Tattoo of a lily: meaning for men and women, sketches and original colors

Lily tattoo is considered one of the most delightful in the world of body art. Native drawings with beautiful flowers have an elegant and alluring appearance, attracting the interested glances of others. The variants of the image of these flowers are so diverse that you can choose a suitable tattoo for months. In this article we will consider the most beautiful female tattoos, as well as present a gallery with sketches and photos of finished works.

tattoo of the lily

Tattoo of lilies: meaning

The meaning of lily tattoos in all cultures is positive. This flower acts as a symbol of peace and purity in Russia, an embodiment of hope in ancient Greece. And in France, these buds signify justice, mercy, and compassion.

lily tattoo

In ancient times, people worshipped royal lilies as one of the finest creations on earth.

The Chinese used tattoos with lilies to symbolize purity, innocence and abundance. However, only selected members of society applied the body art.

Tattoo of the lily for girls

In Egypt, the flower was used as a symbol of fertility. For this reason, girls wishing to become pregnant tattooed on their bodies in the form of a lily. It was a familiar ritual for infertile women: they used tattoos as a way to attract good luck to their womb.

tattoo of lilies
One thing we can say is that the meaning of the lily tattoo in all cultures is associated with innocence and purity.

The white lily tattoo means purity of thought, naivety and gentleness of nature. If you have these qualities, then this is definitely "your" tattoo. A tattoo with buds surrounded by thorns signifies purity among the sins of our world.

tattoo of lily meaning
In addition to the symbolism already mentioned, the flower can also represent elegance, beauty, grace or prosperity.

The heraldic lily (bubonic) denotes the Holy Trinity, the trinity of God, as well as the Immaculate Virgin Mary. It is also believed that this is the symbol of the Slavic-Aryans, who helped them to win battles without losing their sense of dignity.

lily tattoo

Tattoo heraldic (royal) lily

Such a lily was the symbol of French kings. There are interesting legends associated with it. The Frankish king Clovis I was not baptized. One day in a hard battle, he prayed to Jesus Christ for help, and vowed to be baptized if the battle was won. He kept his royal word. As the rite of baptism was over, an angel appeared to him and presented him with a lily of gold, a symbol of purification.

The sign was placed on the armor and shield of the king. The name of the plant was consonant with the monarch's name, Louis. Also for royalty, the lily signified the Holy Trinity, God's blessing, and the greatness of the Royal House.

The outline of the royal line bears little resemblance to the actual flower. The trefoil echoes the clear lines of the arms. The central petal, surrounded by bending petals, resembles a spear. Overall, the symbol gives the impression of monumentality, fearlessness and protection. The nobility, grandeur and wealth is conveyed by every stroke of the tattoo.

Recommendations for the placement of the lily tattoo

This design is so beautiful that it can be applied to any area of the body. The most attractive area to place the sketch is the area on the back, on the leg (on the foot or ankle), on the hip, on the wrist or on the shoulder.

lily tattoo meaning

Most often girls get tattoos on the arm. This is because on this part of the body figure is easy to demonstrate to others, and if necessary - just as easy to hide from prying eyes.

Styles for tattoos with a lily

As already mentioned, the image of lilies for girls is more suitable, because they are associated with female energy. Interesting and unusual will look tattoo in the style of dotwork. The style is interesting because it is based on a point technique of performing the work. The history of this direction originates from ancient times: images of people with similar drawings on the bodies were found in African caves.

Tattoo of a lily on a girl's arm - photo

Tattoo of a lily on a girl's arm - photo

Tattoo of a lily on a girl's hip - photo

Tattoo of a lily on a girl's hip - photo

Lily tattoos

Tattoos with a lily

Tattoos in this style are almost never colored, mostly black, less often red is used, and the saturation and contrast of the figure are regulated by the density of the dot filling. In addition, such works are often quite large, because small pictures made in Dotwork can look absurd and blurred. The master working in this direction, it is very important not only to think carefully about the sketch, but also to correctly calculate all proportions, to observe the symmetry in the image. An excellent option for a tattoo will be a lily on the shoulder in the Dotwork style.

