On the sails of wealth - the meaning of the ship in feng shui, how to place to attract money

The symbolism of the water vehicle is most often associated with the movement of celestial bodies, especially the Sun, as well as sending the dead to the netherworld. Rock depictions of boats first appeared in the Neolithic Era and, according to scholars, symbolized the journey of the dead to the islands of the blessed.

The sacred barque of the ancient Egyptians. Fragment of a wall painting
The sacred barque of the ancient Egyptians on which, according to their beliefs, the sun sailed across the sky. Fragment of a wall painting

Phoenician coin
Phoenician coin depicting a ship, symbol of the power of trading cities and colonies

Many cultures are characterized by the perception of real ships as magical animate beings, as evidenced by the often encountered pinnacles with the heads of various animals In ancient Egypt the sacred barque symbolized the ship of the sun god Ra, the so-called "Rook of a Million Years", on which he sailed the sky by day, and the vessel "Mesektet", with which he travels the underground Nile at night. The Egyptians buried the barques next to the pyramids of their pharaohs so that the deceased could travel with the divine carrier to the circle of the West, the Land of the Dead. Altars in the temples of the god Ra were also made in the form of golden barques.

The Vikings buried their dead warriors in boats, a reflection of which can be found in the myth of the god Baldr, who was burned on a huge bonfire along with his wife Naina, treasure and horse on the ship "Hringhorn" by lowering it into the water. Among the deities of the Scandinavian pantheon, the god Freyr, who owned the magical ship Skidbladnir, capable of folding like a capon into a pouch, was also associated with the ship. On the graves of early Christians can also be found the image of the ship, which is a symbol of the way to the port of salvation.

Bronze lamp of early Christians
Bronze lamp of early Christians. The church is represented in the form of a ship ruled by the helmsman Jesus Christ

Three-masted gold ship on the Admiralty spire
The three-masted golden ship on the spire of the Admiralty has become one of the symbols of St. Petersburg. It is believed that this weathervane, installed in 1719 by G. van Boles, is an exact copy of the first Russian warship, the Eagle.

А. R. Ryder. Flying Dutchman
А. R. Ryder. Flying Dutchman

A ship with white sails was a sign of a successful mission, joy and luck, but a ship with black sails heralded sorrow and death. This motif is particularly evident in the myth of Theseus, to whom his father King Aegeus, before leaving for the island of Crete, ordered to change his black sails for white ones, if he could defeat the beast. But the hero forgot the promise he had made to his father, with the result that Aegeus thought his son was dead and threw himself off a cliff into the sea, which came to bear his name. In ancient Egypt, and later in Rome, during the spring holidays, a sacred ship with white sails, filled with incense and scrolls with prayers, was launched into the sea as a gift to the goddess Isis.

The German scholar and satirical writer Sebastian Brandt wrote an allegorical poem, Ship of Fools, which told of a ship that was on its way to a "fool's paradise." The poem was a peculiar satire on stupidity, promiscuity and various vices of the time: drunkenness, debauchery, corrupt lawmen and churchmen, evil intentions of charlatan healers and the like.

This motif was illustrated by Hieronymus Bosch's Ship of Fools, in which the artist depicted a drunken company aboard a ship, including a singing monk and a nun playing the lute. The legend of the Flying Dutchman, the ghost ship of Captain Van der Decken, which was doomed to sail around the Cape of Good Hope as punishment for his blasphemous conduct, also enjoys widespread popularity.

Tsar-Carpenter on Neva Embankment in St. Petersburg by sculptor L. Bernshtam
Monument "Tsar Carpenter" on the Neva embankment in St. Petersburg by sculptor L. Bernshtam. The image of Peter the Great as a ship's carpenter became a symbol of the new, Petrine Russia.

И. Bosch. Ship of Fools
И. Bosch. Ship of Fools

Coat of Arms of Paris
Emblem of Paris

Sailboat or ship in feng shui

You have to agree: there are situations when there are only seconds left before a decisive deal and a couple of successful calls before we receive the cherished prize, but at the last moment luck seems to slip out of our hands for some unknown reason. It seems that what is missing is a small "push", a small support and a reliable assistant in strengthening and multiplying our money savings.

