Cartoon tattoos - sketches for girls, where to apply (on the arm, leg, as a sleeve), ideas funny cartoon characters , photos

Cartoon tattoos on the arm
Tattoo "cartoon" on the arm, photo from:

"Cartoon. Tattoos with cartoon characters are no less respectful than images from classic subjects. The choice of the character shows not only the love of the owner, but also a good sense of humor.

From the master of the tattoo, in turn, a high degree of professionalism is expected. Because the picture should not only be repeated on the skin, but also to give him original features.

For whom are the cartoon tattoos

Often, cartoon tattoos are associated with the non-seriousness of the owner. This is a misconception. A person with a tattoo of a cartoon character simply has a good sense of humor, or the image is associated with childhood memories.

Some people have a collection of cartoon videos, it is nice for them to watch something from it sometimes. After all, everyone learned good and evil just from characters from cartoons. Just like movies, they come in different styles and genres, and a certain character undoubtedly evokes a different association for everyone. Therefore, the owner of the tattoo usually has an interesting explanation as to why this is the case. Consider the reasons for choosing cartoon tattoos:

  1. Love of cartoons. Not only children are connoisseurs of animated art, many adults are happy to prefer a fun, colorful cartoon to a movie. How much light and goodness is in it, and it always triumphs over evil, which can not be said of many movies. A person may just want to put the image of his favorite brave character on his body.
  2. Occupation. Perhaps this person is the one who draws those very cartoons. Why not depict a favorite character on your body as well.
  3. Love for the profession. Often a person, emphasizing the love for their occupation, a case of a lifetime, makes a tattoo with the image of a cartoon character with the same profession. This will demonstrate dedication to his occupation and indicate a good sense of humor of the owner. Examples may include the image of Dr. Aibolit at the doctor;
  4. Chip and Dale can be applied to the body of a lifeguard;
  5. Postal worker can capture a picture of the letter carrier Pechkin from "Prostokvashino", etc.
  • A man is still a child at heart. Often do not want to see and understand this adult world as it is. Many people like this childish naivety and ease, so they choose this type of tattoo.
  • Maybe just a person thinks that such a tattoo will look original.
  • Meaning

    To determine the symbolism of body art made in the style of anime, initially it is necessary to understand the purpose of such a choice. For some fans of Japanese drawings is simply a decoration of the body image of a favorite character. For others, the sketch serves as a kind of amulet, because each character is endowed with endurance, courage and special strength, which tend to possess the owners of the tattoo. Often, fans of Japanese body art emphasize the image of one of the characters their attitude towards life or certain people.

    Tattoo styles

    You can depict a cartoon character exactly as he is in the cartoon. Or you can get a little creative and add a little bit of your own style:

    Line-work - by translation from the English language it is clear that only lines are in the work. It would be interesting to look at characters drawn with straight, at most a little curved lines. Not everyone at first glance will be able to understand what this image is.

    Old-school style suggests a preference for modern technology traditions, tastes of yesteryear. The master tattooist can offer than to the lover of this style to complement the image of a cartoon character.

    Thresh-polka - one of the most popular tattoo styles today. A kind of "free" style, where you can add a little "thrash" to any picture, which is translated from the English language - trash. Fans of the style associate it with all the horror going on in the world. In combination with cartoon characters, it will not look very tough, but it will have a certain meaning. For example, add a realistic weapon to a bright character or leave a newspaper stern inscription.

    New School - a new style, a kind of answer to the style of old school. Here, on the contrary, the adherents are trying to move away from the old manners and bring to life bright ideas, bold solutions, in other words, to challenge the established traditions. In tattoos it is expressed in bright images and colors, saturated colors. This style is perfectly combined with cartoon tattoos, they will give the hero even more expression and originality.

    These are the most popular styles in this direction of tattoos. Having decided on a tattoo, it is necessary to review many sketches and photographs, responsibly to choose the salon and the master, who will also offer different variations of the embodiment of the idea.

    Features of the anime tattoo

    Native drawings in a similar style belong to the part of the Eastern technique. Japanese characters are characterized by disproportionately large, clearly drawn eyes and strong emotions. The saying "the eyes are the mirror of the soul" characterizes these characters in the best possible way. Tears flowing down the cheeks, eyes widening with surprise, hearts appearing instead of pupils - just some of the emotions that Japanese anime characters show us.

