart

The interpretation of the meaning of the symbol of love varies considerably, from the objects and objects surrounding it.

Sketch of a heart made of wolf figures

Among these, with a heart are popular:

1Skull. The gothic symbol will give the tattoo a dark meaning, pointing to the dark side of the personality. Sometimes, it means that for the owner of the tattoo love is dead forever. But if there is a red rose, there is still hope for the rebirth of the soul.

2Eagle - indicates a departed person who lovingly and lovingly watches over the wearer of the tattoo on the ground.

3Snake - a sign of seduction, seduction, the ability to use other people's feelings for their own benefit. If the snakes encircle the contour of the heart, biting it, then the person has fallen victim to love deception. When they encircle the contour, it is believed that this will protect the owner of the tattoo from insincere, deceitful relationships.

4Wolf - A wolf is a symbol of loyalty, devotion, readiness to protect their loved ones and relatives. A howling wolf is a symbol of loneliness and unrequited love.

5Two hands holding the heart - A wolf is a symbol of unbreakable love, harmony and eternal love. This is a sign of mutual love, harmony, mental and physical unity.

6A cat's paw - Inspired by a cat's paw, this tattoo denotes warm feelings towards a pet.

7Feathers - elevated and bright feelings, striving for spirituality, self-knowledge. Combined with wings can indicate religiosity.

8Needle and thread. - reflect the desire of the owner of the tattoo to keep something in his heart. Nakolka can be interpreted as a desire for revenge, a refusal to trust others, sadness.

Rare and original options

For creative, creative personalities will suit non-standard tattoos in the form of hearts. Musicians will like symbols of love, decorated with musical notes and even a violin key. If you put such a tattoo on the inner surface of the hand or wrist, the picture will symbolize that the music flows through these veins.

The tattoo on the man's back: the tree-heart

Not everyone will dare to get a tattoo with a heart With the wings of the devil. Surrounded by hellfire, it looks really sinister. Fans of gothic it will have to taste, the rest better think twice, than to wear a demonic drawing all his life on his body.

Heart ...in the shape of a grenade... Also not often found on someone's body. The owner of such a tattoo perceives love as a danger. He does not trust even the closest people around him.

Tree, ingrown in the heart, reflects a philosophical view of life, which the owner of the tattoo can not imagine without love. The tree is traditionally associated with the family lineage, ancestors, relatives and loved ones. If it grows out of the symbol of love, covering its roots - a person respects his homeland and cherishes family values.

For such a tattoo you will need enough space, It is best to have it on the back. A set of hearts, sprouting among the branches of the tree, symbolically represents the ancestry of the owner of the tattoo.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo on my finger?

Finger tattoos are among the most painful tattoos. The skin between the fingers, on the side is considered a particularly sensitive area. But do not worry too much about this, because finger tattoos are always small and the session will be short. You just won't have time to experience the intense pain that is inherent in long sessions in a tattoo parlor.

Tattoo on finger - Tattoo on finger - Does it hurt to tattoo your finger


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