This kind of ship in feng shui is used quite widely and in China it is difficult to find an office or a store where there would not be a beautiful sailing ship filled with coins and jewelry, which is a powerful symbol of business success, prosperity and financial well-being.

This symbol originated in the days when a sailing ship was associated with the arrival of goods and money. Accordingly, this talisman also means a symbolic "arrival" of good luck and in this case a classic sailing ship is the best way to go.

Styles of execution

Modern and ancient tattoos of ships were created in a variety of styles. One of the most popular is Old School. Today you can order an old school ship tattoo in almost any tattoo parlor. This trend, which flourished in Europe and then migrated to the New World, is now common in Russia as well. Many masters create magnificent works, not inferior in style and quality to the best examples from the past. It is hard to find a more sailor style, because it is believed that they were the ones who brought it to the West.

Old-school ship tattoos

Old-school tattoos often use the image of an anchor and a helm. The former means reliability, stability, safety. The steering wheel has several meanings. It is both the wheel of fortune and the ability to control one's destiny.

Using the style of watercolor, the ship tattoo can be made brighter and more unusual. This trend is younger, but is actively developing, gathering an extensive fan base.

Tattoo ship in the style of watercolor

If you are not a fan of multicolor and surrealism in the picture, there are several options:

Realism is the easiest way to depict something by replicating it in detail; Graphics. This is a realistic drawing of a ship in pencil. Of course, imitated with the help of a tattoo machine; Thrash Polka - a style on the border between realism and several other techniques. Colors - black, white, shades of gray, red

A sailboat done in this style will attract everyone's attention; Traditional - another style that, like old skool, came from sailors. What could be better for ship's sketches? Neo Traditional - on the border between old-school tradecraft and realism

High detail, but some rules, proportions, etc. may not be followed. At the same time, the sketch has volume, depth. Minimalism - everything, but nothing superfluous. Perhaps this is the most concise style, comparable to one-sentence answers to philosophical questions.

Tattoo ship in the style of minimalism

The zone has its own style that incorporates features of minimalism, traditional, old skool, and several other trends. If you try to characterize prison ship tattoo sketches, they are usually the least detailed, done in one color, and the lines are quite thick.

Historical background on the mascot

Why as a symbol of success and material prosperity was chosen exactly a sailboat, "soaring" on the waves of endless seas?

The association of this talisman acquired in the early 8th century: at that time, the richest class were merchants whose work consisted of transporting precious cargo on water by merchant ships.

When returning from a regular voyage, the ships together with people brought various jewels, clothes, silks and many other unique things, the beauty and luxury of which could only be envied.

Now, according to the masters of feng shui, decorated ships to this day are able to attract good luck and financial success in business. It does not matter where exactly - in the office or in your home, the correct design, location and its activation will help you in a short time to achieve the necessary goals and get your "place under the sun".

Recommendations for choosing the right sailboat

When buying a ready-made sailboat in the store, it is recommended to choose a vessel that is not a model or copy of any famous ship. It will be bad if he became famous for military actions, winning battles or capturing the enemy and foreign territories.

Ship in the interior

The ideal is a ship of wealth or its model, assembled without fasteners and nails, preferably wooden. After all, such a material adds to the owner's vitality and success in business. In the sale you can always find a variety of prefabricated models, in working with which they additionally add not only energy, but also a part of the soul of man.

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Similar recommendations exist when choosing a picture of a ship. According to feng shui, a drawing of a sailboat or its pictorial image acts in the same way as its model. Any painted sailboat or yacht is a symbol of prosperity in the family. And buying a picture helps to save space in the apartment, because when the picture is on the wall it becomes a beautiful decorative element and room decoration.

This symbol can help you attract good luck and prosperity, because it is a ship made of gold or decorated with a dragon's head. Even in the absence of sails dragon carries a strong energy, which will help attract good luck and prosperity in the house.

