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Hooray! I'm in a Tattoo Pirats salon on Kropotkinskaya!

- Who are you? - Jacqueline. - Where are we? - Together. - Where are we going? - To the tattoo parlor on Kropotkinskaya)

Hi all! Such problem: for a long time thought about getting a tattoo, all thought about the sketch, but it was not to my liking. Seeing tattoo GH in the movie Hardcore, I realized that I want a tattoo! But the trouble is, 2 weeks looking for a sketch, all in vain! In this regard, I want to ask for help from the League of Good) Comments for the minuses inside.

May the power of Pikabu be with you!

Well, in principle, it would be fun to strangle one kite with another)

You take one of these, go to the master and he draws a sketch of the film with you individually for a fee.

The more so that in principle all the basic elements can be seen on a couple of frames.

See another movie with a tattooed g.

Yeah, that's what they say. Pick a tattoo artist. A realism specialist.

Like Dan Yakovlev. Sketch he will do you. give him just a frame

arm?))) there on the back pulls

Well, the price I agree, the money is not small, but do not save. I have not saved and do not regret. what I wish you - do not save on the cost of tattoos.

expensive but nice - cheap but rotten. and so on ... do not skimp

Contact the author of the film, you'll be a living Henry =)

You can find the author by his full name in facebook.

You can also sit in jail.There you guys even for a pack of cigarettes such a snake will do))))

Characteristics of Handpoke Tattoos:

At the very origins of the development of tattoo art is this authentic way of "padding" the drawing on the body. Using a needle, a sharpened stick or bone. But in the modern world Handpoke implies not only manual application, but also certain stylistic features:

  • The simplicity of the sketch.
  • Ironic plots.
  • Intentionally primitive execution.
  • Predominantly black.

Do not forget about the fact that today handpoke tattoos are engaged in including very experienced masters. Who have spent years honing their skills to do a tattoothat will look like a portakbut technically performed at the highest level.. In essence, the application of classic Japanese tattoos is exactly Handpoke. But at the mention of this method, most people imagine simple, sometimes mocking drawings that look as if they were made with improvised means.

Portak is:

  • A low-quality tattoo, a bad tattoo, a prison tattoo.
  • A stylized image made by a master, in a specially simplified style.

Handpoke Tattoo - Handpoke Tattoo - Handpoke Style Tattoo

MMA fighting.

Exactly how old Arthur got into the sport is not known. But his first debut was in the MMA ring in 2021.

Kulinsky was engaged in combat sambo at the Element sports club in Moscow. In 2021, in Tournament 6, Artur's opponent was Nikita Konovalov. He lost that fight. Konovalov won it in a minute and a half, using a choke hold against Artur.

Zhenya Sailor

Zhenya Sailor

Biography of Yevgeny Kurdanov (Sailor)

Persian Dagestanian

Persian Dagestanian

Biography of Persian Dagestan (Kheybati)

Arthur Akab's first MMA fight

Arthur is currently a CMC in Sambo.

Handpoke Style Philosophy

Handpoke tattoos are, in the opinion of many tattoo artists, similar to rock paintings, primitive and unworthy of attention. Compared to realistic complex images hand tattoos do look too simple. But this does not detract from their dignity and popularity.

A generation of modern teens and young adults are fanatical about this simple, deliberately sloppy style. In fact, the features of handpoke tattoos, especially the themes, self-irony, the desire to show their social position made handpoke tattoos so popular. Today, even masters who work with rotary or induction tattoo machines stylize handpoke and imitate this semantic and minimalist trend.

Tattooing today helps people communicate with the world around them. It no longer has the same sacred mystical meaning as the tattoos of ancient tribes or the professional significance of old-school sailor tattoos. Modern tattoos are a man's manifesto, his inner philosophy, his set of life rules. Many people today want to live simply and freely, so they are very close to the style and philosophy of handpoke tattoo.

I believe in the Power of Pikabu!

In the area Izvarino Marushkino Tolstopaltsevo Lesnoy Gorodok (Kiev direction of MO) lost a dog breed siba-inu Bitch young neutered Label, chip, on the red cloth collar addressnik!

The dog ran away from the shelter 07.01.2018 y Territory for her stranger. 11 Jan 2021 We saw a similar dog walking along the Borovskoe highway near the overpass at Izvarino.

