Tattoo Numbers - meanings and designs for girls and men

Tattoo numbers are very popular, which is not surprising. They play a huge role in everyone's life. Numerology says that correctly calculated date of birth, you can predict the fate. And sometimes it is even possible to look into the past.

These tattoos have a huge number of variations, meanings and meanings. Numbers is a tattoo for which you can create a truly unique, individual sketch. It has no age restrictions, equally suitable for men and women. However, universality in this case has nothing to do with triviality.

How to choose "your" tattoo with numbers?

Tattoos with numerical values can be divided into several thematic groups:

  • Single word ones. A single digit is used. It can consist of several symbols, but must be perceived as a whole. Such tattoos do not use the full date of birth, emphasizing only the month, year or day. Also hit any iconic numbers or numbers with a certain and important to the carrier meaning;
  • Dates. This category consists of significant dates: birth or death days, dates of memorable events. For example, Rihanna's shoulder bears the date of birth of her best friend Milissa Ford. And Milissa's shoulder has Rihanna's birthday written in Roman numerals;
  • Mystery sets. The meaning of this or that set of numbers is known to one host. Mysterious sets of numerical symbols can be rooted in numerology, represent a cipher from a safety deposit box or the coordinates of a child's birth, as on Angelina Jolie's shoulder. And fans of mathematics can perpetuate on their skin the number Pi, without which no physical process on Earth can do without.

The division is arbitrary. Each group can be divided into additional subgroups. But creating the history of your tattoo, it is possible, relying on the options described above, to develop a unique sketch.

How to properly draw a money 9 on your hand using your personal financial code

Determine for yourself what result you want from the monetary 9. If you want to increase your income and your financial well-being, use the first way, if you wish to make a purchase for a certain amount - use the second way. If you are attracted by both of them, perform the ritual in both methods. Perform the techniques necessarily in a good mood and with great desire.

It is possible to carry out the ritual every month, but on favorable days for the money nine. Find out when to draw the nine by month in 2021-2022 at the link.

First method

For the ritual, you will need a red marker, felt-tip pen or pen. The main condition is that the color must be red and no other color. This color symbolizes activation, amplification, energy and action. Draw on the inner side of your wrist a small nine-cornered nine (there is no need to draw a big one).

Under it, write your personal wealth code to amplify the result and trigger the money flow. If your right hand is better, draw on your left hand, if your left hand is better, draw on your right hand. At the end, say: "I am coding myself for money. At this time, mentally imagine that you already have money and it is constantly multiplying.

Do not wash off numbers until new money will come into your life, if it happens to wash off by itself, don't be frightened and don't finish it. The ritual is done, it works, there is no need to renew it, the process is irreversible and your subconscious is already working for you.

Meaning of the tattoo in the form of numbers

It is believed that the number used as a talisman can change a person's life. So, the choice of symbol should be approached with the utmost seriousness. The numbers tattoo itself has no special meaning; its meaning lies in the chosen numbers:

  • 1 - a symbol of undivided power and strength. This tattoo is suitable for leaders, politicians, people engaged in business, as well as gamblers and all those who need extra luck in business;
  • 2 - the two affects the opposites, simultaneously awakening in a person mercy and cruelty. Therefore, only strong-willed people with absolute self-control can afford this number;
  • 3 - symbol of integrity, creativity and forward movement;
  • 4 - the number 4 is worth looking at if you need to increase your own efficiency and accustom yourself to the order;
  • 5 - if you're used to breathing deeply, feel free to choose five. It favors travelers and tireless optimists;
  • 6 is a symbol of service to people. Develops communication skills and the ability to benefit society;
  • 7 - is responsible for intuition and communication with the world of subtle matter;
  • 8 - attracts wealth, prosperity and happiness;
  • 9 - the nine is suitable for those who can not limit themselves to one number. It is universal, affecting all areas of life;
  • 0 - can symbolize both oblivion and a new round of development.

