Tattoo treble clef - symbolism, designs for men and girls, where to score, photos

Key tattoo on the neck, watercolor
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The treble clef is an exquisite figure from the musical notation. There is a sense of grace and perfection in the curls of the symbol.

It begins the construction of a melody on paper. The image of the treble clef in the tattoo prefer the nature of the creative or somehow related to music.

What does the treble clef tattoo mean?

The treble clef tattoo carries a symbol of harmony and power. He represents the love for music. Most often it is stuffed with musicians.

Common interpretations of the tattoo:

  • Consonance;
  • accord with oneself;
  • symphony, harmony;
  • coherence in thought and deed;
  • musicality of perception;
  • silence;
  • serenity;
  • tranquility.

Since it begins and leads the whole melody, these values are given the status of priority in the life position.

Meaning in girls.

Seeing a girl have a tattoo on her wrist makes you wonder what the tattoo means. The music key is closer to feminine symbols.

Often the tattoo key is beaten under the clavicle, which means the search for harmony. On the wrist violin key tattoo means love of harmony.

The best options for girls are minimalistic black and white drawings. According to the rating of the popularity of tattoos stands in first place next to the heart and the swallow.

Meanings in guys

In guys, the meaning of the symbol reflects the pursuit of perfection. The treble clef tattoo denotes people who are perfectionists.

You can see photos in the gallery, they depict a musical key paired with notes. It means that the owner clearly represents his goals in life.

Meaning in the zone

The tattoo of a treble clef on the zone is tattooed on the finger. The tattoo has a negative meaning. In prison it is hammered against the will, in the language of prisoners it means a person with a weak will.

The meaning of the tattoo for men and women

The treble clef, as a relatively new symbol, has no division into male - female. However, there is a purely psychological moment in the meaning that people of different genders give it.

A man who does a tattoo with a treble clef is almost certainly a musician or a music lover. Women also tend to expand the meanings and care from fact to metaphor, so the treble clef as a tattoo of a girl can mean that she is a person of art, has a deep inner world or even carry a deeply personal symbolism. But all of this, of course, is very conventional.

The symbol in the tattoo is new, appeared only in the 20th century (for the ancient art of tattooing this is really not a term) and there can be nothing unambiguous about it yet.

What to complement the tattoo

Bracelet in the form of notes will organically complement the violin. Complementing the composition with musical instruments looks natural and attractive. Priority in the work of the style of watercolor.

Notes with a key are often combined with birds, flowers. Lettering with flowers framed by stars will look joyful and life affirming.

It is not uncommon for a key to be paired with ribbons, strings of beads or crystals. More often than not, the style chosen for such pieces is:

  • old-school
  • geometry
  • sketch style.

An unusual solution would be to inscribe a musical key in the heart rhythm pattern. This will mean that you live in harmony with the world, or that in your heart there is always music.

Meaning of the zone tattoo

The prison meaning of this tattoo is far from innocuous and wide. In the zone, a man's tattoo with a treble clef is the mark of a homosexual (and not always voluntary, sometimes it is directly linked to violence), and very little is known and discussed about tolerance and the symbolism of art in prison realities.

This, of course, can be a problem. Naturally, in the era of information society prison tattoo is no longer a closed language of symbols and is gradually receding into the past, making room for the universal symbolism of the tattoo. However, information is never superfluous, and the incentive to stay away from illegal activity is not bad.

Where to place and what style to use

Look good small tattoo of musical instruments on the wrist, finger, the back of the neck. Large pictures look good on the forearm, biceps, ankle. But if they are depicted in old-school, chicano, thrash polka and other flashy techniques, their ambiguity is preserved. So we are left with fingers, forearms and wrists in a modest, graphic design.

In order for the tattoo not to carry an ambiguous connotation, it is better not to portray it in colorful styles, some of which have come to us straight from the zone. Let's say the chicano style. Beautiful, realistic, but native to Mexican prisons. When creating a tattoo, ask to depict a violin in a graphic or geometric style. Also looks good in the style of realism.

Often the violin is depicted accompanied by a bow, flowers, notes, a woman's body, in the hands of a person who plays this violin. Here, with a bow, do not take the risk, because the violin tattoo with a bow refers you to the homosexual subculture. Girls with such a tattoo are considered to be easy-going, weak-willed.

Places to apply

The treble clef has a whole "catalog" of suitable locations for tattooing. The tattoo is preferred mostly on the neck, forearm, clavicle, arm, thigh. Most often choose a small or medium size image. The color solution can be any, but most prefer to do the tattoo in black and white rather than in color.

Violin: meaning

No instrument is capable of producing such subtle and delicate sounds as the violin. Therefore, the tattoo primarily symbolizes the vulnerable and sensual nature of its owner. Such people see and feel the world much thinner than others. They can easily be offended by a harsh word and a wrong gesture. Having a gentle soul, they are able to notice the little details around them, of which a simple person never even thought.

A violin has graceful forms, reminiscent of a woman's figure. A person who chooses a tattoo with this instrument has a fine taste. In the world around him, he appreciates beauty, so among the owners of this body art one can meet designers, stylists and cosmetologists.

Composers, singers, musicians and other creative people tattoo the violin in order to express their love for the instrument and music in general. In this case, the tattoo plays the role of a professional talisman and promotes success in the activity.

Choosing a sketch and a master

The sketch will be quite easy to choose, on the Internet there are many options for photos and videos with a tattoo in the form of a treble clef. Good masters almost always have ready-made sketches with a musical symbol - so he is popular. To get acquainted with works of the master you can always directly at consultation, or on pages of web-site or social networks

Making a drawing of a treble clef can be technically difficult for many people. Despite the simplicity, the sign still has a certain design, it is necessary to observe the proportions, the smoothness of the lines, size and the like.

In the case where it is necessary to apply additional elements, it is also necessary to take into account, discussing with the master all his capabilities and skills. Therefore, when searching for a master it is better not to take the risk and to turn to experienced professionals. Otherwise, the wrong choice can lead to the need to remove and or break the tattoo, and this takes a lot of time, money and patience.

Meaning in musical notation

The musician, looking at the musical notation, knows exactly where which note is located. This becomes possible because he has a point of reference: between the second and third rulers is the A of the first octave. Consequently, one step higher - on the third ruler - will be the note B of the same octave, and on the second - G, etc.

But any reference system is very conditional. If you change the starting point, the whole system will change. So, without resorting to a large number of rulers, you can be in any octave.

That is why the Italian music theorist Guido d'Arezzo, who laid the foundations of modern notation, used special signs - keys. Their purpose - to indicate the point of reference on the stave, the note, in relation to which all others are defined.

Philosophical view

The violin tattoo can indicate a philosophical view of life and non-standard thinking. For the owners of the tattoo, material values play a secondary role. Such people easily tolerate the lack of comfortable conditions, but can not survive the spiritual emptiness. They need constant emotional nourishment and inspiration. It is emotions that energize them and give them the impetus to carry out life plans.

For the owners of the tattoo with this instrument is very important spiritual warmth and closeness. They can have very few friends, but the relationship with them will be sincere. For people with a violin tattoo it is vital to have frank conversations and share their experiences. Thus they free the soul and restore inner harmony.

People with a similar tattoo can often look reserved, reserved and even stern. This appearance they create in order to protect their delicate soul from the harsh outside world. They cannot be open to everyone because they are too sensitive to the words of others.


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