    Characters and cartoons for tattoos

    Everyone has their own favorite characters and cartoons, let's look at the most common ones:

    Mickey Mouse - symbolizes carefree and fun. A positive cheerful person will boldly depict Mickey bright and smiling. A couple in love can be tattooed in pairs: the guy - Mickey, the girl - Minnie.

    The lion king is the most common cartoon for a tattoo. The lion represents courage and strength, it is chosen by young people, girls give preference to the baby Simba.

    Well, wait a minute - everyone's favorite Soviet cartoon, its main characters - the hare and the wolf - evoke warm memories of childhood. It can also be used as a pair - suitable for a couple with a good sense of humor - the girl will tip the hare, and the guy - the wolf.

    The Little Mermaid Ariel is the choice of many girls, although men also poke this beautiful image. In the weaker sex it symbolizes latent female strength, energy, beauty and sexuality. In men - love and desire for passion.

    Cheerful little dog Goofy - expresses love for the smaller brothers, and also symbolizes positivity and cheerfulness.

    Also popular are Tom and Jerry, The Simpsons, Blackcoat and other cartoons.

    Hayao Miyazaki.

    The creations of this talented director-animator are always characterized by bright colorful and memorable landscapes, which are used in the design of tattoos. Among the popular characters in the body art you can see the characters of "Howl's Walking Castle" - the fragile and strong-spirited Sophie, the wizard Howl or Lucifer fire, in which the heart of the castle owner was hidden.

    The main characters of the cartoon "Gone with the Ghosts" - Chihiro and Haku - are very common in tattoos, often depicted together. Haku in the guise of a mythical creature - a dragon, looks especially impressive. Not infrequently used in the sketches images of secondary characters, which include faceless and Yubaba.

    The picture "My neighbor Totoro" gave fans of anime a large and cute creature - the keeper of the forest, all kinds of images of which are actively used in the design of tattoos. Very spectacular can look in the sketches a girl from an Indian tribe with her tame wolf, with which we were introduced by the work of Miyazaki "Princess Mononoke".

    Place for the tattoo

    Most often these tattoos are small in size, so the most common places are the shoulder, shoulder blade, collarbone, neck, forearm. You can not be limited by anything, if you want a large tattoo boldly choose the back or stomach.

    Tattoo salon has a huge selection of photos and sketches, so before you decide to get something tattooed, you need to carefully explore the options with different meanings and choose what your heart prompts.

    Soylor Moon.

    Drawings in a similar theme can be called a classic of Japanese anime. Charming warriors in sailor suits fighting for justice and the moon prism, which bestowed magical powers and granted retribution in the name of the moon, won many hearts. The famous Usagi Tsukino and her friends remain at the height of their popularity to this day. Tattoos with their images are incredibly popular and in demand.


    This animated series captivated more than one generation. Many of us didn't take our eyes off the TV screen and forgot about everything else while watching the next series. Unusual pocket monsters with incredible magical powers were quite popular in the early 2000s and made a triumphant comeback a few years ago with the Pokémon Go game. The image of a bright yellow Pikachu throwing lightning and other previously known characters, have considerable popularity among fans of anime tattoos. Cartoon and game characters are depicted in different techniques on any part of the body.

    Women's tattoos

    Beautiful ladies when choosing a tattoo give preference to the characters of the world of anime female. The heroines of natal drawings are often endowed with hidden abilities, distinguished by courage and bravery. Also the sketch of the tattoo can contain beautiful landscapes or show plots of love stories.

    Tattoo in the style of anime is a great opportunity to adopt some qualities from the fictional character, because all the heroes of Japanese cartoons are characterized by bright features and purpose. The main thing is not to go overboard with the choice of image.

    The non-existent world of anime is full of mysteries and the characters living in it also differ from each other in lifestyle and character.

    Choice of technique

    To preserve the brightness and inherent dynamism of the chosen characters, the masters of the salons recommend using the technique of new skulls. A bold combination of bright colors, typical for tattoos in this style, and clearly traced contours allows you to make the plot or character as "alive" as possible, with expressed emotions. Technique watercolor very interestingly conveys a fairy-tale and magical atmosphere of drawings. With the participation of "slightly blurred" colors unusual entities and supernatural forces are very impressive and look very effective. Also, such design allows you to create a picturesque nature with unusual landscapes, peculiar to cartoon anime style. Fans of the "dark side" and the negative heroes, to apply the tattoo is invited to pay attention to black vork.


    For women

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