In no case should the ship be placed in a bottle, because its inability to get out of there symbolizes the opposite action - hopelessness and putting the situation in a deadlock.

A sailboat with a dragon's head

Another beautiful feng shui talisman is a sailboat with a dragon's head. It has no sails, but in this case you do not need them, because the dragon itself has a very strong energy, which is enough to attract good luck. Such a feng shui talisman is depicted filled with gold ingots and jewelry.

In the career field, sometimes there are so-called "ideal" money symbols of financial well-being - a vessel in the form of a dragon with jewels.

Such talismans possess a very powerful energy, and to find at least their analogues is rather problematic.


They have, in contrast to the usual ship, jewelry and valuables located on the body of the dragon, which has no sailing - it is believed that the dragon himself is the embodiment of strength and wealth, and therefore in the "wings" it does not need.

Meaning of the magical symbol

In order for the amulet to have great power, practitioners advise choosing a ship with scarlet sails or placing under it a bunch of red cloth and tying one of the masts with a woolen thread of the same color.

Since ancient times the ships carried to the cities overseas goods for sale, jewelry, gold, and also food, because with the development of maritime trade the ship was a symbol of wealth, prosperity, well-being and stability. Voyages on the water opened new ways to improve the financial situation. Especially useful is a symbol of a sailboat to people who are connected with sales, who want to expand their business and find solvent customers. A ship made in the form of a pendant, pendant, ring or statuette, according to Eastern beliefs, will bring money, present new opportunities and attract luck. In Europe, it is believed that a sailboat simultaneously exists, but is not subject to the two elements - water and air - and therefore the owner of the talisman will obey both forces of nature.

You can choose an amulet made of silver to wear on your body.

The symbol of the ship is also endowed with the property of finding the right path, so that a person with such a talisman will be protected from errors and will reach its goal, despite external obstacles. You must also carry them near your body, on your back and on the body of your beloved. Wear them near the body.

A sailboat, put in an office, will help in advancement in career and will increase income, and placed in a house will positively influence the salary of each member of the family. Sudden inheritance and finding new sources of income are not uncommon. A family in which there is a figurine or image of a sailboat, will not know poverty and hunger. For a magical symbol to work, you should make or order a statuette of metal or expensive woods - ebony or sandalwood.

What you should pay attention to when buying a talisman

It is ideal, if you have an opportunity to buy Ship of Wealth in China and bring it home. The Chinese know a lot about talismans, usually in antique shops they sell the "right talismans" and sellers can give more detailed advice on their use.

When buying a sailboat, pay attention to the fact that its sails are up and inflated, which means a fair wind and no stagnation in business. After all, as you know, the wind in feng shui is always an auspicious sign.

To fill your atmosphere with positive energy, it is better to choose a metal or wooden ship, the board of which should be filled with coins, natural stones or small bills, and the sails should be wide open towards a fair wind.

You can also put there small objects, talismans which personify those material objects that you really want to get. Do not forget that the vessel is acquired only with good intentions: no aggressive symbols, weapons, nails and military attributes should be here.

The philosophy of feng shui is aimed at energy improvement of your space in all its manifestations, but not chaos, warfare and any kind of disorder in life.

Also make sure that your sailboat is not a prototype model of any famous tragic shipwreck.

This is the most important part of the magic potion, the most important part of the magic potion.

But if you have not found any other model, you can use a plastic ship as well - the main thing is to activate it correctly, load it with values and place it in the right place.

For this, a sailboat in a bottle, nowadays fashionable souvenir, should not be used to attract money and good luck, because it symbolizes a dead end and hopelessness. It is a good imitation of a sailboat, which can never escape through a bottle.

Source: ifeng-shui.ru

Rules for the selection and use of the talisman

In order for the ship to bring good, and not to have the opposite effect, oriental practitioners recommend to heed the following recommendations:

A good option for a talisman can be an antique model of a ship.

