Tattoo a microphone on the arm: if you have something to sing

Tattoo with a microphone refers to the category of such body drawings, the meaning of which lies on the surface. Everyone wants to express their individuality through various methods: jewelry in clothes, unusual style, cosmetics and hairstyle.

Tattoo is the most radical way to communicate your preferences, because the body image will accompany you throughout life. In addition, the tattoo can have a great impact on the character and qualities of its owner, so the choice of image should be taken seriously.

Microphone: the general meaning

Such a tattoo is often chosen by creative people in order to express their love for their profession. Most often they are musicians, composers, songwriters and singers. The image of the microphone itself looks unusual and stylish on the body, so this picture can choose and ordinary people who love music.

The tattoo is often complemented by various elements. Microphone perfectly combined with notes, speakers and headphones. Sometimes an inscription is put under the image: it could be a phrase of a favorite song or the name of the performer.

The microphone is the main tool of creative people. With the help of it they earn a living, so the tattoo with this subject symbolizes not only inspiration, but also material success. Microphone is a kind of talisman, which is stuffed to achieve success in the career.

Sometimes a similar image is applied to people who all their lives wanted to become artists or singers, but never managed to realize their desire. In this case, the drawing will mean unfulfilled dreams and longing for the past. Also, the image of a microphone is applied by aspiring musicians as a talisman, which will help to succeed in the creative profession. The owners of such a tattoo tell others that they see the meaning of their lives only in music.

Tattoo variations with a microphone

There are different variations of the tattoo with a microphone. If the subject is executed in gold, the drawing speaks of an overwhelming desire to gain fame and achieve great popularity. Such people have great potential and are capable of the most desperate acts to get what they want. In a sense, the tattoo signifies vanity and the need for recognition. The owners of such a tattoo vital to be in full view of the audience and to be in the spotlight.

Tattoo, in which the microphone holds a hand, suitable for people whose activities are directly related to singing. Excellent such picture looks in a style of realism. If the tattoo is completed with a quote, then the meaning of the drawing directly depends on the meaning of the padded phrase. A microphone with wings symbolizes sublime feelings and spirituality. Such a drawing is chosen by people who pay a lot of attention to the lyrics of the songs they sing.

Flowers, butterflies and notes next to the microphone are printed by talented individuals who have a soft character. The tattoo suits those who give preference to light songs without much meaning. The distinctive feature of the tattoo with a microphone is that the image looks effective in any style. It looks equally good in black and white, as well as in the style of realism.

Musical tattoo subjects

The meaning of the tattoo microphone becomes clear at a glance - it is love of music. Such tattoos do both professional musicians and just music lovers. The work with the image of a microphone speaks eloquently: "I can't live without music, because music is my life".

The tattoo of a microphone on the shoulder, in addition, can serve the novice musician a kind of talisman, which is designed to bring success in creativity. It is believed that tattoos can affect a person's life, so many choose images that reflect their goals and aspirations, hoping that the picture will contribute to achieving the desired, to remind that you need to constantly work on yourself and move forward.

Tattoos with a microphone know no restrictions on gender, color or place of application. The place is usually chosen based on the shape and size of the sketch. For example, the microphone itself will look good on almost any part of the body. If the drawing has an oblong shape due to the additional elements, it is best to choose the shoulder, forearm, thigh or lower leg. Large works of round shape look good on the chest, between the shoulder blades or on the hip, small - on the neck or wrist.

The plot of the tattoo can be anything. If you want to come up with your own original tattoo sketch, look through the photo of the tattoo microphone to give some food for your imagination.

On the Internet you can find really interesting and unusual work. Come across, for example, images of singing into the microphone animals, microphone with a crown on it, twined with flowers, ribbons with inscriptions or notes, a microphone with wings, musical instruments, tape recorders, cassettes or records. The gold microphone tattoo often includes a crown or stars, such works are often chosen by those who are passionate about achieving success in their business.

In general, the human imagination has no limit, so fantasize at your pleasure, and a good master will embody your idea in the original sketch.

The meaning of tattoos for men and girls

The microphone reflects the love for music, this applies to both men and girls. Young men choose more expressive images, complementing them with various masculine details. Sometimes drawings are made in harsh contrasting colors, which reflects the aggressiveness of its owner. Such tattoos are suitable for performers of heavy music.

Girls in such a tattoo are most interested in the realism of the image. They stuff the microphone, using a wide palette of colors, glares and shades in order to give the figure a natural feel. A microphone tattoo with roses looks spectacular. Flowers, birds and butterflies endow the tattoo with femininity and emphasize the softness of their owners.

A little about the styles

Fortunately, today the tattoo culture has reached certain heights, in any major city there is a number of talented artists working in different styles.

Realistic microphones look very effective. Realism allows you to depict all the glare of light, the shadows of objects. This style is considered the most difficult to execute, so not every artist is able to create realistic paintings. Usually you can assess the quality level of such works by looking at portraits made by this master: if portraits turn out well, then the microphone will look great.

Flowers look very impressive in this style, so if you choose a sketch, for example, a microphone with roses, the work will be bright and eye-catching.

If you are no stranger to a rebellious spirit, view the thresh polka style sketches. It is quite new and original. These works look quite defiant through the use of contrasting colors (mostly red and black), wide careless strokes. The images themselves are often sharp or even garish. The scale of such works is mostly due to decorative details and bright paint strokes rather than the central element of the composition. Tattoos in the style of trash polka often want to consider for a long time, because due to some abstractness of the images the essence of the drawing may not be clear at once.

However, there are very interesting works in which trash polka is intertwined with realism, such as a realistic portrait, executed in black and white, with a wide red cross on top of the image. The boundaries separating the different styles are actually very conditional, so the room for imagination is very wide.


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