Choosing a tattoo, it is worth focusing on the value of numbers in different countries. In most European countries, whose residents practice Catholicism, tattoo number "13" is considered a bad sign. Although to some people it brings good luck.

The Italians have no complaints to the devil dozen, but do not like the number "17", which, in their view, brings misfortune. When visiting China, it is better not to flaunt tattoos with the number "4". It is not popular here, as its pronunciation is close to the word "death.

The money nine on the wrist: what it is and why draw it

A person's attitude toward money plays an important role in their well-being. Everyone dreams of becoming rich without thinking about how they relate to money, how they build a relationship with it, whether they know how to spend or whether they are constantly saving. Money contains energy, which can be freely attracted by the right attitude and attitude.

The technique "money nine" - drawing the number 9 on the wrist, helps to achieve financial well-being, improve the flow of money, set your own consciousness to attract profits. Nine in this practice has a profound meaning, contains the power of success, abundance and prosperity.

How to diversify the sketches?

Sketches of tattoo numbers have an infinite number of variations. Various application techniques and additional elements are used to depict numeric symbols. Graphics, linework, dotwork, thrash polka - these styles are ideal for tattoos with numbers.

You can diversify the sketch by tattooing Roman numerals instead of Arabic ones. The meaning of the tattoo will not change, but the Roman numerals will give the tattoo a touch of sophistication.

In addition, the number tattoos can be inscribed in large-scale paintings or used as standalone drawings.

How justified are tattoos with children's names

Unlike feelings for a man or woman, love for a child lasts forever. About such tattoos people regret less often. The likelihood that a person will wish to reduce or overlap the drawing is not high.

The image on the body is not the only way to show love, their feelings for a new family member. If a guy or girl is not sure that they want to put a drawing on the skin, it is better to refrain from the procedure. It is not worth doing a tattoo if the only reason is the desire to follow fashion trends, to imitate celebrities.

Place for tattoo numbers

Small volume, clean lines and a lot of variations of performance allow you to apply a tattoo to almost any part of the body, up to the inside of the cheek. If it's too extreme, you can go for the more traditional spots like the wrist, neck, back of the head, shoulder or ankle. For example, on the leg of Penelope Cruz paints the number "883", which means the insanely popular model of the brand "Harley Davidson".

Interesting look tattoos with the date of the wedding, applied instead of the wedding ring. Also, numbers can be divided by placing parts of the whole on symmetrical parts of the body: arms, legs, buttocks, shoulder blades. For example, the famous rapper Emenem depicted the letter D on his left hand and the number "12" - the name of his first band - on his right.

Choosing the right font

Choose in advance the font and the place for the picture dedicated to the child:

  1. It is advisable to place delicate openwork designs on small areas of the body. As a location for the drawing choose wrists, fingers, neck, hands. The variation will suit girls, will emphasize grace.
  2. For a gothic typeface, you need a lot of space. If you want to put the name of a son or daughter in this style, give preference to the back, the waist. A man can place the tattoo on his chest.
  3. Hieroglyphs are applied vertically. Such a tattoo is recommended to be placed on the neck, arm or shin.

Tattoos with names
A beautiful font for a tattoo with names.

The right letter

The second place in the code is written not the letter itself, but its numerical value. But identifying the right letter is very important. Write on paper the first word that comes to mind when you think of the area you want to improve. In that word, the letter you want is in the place that corresponds to the sphere number. For example, you are interested in romantic relationships. Thinking about them, you have a wedding in front of your eyes. You write down the word "wedding. A romantic relationship is number 2. So you need the letter "c."

Let's take another example. Let's say you are interested in a hobby. You like to paint. Thinking about it, you immediately have an easel in front of your eyes. Write down the word "easel". The hobby comes under number 7. The seventh letter in the word easel is an "r." That's what you need.

Use your time productively: why you should work part-time when there is a paycheck.