  • The sailboat should look expensive and tidy. To run the condition of the talisman and to forget to wipe it must not be allowed.
  • The sail must necessarily be curved, as if the ship is going full speed and will soon bring riches to the owner. A lowered fabric will not give an improvement in the financial situation. Fabrics made by hand have the greatest effect.
  • There can not be guns, sabers and other weapons on the ship, otherwise such a symbol will attract quarrels, fights and bad luck in the family. Only a ship of peaceful and honest traders is suitable for attracting wealth.
  • Nails in the basis of a sailboat worsen the magical influence, therefore it is better, if at making of figurines was used only glue.
  • Use miniature copies of famous ships should not be used, otherwise it is possible to adopt the negativity of the crew members. Practitioners advise to stop on an unnamed ship of the Middle Ages or Antiquity.
  • Gold coins, jewelry, and other items associated with wealth are sure to be placed inside. With each cleaning, new jewels should be added.
  • A sailboat enclosed in a bottle is a bad symbol, which should not be kept in a living room or office. Because of such a talisman, a person will soon find himself in a hopeless situation or all processes will stop.
  • If you need to radically change the financial situation, it is recommended to buy 2-4 ships. Each one should be a separate source of income.
  • A ship with black sails will bring grief and losses, as it is a symbol of pirates and robbers. Such a sailboat will be suitable only for people who earn by dishonest deeds and deception of others.

Where to place a sailboat

Place a sailboat not far from the entrance door or window. For effective work of the talisman, it is necessary that the sailboat was turned by nose inside of the house, that is, it "arrived", i.e. that it "sailed" in the direction of you. However, make sure that the sailboat does not have its nose turned toward the entrance door or window, otherwise all the wealth it carries on it will sail past you.

The second variant of arrangement of a sailboat is the southeastern sector, i. e. the zone of wealth. Here it is placed in exactly the same way, as if it "sails out" of the sector and "sails into" the room. In the wealth zone, you can put a red, purple or gold napkin under it, or you can put a ship with sails directly on a shelf or coffee table.

Favorable directions for the ship is also the area of knowledge in the northeast.

It is necessary to put the ship on the floor, as well as any other talisman.

Find for it at least a small stand, you can use a red napkin.

Red color in feng shui is a powerful activator, so this way we will additionally strengthen the positive energy of the ship. Instead of a napkin, you can tie a small red ribbon to the mast - it will also enhance the energy.

The ship of wealth is perfectly suitable not only for the house, but also for the office.

Charon's Rook

In Greek mythology, Charon is the carrier of the dead through the waters of underground rivers. The Hellenes placed a coin under the dead man's tongue so that he could pay for the services of the ferryman Hades. However, Charon only transports on his boat those dead whose remains have been buried with all the rites fulfilled, so some heroes, Hercules, Theseus and Pirithoi, had to be forced to transport them to the realm of the dead by force. A living man can only enter Hades by means of a golden branch plucked from the garden of Persephone.

Charon unloading his boat. Fragment of Michelangelo's fresco The Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican
Charon unloading his boat. Fragment of Michelangelo's "Last Judgment" fresco in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican

Activating the talisman

Place any gods of wealth, or Guan Gong (Kuan Kung), to bring good fortune of wealth into the home. Guan Gong looks fierce and powerful, helping you overcome any competition. Place the God of Wealth at the front of the ship.

Coins have represented wealth for nine generations. Their presence on your ship is important to keep your wealth in the family for a very long time. Use a minimum of 3 copper coins, 6 silver coins, and 9 gold coins. Ideally, coins (gold) should be glued around the ship.

Beautiful lapis lazuli or lapis lazuli stones, made from semi-precious stones, are useful for activating fortune wealth from around the world. These beads are an important component of your ship.

Crystal symbolizes great wealth and prosperity. It is an excellent representation of extremely valuable cargo. When you fill your ship with it, it will bring you a rich and luxurious life.

Place real money as much as you want. Include change given to you by someone rich. Qi from the pockets of successful people is always very strong.

Heavenly dragon in flight, symbolizes the achievement of wealth and success. Place a statue of a golden dragon in your ship of wealth to increase your stock of wealth.

Gold ingots are extremely auspicious because they signify material possessions representing savings and value. Place as many ingots as possible in your ship.