Tattoo of a lily on a girl's shoulder blade - photo

Tattoo of a lily on the shoulder blade of a girl - photo

Tattoo of a lily on calves

Tattoo of a lily on the calf

Tattoo of a lily

Tattoo of a lily

Tattoo of a lily - photo

Tattoo of a lily - photo

Extremely colorful, interesting and attractive look sketches of flowers in the style of watercolor. This is incredibly expressive, bright, emotional and exciting direction in tattoo art. Looking at these works, you might think that they really are drawn with watercolor paints and brushes. All grace, beauty and poetry of such pictures is in thin, almost imperceptible lines, soft undertones, careless strokes, drops and drips, which allow you to create an unusually beautiful picture on the human body. Lily in the style of watercolor will be a real decoration for its owner, will emphasize her creative nature, originality and beauty.

Tattoo of lily on the shoulder

Tattoo of a lily on the shoulder

Tattoo with a lily on your arm

Tattoo with a lily on his arm

Lily tattoo on collarbone

Tattoo of a lily on his collarbone

Lily tattoo

Tattoo of a lily

Choosing for himself a sketch, do not forget to take into account several important nuances regarding the size of the image and its location on the body. Large drawings with the plot often beat on the back, or hips. And, for example, the lily tattoo on the waist or leg will look the most harmonious in composition with other floral motifs and patterns. For vertically elongated sketches it is better to choose a place on the forearm or shin. Wonderfully lie small lilies on the wrist or the top of the foot.

Tattoo of lily on hand for girls

Tattoo of a lily on the arm for girls

Tattoo of lily on hand

Tattoo of a lily on the arm

Tattoo of lily on the side for girls

Tattoo of a lily on the side for girls

In conclusion we should mention a few important points for those who have decided to get a tattoo for the first time: do not try to copy someone else's sketch, because tattoo is first of all a way of self-expression. Be unique and special. Probably it is necessary to address to the artist for the help in creation of the drawing, unlike on any other, suitable to you. A professional will be able to implement your ideas.

Tattooed lily on legs

Tattoo of a lily on the leg

Tattooed lily on girls stomach

Tattoo of a lily on a girl's stomach

Tattoo girl's lily

Tattoo of a lily on a girl

No matter what they tell you, getting tattoos hurts. Of course, it all depends on the height of the pain threshold and the chosen place: the closer to the bone, the more painful. Be prepared for the fact that the session in the tattoo parlor will take quite a long time. Depending on the complexity of the work, you may even need several sessions lasting several hours. Take this into account in your plans in advance.

Ideas for design

Girls have the most demanded tattoos with whole opened buds, as well as with lilies on the background of water. Often the main motif is drawn alone, without any complementary elements or background.

Tattoo meaning of lily on girl's arm

Also women often add images of dragonflies and butterflies to sketches. A lily with butterflies can mean that the person has some value. Other symbols that can be drawn along with flowers include hearts, stars, inscriptions and patterns. This flower is very versatile, so you can easily combine different elements and symbols with it to match it perfectly.

tattoo meaning of lily

Don't forget that the shade used to color the flower determines the meaning of the lily tattoo in the long run.

  • White or pink coloring symbolizes love, faith, rebirth;
  • Yellow - independence, freedom and determination;
  • Orange (tiger) - optimism, friendliness and pride;
  • Red (spider) - passion, attraction, impetuosity;
  • Blue - peace of mind, harmony, hope;
  • Violet - kindness, vitality, energy;
  • Black - secrecy, elegance, wealth.

Meaning of tattoos for girls

Floral theme is popular among the fairer sex. It emphasizes femininity and tenderness. Humility, modesty and kindness - the values cultivated by the owners of tattoos with a lily. Loyalty to the chosen one stands in the priorities of life. These women have a delicate and sensitive soul, developed creative abilities.

Heraldic lily prick girls who want to show that they have met the love of their lives, and will be faithful to her until the end.

Tattoo of a lily: photo

Below is a gallery with photos of finished works. Here are the best tattoos from masters from all over the world. Thanks to them, you can form an idea of how the future drawing will look on your body.

Tattoos with a lot of colored lilies

Women very often have tattoos with the image of the stem, on which are painted blooming lily flowers. They can be a different number, which depends on the desire of the owner of the tattoo. The body may also be present not blossoming buds. Such an original tattoo symbolizes rebirth or immortality. When choosing a large-scale tattoo with lilies is important to trust your intuition and heart. Absolutely no matter whether your floral composition looks fashionable or not, but it will be chosen with the soul.


For those who are in search of an idea for a tattoo we have formed a selection of original sketches. Choosing the image you like, do not forget to make your own corrections in order to avoid repetition with an existing tattoo of another person.


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