Change the perspective: what to do if the colleagues are not satisfied with your point of view.

How to achieve career advancement: create your own network of four people

There may be a situation where the word associated with your chosen field is too short. Then the countdown has to be done first. Let's say you're interested in career advancement. Thinking about it, you imagine yourself as a boss. In doing so, a luxurious leather chair immediately appears before your eyes. Write down on paper the word "chair. It has only 6 letters, but career advancement goes to number 8. In this case you need the letter "p". Counting up to the last letter in the word, continue counting from the first letter.

In the code, write the number tied to the letter you found. The distribution is as follows:

  • 0 - A; Y; U; E.
  • 1 - B; C; F.
  • 2 - C; L; X.
  • 3 - D; M; C.
  • 4 - E; N; H; Y.
  • 5 - E; C; W.
  • B - F; P; T; I.
  • 7 - G; R; Ъ.
  • 8 - 3; C; Y.
  • 9 - Y; T; B.

What does 4:20 mean: deciphering the meme

The number 420 or 4:20 ("four-twenty") is a term, in the North American Rastamani subculture, that refers to the time to smoke marijuana. Means the time of 04:20, 16:20, or the day of April 20.

"To everything there is a time, and a time for every thing under heaven"-said the wise prophet Ecclesiastes, aloofly observing the ungrateful travails of his contemporaries, who did not want to live in peace and harmony. Since that time, humanity, doomed to constantly pick up and scatter stones in the wheel of history, could not help but carve out time for relaxation with all sorts of potions. So it has become customary in American popular culture that 420 is the cue to get high or get high in the company of like-minded people.

Usually cannabis enthusiasts gather at designated spots at 4:20 p.m., but there are also those who prefer a 4:20 a.m. pre-dawn joint to a morning coffee. Also, the term 420 can refer to the consumption of herbal substances itself: expressions like "it's been four-twenty" serve as an invitation to an MJ break, behind which there is usually an attempt at bonding.

Continuation follows.

The next numbers will be a unique sequence that depends on the sphere you choose. Pick the one that comes closest to you and include the set of numbers in the code. 1 - health: 64582 - weight loss; 23658 - cure of disease; 1256 - increase of immunity; 5698 - good health; 2365 - radiation of beauty. 2 - love: 789625 - to summon reciprocal feelings; 0230 - to fall in love with a person; 1874 - to forget about a previous relationship; 5289 - if you need a former lover to stop influencing your life. 3 - study: 8520 - to enter an educational institution; 69874 - to pass an exam successfully; 3214 - to speak successfully at a conference, seminar, diploma or dissertation; 0303 - to understand a difficult topic. 4 - family/friends.: 15975 - good relations with parents and other relatives; 2022 - protection from betrayal by a friend/friend; 3369 - appearance of loyal friends; 87777 - creation of a strong family; 65998 - absence of enemies and ill-wishers. 5 - good luck.58100 - fulfillment of desires; 0011 - good luck. 6 - material wealth5693 - getting a source of additional income; 394102 - saving the necessary amount of money to implement the plans; 951753 - a successful major purchase (apartment, car, cottage); 7777 - the successful purchase of status things (phones, various accessories, jewelry) and clothing; 050604 - receiving a long-awaited valuable gift. 7 - hobbies.036987 - improving your skills; 53532 - creating something unique; 0963 - being recognized by people around you for your skill level. 8 - job/career.: 441144 - promotion; 55886 - successful completion of a project at work; 8565 - absence of envious and gossipy people; 7410 - opening your own business; 74125 - salary increase; 0804 - growth of professional skills, abilities. 9 - public recognition/influence: 559877 - self-confidence; 9567 - opportunity to help other people, using your position in society; 321789 - appearance of admirers; 852940 - expansion of the circle of contacts, new influential acquaintances; 70888 - development of talent. And the last digit in the code on the wrist should be the result of addition of all previous digits, again reduced to a single-digit number by the numerological rule.

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