You can put hieroglyphs signifying wealth, money on the sails.

You can write the words "wealth", "prosperity", "money" on a small piece of paper and put this piece of paper on the deck, or roll it up into a tube and put it in the sail. Likewise, a rolled up paper bill can be inserted in the sail.

Many people get fancy and put an image of what they want on the sail. As a rule, they are material things, because a ship in feng shui is designed to attract prosperity and wealth.

All this works, the main thing is the belief that everything will definitely come true and the ship will bring you real luck, because the sailboat according to feng shui is one of the most powerful and at the same time simple ways to attract wealth in your life.

Source: www.onlinegadanie.ru

Body Parts

If a person has a tattoo on his neck, it means he is a cautious and distrustful person. The individual is not eager to let everyone know his feelings and hopes. His freedom-loving disposition and creative abilities will be revealed only after a closer acquaintance.

Tattoo on the head - the desire to gain recognition in society. But the tattoo "ship" on the arm - a direct message to the people around. If the picture is on the left hand, this means that the person will seek the desired result by indirect ways. The symbol on the right hand indicates an annoying straightforwardness. The bearer will force his way through without caring about the opinion of others.

The image of the ship on the chest symbolizes the originality of thinking. It often goes against the generally accepted norms. A sailboat on the back speaks of enormous inner potential. "Tattoo" on the lower back sometimes signals an unsatisfactory sexual relationship. The wearer dreams of exciting new emotions and experiences.

How to Treat a Sailor

When you feel that your ship is too small, it means it's time to buy a bigger one. It is advisable to avoid stagnation and to keep a continuous growth by adding an extra coin or gem to it once a month. If you want to add wealth from all over the world add foreign currency to your ship.

And the most important thing to remember is that the ship of wealth patronizes only one source of income, and if you wish to have several variations on the theme of increasing wealth, it is necessary that your home becomes a harbor for several talismans, each of which will patronize a different source.

Source: www.liveinternet.ru

Sailboat with your own hands

It is ideal if you can buy the Ship of Wealth in a specialized store of feng shui and this thing will be Made in China. The Chinese really know their talismans! Usually such shops sell the "right talismans" and the salespeople are able to give more detailed advice on their use.

It is considered a special chic to have a ship of wealth in the form of a golden dragon.

Such ships are one hundred percent symbols that have no prototype in reality. They can be both with and without sails, because a dragon does not need sails, they can be loaded with gold and something else.

If there is no possibility to buy the ship of Wealth talisman, the right way out of this situation will be to make a ship of your own hands from improvised materials in which you have invested your energy and desire.

Buy in a souvenir store a model of any sailboat. As the material is well suited metal (noble metals are welcome) or wood. Along with the ship, buy copies of Chinese coins.

Sea betrothal

The custom of betrothal to the sea has existed in Venice since about 1000, when the Venetians captured Dalmatia. This ritual symbolized the city's contract with the sea, which gave Venice the right to dominate the waters undividedly. Each year, on Ascension Day, a squadron of ships led by the doge's galleys, the Bucentaurus, left the port of Lido. The ships sailed out to sea. After receiving Holy Communion, the Doge took a precious ring off his finger and threw it into the water with the words "We are betrothed to you, O sea". The name of the Doge's ceremonial galleys comes from the Italian "golden barque. This vessel was richly decorated with gold and symbolized the power of the Venetian state.

Ф. Guardi. Sailing of the Bucentaurus.
Ф. Guardi. Sailing of the Buccentaurus.

General Guidelines for the Wealth Zone

As you know, the main emphasis in feng shui teaching is to define zones in the room corresponding to the different sides of the world. Each zone has its own meaning, and with the help of various objects and symbols, you can activate it to make it work to your benefit.

In feng shui for happiness and wealth, the southeastern part of the dwelling should be activated. It is this side of the world that is responsible for financial well-being and abundance. The South-eastern sector element is Water, and therefore it is necessary to fill it with "water" accessories.