Please, let us know who we see and hold on to it if possible. We will come right away!

Name is Hannah. Color Red, height below the knee like a maypole, a small Hatiko Tail with a ring From the special signs-lack of pigmentation on the wings of the nose and lips.

T-ny 8-977-937-59-47 Lena 8-903-678-86-77 Julia

Is it painful to do Tattoo Handpoke?

The pain sensation when applying a handpoke tattoo is no different from a machine tattoo. The only difference will be that handpoke tattoos are usually smaller, so you will have to endure unpleasant tingling for much less time. Manual tattoos are said to be less traumatic and heal faster. Read more Read more about pain chart You can read more about your pain chart in our article.

Private life

At the moment Acab lives in the Moscow suburbs, does not work anywhere - is engaged in self-development, a lot of time off workouts and street brawls. In life he is a quiet man, but the camera puts on a show to get the heat.

Arthur Akab Kulinsky and his girlfriend
Arthur Akab Kulinsky with a girlfriend

Artur does not have a girlfriend. He believes that he is still young to start a family or a permanent relationship. Akab's priority right now is self-development, training for fights, and self-affirmation.

After his fight with Dagher, Arthur shouted the phrase "Allahu Akbar. So many people thought he was a Muslim or a Nazi. But it turned out that he believed in one god, and he could be called anything, even Allah, even Perun or Jesus. Arthur is closer to the pagan worldview, and his nationality is human.

Tattoo Handpoke Sketches for Men

The manner of the tattoo itself has no gender affiliation. Only the inner content of the sketch and its meaning can affect the pronounced masculine nature of the tattoo. In fact, any small sketch, whether it is an inscription or the hero of a favorite movie can become the subject for a handpoke tattoo. Guys lately have been scoring entire sleeves with individual, unrelated small tattoos in terms of plot.


Artur Kulinsky was born on August 28, 1996 in Moscow. He grew up and studied in the capital. Arthur has a native sister.

He studied poorly, or more precisely, until the sixth grade attended school. Arthur had to change five schools. He graduated from the 10th and 11th grades as an extern at his mother's request, or rather he bought an education diploma.

Arthur Ackab as a young man
Arthur Akab as a young man.

Then Arthur went to college. He dropped out after a couple of months. Since his studies did not work out, the guy went to work in a factory. Soon he quit his job and took up combat sambo.

Tattoo Handpoke Sketches for Girls

Modern girls are not afraid of bold decisions. Tattoos on the face or neck, hand-painted with a needle - all this has become not only common, but also very popular. Many girls have acquired a handpoke tattoo in the style of "grl pwr" or other inscriptions.

Tattoos became more qualitative and accessible, now the society treats the drawings on the body more loyally, than even 10 years ago. Small tattooing is mainly chosen by bold, determined girls, who are able to joke about themselves and treat with irony the so-called lakcheri-trends.


Hi all. Was driving to Astrakhan yesterday and saw this dog 150km into town.

About 15 minutes later, a man drove up. He said: the dog was mine, I had to leave it here, my daughter was allergic.

The dog is purebred, hunting or something, his name is Palma.

I drove back today and saw her there. I fed her. But unfortunately I can not take it myself. If there is anyone from Astrakhan, if possible to take away do good deed.

47.483568, 46.773521


In 2010, he moved to Moscow. He rode the electric trains and saw an ad for a fight club. The guy signed up for the club, started attending mixed martial arts training, made new friends there among the newcomers from Ukraine. Many of them were fans of Spartak Moscow. Eduard joined them.

Edward German Near-Football
Eduard German near-football

Eduard became interested in near-football. Before moving to Moscow, the guy had never even heard of it. At one of the games Eduard was approached by some guys from Triumph, who invited him to a shootout in the woods. It was the first fight in the team, in which he got a good one, but was satisfied with the outcome.

For several years Eduard was a member of Triumph, and in parallel he attended martial arts classes at the club and participated in street fights. Besides that he also worked. But now he is no longer a member of this fan subculture, as near-football is "dead". In an interview in Anton Dorofeev's "In the Movement" program, he tells in detail how his life was divided into two parts - before and after near-football

edward german near-football


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