If we talk about the color scheme, in the southeast of your apartment or house, blue, blue-green or blue-green colors should predominate. All these colors are related to the water element, so they will be able to attract to you the financial luck.

Any images of water, such as paintings, photo wallpaper or embroidery with lakes, streams, the ocean, or a water mill, will also be appropriate here. But pay attention to the subject of the picture: water should bring you peace and pleasant emotions, that's why the picture of a swamp or a storm on the sea won't do for activating the wealth.

In addition to water motifs in the sector of wealth and prosperity you can also place live plants in pots or tubs, such as a lemon or money tree, any varieties of ficus and any spreadable flowers.

Some people advise to place a palm tree, but it is not considered the most successful tree for feng shui and therefore its appearance in the apartment should be avoided.

The zone of wealth will "work" better if you place in it any oriental symbols of prosperity, which we will talk about below.

Other powerful amulets to attract wealth

Money Toad

A money toad or a three-legged frog perched on a stand of coins is perhaps the most common amulet of wealth. There are such toads with a special slot in their mouths - a real coin must be placed in it so that the frog knows exactly what good it should attract to the house.

The most suitable color for the money toad is gold, because it is associated with finance and gold.

It is best to plant such a frog in the living room, and doubly so, if this room is located in the southeast of the apartment. In such a house, there will definitely be a flow of money.

It is possible to plant a "gold-bearing" toad in a decorative fountain, because the element of wealth is water, and by that we strengthen the effect of abundance. The main thing is that the figure should sit facing the house, not outward - then it will "jump" into the dwelling with finances, and not "take" wealth out of the family.

It is not recommended to "settle" the money toad in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. These places are not very suitable for the energy of wealth, because being in these rooms we do not think about work, and just rest, eat and make beauty.

Ornamental fountains

Once in Feng Shui wealth is associated with water, why not put a small decorative fountain in the apartment? This will not only decorate your home, but will attract good luck to your home.

It is important that the water in the fountain rushed upwards - then your financial affairs will always go uphill.

Today there are a huge number of decorative fountains of different designs, and you can choose from them absolutely any. But remember, the best place for such a talisman is the south-eastern sector in the living room or office.

Do not put fountains in the bedroom - so you will be constantly thinking about work and money, and for a harmonious state of mind, it is contraindicated.

A cup of wealth

A special Feng Shui talisman for happiness and wealth of the family is considered a special vase of abundance. We have already talked about its creation in a separate article.

Recall that it should be stored as far as possible from prying eyes, so the most suitable place for a vase of wealth will be a secluded corner of the bedroom.

Chinese coins

A very popular money talisman is three Chinese coins fastened with a red thread. Thread can be braided into a special mystical knot - then the energy of the amulet becomes even stronger.

Such coins can be carried in a purse or pocket. But remember, that it is necessary to take them as a gift only when they are in a closed package. It is considered that a talisman which has already been in someone's hands will "work" only in hands of its first owner.

Money envelopes

Special red money envelopes can also be used to attract financial success to your home. Several such envelopes filled with large bills can be placed in all sectors of the house, so that money will come to you from all sides of the world.

If the figure of elephant with trunk down in feng shui is used for conception and childbirth, the elephant with the trunk up is a sign of financial stability and success.

Such a talisman should be placed on a windowsill facing the street - then it will attract wealth and abundance in your home.

Money tree

A beautiful figurine depicting a tree with coins or jewels growing instead of leaves is an excellent talisman of wealth and prosperity.

It is a traditional symbol for the southeastern part of the house, bringing not only financial success, but also health to the household.

Double happiness feng shui

You can attract a woman's happiness according to Feng Shui with the help of a special mystical sign - the so-called "double happiness". You can draw such a sign on a wall, furniture, or embroider it on your bed linen or clothes.

It is believed that this symbol promises prosperity in any area.

So, for example, if you place it in the zone of wealth - it will work to attract finance, if in the zone of love - it will attract personal happiness to you and give harmony in relationships, if in the zone of creativity - it will send creative ideas and interesting ideas, and in the zone of health will guard the well-being of your family.


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